Soul Eater Brotherhood Part 18

Summoning a metallic javelin behind her back, the Embodiment of Luck throws the javelin at Maka and the group. The clock-like device that appeared behind her started to turn; the hand starts to twirl at five pictures that represent each weapon: a javelin, a bladed hula-hoop, a large double edge sword, a two bladed war axe, and spiky balls. The hand then slows down until each reaches a picture of a large double edge sword. The sword materializes out of nowhere; its structure is at least two feet high, a silver guard, black coated hilt and a red orb pommel.

"Target acquired" the Embodiment of Luck responded in a monotone voice.

She holds the sword and swings it at Ed. Ed manages to materialize a cutlass just in time and parries the incoming attack by thrusting his cutlass at the Embodiment of luck, but she dodges it.

"Hold still" he said impatiently, "Kid, do something!"

At the distance, Kid can only awed by the Embodiment of Luck's symmetrical appearance. "Just look at that form" he remarked gleefully, "its perfect! It's perfectly symmetrical!"

Ed rolled his eyes. "Al, try to grab her" he ordered.

Al nodded and slams his hands on the ground. Fists form from the ground and aimed it at her. It successfully hits parts of her body but she manages to regain her stance. Unexpectedly, the arm aims at the picture of spiky balls. As if she was grinning, the Embodiment of Luck raised her hand and a magical circle with many runic symbols appears, summoning metallic balls that are harder than steel and has spikes all over its surface and shoots at them.

Everyone dodge the attack except Kid who was busy awing the splendour of the Embodiment of Luck.

"Kid, what are you doing?" Liz questioned, "Ignore her appearance. Just shoot her down."

Each spike balls hits Kid directly into his body; blood was splattered at the floor and he tries to stand up not just to support himself but to continue to look at the Embodiment's appearance.

"I can't" he admitted, the last shot fired at his chest (luckily, it didn't hit his heart); "I can't shoot her."

Kid fell down to the ground with a thump. The rest of the group tried to fight the Embodiment of Luck but her attacks were hard to pin point since the wheel behind her spins, picking a weapon for her. The rest tried their best to dodge the attacks from her.

The wheel behind the Embodiment of Luck starts turning until it stops, pointing to a circular picture. Then, a large ring with spikes appeared at her, circulating around her dangerously.

Suddenly, Black Star snapped his fingers. "I got it" he cried, "Tsubaki, let's form Trap Star!"

Black Star then throws the chain scythe, bouncing at the walls until it forms a 5 point star. The rest of the group avoids the move by jumping to a safer area, confused at Black Star's strategy. As the Embodiment of Luck charges at Black Star, she made a mistake when she crosses the chain Black Star made. The chains then caught her as she touches it and the chains grabbed hold of her.

The Embodiment of Luck struggled to escape; even her saw-like weapon around her didn't work as it tries to cut through the chain.

"Yes!" Black Star muttered excitedly.

At the distance, Ed sees Black Star with a grin. "Not bad idiot" he remarked.

Ed looks at Maka, who was spacing out at the distance. "Maka, Soul" he called, drawing their attention, "Use Soul Resonance now!"

Maka hears Ed's words and nods at him. The scythe began to glow with much power and it enlarges itself as big as Maka. The blades of the scythe shapes like a crescent moon with a picture of an eye at the centre as it glows brightly at the dark lit room.

"Got it" Maka responds.

"Let's slice that walking roulette" Soul said excitedly.

Maka charges at the chain-bound Embodiment and leaps high, raising the scythe, ready to strike her. Black Star pulls the chain scythe, causing her to spin rapidly. The scythe lands at her with ease, slicing the Embodiment of Luck in half. Black blood spilled away from the body, drenching the floor and the Embodiment's body lands on the floor, lying motionlessly.

Her face showed no pain, although her body is twitching. "Status: critical" the Embodiment responded, continuing to speak in a monotone voice, "System failure. Regeneration system: malfunctioning..."

The Embodiment's single glowing eye started to dissipate and her entire body started to turn into ashes, disappearing into the wind.

Death the Kid rushes at the scene with a shocking look from his face. "Such perfection is ruined!" he cried miserably, "Her form is absolutely perfect. Why did you cut her in half?"

Ed simply stared at him in annoyance before Kid cries like a waterfall.

"This is getting a nuisance" Scylla said, looking at the monitor.

Ivan appears behind her with a silver tray in one hand filled with a tea kettle and a cup with a saucer in it. "Oolong tea, mistress?" he suggested calmly, giving a cup of tea to her.

Scylla took the tea. "So it seems we have 4 more to go" she said, sipping the tea.

Ivan nodded. "They are awaiting orders mistress" he said.

Scylla grins, pressing a red button at the computer. "They will have a surprise of a life time."

While the group cheered for their success (except for Kid, who continues to sulk), four trapdoors appear out of nowhere and the group fell, each with their meister and partner (except for Ed and Al but they fell anyway).

With a thump, Black Star and Tsubaki landed on the cold ground. Inside, it was nothing but darkness.

"What was that all about" Black Star wondered bitterly, massaging his own bottom to relieve the pain.

"I guess we fell from a trap" Tsubaki answered with a nervous laugh.

"Is that a pun?"

With a tiny yet audible sound of footsteps, Tsubaki transformed back into a chain scythe and landed on Black Star's hand. Black Star then placed himself in his fighting position, readying himself for the upcoming battle.

"So you must be the one called Black Star" it said, a voice sounds feminine and somehow greets Black Star with a cold voice, "Your reputation of being a meister has reached even in England."

Black Star gave a determined smile. "So my reputation has become popular?" he boasted, "That means I'm the best of the best!"

But the feminine wasn't finish. "Indeed" she agreed, cackling harshly, "Your reputation of being the most annoying meister in the world."

Soon, voice emerges from the shadows, revealing to be a female teenager the same age as Black Star. She wears a black tunic with an infinity symbol behind her back, black cycling shorts, red and black loincloth and kung fu shoes. The most notable feature is her dragon tattoos at her left arm and old loins wrapped around her mysterious head, her red eyes showing malice and ferocity.

"Are you ready to face me?" the figure asked, dropping a kunai from her hand, "Because Clare the Furious will show you what it means to be an assassin."

Black Star snickered at the threatening words. "An assassin, you?" he said mockingly, "Lady, you will face the awesome might of Black Star!"

As Maka landed from the ground after she and Soul fell from the trapdoor and scanned the new room. She still holds Soul in scythe mode, making sure that the enemy is nearby.

"So you're here" a mysterious voice greeted with malice, "I've been expecting you meister..."

Maka felt a chilling feeling around her and looked behind her back sharply but nothing appeared behind her. "Show yourself!" Maka demanded.

Then, a shinning red light appeared at the horizon. Later, from the darkness, emerged a ragged figure, wearing thick pale clothing around his body like a mummy. His clothes consist of a red jacket with a delta symbol sewed behind him, black gloves and military-styled boots. His most disturbing feature is his entire head is wrapped with a turban, his red eye glows menacingly at Maka.

"Here I am" the figure said harshly, "I will find your death very amusing and once you're dead, Adam the Envious will know that your body would prove to be beneficial to the Mistress."

Adam cackles maniacally, sending more chills to Maka's spine. "I sense that his soul is even more demonic like those Kishins" she said.

Still holding his custom desert eagles upside-down, Death the Kid landed on the ground with perfect ease, stretching his arms at the side and crouching. He stands up and observes his surroundings cautiously, his guns ready.

"Do you sense anything?" Liz asked.

Kid continues to stare at the empty space. "Yes" he replied, "And this strange feeling, it's cold."

As he breathes, a mist forms from his nose.

"Certainly something cold is at foot" Kid muttered.

The guns of the desert eagles cocked and aimed at a figure standing in front of him. The figure, wearing a blue tunic and a sash around his muscular body, his blue cold eyes stares at Kid silently. His arms are blue and his face is wrapped with a mask.

"I am your opponent" the cold figure said, his voice is cold as ice, "Once I defeat you, I will take the pleasure of taking down the Mistress myself."

"State your name" Kid demanded.

"My name is Cain the Treacherous" he introduced, "And I'll enjoy taking your soul to make myself stronger than the Mistress."

The ensuing battle of the Embodiment of Luck has ended but the three meisters will face three monstrous creations of Scylla Fantina. Are they going to defeat them? What happened to the Elric Brothers? Find out at the next Soul Eater Brotherhood!

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