Hey guys! I decided to write a Pertemis Story. I'm sorry if you're tired of my storyline, but I'll try to make it as unique as possible. There will be no Chaos stuff in this story (at the moment anyway) because I feel like people ruin good stories by going into the Chaos thing. I have read some really good things with Chaos in it, but I'm just staying away. Anyway, enjoy the story :)

It was a normal day at Camp Half Blood. Clarisse was beating up younger kids behind her cabin, the Stoll Brothers were stealing from the camp store, and Mr. D was moping over not being able to drink. All was well at Camp Half Blood, or so everyone thought, but trouble was stirring among two certain demigods (A/N I felt like one of those cheesy T.V. announcer guys when I wrote that :) )

Percy was in the arena, practicing his sword skills. He quickly dispatched two training dummies, somersaulting in front of the two dummies and doing a wide, 180˚ slash, severing the two dummies' heads.

He was just about to finish off another when a voice called out to him, "Percy."

He turned around and his gaze softened as he saw his girlfriend Annabeth standing at the entrance to the arena. She was dressed in a pair of old blue jeans and her Camp Half Blood t-shirt. In Percy's eyes, she looked perfect, but Annabeth seemed troubled. He didn't question her on it.

"Hi," Percy said.

Annabeth replied, "Percy, do you want to take a walk?"

"Sure..." He said uncertainly, a bit weirded out because Annabeth was never one to go for walks. He followed her out, though, and they headed down towards the beach. Percy looked at the falling sun shining on Annabeth's hair, and thanked the gods that he had such a beautiful girlfriend.

Percy was still staring at her when she snapped him out of his revelry by saying, "Percy!"

"S-Sorry," He said, mentally shaking his head to get out of the stare zone. He turned his attention back to Annabeth. She had that worried look in her eyes again.


I finally got the courage up to say, "Annabeth, what's wrong?"

She sighed, and said, "You could tell that easily?" "Yeah. What are you so upset about?" I said, becoming more worried by the second.

She turned to me and I knew that she was going to drop a bomb on my life. She opened her mouth and said these few lines that will forever be scarred on my emotions.

"Percy," She said, "I have something to tell you. Ever since the Second Titan War, we've had our ups and downs. You went missing for six months and I had to worry for all that time. Then you were depressed during the war with the giants. Now you act like nothing happened. I was so stressed and worried about you, that I needed to forget about you. So, I-I... I've been cheating on you with Seph McCauley, the son of Apollo," She said anguish filling her eyes.

No, No, NO, I thought. I backpedaled slowly away from Annabeth, my eyes fixed with the same despairing look.

"Percy," Annabeth said, trying to get me to come back.

"N-No Annabeth. You've been cheating on me with another guy since I went missing two YEARS ago. You could have told me back when I came back, and then I might have forgiven you, but now, It's impossible. I'll never be able to forgive you for this. Goodbye Annabeth and good luck with your love life."

I had gone from extremely sad to furious after I truly let my feelings out. I looked at the ocean and I saw that the waves were pounding the shores while before they had only been slightly slapping them. I knew I had to get out of there before I did serious damage to the camp. So with that, I stormed into the ocean.

I heard Annabeth yell my name, but she wouldn't dare try to chase me in water for fear of me hurting her with my water powers. I swam as hard and fast as I could, heading for one destination: My Father's Palace.

As I swam, everything that had happened became a blur, just part of the water rushing by me. My tears were lost behind me as I sped to my Father's Palace. As if out of no where, my Father's green palace appeared 200 yards in front of me. I swam down to the gate.

"Stop!" Yelled a mermen guard, then he realized who it was, "I am sorry my Prince," he said, as he bowed as I blasted past him. Now was not the time for pleasantries, especially when I was crying. I had to get to my Father.

I reached out in the water and felt my Father up in the highest tower of his Palace. I shot upwards towards a window in the tower. I went through the window and landed heavily on the ground. Standing in front of me was my shocked father, with his tropical shirt and dark tan. He looked at me, stunned, that I had just come from his window into his palace.

"Percy," He said, surprise layered upon his voice, "What brings you here?" Then he noticed the tears that slid down my face and my silent sadness, and yet, fury.

"What happened?" He asked worriedly.

"Annabeth, dad. She chea-cheated on me. She's been cheating on me since I disappeared after the Second Titan War."

Poseidon was filled with rage. I could tell by how his eyes burned and his muscles strained as he stood there. Then all of the anger was lifted as he realized what I really needed was some sort of affection. He pulled me into his arms as he patted my head and reassured me that everything would be alright and to not worry about Annabeth. He spoke of how there are other women, and that's when I realized something even more terrible.

"Dad, there aren't any other women that could replace Annabeth. She was unique and was filled with values. I will never be able to find anyone better than Annabeth," I slowly said to my father, pain filling my voice. My father just hugged me tighter. Little did I know that there would soon be someone who I would love ten times more than I loved Annabeth.

A/N Hope you enjoyed my opening chapter! I will try to make them longer by doing it most likely weekly. my chapters will probably be from 3k - 6k words (I obviously didn't do it this time (I did this in an hour and a half)) Tell me if I have any repeating grammatical errors that annoy you because I know I get annoyed sometimes when I see them. But anyway, hope you enjoyed.

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