Hello and welcome to the 7 chapter of The Calling. I am sorry for the long wait but school has been making me very busy but here it is. Sit back and enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 7: Elite

A few hours after the challenge between me and Taji all of the noble lords have cleared out of the palace. None of them want to take the chance of upsetting Sesshomaru with approaching me and commenting about the battle that occurred. Sesshoumaru maybe like an icicle but even he has his limits.

My office feels as if it is too small and I have never been really claustrophobic. I get up and move to start a round of looking around to see how the cleaning up of the palace after the leaving of the Cardinal Lords. Saya comes into the room and bows to me.

"Lady Kagome, Master Sesshoumaru has summoned you to his study," Saya tells me before fleeing the room.

I flinch just as the door closes behind her. Damn it all. I move as slow as I can without taking a chance of offending him. Sesshomaru has been emitting a deadly aura ever since the other Cardinal Lords have left.

Kami above save me from his torture, I pray.

I think if he was not emitting that aura people would be going into panic mode. The thing is no one wants to have the owner of the deathly aura focused on them. The bad thing is that I am being summoned into the lion's den. I take a deep breath before I knock on his study door. A growl is the answer to my knock. I open the door slowly and allow myself to ever slowly enter the room.

For the first time in my life, I kneel to someone. Never have I felt Sesshomaru's aura feel so wild, dangerous, and untamed. He has always kept a firm hold over his emotions and aura. Today's events have had a very harsh effect on him. I allow myself to slide into a very deep kowtow. My forehead pressed against the ground, my stomach pressed fully to my legs, and my chest as close to the ground as it can get. I am not taking any chance of making him angry for not showing proper behavior for one who is considered lower part of the pack or of a lesser pack.

I know that in his beast mind he considers my pack of Shippo and I lesser than his and in Youkai terms we are. We have no noble blood even though one of us is a three tailed white fox. We are an extremely small pack. Some would even not call us a pack because it is only the two of us. A small growl of accepting and I know I have at least temporarily escaped being skinned alive. Even if he sees me as an ally and the head of his household as well as a teacher to Rin, it will not stop him from harming me when he is in this kind of state.

"Woman, what has been done to prepare the household for the oncoming danger," Sesshomaru's beast growls at me in the Inu language.

"I have not started yet my lord. If it is your wish I will start gathering supplies for a siege and start to have commands sent to have the walls prepared for such an event," I reply also in the language of the inu.

I may not be an inu but I know the language because of my fox blood. My head rises a little but I quickly return it back to the position of a full kowtow when he growls in anger.

Damn it all. I am walking such a thin line that even the thinnest sheet of paper is five times thicker than it. Damn it. He agreed with what I did. Why is he so upset about this, I ask my demon.

'Most likely he will elaborate in a moment,' she tells me.

For many moments, Sesshomaru is silent. My eyes roll up to look at him. His eyes are flashing back and forth between red and amber. Sesshomaru is fighting back for control and is winning. I am just about to let out a sigh of relief when I realize he is still releasing that deadly aura of his.

"Woman it is you who is the indirect reason for the killing of my people. For this very reason it is you who will be in charge of defending this place," Sesshomaru orders with a growl.

"If that will please you, my lord, I shall do it. I would like to make a request to create an elite force separate from the army," I request lowering my eyes back to the floor.

Sesshomaru releases a sigh and slowly his aura decreases in its' intensity. I jerk in surprise, when he places his hand on my shoulder. Sesshoumaru slowly raises me up to my feet. I look at him glad that the murderous side of him is gone or at least hidden back beneath the surface. I release a sigh of relaxation and force myself not to fall back to the floor in relief. Many other people would have done it but I know that doing such can be seen as a lack of respect and bring the blood beast back to the forefront. That one movement would most likely end in my death.

"I am truly sorry for the inconvenience, my lord. I was not expecting anyone to interfere with either one of my challenges but when she did I was still within my rights of killing her. I am sorry that it will most likely end in battle between the North and West," I whisper just loud enough for him to hear.

"It would have happened sometime in the near future anyways. You have permission to start that elite group but I expect a full report every week on their progress in training. I assume you will be personally training them," Sesshoumaru states as he retakes his seat behind his desk.

"Yes, milord," I respond coming to stand directing in front of his desk.

"I will allow you access to the armory and the blacksmiths for the making of weapons and armor for the elites," he says. "Also you may use the private dojo for training sessions. As I said before I will expect updates and occasional shows of progress. Am I understood, woman?"

"Yes sir. I will start their training tonight and gain a few others as time progresses," I tell him.

"Excellent," he says before going back to his paper work.

I walk out of his study and hurry down to the training grounds where Shippo has gathered the army. I motion Shippo over to me and explain to him what I want. Shippo nods his head before turning his attention back to the army before him.

"Martina, Tsurara, Natani(pronounced Na ta knee like off lion king 2), Saylin, Hana, Sakura, and Hira go with my mother. You will be reporting to her for now on," Shippo commands.

All of the girls step forward and comes to stand in front of me. I nod my head in approval at Shippo's selections. I move away from the army and lead the girls to the private dojo. The girls follow close behind me. None of them want to offend me after display of power earlier today. I slide the private dojo screens open and motion for the girls to precede me into the dojo. I shut the screen behind me and move to stand in the middle of the dojo.

"The Northern Lord has decided to try and take revenge against the West for the death of his daughter. In order to insure that not so many from the West die in this battle, I have decided to take a step in offense. The seven of you will be training with me to become elite warriors. I have the permission of our lord to do this," I tell them.

"How is an all ladies group going to be elite," demands Tsurara.

"Who would suspect that females would be able to fight very well? I can train you to be better warriors than most of the men in this world. You will become fast, flexible, tricky, sneaky, and absolutely deadly in the time we have to complete this training. No aspect of your training will be neglected. I suggest you get some rest because starting tonight you will train with me for a week straight no pauses except for a meal here or there. This will expand your stamina and endurance," I tell them before exiting the dojo to go and arrange the next weeks household orders.