"Really, Phoebe? Is that the best gig you can get me?" Penny whined into her phone. I mean it has been months since the hemorrhoid commercial came on and weeks since it was run again on air but she knew this would not work.

"Darlin' this is the best I can do for now, you know how big this thing is every year and it will get you some well-deserved exposure" Penny's agent Phoebe answered in her thick New York accent. "I will email you the address to go for a wardrobe fitting and I will also send you some information the convention director wants you to read and become familiar with, like a script".

"Okay thanks, I will let you know when I receive it, I gotta get back my lunch break is almost over" Penny answered trying to stay chipper.

"Listen Penny, I like you. I had a client like you, a wonderful boy named Joey a few years ago. He was also trying for a while, but when he finally got his break it was a big one. I feel that is coming for you okay sweetie, don't give up on me okay?" Phoebe softly tried to ease her nervous client.

"Thanks Phoebe" Penny hung up and ran back in just as her manager was peeking his head out looking for the pretty blond waitress. "Come on your regular table just came in, the one with Spock and the rest of the crew of the Nerderprise" Penny smiled, knowing full well her favorite whack-a-doodle was here to order his bacon barbeque cheeseburger, with crazy and insane on the side. She smiled at her inner joke.


Why must he wait so long to get service, Penny should know that this is the time he has scheduled for dinner. Here she comes, she seems a bit unnerved but she is smiling when she sees me. She has a habit of doing this. Sarcasm, maybe Sheldon was never sure. He did not mind it though. She was one of the few people he tolerated. She challenged him even without knowing anything about Physics or of importance, she had a way of bringing him down a notch "keeping his human side happy" she told him once. At the time Sheldon just smirked at the saying.

"Penny why have you taken so long to come to our table, you know we will be planning our visit to the convention and require sustenance before we proceed and now we are delayed because of your dalliance, I am sure with some waiter in the break room." She was scowling at him now; he didn't say anything out of the sort this was how he normally talked to her, why was she scowling?

Howard and Raj squirmed in their chairs; Leonard was too busy checking his cell phone to notice what was going on. Penny then turned to him pointed her finger and let him have it

"Listen Sheldon, as much as I like this banter that we have nay this tango that you continually insist on dancing, I am not at your beck and call, so cool your jet packs mister!"

Sheldon noticed the small gleam of perspiration on her brow and the flush in her cheeks when she argued with him, he had to admit that he enjoyed watching these biological reactions on someone as aesthetically pleasing as Penny was.

He waved his hand at her mini outburst to minimize its importance to him, this just made her huff, Sheldon could almost see her stomping her foot like a spoiled child being ignored.

"Please bring me my regular order Penny and make sure everyone wears gloves…be vigilante"

"Is that all Lieutenant Commander Spock?" she asked, the words rolling dulcetly off her tongue. He felt something on his neck; the hairs had risen at the sound of her voice calling him this. "Penny how is it that you know Spock's rank?" he asks while still rubbing his neck, the tingling sensation is still there as he is looking right at her, her green eyes wide in surprise at his question.

"I am sure you told me, no worries, got your orders, will be back in a…" "Penny, you must answer my question" he continued to grill her with his question, he would not drop it, he needed to know how she knew this. This was Penny, the waitress, the girl across the hall, the community college dropout; she could not possibly know anything about his idol.

"Kroykah!" but as soon as the word was out of her mouth; she covered it with her hand looking stunned at the sound of her own voice. With this she turned and disappeared into the kitchen.

Sheldon felt that sensation again however it wasn't only at his neck, it was a tingling sensation all over. He looked over to see if anyone at the table had heard her, as always they were discussing the pros and cons of rabbits as a mode of transportation. He sighed, troglodytes!

Sheldon touched his neck again and looked around, the strange sensation returned as he remembered her words… Penny spoke Vulcan!