Universe Note: This series largely replaces Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and only assumes episodes 1-4 (specifically "Hit 'Em Where They Live") have occurred. Agreggor does not exist in this universe. Sorry, I started writing this so long ago it's better to place this in an AU than try to correct for the entire Agreggor Arc.

Summary: The Tennysons have been at the vanguard of Earth's defense for generations, but when their oldest enemy returns for revenge, it will take more than the Ultimatrix to stop him. Fortunately Paradox knows where to find help: the Null Void?


July 8th, 1821

Corydon, Indiana

A flash of yellow light arced across the night sky, bringing light to the bluegrass dusting the hills beside a trio of tall houses on a narrow stone road. The light crashed into the ground and exploded brightly, flinging clumps of dirt and grass high into the air where a slim figure with a narrow body and an elongated head swiftly flew overhead.

"I've definitely found him," the figure said aloud. His voice was high pitched and he was breathing hard. "That is, unless this planet is fond of high wattage plasma rifles, which seems at least a few tech levels above animal-pulled carriages."

The figure flew high into the sky, flipped end over end and then landed on the roof of the tallest house. He leaned to one side and then the other. "Hang on, I can't see him. Mark my coordinates and get your schoddins over here before he gets away."

The figure dropped down to the ground and pulled out a crooked metal object. He walked cautiously around the corner of the house, stopping periodically to look back. He held the silver weapon out in front as he approached the door leading into the home. Reaching out a hand slowly, he grasped the doorknob.

The door burst outwards catching the figure by surprise. Within an instant, a polearm had struck his wrist, knocking the silver object to the air. A large, heavyset man moved faster than his body type would seem to allow and tackled the figure to the ground, pinning him beneath his weapon.

The shadowy figure struggled briefly before he heard his own weapon being lifted and pointed at his head. He looked up to see the human man kneeling on his chest and aiming the silver gun into his face.

"I don't know what sort of beast you are, son, but I wouldn't move if you know what's good for you," said the man.

The shadowy figure got a better look at the human as the moon moved from behind the clouds. The man looked older, perhaps in his forties, with short gray hair, heavy set, and wearing soiled workman's clothes with an assortment of tools hanging out of pockets or holes in his outfit. The polearm he was wielding was revealed under the light to, in fact, be a shovel.

Strangely, the shadowy figure remained just as nondescript, even in the direct moonlight.

"Please," said the shadow. "Be careful with that gun."

"Why can't I see you," said the man.

"I'm a Lumerian," said the shadow. "I can control how much light reflects off of me. If you give me a second, I'll stop absorbing."

The man narrowed his eyes but nodded silently.

The shadow shimmered subtly and like someone slowly turning up the light in a room his body revealed itself. He was a tall, lanky looking creature with light blue skin and large, reflective yellow eyes that covered most of his face above his tiny nose and a recessed jaw. His torso was covered in a shiny gray suit with a streak of black running straight down the center of his body.

"You a monster?" asked the man.

"My name is Ion. I'm not from your planet, but from a distant star about... oh, I'd say fifteen thousand light-years from here in the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy." The alien looked around quickly. "I am here chasing another alien, a dangerous criminal wanted for many murders. He is a threat to this city and possibly your planet if I don't find him."

"Another monster?" the man said.

"Alien," clarified Ion. "There isn't a lot of time. You might have seen the lights in the sky a few minutes ago, that was his ability, to be able to throw highly charged electron pulses."


"Bad things," sighed Ion. "I can stop him but you have to let me go."

The man stared for a few seconds and Ion couldn't tell if he was considering the offer or still trying to figure out what a 'charged electron pulse' was.

"What's an elect-" was all that the man could say before a yellow beam of narrow light struck him in the chest and flung him several feet to the side.

Ion immediate rolled onto his chest and pushed himself into the air, narrowly avoiding getting shot himself. He twisted through the air, weaving around the ensuing beams of light. He could feel the heat of the bolts as they sailed just over his head.

"Bested by a human," said a deep, rumbling voice in the direction of the shots. "Pathetic."

Ion tried to locate his target but with the amount of dodging and weaving he was doing, it was nearly impossible. "What brings you to such a pathetic planet, then, Brozz?" he said.

Laughter boomed from the ground. "Don't you know? Oh, how the mighty have fallen! You used to be a formidable enemy, Ion, but now you people are no better than this planets pathetic militia."

"We still have a few surprises," said Ion. His voice changed timber and he shouted: "Steek! Aim and fire!"

A blaze of green-white light cascaded from the sky and landed in a large six foot wide circle beside the house, crackling loudly and setting fire to the ground at the perimeter of the blast. The light lasted a second then died away, leaving a smoking crater and a hunched, scaled lizard-like humanoid without a tail standing on the glowing red rocks forming a perfect circle.

"You used a particle weapon? On me?" said Brozz, incredulously. "Have you never even encountered a Chamatronian before?"

Ion frowned and his eyes slightly tilted. "Apparently not," he said. "Guess we gotta do this the old fashioned way." He twisted his body slightly then quickly flew directly at the still smoldering crater, picking up speed rapidly, until he slammed right into the lizard-like Chamatronian and forced him to the ground. The two cut through the earth like a plow, destroying the porch of the house and leaving a trail leading out into the corn fields below the hills.

When the two came to rest finally, Ion leapt again to his feet and reached for his gun... then realized he has lost it to the human man minutes earlier. The second's hesitation, however, was all that Brozz needed to reorient himself and he swept the Lumerian's legs, knocking him to the ground.

Ion groaned loudly as he tried to ignore the pain of the fall. "Any time now, guys, backup would really be appreciated."

"Your time is up, pest," said Brozz. He raised a fist that began to glow brightly yellow. He lifted it high above his head and smiled as if pleased with himself. Then he swung it down.

Just before his glowing fist reached Ion, Brozz was suddenly struck with something fast and heavy, knocking him violently to the ground and snapping his arm like a twig under its impact.

Brozz howled in pain and cradled his arm, looking back at his attacker.

The human man stood over Ion and facing Brozz, holding a large sledgehammer in his hands. The man was slowly turning the hammer, adjusting his grip as he stood.

"This is our planet, son," said the man. "You'd best be moving on now."

"Savage!" screamed Brozz as he lifted his good arm and pointed at the man. His fingertips crackled with energy and a large yellow ball of light formed between them. A second later the ball exploded out from the palm of Brozz's hand and streaked towards his target.

The man's eyes widened and held up his sledgehammer instinctively. He swung the large hammer without thinking just as the beam impacted the long metal shaft of the sledge. The yellow light splintered dramatically with most of the smaller rays flying into the sky.

"How—?" started Brozz, but the human man was already upon him. Swinging upwards, Brozz was struck squarely on the chest and flung onto his back hard, knocking the wind out of him. A follow up strike into the side caused him to skitter across the ground and roll to a stop by a carriage sitting in the house's driveway. The scaled alien lay slumped on the ground, slowly breathing but otherwise still.

The man dropped the head of his sledgehammer onto the ground and leaned against it to catch his breath.

Ion hobbled up next to him and looked at the unconscious and heavily battered Brozz. "That was a most impressive display."

"Eh," grunted the man. "Goes with the job."

Ion shook his head. "You've you had to deal with aliens on a regular basis?"

"Maybe not aliens," said the man. "But there's been some weird stuff caught in the drainage recently."

Ion nodded. "It might be more alien than you think. Your planet has been relatively untouched this close to the rim, but the habited area of the galaxy is growing and soon you'll be well within its range. Maybe a hundred years or so before you can start to expect lots of visitors."

The man straightened himself slightly then lifted his hammer and rested it on his shoulder. "What now?"

Ion gestured towards Brozz. "Whenever my partner shows up we'll take Brozz back for trial. You won't have to worry about him anymore."

"You some sort of police?" asked the man, raising an eyebrow.

"Not exactly," said Ion. "We are the —" He stopped suddenly and then looked down at his waist. A faintly glowing circular disc hung there and flashed green twice. It had a symbol on it that looked like an hourglass. "It seems there is no word in your language that fully describes it." Ion raised his hand and scratched his chin. "Well, in essence it is no different than what you said you did. We clean weird things out of the drain when they get caught."

"You're plumbers?" asked the man.

"Metaphorically speaking, of course," said Ion. He hesitated again. "Hmm. Yes. We are Plumbers. I'll make a note in the translation file." He tapped on the green disc and turned it a few times until it dislodged from his belt. He held it out towards the man.

"I must commend you for your help in stopping Brozz. He could very well have killed me if you hadn't intervened." Ion's mouth turned up slightly in what was possibly a smile. "Please, take this, as an honorary 'Plumber.'"

The man took the disc and looked at it closely. "Thanks."

"Thank you, sir," said Ion. "If you ever need help simply hold down the center symbol, and I or another Plumber will come to your aid at the fastest speed." He reached out and turned the outer ring of the disc a quarter to the left then a full circle to the right. "Please, state your name, so I may register this to you."

The man cleared his throat and leaned slightly into the disc in his hand.

"Wilbur Tennyson."