Magic, Chakra, Prophecies, and Insanity


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Naruto x Harem

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''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

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''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Author's Note


For the order of my story go check my profile. Like always I'm going to include tons of Flashbacks as to not bog down the story with needless details. The more flashbacks I do the more likely I am to quickly update.


Story Start


''Naruto, what have I told you about kidnapping orphaned children?'' Kuiinshi asked as he looked down at the form of a very small and underweight child with messy black hair and lopsided glasses. The clothes he was wearing were quite baggy and did not fit him not to mention they looked unclean and smelled like ass, sweat, with dirt and grime. ''The hell happened to him?''

''I found him being worked over by a bunch of older children. I couldn't just leave him there.'' Naruto argued.

Kuiinshi sighed and began rubbing his temple. ''Put him on the couch.'' the man said as he got up from his chair and went to the bathroom to gather medical supplies. ''So tell me, what have you learned about the boy yet?''

''He seems delirious. Probably from the beating, something about a cupboard.''

''A what?'' the man asked in disbelief.

''Something about a cupboard under the stairs. I don't know about you but just looking at the boy I can tell he has been underfed. He needs a doctor.'' Naruto explained as K continued tending to the boy.

''I'll send in a call for a Yamanka and have his memories read. Once that's done we'll decide our next move.'' K ordered. And much to the blood brothers assumption the boy in fact was mistreated.

''You don't normally let the police handle such things.'' Naruto commented. The police had gone, checked over the boy and took him with them to hospital where a social worker would meet them while another patrol would be sent to the house of the boy's residence, once they got the information out of them.

''The boy is magical, powerful,'' K added as he moved his foot off the gas as they slowly came to a stop at a yellow light. It turned red and he turned to continue speaking with Naruto. ''Not to mention I sense a great darkness within him. This place, this world is going to be a battleground. Our reports have shown a lot of movement have been focused in this area, the main reason why I personally am joining you on this integration assignment. And something is telling me that child will play a part.''

''So what gave it away? What defining trait did you instantly pick up on?'' Naruto asked as he looked out the window.

''Nothing, he's a magical user, a child with some sort of dark curse within in. You play enough video games and see enough cliche fantasies it shouldn't have to be spelled out for you. As such I plan on adopting the boy before he's put into foster care.''

Naruto looked up, alarmed by this decision. ''What the hell are you going on about? What aren't you telling me?''

''Once again nothing, I'm just planning for the future.'' the man replied and yawned. ''This shouldn't surprise you.''

''Oh forgive me for my offense oh great Chessmaster.'' the blond replied sarcastically. ''Is the boy really that powerful that you would go as far as adopt him?''

''Better then having him passed from one foster family to another until he's eighteen. His current family is pretty shit and its going to take some strong measures to make sure they don't get in the way.'' he replied.

''You mean kill them?'' Naruto suggested with a dullness. ''So what role will I be playing this time? Cold blooded and mysterious older brother? Hyperactive, insane cousin?''

''Whatever your psychosis decides today,'' the dark skinned man replied. He knew he was cutting deep, the fact that Naruto developing deep mental issues from Time Void was an unforeseen consequence. He did his best to prevent Naruto from becoming as sorrowful in the previous timeline, while avoiding his own heartless transformation but so many things had gone wrong. There was also the memory issues that came along with the whole thing. Neither one was ever going to become who they originally were; he made a point to point that out to everyone that kept bringing up the past so he had to make it clear. Neither he nor Naruto would ever be like they originally once were.

''You're an asshole...'' was all Naruto said as he went quiet.

''I know...I'm sorry...'' how many more times will we, will I fail before things are finally done right? The rest of the drive to the hospital was done in silence.