Note: Any grammatical errors, particularly regarding comma usage, are strictly on purpose and used for literary effect.

Emotions arrive so unaware
Cannot taste my own sanity
All things scream stupidity
And how to cope has left all of who I am
This hate now starts to intrigue
Caressing, stroking me
Because I am sick of bullshit
And people's mindless ignorance

~Sifting Through, Etched in Red

The colour white.

White walls white floors white ceiling.

Such is the nature of a mental asylum.

It's meant to keep the patients from going mad, or so they say, but to Beyond Birthday, it was as if the neutrality of it all was ripping away what sanity was left.

Beyond Birthday had never been insane.

Beyond Birthday was brilliant.

(Always was always had been always would be.)

As brilliant as the white walls, oh yes, as brilliant as the gothic letter that landed him here. Beyond was greater as his name suggested greater greater yes that's right greater than all the rest out there. Better and greater and beyond A and beyond L and beyond everyone absolutely everyone else.

It was only his thoughts that were a mess now. It was the insane asylum that was making him insane and the white walls that were making him see red and the neutrality that was jumbling his thoughts to the point where they no longer made sense.

Not that he let it show.

Because if he let it show then they'd never let him out and if they never let him out then he'd never be able to beat L and if he never was able to beat L then he might as well just die now because oh god beating L is the only thing he has to live for. Not these goddamn white walls white floor white ceiling just make it all stop just disappear oh please oh please god I can't live like this.

Not like this.

Not like this.


Red with blood.

L has red blood.

L would make great paint.

This is the prologue to a much longer chapter I'm writing. This is a two-shot. When the next chapter is posted, the rating will go up to M, for rape and violence. I am immensely curious as to what you all may think of this so far, so please feel more than free to review with some feedback. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed, and please keep an eye out for the next (and last) chapter.

~Ratt Kazamata, 4/02/2012

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