Command These Stones

Chapter 5

By SpiritofEowyn.

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For Rose, her old room on the TARDIS was like returning to her old home. She sat on the bed, after having picked out an outfit from her closet that was a bit baggier but wasn't dusty like she had expected. There was that photo they had taken on Calison Five, that she had started to forget. Had she really worn that much mascara years ago? The far wall was covered in photos in the shape of a heart. There was her old favorite jacket. And her union jack shirt! Oh that brought back memories. It all did. Most of them good.

It had been so long, this journey to get back here. She came to be with the Doctor again, but now what? If Martha hadn't returned the Doctor would have told her what he was going to tell her on the beach. She felt sure of it. She thought he'd meant to say he felt the same way, but it needed saying. Maybe he would have given her a side hug and told her he loved her too, like a friend. Or would he tell her that that was nice, and "Quite right" that she should love him since he was the awesome timelord with the huge ego but that she was an inferior species, you stupid ape. Or that he thought of her like a daughter. Euw. A child who couldn't comprehend or ever be his equal. Or... a pet. he had had. Ugh. Would they go back to that awkward friends but we're kidding ourselves stage? He had kissed her, that should count for something, right? And it hadn't been a friendly kiss.

A knock on my door brought my attention to him. Standing there in the doorway, looking gorgeous and that hair!

"Hello." He greeted.

"Hi." I stood up, and my stomach fluttered nervously

He looked around her room. "Kept it just how you left it."

" So many memories in this room. Although, you could have left it cleaner." I teased.

He smiled back. "Oh, well, it's your room, why should I?"

"I thought she'd at least keep it from getting dusty." I brushed my hands off on my trousers.

"Yeah." He scuffed his feet on the floor. "So, we've got a new passenger-"

"I wouldn't call me new-"

"Oh, I meant, oh what was his name," He snapped his fingers. "Riley, Riley. Gonna have to remember that,"

"Riley?" I asked.

"From the burning ship."

"Oh, okay." Rose barely remembered him with all of the death and near death and burning.

"Missed you, know. Not your mother though. " He smiled gently.

"How could you not miss the nagging and beans on toast, oh and the best cuppa ever." I walked towards him.

"Oh, Jackie! You know you started a bad precedent Ms. Tyler." The Doctor pointed his finger at me accusingly.

"How so?"

"Before you, there were no mothers on my ship, and no slaps! First night I met," He tilted his head towards the hall. " her mother I got slapped and threatened! Can you imagine how horrifying that was?"

I laughed, then wondered. He'd been so close to Sarah Jane, and then to me, was flirty standard as a companion of the Doctors? I imagined him kissing her. Maybe he had earned the slap. "Did you earn your slap?"

"No, well. I am, well I did put both of her daughters in danger but thats not my fault really. The one was already in danger... " He rambled.

"Seems we've got a lot of catching up to do." I smiled.

"Want a cuppa?" He asked. "good for the synapses."

"And here I thought we might have tea in the kitchen." Rose commented.

"Oh, no" His nose wrinkled. "Too domestic."

She laughed.

We sat on the roof of the TARDIS staring at the remains of a supernova. Pink, blue and yellow clouds of gas whizzed by and above them, what Rose would mistake for a very vivid milky way, gleamed.

He had had to promise her that the TARDIS had them in an air bubble when he'd asked her to follow him when he jumped out. They had floated up. Well, in space it was a relative term, up, but in reference to the usual method in relation to the outside of the TARDIS.

The Doctor had agonized over where to have tea, which was excessively domestic as it was.

"It's beautiful." She breathed.

"Is it? Didn't really notice last time, but I suppose it is." He took a long sip, and kept his tone casual. "Still hate it."

"How could you hate this?" She asked waving her hand out. "It's not like this star has offended you, and you even promised this one wasn't ever sentient. What could it have done to you?"

There it was." It ran out too quickly. It wasn't enough."

Her eyes turned searching. "I blew it up. Thats the sort of thing I'm capable of. Blowing up innocent stars, without caring what it would do to the people in the system next star over."

She put a comforting arm around his shoulders. And this is who she was. He just told her he'd hurt an entire species and she was worried about him. "Rose you make we want impossible things, and to be a better man. This whole time without you, I've kept going in your name, because I knew you wouldn't want me to give up. Took on a companion when it became clear I was... not good on my own." He laughed self deprecatingly. " Poor Martha has heard nothing but Rose this, Rose that."

"You've made me better too you know. I've got my Masters degree. Me! A girl from the Estates. Everyone at Torchwood keeps looking at me like I'm some kind of expert!" She looked up at me with a grin. " It's funny because whenever I wanted to just give up because it was too hard, or I seemed to think I wasn't enough. I remembered what you taught me."

" Finally stopped wandering off?" I tapped her nose.

She laughed. Oh how I loved her laugh.

"No, To never give up, to stand up to the bullies and evils out there, and do the right thing even when everyone else is running away."

"With all the running away we did?" I teased, but really I was proud.

"Even still. Was this the star?"

That was my Rose. I took her hand and nodded.

"All I needed was thirty more seconds." I blinked to keep the wetness in my eyes at bay.

I counted to 75 as she took a deep breath and looked out at the star. Maybe she already knew.

Her eyes met mine, serious and terrified. "To say what?"

The elephant in the room since she returned. He couldn't lie, couldn't brush this off. Rose was asking and he had to answer. I downed the rest of my cup and tossed it outside the TARDIS's bubble, gathering my courage.

"that, that I love you."

I could hear her breath hitch, and eyes begin to water. "Love, like a friend...?"

"No, love, like, like if I was human I'd give you a ring, and a morgage, children, family, and kiss you a lot and ask you to stop flirting with others who wanted to keep you forever, and those who didn't." I rambled.

The most beautiful smile broke out on her face. " Okay."

I kissed her and wrapped my arms around her as she did to me. It was wonderful, and brain numbing.

Eventually we came up for air. Well, she came up for air and I needed a moment to process it all.

"But I'm not human. I can't give you most of the things you want and deserve." I felt obligued to tell her.

She paused. "Then I don't want it, Doctor. I just want you."

"Now, now you just want me, but someday when you clock goes tick tick.." I tried to keep my voice light.

"I'll still be okay." She insisted. Bless her.

" I want you to be more than okay. I want you to be blissfully happy and safe. It's why I never mentioned it before. But no worries, I'm that selfish to keep you with me for as long as you'll stay." I pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. "Because staying or going I'm still going to love you Rose Tyler. And I can't see myself living without you." Or beyond you either but he didn't need to say that. I mean it wasn't a lie, persay. One might say that is was intrinsically implied.

"Well, then you'd best get used to the idea that I'm going to stay forever." She pushed off the side and floated down to the door.

He tried not to think how different their forevers were, and instead just followed her down.

Abigali was in the great white nothingness that the rest of the trickster's brigade resided when not on the physical plane. It was so bright as to hurt the eyes, and depth perception was a joke. She sat in a large plush chair that was a dark red. Everything else furniture wise in this area was black. Her master had no sense of beauty.

She would eat or drink, only they didn't do that anymore. Deviant timelines were their source of energy, but didn't taste like anything. Might as well be a creepy Weeping Angel for all the life they had. She shuddered at the thought of it. Time meant nothing either. She had promised an eternity of servitude in exchange for her life when the rest of her ship, was doomed to die, and stay dead during The War. She had seen it coming and saw no probability of escape, only different deaths.

Granted, being mortal she had had no concept of how long, and dull Eternity was.

Dox appeared and sat in front of her. Like the rest of the brigade he was ugly. He was a traditionalist and wore a white robe with only a ghastly mouth showing a flat pastry circle of a face devoid of features. Really how did one even look at it?

"You're looking at the true creator of chaos." Dox bragged.

"Brain parasite? Really? That's your big plan to create chaos?" She mocked. "Child's play." She pointed back at her childlike body. "And I should know."

" An American president will lose his mind, and the planet will be ruled by evil and humans will never reach the stars!" Dox argued.

" Oh, yes, By the way, it's not going to work." She stood up. "Foresaw it."

It hissed. "You lie."

"Your plans are all so one dimensional. Dull, ineffective. This is why I will succeed and you'll just keep getting your ass handed to you by an old human and her teenaged apprentices." She turned away from him, eager to be alone.

Krislok appeared. He was extremely short, and ugly, but at least he didn't match the background. He hobbled away from them. Coward.

"Going to tell Him that you're helping the timelord." Dox said. " Be the end of you monster!"

"phff. Helping? Monster?' Abigali turned around and gave her most innocent chillike smile.

"It is being honest, no one dies! Nothing changes. You betray us!" Dox argued.

She smirked and stalked in front of him, looking up at where eyes would be with her own dark ones. "Yet. No one has died, yet. But you get ready Dox, oh just you wait and see. I keep my promises. More chaos, more timelines changed than you could imagine, and no way out. Watch and learn how it's done."