Today was one of those beautiful day where sunshine is intoxicating and rich with warmth as the rays brush along Paris. Young children were drinking it up completely, and one in particular had ached for it the most, his brown ginger locks shone in the sunlight as he laughed and played with his best friend. They ran through the thick trees of the nearby forest, playing 'pirates', the young Viscount's favorite game. The date was 1822, May 23.

"Albert! Please wait for me!" a voice echoed through the brush.

"Haha! Lucien, you're so slow!" another came from further up.

"Hey! Respect your elders!" He yelled back, running harder before coming to a stop and looking around… where had he gone? Suddenly he was tackled from behind. "G-GAH!?"

"What was that, ya scurvy dog?" the young Albert asked putting all his weight in holding the scrawny blond down.

"H-hey, Albert! Not fair! You snuck up on me!" he said in annoyance.

"Pirates aren't ever fair!" he exclaimed, pointing a finger with extravagance. "We sail the seven seas stealing goods, taking the women, and adventuring in far away islands!"

"…Albert, do you even know what you're sayin-?"

"What was that?" he asked interrupting him.

"I asked if you-"






"Ugh! Captain Albert!" he said loudly, giving in.

The ginger grinned and got off of him taking a 'pirate pose'. "That's RIGHT! CAPTAIN Albert, to you matey!"

Lucien rolled his eyes, groaning as he got up, dusting himself off grumbling about getting his clothes dirty.

"Now, my first mate! We go! Off to adventure!" Albert marched forwards happily, and Lucien followed.

"Aye, aye Captain." He sighed, and off they went.

In another part of the small forest, neater, and closer to civilization, a thin boy rested in a tree, holding a book on his chest, as he enjoyed the suns soft warmth.

He was only a mere 8 years old, though very bright for his age. In his lap rested an old classic, a book called 'The Arabian Knights', his most prized copy. This young lad was a Baron, the son of the late General Flavien de Quesnel, who was assassinated seven years before. The boy lived with his Aunt and Uncle now, seeing as his mother had passed giving birth to him.

At this point in time, the raven haired boy had finished his morning lessons, and had decided on a nice relaxing break before the midday meal was served. At a far distance he heard a shout, causing him to open his striking green eyes and look around. Silence. The Baron stretched his relaxed muscles to get the blood flowing a bit.

'It must have been my imagination...' He thought swinging his leg over the branch to get down. As soon as his foot touched the ground, he reached up and grabbed the book, bringing it safely to his chest. He slowly began his trek back to his Uncle's manor.

Just as he was about to break through the trees to his family's perfectly trimmed lawn, his ears registered another shout, this time a bit closer. It might have been laughing, or crying… or even a call for help. He turned around. No matter what it was, this was his father's land, and he had to eradicate the trespassers. His pale digits clutched his book, moving back through the trees as he followed the sound. Soon he heard more noises, and his steps began to get slower, instincts hissing at him to turn and run. He couldn't tell how many people there were; he might just be surrounded and not even know it! Maybe they were kidnappers, coming after him to use him for ransom! His hand moved up and nervously pulled on a strand of hair by his ear, trying to calm his nerves.

"C'MON YER SCURVY DOGS!" a young, mock-gruff voice travelled passed him, and he froze. Pirates? There were pirates!? His breath quickened as he looked around frantically, hardly daring to breathe loudly or move a single limb.

"Aye, aye! But excuse me Cap'in!"

"What is it?"

"I don't…. have scurvy, sir…."

Now that sounded like a young boy roughly his own age? Or older, even…

" Hey Lucien…? What's scurvy?"

Another boy? A very young one from the sound of it, too. Were these Pirates kidnapping little boys? Was he next? He felt himself begin to panic, what should he do!?

"Albert… it's a sickness that some seamen get…."

"OH! So…What do I call you if you're not a scurvy dog?"

"I don't know…"

'Oh… so, they're just a couple of boys playing pirates?' He relaxed a bit and regained control of his body. After a few deep breaths, he moved stealthily forward.

"HEY! Lucien, did you hear that?!" the young voice interrupted the one allegedly called 'Lucien', and he froze again.

"No." He sighed audibly. "Albert, it's probably just some animal we scared.."

"Nu-uh! It's somebody trying to capture us pirates!"

"I highly doubt that Albe-"

"No! Listen!" Albert flung his hand in front of Lucien before slowly creeping over to the spot where the odd noise had originated from. Even if he scared them off, he wanted to know who they were.

"I'm listening Albert, but… I don't hear a thing."

"No, shush!"

The raven crouched slowly as he got closer, hiding behind trees as he moved. He soon saw a small white haired boy, posture tense as he looked around.

"I… don't think anyone is there…" the albino whispered.


Everything seemed to hold its breath as the one they called Albert moved slowly around in a small circle, moving about Lucien. His blue eyes searched and the boy hid himself against the tree just before he was seen, trembling and hugging his book tightly. Suddenly a loud crack was heard, making all jump violently, as a brown rabbit raced passed them.

"See? I told you it was an animal…" Lucien said, sighing.

"Oh, you ruin the fun!" Albert whined. "I swear I heard someone!"

"Well, you didn't." he nipped back folding his arms.

Albert pouted and moved forwards. "C'mon." they walked in the direction of the rabbit and the boy slowly moved around the tree to avoid being seen. The pair of young boys were left in an awkward reverie afterward, continuing to walk forward.

"S-so… Captain, where to now?"

"I don't know, matey…" he grumbled still pouting as they passed that tree, green eyes peaked out from behind it watching them go.

"Well Cap'in! I know of an undiscovered Island…!"

He looked up at the blond. "What, where?!"

"It's undiscovered, cap'in. We have to find it first…" He retorted.

"Well, I say it's off the star blow bow!" Albert yelled, heading off to the right.


'He definitely didn't say that right…' the boy who was now following them, thought.

For the next while they 'adventured' around in the forest and soon the boy lost all sense of direction. To keep himself from being alone, he just continued to follow the two boys. Well, that's what he kept telling himself, but truth be told his interest was most invested into the tale of the pirates and what would happen next.

"Albert. I'm kind of tired an-…"


"Captain… I'm a bit tired, can we rest?"

Albert stopped and considered it, "Fine, fine." He sat down next to a tree; Lucien sat across from him on a rock. The boy that had followed them felt worn out and leaned on a tree where he could continue to remain hidden.

"Today has been fun Lucien… I'm glad the sun is out again."

"Yes, me too… I hate not being able to read outside…"

"I hate not being outside… mother keeps insisting on lessons and I can't get out of 'em if it's not all happy outside."

"You really should go to your lessons."

"I don't wanna! I hate reading, an' math…. An' history, though… I kinda like history 'cause it's all about heroes and finding new places…"

The boy listened to the two, looking up at the sky, holding his book at his side as he breathed slowly. He felt a slight tickle on his finger and he moved it slightly making the sensation go away for a moment, before he felt another on his arm on top of his clothes, causing him to move and scratch and itch at his arm until his nails hit something. It smeared, and the boy couldn't help look down at what his action had caused. When he saw what he had done and his eyes widened at the sight; he had killed a spider on his arm, and there was another on his hand, and he felt another on his neck, and he pushed himself away from the tree in panic looking at it, dropping his precious book in the process. The tree had been crawling with spiders, and now they were all over him!

"My favorite was in the year 1458 whe-.."


Lucien's sentence was interrupted by a loud hysterical high pitched scream.

Albert jumped up and moved to where the sound had come from immediately, Lucien close behind. They saw a boy, freaking out, trying to get dozens of spiders off of him, screaming in complete terror.

"Lucien! Get em!" Albert said, grabbing the boy trying to help him get the spiders off while Lucien raced forward to help brush them off quickly. It was a difficult task, considering the stranger was flailing and screaming like mad.

"Hey! Stop it! Calm down!" Lucien yelled, trying to get him under control. They hurried to get all the crawling arachnids off the poor boy, finally succeeding about three minutes later.

"Hey! Hey! We got them! Relax! They're all gone!" Albert yelled.

Lucien grabbed the boy from behind, pinning his arms to his side, gradually stopping him from his struggling.

The boy slowly started to relax, though still trembling in fear as he broke down in sobs.

"O-On me…! They… hah!" he turned leaning against Lucien, young mind traumatized.

"It's alright. They're all gone… relax…" he said softly.

"Hey, you're lucky I was so close!" Albert said. "They could have eaten you!"

"Albert, knock it off!" Lucien commanded hugging the poor lad close. "He's scared…!"

Albert pouted folding his arms, and after a few moments slowly moved over to the boy, hugging his waist in an attempt to be some kind of help.

"Relax… they're all gone…" the ginger mumbled against him. "Shh…"

"Hey, you…what's your name?" Lucien asked softly.

"Hm-Hmn! I-I'm… F-Franz..." he hiccupped, trying to calm down.

"You were following us, huh?" Albert asked suddenly, Franz nodded slowly blushing, and hiccupping once again.

"I TOLD YOU!" he said looking at Lucien. "I told you so!"

"Yes, yes…"

"I was right! Cause the captain is always right!" He said pulling away and marching around grinning. "Haha! There's the reason I'm the one in charge!"

"Of course… now calm down…"

He continued on a self centered rant, grinning the whole time. "And ya know the best part?! I just saved you from death!" he pointed at Franz, who jumped slightly, looking at him.

"I….. u-um….. th-thank you…"

He nodded and gave him a grin that lit up his whole face. "HAHA! That means I'm the hero, and you're my damsel in distress!"