The Merciless Fox Child

Chapter 21

Chunin Exams Part 3

Naruto looked around at the other Genin all taking the test. About half of them were trying fruitlessly to answer the questions. The rest were trying to cheat, while some were actually proctors in disguise, set up to give the Genin someone to cheat from. Out of the ones cheating, a large amount were failing miserably.

They were either unable to cheat, or were one by one quickly being caught. Naruto laughed to himself. Hardly any were going to pass by the looks of it. Few actually succeeded in cheating. Among them was a red-headed sand Genin, with black eyeliner and blue-green eyes. Naruto looked back at his turned over test. Really, the questions weren't that hard. But then again, he wasn't exactly a Genin. For a Genin, he supposed, answering these questions would be near impossible, even for a Chunin!

He picked up his pen and began doodling on the turned over test. He had already finished it-he didn't even need to cheat. In the picture he was doodling, it showed a chibi form of Kyuubi trying to catch butterflies. He giggled when Kyuu pawed at his head in annoyance.

'What's the matter, Kyuu-chan?'

'Fuck you, kit."

'But you're the kit now, aren't you?'

'Che! Fucking clodpole!'



'Wha...what did you just say?'

'What do you mean 'what did you just say'? I just said, 'what'!'

'No no no, what did you just call me?'


'Clodpole-you-you, you just called me 'clodpole'!'


'Y-you know what? J-just, forget it.'





'You said 'sigh' again...kikiki...'


Returning to the real world, Naruto saw he still had a large amount of time to wait for the tenth question. Suddenly coming up with an idea, he quickly made a few bunshin and disguised them as test papers lying on his desk. He then used kawarimi to switch his bunshins with some of the other Genins' papers. He subtly crumbled the test papers into balls, and made another bunshin disguised as a slingshot. Quickly loading the slingshot, he launched it into the air.

Ibiki's eye twitched when the paper hit him on the cheek. A few Chunin examiners noticed, at first, but by the third and fourth, most of the Genin had noticed as well. Naruto quickly took this chance to make Kyuu three more bodies of the same visual age. The chibi Kyuu's were quick to spread out. One landed on Sakura's shoulder, another on Sasuke's and the last landed on Hinata's. Hinata and the others jumped when they felt him.

-with Sakura-

"K-Kyuu?!" she whispered, "What-?!"

"Shh!" he whispered, "Shut up, stupid-girl!"


"I'm here to help you cheat, so shut up and let me help. Now listen closely..."

-with Sasuke-

"Yo, Uchiha."


"Shut up and listen. Naruto sent me to help you guys cheat. Now listen closely, and be sure to write all this down if you want full credit..."

-with Hinata-


Kyuu quickly covered her mouth with his paw. "Hush."

Her eyes widened at his voice. "Y-y-y-y-you-"

He sighed, "Yes, I can talk, now be quiet. I'm going to tell you the answers for the test."

"N-N-Naru-Naruto-k-kun, h-he," she stuttered.

"Yes, now listen carefully..."

-back with Naruto-

Once they all had all the answers copied down, Naruto dispelled the extra Kyuu-bunshins, as well as his paper-bunshins. He heard several Genins call out in dismay as their test papers vanished. Their teams and them were quickly ushered out of the hall.

Naruto passed the time by socking Kyuu on the other Genin. Many Genin were disqualified when they shouted out in dismay at having their toes gnawed on. Kyuu also knocked Akamaru off Kiba's head, and pounced on Gaara's eye, but they were lucky enough not to be disqualified.

"Okay," Ibiki's voice rang around the entire hall, "we will now start the tenth question."

To Be Continued...