Chapter 10

Two weeks later, the group of friends gathered at their regular hangout, the izakaya restaurant, to celebrate Shuuhei's recovery. After recuperating at Urahara's for several more days, he was deemed stable enough to make the journey back to Soul Society, where he continued to receive treatment from Squad 4. However, given the gravity of his wounds, he had had to stay at Squad 4's infirmary the entire time and was finally just discharged that morning.

"Kanpai!" Ikkaku yelled at the top of his lungs. He was already half-drunk, and had to be kept upright by Yumichika, although he kept insisting that he was perfectly sober. Kira hid a chuckle behind his sake cup while Matsumoto leaned heavily against him, hiccupping. The blonde seemed completely unfazed by the large breasts that were practically pressed against his face.

Shuuhei beamed as he looked around at his friends. He had not felt so alive in his life, and had never appreciated being surrounded by all his friends like he did now. Since his near-death experience, he had learned to open his heart. Bit by bit, the Shuuhei who always kept his emotions tightly wrapped within, who always thought he had to bear every burden in the world alone, began to melt away. He stole a look at Renji, who was sitting next to him. He would never be able to do this without the redhead, who had turned his world upside down ever since they confessed their feelings for each other.

When they first came back to Soul Society, Renji had to immediately return to duty, so aside from quick visits at the infirmary, they didn't really get to spend much time together. It was during those visits that Shuuhei learned just how much the man cared for him. Renji was of course still as brash as ever; he complained loudly about the workload that Kuchiki Taicho pushed on him everyday, yelled at Hisagi for not taking his medicine on time, and laughed at Shuuhei's jokes so loudly that he was nearly booted out of the infirmary. Yet at the same time he was so attentive that the slightest grimace from Shuuhei would send him yelling for a healer. But what struck Shuuhei the most was the way the redhead looked at him. His scarlet eyes filled with such concern and tenderness that Shuuhei simply wanted to crush him with a tight hug.

"Well, we should get you home now." Shuuhei was startled by Renji's voice. The redhead stood up and tugged at his sleeves. "You're still a patient in my book, so it's bedtime for you!"

As the others waved and shouted their well wishes, the two men started their walk home. A short moment later, both of them stopped abruptly and opened their mouth to speak.



After a brief second of silence, both of them burst into laughter. "Well, your place or mine?" Renji asked with a wink. "I heard this is a popular pickup line in the real world." He added with a serious look on his face.

"It sure works on me," Shuuhei said with a smile.

Renji grinned and grabbed Shuuhei's hand. "Okay then, my place, it's closer anyway."

Soon they were standing in front of Renji's room. When the door swung open, both men hesitated, standing almost awkwardly at the door, each waiting for the other to enter first. Then, both stepped forward at the same time and ended up bumping into each other. When Renji brushed against Shuuhei, Shuuhei felt something that made him widen his eyes.

Renji caught his expression. "I've been, uhh, trying to hide that…little problem since we were at the bar." He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

Shuuhei chuckled and pulled Renji close to him. He shut the door then pressed himself on Renji, pushing the redhead against the door. He cupped Renji's face and breathed into his ear, "Then we'd better…take care…of that little problem, shall we?" Then he captured Renji's lips in his own. Renji gave a small moan before kissing back with passion. Shuuhei felt the heat from his lover's body against his own even through their robes, and he welcomed it.

Kissing and panting, the two men eventually found their way to Renji's bed. Breaking their kiss, Renji pushed Shuuhei onto the bed. Then he gently tugged off Shuuhei's top, revealing his chest…and three fresh scars. Slowly, he traced his lips down to those battle wounds, where he stopped and nuzzled his nose against them. They were terrible scars, but they were what finally brought them together after all. Then, pinning Shuuhei's arms on the bed, Renji moved further down towards Shuuhei's groin. When he rubbed his face lightly on the bulge in Hisagi's pants, a soft groan escaped the raven-haired man.

Renji grinned and licked the arousal through the robes, earning another moan from his lover. The moan sent chills straight to Renji's groin, and he sucked in a sharp breath at the sensation. Damn it! Renji had wanted to drag this out, to tease Shuuhei, but he didn't think he was up to it tonight after all. To hell with teasing, he decided, they had waited for this day for too long.

With that, he tugged roughly at Shuuhei's robes. "Oi!" Shuuhei gave a startled yelp, then chuckled when he caught sight of Renji's flushed face. Renji looked up, his eyes shinning with desire. Shuuhei knew he must had that look in his own eyes as well, because Renji gave him a crooked grin before completely ridding him of the annoying robes.

"Here," Shuuhei offered. The redhead crawled on top of him and let Shuuhei disrobe him. When they were finally naked in each other's arms, Hisagi relished in the bliss of having Renji's warm skin against his own. He could feel Renji's heartbeat against his chest and his breath against his neck. When he felt their erections rubbing against each other, Shuuhei shuddered and low moan escaped his lips. Renji buried his head into the older man's shoulder as he lifted his upper body and slowly thrust his hips against Shuuhei, increasing the delicious friction.

"Mmmph…" Renji groaned in pleasure at the sensation. "Senpai…"

"I need you, Renji…" Shuuhei whispered in the redhead's ear.

Renji reached a hand between them and wrapped his fingers around Shuuhei's manhood. "Ahh!" Shuuhei let out a cry at the sudden pressure, then the cry turned into a moan as Renji started stroking him…slowly at first, then increased in pace as Hisagi's breath became ragged. Hisagi arched his back and cried out his lover's name.

"Wait for me," Renji said, his voice hoarse. He let go of Shuuhei and slid down, his body still pressed against his lover's. His tongue soon replaced his hand, travelling up and down Hisagi's shaft in slow motion. Once he was certain that the entire length was slick with saliva, he slowly took the tip in his mouth. Inch by inch, he soon had Hisagi's entire length in his warm mouth. When he felt the tip hit the back of his throat, he hollowed his cheeks and sucked gently.

"Oh god…" Shuuhei saw stars as he felt himself enveloped in warm wetness. His fingers dug into the sheets, and it took all of his self-discipline to resist thrusting into Renji's mouth. Renji's ponytail bobbed as he moved his mouth up and down Shuuhei's length. The muscles in his broad shoulders rippled as he moved.

"Renji…please…" Shuuhei gasped and struggled to sit up. He knew that Renji's own need was being neglected, and he didn't want to be the only one being pleasured.

"Hush…" Renji mouth left Shuuhei's throbbing member and he moved up to his lover's face. His body pressed down on Shuuhei's, forcing the man back onto the bed, and then he thrust his hips lightly, rubbing their erections against each other, earning another moan from the man lying underneath. "Do you like it?" He whispered seductively into Shuuhei's ear.

The raven-haired man chuckled. "Are you kidding me?" Shuuhei thought back of the many dreams he had had before. "This is so much better than my dreams…"

An eyebrow cocked. "You dreamed of this?" Renji couldn't hide his smirk. He felt half amused, half flattered. He had dreamed his senpai countless times, but he never thought that he himself would be the subject of Shuuhei's dreams.

"Many nights…" Shuuhei murmured, basking in the warmth of the body above him. "Haven't you?"

The redhead laughed. "Often enough for me to run out of sheets." That earned a snort of laughter from his lover. "So...what are they like? Your dreams…"

"You always teased me…" Shuuhei recalled, his cheeks flushing. "You'd stretch my limit…make me wait in agony…god, you drove me nuts!"

Renji chuckled as he remembered that he had wanted to do exactly that. "Not tonight…" he said before capturing his lover's lips again.

"Move up," he commanded. Shuuhei scooted further up the bed. Renji gently parted his lover's legs and knelt between them. Then, he discarded his own robes. His erection, which had been straining against the fabric painfully, was finally freed.

Shuuhei eyes widened at the sight. Renji was…well, very well endowed. He was suddenly worried at what was going to happen. Renji noticed his brief hesitation and bent down to give him a reassuring kiss. "I'll be gentle," he whispered.

The redhead's finger found Shuuhei's tight entrance and gently slid in. When Shuuhei winced, he immediately pulled his finger out, but was stopped by Shuuhei's hand. "I can take it," Shuuhei said firmly. Re-assured, Renji pushed in again, and then slowly added another finger. He heard a low hiss as Shuuhei took in the additional pressure.

He paushed to give Shuuhei some time to get used to the sensation, then he began a gentle scissoring motion with his fingers, and at the same time twisted his fingers around to search for that one special spot. When Shuuhei suddenly bucked and arched his back, he knew he found it. He slowly pressed against the sensitive bundle of nerves and was immediately rewarded by a string of muttered curses from the older man.

Shuuhei was now frantic with need as Renji kept up the motion of his fingers. He thrust his hips up urgently to signal that he's ready. His body was coated in a sheen of sweat, and his normally neat, spiky dark hair was now matted against his forehead. "Renji!" He gasped.

At Shuuhei's desperate yell, Renji withdrew his fingers and placed his erection at his lover's entrance. Keeping an eye on Shuuhei's face to watch for any sign of discomfort, he pressed forward. Shuuhei simply closed his eyes and groaned softly. His body welcomed Renji, wrapping Renji in a warm embrace. The redhead buried himself to the hilt, moaning in pleasure at his lover's tightness.

"God, Shuuhei…" Renji muttered between his teeth. "You're so tight…" He punctuated that last word with an especially hard thrust.

Shuuhei was incoherent by that time so he simply looked at Renji and gave a crooked smile. Renji closed his eyes and began to thrust. He kept up a steady pace at first, then slowly withdrew until his tip was just inside the entrance, then he slammed all the way back in one stroke. Shuuhei let out a strangled cry when Renji hit his sensitive spot. His body jerked up, driving Renji even deeper inside.

By now Renji's hair had become undone, his long mane drapped across his shoulders and brushed against Shuuhei's cheeks.

"Senpai…" Renji panted. "Are you…close?"

Shuuhei nodded, sweat dripping off his brow. At that, Renji reached between them and wrapped his warm fingers around Hisagi's erection and pumped slowly. After a while, he quickened the pace to match his thrusts. The room was filled with the sweet sounds of flesh against flesh, accompanied by grunts and moans of pleasure from the two lovers as they raced towards the point of no return.

Shuuhei felt a familiar tightness in his gut, and he knew he was nearing the edge. He clutched Renji's hair and cried, "I'm…ahhh….I can't…last…" Then he draped an arm over his mouth and clamped his teeth down on the back of his palm to muffle his own screams.

"Me…too…" Renji groaned as he continued to pound into his lover. He refused to allow his own release until he was sure that Shuuhei had had his. He felt a warm gush on his hand and stomach and knew that Shuuhei had climaxed. Shuuhei's muscles clamped down on Renji as he came, and that was all Renji needed. With a final hard thrust, he bit down on Shuuhei's shoulder and released himself inside his lover.

When Renji finally stopped pulsing, he slowly pulled out and rolled over, exhausted. He looked over at Shuuhei and chuckled. The dark-haired man was panting heavily with his eyes closed, the back of his palm still in his mouth.

"What so funny?" Shuuhei muttered between breaths, giving Renji a sideways glare.

The redhead laughed. "To think…" he said, taking in deep breaths. "To think that we nearly missed out on this…"

"Well…" He felt Shuuhei's warm body pressed against his own. "We'll just have to make up for lost time…"

And...that...marks the end of my first fan-fic! I just love Renji and can't get enough of him. ;) Please let me know what you think!