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Harry and Cal slam the door, and Ketty rushes out after them, calling, "Harry! You don't know where the hospital is! Wait up!"

I decide to go as well, because Ed's not around to stop me, and I want might have a chance to see Nico. Might. But I'm hoping.

When I get there, Ketty and Harry are in the lobby.

"Amy!" Ketty cries, "Go back to Fox Academy! Ed will murder us if you've come here!"

"Well, I already have. I want to see Dylan." I tell her.

"No, you don't! Dylan's always nasty to you, and Ed told me that you said you hated her." Ketty bursts out.

"Ed told you?" I whisper.

"Yes." She answers, frowning, working out why I'm really here, "Oh my God! You want to see Nico! You want to see my boyfriend!"

I just stand there, knowing that if I deny it, it'll be even more obvious that it's true.

"Look, Amy, just back off!" she continues, "He'd never date you, he only hangs around you because you make his huge ego even bigger!"

"That's not true…" I start, but I can hear the lie in my own voice, and can clearly see that she'll notice, too.

"Amy, maybe you should leave," Harry suggests.

"No." I say, "So what if I like Nico? I can see him if I want to. You can't stop me! Besides, he kissed me…"

"Because he thought you were me!" she exclaims, glaring fiercely.

I look away, hoping against hope that someone could walk in and take Harry and Ketty away to see Dylan, and possibly, hopefully Nico.

About ten minutes of awkward silence later, a nurse comes through and asks, "Who is it to see Miss Fox?"

"Us." Ketty starts.

"And me." I change her ending.

Ketty glares at me again, but can't object to me going now, because we're walking down an aisle full of people who are sick.

When we get to Dylan's bed, she is chalk white, and it looks quite scary, but very pretty. She looks like she's dead.

"Is she okay?" asks Harry, obviously thinking the same thing.

"She will live." The nurse confirms.

Then, someone else comes in. Someone I know really well. Ketty frowns and then sighs heavily, throwing me a dirty look. Nico.

"What are you doing in here?" demands the nurse, "you can't be! You aren't allowed."

"I just want to see my cousin." He says, noticing Harry and biting his lip.

"Nico, what the hell did you do to my girlfriend?" Harry demands.

"I swear, I didn't mean to knock her out. I only meant to scare her. I thought she would keep the protection shield around her." Nico explains.

"Well, that plan sure worked, didn't it." Harry mutters.

Nico walks over and kisses Ketty, after which she looks at me pointedly.

"Oh, hi Amy." He finally notices me, then turns to Ketty, "Wait. Should she be here? Ed will kill you, babe."

"That's what I said, but she's being very stubborn and irritating." Ketty murmurs into his ear.

"She's turning into Dylan?" he jokes, and I notice Harry trying hard not to punch him.

"Nico! How can you say that when you put her in a coma?" Ketty gasps, "Besides, she might be able to hear what we're saying."

"Right then." He bends down beside Dylan, and says, "I am very sorry." In a monotone.

"Aren't you kind?" Harry mutters.

"Avery's here, Nico, he will murder you!" Ketty whispers.

"Not again! Fergus already just about murdered me!" Nico frowns.

"Avery won't be as harsh as Fergus was, I'm sure." I say, loudly.

"Why would you think that?" Ketty scowls at me.

"Because Avery has no proper connection to Dylan. Fergus was her Uncle." I point out, proud of myself for remembering this, even though no one else did.

"Cool." Nico is talking in a monotone again, so that I can't tell if he means it or not. Probably not.

"Not that it really matters." Ketty contradicts me, "Avery will be just as mad that you have a criminal record as Fergus was, Nico! You are in so much trouble!"

"Yeah, babe, but hopefully Amy's right." He doesn't look at me, though, he just smiles at her.

"Amy," Ketty casts me a spiteful look, and I know that she wants to hurt me, to make me more jealous of her than I already am, "Maybe you should go. Wouldn't want Ed to be worried, would we?"

"Well, actually…" I start.

"Yeah, Amy," Nico chips in, "You should go."

I sigh, and make my way back out of the hospital.