Chapter 1: Math Homework and Spirits

It's 3 years after Ichigo recovered his Soul Reaper powers and Ichigo had fought and won countless battles. Because of his selfless efforts, peace had finally come to both the Soul Society and the World of the Living. Ichigo is now 20 years of age and has retired his responsibilities as the Substitute Soul Reaper. But the adventure had just begun for Karin Kurosaki...

Karin stuffed her face into her pillow as the alarm clock began to buzz loudly in her ear. She slamed her fist on the clock a couple times and ended up making a few cracks in it. She sat up and yawned as she sleeply stuffed her feet into her black slippers and slowly slumped down the stairs. As she had expected, Yuzu was already up making breakfast and cleaning every inch of where she had cooked. Karin sighed as she sat down to some hot egg drop soup and noodles. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and began to doze off. I hate Monday morning. she grumbled to herself. Yuzu skipped cheerfully towards her and hopped into her seat. "Good morning Sis!" she giggled. Karin in reply only grumbled to herself and continued eating. It felt odd not having Ichigo around anymore. Now that he lived in Tokyo, their dad was more childish than ever.

However that was only one of the problems on Karins list. Today was the first day of her second year at Karakura High School and she wasn't too excited to seeing all the desperate boys trying to ask her out. Karin prayed that this year wouldn't be like the last one and that she would actually enjoy it. She finished her soup, grabbed her bag, and headed out the door.

Before she walked to school, Karin stopped by Urahara's shop to get a few things. There had been a soul with chubby cheeks and big glasses following her around and she had began to get irritated with him. "Why can't he go bother someone else?" she asked herself. As she walked into the school courtyard, she could hear fellow students whispering among themselves such as:

"Hey, its that Kurosaki girl."

"I heard her brother went here."

"Why does she always have to look so bitter?"

"Isn't that girl the Woman's soccor captain?"

"What's her problem?"

Many of the boys were love struck and drooling at the sight of her as she walked to the front door. Karin rolled her eyes and ignored everyone as she stepped into the home classroom. many of her classmates were chatting and throwing paper airplanes while the teacher was scribling equations on the chalkboard. "Take a seat Miss." the teacher said over her shoulder. Karin sighed and sat in a chair by the window. Suddenly the spirit with the thick glasses popped right infront of her. Karin nearly fell out of her chair as the soul's face came inches from her's. "What the hell are you doing here?" she shouted. Karin glanced at the rest of the class and saw that they we're all watching her. "Miss Kurosaki, please step out into the hall." the teacher said pointing her finger to the door. The chubby soul grinned as it disappeared making Karin even more angry.

Karin scowled while the teacher continued her lecture. These souls were getting in the way of her of life and she was getting tired of it all. "Got sent out too huh?" came a voice from behind. Karin turned around to find a tall man with long black hair that looked about Ichigo's age. He had goldish eyes and wore a cold scowl. "Yeah so what?" she said turning back around irritated. The man said nothing but made a slight smile. "Nothing, just keep your friends close Karin." he said.

"how do you know my name?" she asked, but the black haired man was gone. That's strange, I could've sworn he was just here. she thought looking down the hall. She wondered if he had been a soul but that couldn't be, he was so life-like. The spirits that she saw daily were transparent and see through. But this guy was completely real. "Kurosaki, you may return to your seat." Karin's teacher said opening the door.

Later that day on the roof top, Karin punched the hole of her second juice box and drank it in a heart beat. "are you lonely?" came a child's voice. The only soul that didn't annoy Karin was the ghost of a young brown haired boy somewhere around the age of ten named Takage. He had told her about his past life of when his family were caught in a terrible fire and that he had never gotten out. It saddened Karin that children his age had to die so young. It reminded her of the time when her own mother had been killed, only to find out later that it had been caused by a evil spirit called a Hollow. Only Ichigo really knew what had happened but he usually kept it to himself. Karin believed it unfair that her mother had died before she got the chance to even get to know her, But that was then, and this is now.

Takage had told her about going to the Soul Society and his curiousity of what it's really like. Karin too was curious, Ichigo had always told Karin and her twin sister about his adventures in the Soul Society and how very different it was from the Human World. She remembered him saying that every human soul can pass on to the Soul Society to live in a continuous peace. Karin knew that she was young, but she couldn't wait to die. As crazy as it seemed, She badly wanted to see the Spirit World for herself and experience the thrill that her brother Ichigo had had.

She finished her sandwich and said her good byes to Takage and raced to her final class of the day. She found it odd daydreaming about dying, and yet wondered how she would look in the black kimono uniform that Soul Reapers wore. She could see herself with her own sword slaying hollows to protect her family just like ichigo had done. For the first time that day she smiled at the thought and continued down the corridor without a care in both worlds.

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This is a Preview of the upcoming series after the Soul Sage Arc. Hope you like it!