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"Stupid! Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly go back to your planet, ugly! Monkey Pervert Moron! Time to wake up...Kyo..." Kyo's hand wandered around the bedstead in search of the clock, but as she found it, she paused for a second, in thought of letting it rerun just so that she could hear him say her name once again. But alas, she had to get up as she was going to be late if she didn't.

As she got out of bed, Kyo glanced at her calendar, which had a big circle in the middle of the month. It was her birthday coming up this coming Friday and she was overjoyed at the thought of spending it with Chiharu. To top it off, it was a long weekend with Friday off. Kyo quickly dressed and headed out the door for basketball practice. Since returning to her true self, she had joined the girls' basketball team. She left early in the morning so that she could "accidently" bump into Chiharu on her way to school. She cherished every moment of her time with him, since she couldn't live in the boy's dorms anymore. As she left the house, she took a glance at herself in the mirror, and content with her appearance, she exited the house towards school.

Chiharu came back into the dorm room after washing up for the morning and yelled, "Aizawa, wake up, you're going to be late for practice!" When Chiharu got no response, he grabbed his pillow and threw it at the opposite bed, only to have it be met with nothingness. His hand smacked his forehead as he felt retarded and reality hit him for what must be the hundredth this month. It had been well over a month since Kyo left, yet he could not stop thinking that Kyo was there. 'What am I doing' Chiharu started pulling his hair with both his hands. 'She's a girl, she can't be here...and who wants her here anyways!' Denial plastered across his face.

As he gathered his things off the table, he glanced at his calendar. 'Nothing special this month either...' he thought as a yawn came out. Lifting his bag over his shoulders, he walked out the dorm room and headed for school, knowing that he'll most likely bump into someone on the way.

Kyo rushed towards the meeting point and as she got there, she slowed down. She was always earlier than Chiharu, so that she'd make sure she'd catch him. "Eniwa!" she shouted and waved as she saw him walk pass her. "What a coincidence!" she jogged up next to him, both hands holding her bag in front of her as she walked steadily to his pace. A big smile was plastered on her face as she stared up at him.

Chiharu's face grew red, even though it's been so long, he still can't get over being flustered when around her. "Coincidence...eh..." he gave her the bad boy attitude, as it had been a habit of his. From there, they walked in silent content to school.

As school droned on, Kyo sat on her desk deep in thought, it wasn't until the end of the day that she remembered about her birthday coming up. To make it even sweeter, it was part of a long weekend. Internally, she cried with joy in hopes that Chiharu would spend the whole weekend with her. Being with him was all she wanted for her birthday. The though alone of spending her birthday together for the very first time was enough to bring tears to well up in her eyes. She was estatic on see what Chiharu had planned for her 'I did mention it to him like a hundred times! I even circled it on his calendar before I left.'

At the end of school and club activities, Chiharu bumped into Kyo as they both started off for home.

"Eniwa!" Kyo shouted happily. Without adieu, she asked "Guess what's coming up on the long weekend?"

Chiharu calmly walked along side Kyo as he rummaged through his mind for the answer. "Ummmmm...I can't think of anything special, although now that you mentioned it, I have a basketball training camp on the long weekend. Should be fun...I guess..."

'Training camp...basketball...long weekend...' as those words crossed Kyo's mind, she understood the full picture. "WHAT?" she shouted, which caused Chiharu to jump in surprise. "B...but...isn't there something more important?" Kyo asked in a meek voice.

"Ummmmm, nope." Chiharu looked into Kyo's face with a smile on his mouth, still steadly walking towards the dorm.

Kyo was dumbstruck, she stared at him, eyes starting to tear up. 'But...it's my birthday...' she tried to say this out, but couldn't. 'Is basketball all you think about?' she thought. Tears started to well in her eyes, but she held them back as best she could. She didn't want to cry infront of him. 'Does he really not remember...but I even drew it on his calendar...maybe basketball is more important than a relationship...maybe...' She kept her glance towards the ground so that Chiharu couldn't see the tears.

They continued walking and as they aproached a fork road, Chiharu tried to get her attention. "Aizawa...Aizawa..." he tried to get her attention, but couldn't, so he took a tug on her hair in hopes that would get her to look at him.

With a sudden unexpected burst, she turned to look at him with teary eyes. "BAKA!" echoed out of Kyo's mouth as she ran in the opposite direction he was going to go, all the while tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. 'Whatever...' she though as she clutched her heart. No matter how much it hurt her, she didn't do anything, since she couldn't stop loving him.

Chiharu stood for a few minutes, watching Kyo run away to the distance, right hand scratching the back of his head. '...Sorry, I didn't know you hated having your hair tugged...I guess I'll apologise to her tomorrow...' he though, as a breeze blew past him. He gave a sigh and headed towards the dorms.