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Chapter 1: Being A Savior

Shippo and I run through the forest along the border of the Western Lands, which we have called our home for the last ten years. Shippo has grown much taller in that time and is now almost as tall as me, in my new form. The reason for my change is that I asked the completed jewel give each of my friends to make the right one wish. Shippo wished that, I be given a body that would stand the test of time, so that I could teach him and live as long as him.

I changed that day into a white fox demoness. White fox demons are rare and females are even rarer, because we are hunted for our lovely fur coats and our three tails each of, which increases its owners Ki exponentially. Deep gold stripes grace my cheeks, wrists, and waist. In the last nine years, I have changed my attire from that of modern times to a kimono over hakamas. My kimono is silver with a black outlining with black hakamas.

Shippo and I have been traveling along the border for about six hours when we hear a scream of pain. We head towards the scream and pull up to a stop when we see a group of four mikos and five monks surrounding Sesshomaru. They have him tied down to the ground and are stabbing him with arrow points to torture him. Shippo and I growl loudly, catching the attention of all of the beings in the clearing.

"Oh, just our luck a lovely white three tailed kitsune and a kit," whispered a monk.

"Ah, such lovely hair and fur she has. Just imagine the value of her fur let alone her tails. She seems to be very well kept much unlike most other demons," replied a miko.

I growled loudly at the meaning of those words. These idiots are the holy version of trappers. I looked around and se the reason why Sesshomaru had allowed himself to be captured.

"Run Shippo and Lady Kitsune," Rin screamed.

The man holding Rin slaps her across the face. I am before the man in less than a second, while Shippo is guarding my back. I smirk as I could feel the power of the spell meant to trap demons without singeing any of the demons fur. The monk holding Rin gasps as he realizes that the spell has no effect on me what so ever.

"Never mess with a white, three tailed kitsune darling. We have many secrets and have plenty of hidden abilities. Plus it helps having miko powers," I whisper in his ear before ramming my hand through his neck.

I grab Rin around the waist and carry her over to a safe spot, a bit higher up on the hill. I raise a barrier around her and smile down at her, like I used to when we met when I was human. She returns the smile, as I run back to the fight. I pull out my sword Mizu Doragon and one of my Sais. As I move along Sesshomaru's side, I cut through the reiki powered ropes releasing him. I use my reiki to destroy the ofundas, so that they don't cause any more damage to Sesshomaru. Shippo is killing the Monks, while I am dealing with the mikos, who are firing arrows at me trying not to kill me as they didn't wish to ruin my pelt in my demon form. I hiss as one of their arrows grazed one of my tails. My tails thrash in my anger.

'Let me out. These mikos are a threat to our life and to those who we are here to protect,' my demon, Shini, commands.

'No Shini. I will most likely have to deal with a very pissed off inner demon of Sesshomaru's once this is over,' I remind her.

Shini shuts up and allows me to go about killing the mikos. After the deaths of the first two, the mikos no longer care about the fur bounty, but their own survival. They stand close to one other for unrealistic safety, within easy reaching distance. I smile as I charge forward. I ignore the arrow that buries itself into my shoulder and quickly dispatch of both mikos with no problem at all. Shippo is finished with the killing of the five monks. I turn to see Sesshomaru standing in the clearing with red eyes. He Is most certainly pissed.

I bow at the waist and twist my head to the side, showing my submission to the great Demon Lord of the West. He growls at me and moves forward. After a few steps, he is in his humanoid form staring at me.

"Mi' Lord," I said calmly.

"What is with you kitsune and meddling in other people's business," demands Sesshomaru with only a slight tinges of anger in his voice which be undetectable were I anyone else.

"I am sorry mi' Lord, if we have offended you. We heard the screams of young Rin and came running. If you will excuse us mi' Lord, we have somewhere else to be at right now," I state with a lower bow of my waist.

I turn and start running, but am stopped by a barrier. I growl lowly at his audacity. Sesshomaru grabs me by my neck and slams me against the other side of the barrier.

"You dare to turn your back on me bitch," Sesshomaru's inner demon growls out.

"Yes, I dare Sesshomaru. I have spent many years in battle. Most of the battles against demons and half demons who have thought themselves higher than me just because I am a female," I reply just as angry as him for rough handling me for a stupid reason, "I have survived in places where other people would have died."

"Who are you?" demands Sesshomaru stiffly.

"Shippo is she your mother?" Rin asks suddenly.

"She is my adopted mother," Shippo answers Rin with a smile after a moment's hesitation.

"Mother we need to leave now if we are going to reach the village in time for you to be of any use to Sango," Shippo reminds me.

"Ah, thank you for reminding me," I reply.

"Kagome-sama!" Rin yells causing me to flinch because of her nearness to my sensitive ears.

"Yes, Rin it is me," I say as Sesshomaru finally releases me from his grip. "Come Shippo," I command.

"Return to my castle in three weeks kitsunes," commands Sesshomaru.

Shippo and I nod, as we head out of the clearing and towards the old slayer village. So, he wants an explanation does he? He will have to wait longer than three weeks; I plan on staying in the village until next spring.

"Do not be late or I will hunt you down and kill the slayer, monk, and their offspring," orders Sesshomaru, loud enough for me to hear.

I growl loud enough that he can hear me, but low enough that no other demons in the area can hear of my dissension. Shippo softly chuckles knowing that I had most likely planned on making him wait, before he said that. I shake my head and just pick up the pace. I want to be able to spend as much time with my adopted family. It takes us a day and a half of traveling, nonstop for us to arrive at the old slayer village. We were met at the gates by a heavily pregnant Sango and a slightly older Miroku. Both had their weapons ready.

"Have you come just to cause us more problems? You are different than the last batch. Go tell your master that it shall always end in the same way, defeat," yells Sango nearly breaking my very sensitive ear drums.

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