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Chapter 3

Kyo was depressed, she was angry at Chiharu, evident in her avoidance in seeing him at all possible cost, whether it was in the morning, lunch or after school. Surprisingly she was able to avoid him the whole week. Tomorrow was her birthday and she had nothing planned, which added to her depression. On top of that, a lot of people were travelling out since it was the long weekend.

As the lunch bell rang, she headed for her secret area to eat lunch, so as to avoid Chiharu. She had nothing to say to him. 'If he really wanted to talk, he would have called me…' that was what she kept telling herself. Anyways, it seemed basketball was all he cared for.

'This should be about a good time to find Kyo' Yura thought as he walked the hallways towards Kyo's "secret" spot.

"Aizawa" Yura waved to her as he approached her. "All alone? Where's Chiharu? Don't tell me you guys had a fight." Yura laughed as he said the last statement.

Kyo jumped upon hearing her name. Looking up, her eyes met a smiling Yura. She gave a stifled laugh, "You could say that."

'Bingo.' Yura hit the jackpot and was able to immediately see their Kyo and Chiharu's relationship, just like a book. "Well, anyways, I'm sure Chiharu's at wrong…" Yura took a glance at her from his peripheral vision.

"Uhhhh…yeah…" Kyo said meekly, but internally, she was vehemently agreeing with Yura and cussing out Chiharu for forgetting her birthday.

"So, what do you have planned for tomorrow? Since it's the long weekend and all." Yura got enough information from Kyo's reactions and answers, so he switched topics.

"Nothing at this moment, just stay home…alone…" as she said the last word, displeasure, depression and hate emanated from her lips.

"Oh great!" Yura replied happily as though he enjoyed seeing people suffer, somewhat like a masochist. 'I've got you now…' Yura inwardly thought.

"…" was Kyo's reply to Yura. She glared daggers at him, but the smile on his face seem to repel the daggers back at her. For some reason, she couldn't win against his nonchalant happy displays of character.

"Actually, no need to glare daggers at me, I was just wondering whether you'd like to join me on a three day weekend to the hot springs!" Yura happily said as he took a gasp of air. "Oh by the way, I already booked it under your name for the both of us! Isn't that great? Oh and we'll be sharing a room, you don't mind right?" With that said in one breath, he bent over, his face right in front of hers, with the most optimistic attitude grin plastered on.

"Long weekend…hot spring…you me…SAME ROOM…." Kyo slowly pieced together the words as Yura was speaking too fast for her mind to process. "Uhhhh…" she was lost for words to his statement. She looked dumbfounded.

Yura gave the final push of persuasion "You know, you're getting older by another year tomorrow, do you REALLY want to spend it alone. Plus, it's not like I would do anything to you right? And considering that you had nothing plan, I assume Chiharu forgot? Want me to remind him?" Yura started to chuckle a bit, but was brought back to this world by an angry Kyo.

She was emitting flames, eyes boring holes into him. But she calmed down knowing that Yura was doing all this for her. "No, you don't need to tell Chiharu. I'll take up your offer…thanks Yura". Kyo gave Yura a hug, but for a moment, she thought it was actually Chiharu whom she was embracing.

"Hey Yura, what about basketball camp?" Kyo asked in curiosity as she knew the male basketball team had training camp that weekend.

"Oh that, it was cancelled a few days ago. Why?" Yura responded, looking clueless.

Kyo felt like her heart was being squeezed. 'It was cancelled…but he didn't say anything to her…' sadness struck her heart as it started to ache. She wanted to cry, but didn't want to have Yura worry about her. "Oh no reason, just curious." Her voice was crackling, but she stood strong. "I'll see you tomorrow then?" with a plastered forced smile upon her face.

"Great, see you tomorrow at the train station?" Yura asked.

"Yup, thanks again." Kyo felt bittersweet. She wished it was Chiharu who actually asked her out, but at the same time, she was happy that Yura thought of her, and actually took the initiative to find out her birthday. 'Unlike someone who can't even remember even if I circled the day on his calendar!'

That night, Kyo had a hard time falling asleep, her heart still aching at the fact that Chiharu didn't remember. The fact that he did not even have basketball camp didn't help. But what bothered her most was that she was not able to be with Chiharu for her first birthday after they've met. She quietly sobbed her troubles away, eventually drifting to sleep.

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