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Teaser for Phantasm:

Her calm demeanor makes me tremble – like it's normal to go around stealing kids off the street. I almost miss when she starts speaking again.

"I'm afraid I can't unbind you, Bella. You've got that alter locked up in your brain and she's a flight hazard," Carmen says, sounding anything but apologetic though that is the emotion that is plastered on her face. "I'll be back to check up on everyone soon."

I don't acknowledge her as she walks away.

Bella, there are others.


Izzy directs our gaze to the left, where she had picked up familiar honey blond hair – Rosalie. She is bound like me with thick leather padded metal and a black blind fold. Aside from the tussle of her hair, she appears perfect and sleeping.

I hear quiet, measured breathing behind me and know it's either Emmett or Jasper.

And though I had begun to feel more and more sick as our situation cemented in my mind, nothing made me want to wretch more than the sight of two bronze and auburn heads in front of me.


And Edward.

I want to cry when I see the white bandage wrapped around his Mohawk.

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