E/O Challenge: Slip.

Happy Birthday to the ever spectacular Dizzo and CFEditor! Have a great day ladies! Here is a double drabble just for you guys!

"Take the damn medicine, Dean." Sam held the Nyquil tablets in his hand, and a glass of water in the other. Dean had been sneezing and blowing his nose for the past two hours, and it was keeping both of them awake.

"I dobn't ndeed Nyquil, Sam. I –" Dean sneezed violently, all over Sam. "Sorry."

"Take it or I'll shove it down your throat," Sam threatened, practically shoving the glass of water into Dean's hand. Dean took the pills and slipped them into his mouth, following with the water.

"Happy, Samantha?" He laid back down. "Go back to sleep."


"Dambit Dean!" Sam shouted from the bathroom the next morning. "You mbade mbe sick!"

Dean grinned as he got dressed in the other room. It was payback time. He slipped his hand into the side of his duffel and pulled out a bottle of Dayquil cold medicine. Sam abhorred liquid medicine. He practically had to force feed it to him when they were kids. He went into the bathroom and poured some of the orange liquid into the medicine cup.

"Time for your medicine, Sam."

"Fubck you. Thabt shibt is dnasty."

"I had to take my medicine…it's Sammy's turn …"