Soul Eater Brotherhood
Part I: The Alchemist in the Desert

The desert was scorching hot when a young man in his early twenties appeared out in the middle of nowhere. The blue sky above him is clear from any clouds and the sun, which was strangely laughing, radiated so much heat that its features burn like a fireball. Because the young man was wearing a coat, he sweats profusely than usual. He then takes off his coat and places it over his head to cover himself from the burning rays of the sun. Ironically, this only made him feel extremely hotter.

He took a canteen and opened it; not a single drop of water appears from it. Veins started to appear from his forehead in frustration. The young man wiped away the sweat from his forehead and scanned the area as his long blond hair flowed through the wind.

I need to find a place to cool down and fast he thought fast. If I continue on like this, I might get heat stroke in this freaking desert!

Underneath the young man's pants, his left mechanical leg started to break from the rust that is spreading all over it and suddenly fell from the sandy ground. "Shit" he cursed silently. "I should have oiled it a week ago. I should have seen it sooner!"

His golden eyes started to dilate after exposing too much heat from the sun. "Is that an oasis I see?" he murmured in bewilderment, his eyes focused on nothing. "I could use a drink there."

With a fail desperation attempt to reach out the "oasis", which in reality is just the sun that is affecting his state of mind; the young man fainted from dehydration, his body lying unconsciously as the sands of the desert slowly devouring him.

A few minutes later, when the young man's body is nearly buried in the sands, with only a strand of his blond hair sticking out in it, two teenagers were walking in the desert nearby. The heat of the sun doesn't seem to mind the individuals as they continue on moving towards their destination.

"Man, my bike is out of gas" the first one complained, dragging his motor bike. "By the time we reach Death City, I'll run this baby like there's no tomorrow!"

The first one, a lad in his mid teens, wears an orange shirt and a leather jacket. He has a headband over his spiky white hair and red eyes. As he spoke, there is an air of arrogance but with a hint of maturity.

"Don't be too cocky Soul" the latter reminded. "Remember, your thick skull forgot to pass by the gasoline station to refill that bike of yours.

The latter, a girl just a few months younger than the first one called Soul, sports a black trench coat with a cloak-like end over her school uniform, consisting of a white blouse, yellow sweater vest, red plaid skirt and black boots. Her ash blond hair is tied into twin short pigtails and green eyes. The latter spoke with much seriousness and confidence.

As they argue, the latter trip on the young man's head. He did not responded painfully as he was unconscious.

"Are you alright Maka?" Soul asked, concerned.

The latter, Maka, nodded. "Yeah I'm ok" she replied. "I think I hit something."

Soul helped her get up to her feet. "It's probably a rock" he said nonchalantly.

"I don't think I hit a rock" she said. "And take a look at this. Is that hair?"

They looked down and they did see a strand of the young man's hair. They dig through the sand and saw his body lying amongst the sand, still clutching his suitcase.

"Is he…?" Soul muttered.

"No, he's not dead" Maka answered checking the young man's pulse. "He's just unconscious. We need to bring him to Death City immediately."

Soul sighed. "Why would we bring this Shorty to Death City?" he questioned, placing the young man in his bike. "He's not worth anything."

The young man's antenna-like hair stood up on edge as he heard Soul called him something he does not approve of. He doesn't react, however, since he is completely drained.

"I'm just curious about his suitcase" Maka replied.

"Want to look in to his suitcase while he's knocked out?"

Maka shook her head. "No, it is not our right to snoop into someone's things."

Soul shrugged. "By the way Maka…"

"What is it?"

"Why are here in the desert again?"


It looks like Maka and Soul found someone just distanced away from Death City. Who is this guy and why is he in the middle of the desert in the first place? Find out at the next Soul Eater Brotherhood!

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