Welcome to "The Merciless Fox Child" by Century Viscount!

Description: Because of a near death experience with some if the villagers, Naruto discovered Kyuubi at a young age and began training under him. Later, he is known as Kitsune, the merciless fox child of the anbu. Now, he is about to face the biggest challenge of his life: becoming a genin on a team with a brooding avenger, a pink haired banshee and a lazy pervert who's always late. How will he survive and will he be able to keep his mask up and his secret safe?



A young boy, no older than three, was currenlty running through the darker streets of Konoha, located in the slums. He had approximately eight men trailing closely behind him, as they all yelled various curses and insults to the boy they had apparently labeled as 'demon', 'kyuubi', and 'monster'.

The little boy had never understood why they did this, and why only him? Most of the things the men said he didn't understand and made no sense to him. Confused, there was nothing he could do but to keep running.

As he reached a corner, he made a sharp turn into the nearest alley, hoping to fool them. He had no such luck, however, as it wasn't easy for a toddler to outsmart a group of men, all at least forty years of age.

"Damn Kyuubi... Trying to escape, huh? Well, looks like you only succeeded in cornering yourself."

"N-no, that's not wha-"

"Who do you think you are, trying to burden us with having to search for you?!"



The young boy stumbled as he tried to stand, clutching his wounded head tightly while steadying himself with the bloodied wall.

"Che! Cocky brat! Who do you think you are, DEMON?"

"Aaaahhh!" The boy cried out as he was kicked into another wall. Ignoring the burning sensation in his abdomen, and the bile rising in his throat, he attempted to stand again only to collapse again when he tried to take a deep breath, and was met with excrutiating pain emanitting from his chest area. Clutching at his heart, he tried again, this time taking short rapid breaths as to ease the pain.

"What, you think we're done?"

The next few minutes the boy was met with such pain as he had never before experienced in his life. This beating was by far the worst so far. Struggling to breath, he forced his eyes to open, only to shut them again when blood dripped into his eyes. Shakily raising his hand, he wiped at his eyes and forehead, slightly unnerved by the silence surrounding him.

Then he heard someting.

A chuckle.

"We're not done yet..."

Naruto's screams could be heard throughout Konoha, though no one spared a glance. All who'd care were long fast asleep, and all those awake were silently enjoying his pain, and his screams.

After fifteen minutes of endless suffering, the men paused for a moment as the boy's wounds healed like magic before their eyes.

One of the larger, buffer men, pulled some sort of strange knife out of his pocket, along with a strip of paper. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the two were conected by a thin, yet noticably strong string/thread.

The boy was curious as to what it would do, but taking his filthy blond hair, now caked with buckets of his blood, his eyes npw pinkish from the blood that had made it's way into there, his bleeding bloody nose, and the trail of blood oozing down his chin as it drip drip dripped it's way out of his mouth. His previously yellow-ish white shirt with a red swirl on it and short blue pants were now all dyed a deep blood red. In the corner you could see a puddle of bile and splattered along the walls was gallons of his blood, now regenerated inside his body thanks to a very special tenent.

Taking this all in, he realised, with terrifying dread, that he didn't exactly want to know what it did; not so much anymore. He squinted his eyes closed as tight as he could and waited for the pain that was sure to follow. He was surprised, however, as it never came.

He opened his eyes and his face was striken with horror.

They had wanted him to watch.

He was engulfed with such immense pain that he didn't know left from right. He couldn't think at all.

He lie in agony for what felt like as hours as his screaming wouldn't stop until his throat could make no more noise, and still he continued on spasming and twitching as he appearing to be having a stroke.

And somehow, he eventually found himself unconcious.


Awakening, he looked around, taking in his surroundings. He appeared to be in a sewer of some sort.

He realised, with shocking clarity, that all the had mysteriously evaporated, and he now found himself wearing fresh clean clothes.

He reached up to ruffle his own hair and trail his face, only to find it clean as well - not a speck of dirt.

Unsure of what to do, he began aimlessly wandering around, searching for any form of life to play with, or to assure himself he was not in the afterlife, and that the afterlife wasn't some sewer that smelled like blood and a fox that hasn't taken a bath in about three years. He reached a large opening and entered, only to be met face to face with a giant fox that had menacing red eyes and stared down hard on him, as if he were it's next meal, and bearing nine tails that swished back and forth behind the beast.

Emitting from him was what the boy was sure to be killing intent; however, upon seeing the boy, it seemed as if the fox soften his gaze the slightest, looking at the boy with almost pity in his eyes.

"Wh-who are you? Where am I? Wh-what am I doing here? Wh-why-"

"Silence, kit." The fox ordered him. Immediately he shut him mouth. "I am the great Kyuubi no Yōko. Right now you are inside your mind. You are here because that nasty villager nearly blew you up. You would have died, had I not pulled you into here so I could protect and heal your body; after all, if you die I die. Any more questions, kit?"

"Umm… Just one."

"Go on."

"What's the Kyuubi no Yōko?"


It had been four years since Naruto had found out about the Kyuubi. Kyuubi had explained everything that had happened—including the fourth being his father and Madara forcing Kyuubi to attack the village. As it turned out, Kyuubi had actually done nothing wrong. Madara had used his sharingan to take control of Kyuubi's mind and attack the village. According to Kyuubi, when he had come to the villagers had been attacking him and he had had no choice but to fight back. He was actually a really nice and caring guy. He even offered to train Naruto—which Naruto had of course agreed to. Naruto would often spend the days eating, shopping, reading, and training—though he mostly trained during the night when he was sleeping and would escape to his mind to hang out and train with Kyuubi.

Naruto had also eventually developed a mask. While on the inside he was upset and lonely, and so much more than that –despite having Kyuubi—on the outside he always seemed like some cheerful idiot. He had found that putting up this façade made the villagers less wary of him, and, in turn, they gradually began to leave him alone. Of course he still got hundreds of glares directed at him nearly everywhere he went, but he had gotten used to it—though it still bothered him.

Enough of that, let's talk about the academy. Because of Kyuubi's training, Naruto had far surpassed Genin level. In fact, he was probably low jounin by now, or at least high chuunin. Soon enough, he'd be strong enough to surpass the three legendary sannin. Who knows, he might even surpass the honorable hokage! Anyway, we're getting off track. As I was saying, Naruto was far stronger than the other students, but there was no way he was going to drop his mask now. He had decided that he'd wait a little longer before he dropped it—maybe once he passed the graduation exam or after the chuunin exams. Oh well, that's not important right now so we'll save that for later. Now, as I was saying, Naruto had decided to keep his mask on throughout the academy, barely passing every test and exam they had. To further make it believe able, he had even pretended to have a huge crush on this super annoying pink-haired screaming banshee, and major Sasuke Uchiha fan that just so happened to have a huge forehead and annoyed the hell out of him. Oh well, it was all part of the act. (By the way, he's not totally emotionless and all depressed and all that. He actually really enjoys pranks and messing people that's another reason he's called fox—if you don't get that which you probably don't just keep reading and you'll figure it out.) During class, he'd go into his mind to train while Kyuubi would multi-task by coaching him every now and then while keeping an eye out for Iruka-sensei. Speaking of him, Iruka had been the second person to break/see though Naruto's mask, the first being the hokage. Though, unlike Iruka, the hokage knew about Naruto secretly training with Kyuubi, and had even approved of it—once Naruto told him the truth about what had happened all those years of course. Once again, not important right now, maybe we'll get to that later.

Being in the academy Naruto had finally made some friends—albeit not many, and not too close, but friends still; and for that, Kyuubi was happy for him. You see over the years, Naruto and Kyuubi had actually come to be pretty close—like brothers almost. Naruto had even developed a jutsu where he would create something similar to a shadow clone and Kyuubi would possess it. This shadow clone like blob would then transform and mold itself to look like a beautiful fox. Though, it only had one tail as to not draw attention from the villagers they happen to see it. When Kyuubi possessed it, Naruto and Kyuubi could hand out with each other like normal, as if he wasn't actually sealing inside Naruto's stomach.

However, that's not all there is to Naruto. Once the council caught wind of Naruto's secret intelligence and power, they had started a riot (not literally, but you know) demanding to speak with the hokage. A meeting was adjourned and the hokage had eventually got them to calm down upon making different offers. Eventually it was decided that Naruto would join the anbu. This happened about a year ago, and Naruto was slowly making his way up in the anbu ranks, even making a legend out of himself. He became known as the merciless fox child, bearing the mask of a fox, with the stealth as well, he was known for showing no mercy to his victims. It was his way of payback as the villagers never showed any mercy to him. The child part was of course because he was short and known to be not even ten years old, and already one of anbus best. He was known as Kitsune, and this was only the beginning…