Malik breathed heavy now. Where could she had gone?

He only knew when it was too late.

By the city gate, on one of the rooftops, she was standing. She took another step back and her foot came tot he edge. In front of her was Numair, and not far behind him was Tibar.

"Numair, think about what you're doing," he said harshly.

In the hand of the fallen assassin was a dagger, it's hilt clenched tightly. "Fuck off, you coward! You might not be able to kill him, but I am! And I'll finish this now!"

Malik looked every which way, there had to be a way up. Somehow he could get to her. But no, nothing quick enough, not that he would struggle with. A strong jump and one hand grasping could only get you up so high. He would have to backtrack to find a ladder or some boxes. There was no scaling the walls without biting the window frame.

It was still too later. Numair charged as Tibar sprang to stop him, missing the younger's robes. His dagger ready, and at the very last moment, Red stepped back over the edge, and Numair flew right over her as she fell.

He hit the ground with a loud crack. Malik winced when he heard it, and he laid there. Moaning in agony. His eyes staring up towards the sky as blood begun to bubble up passed his lips, leaving crimson streaks down his cheeks and chin. Surely every rib was shattered, and maybe something ruptured.

And Red? She got up with a struggle and limped heavily towards Numair, picking up the discarded dagger as she went. Malik was just barely within earshot to hear her say, "This isn't murder... I'm ending this out of mercy. Maybe you'll see Nimr again..." Then she let the dagger fall, and it's blade sunk itself deep into his neck. He gurgled and sputtered before a final mutter escaped his lips. Then he was silent.

For a moment, Red stared down at the corpse, then she kneeled down and shut his eyes before she staggered and swayed, then fell with a thump in the dirt. Malik wasted no time in rushing to see what happened, but he was quickly cut off by Tibar, who knocked him right over.

"If you think I'm going to let her get away with this, you're crazy." Tibar growled, then kicked Malik in the chin. The bureau leader's head shot back and he barely managed to figure out how to use the momentum. He flipped backwards and onto his feet, stumbling a little before reaching for the dagger in Numair's neck and jamming it into Tibar's ribs.

The man hissed in pain at this and elbowed Malik off before retreating, blood splattering the ground where he walked.

Malik sighed before collecting Red and carrying her back to the bureau.

It's dark... Dark and cold...

Where am I? Am I lost?

No escape. No way out...

I want to scream, I want to cry. But both are useless. I can't make the sounds come out.

"Hush child. It's alright..."

Am I dead...?

"No... But you'll be alright. Rest now. Sleep... Let it all go..."

All of it...? But... people need me, right?

"If they care, they will wait."

But that's not my question, don't people need me?

"Relax... Do you recognize yourself, after what you've just done?"

What did I just do?

"You killed Numair of course. He's gone now because of you."

I... I killed him? N-no... This is all a mistake, I couldn't have... I could have never...

"You did..."

No. Nonononono! I didn't do it! I'm not a killer!

"Isn't that why you started to train as an assassin? To kill?"

No... I didn't train to be an assassin... I- I...!

"Are you scared?"

I don't know myself anymore!

Yup, pretty weird end to this chapter in my opinion. Numair's dead and Red goes through an identity crisis. WELL this can only end well.

Sorry about the stupidly long wait, I was suffering writer's block. It happens to the best of us I guess.