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The young baron had received a letter. It was surprising since he had never got any from anyone before. He was a lonely child, and… what you might call… grounded at the moment. He had shown up late for the midday meal, and his clothes were dirtied. Needless to say, his Aunt was very displeased at his lack of responsibility. She had given him a few good floggings and sent him to his room to study the rest of the day. He wasn't entirely upset, because earlier… he had made two new friends. And they had saved him from certain death! Of course, not literally… but that's how it had felt to him.

Today was his third day of being confined in his room, and one of the servants brought him the parchment envelope quietly. He eagerly set his book down, taking the letter and dismissing the servant quickly. It said his name, not anyone else's but his own. It was done in beautiful looped letters and sealed with a big M imprinted in the wax. He sat back on his bed using his letter opener to very carefully pry it up, trying his best to not tear the parchment or break up the wax seal. Inside was a perfectly folded letter reading:

Dear my wonderful new friend Franz: You are invited to my family's house for dinner on May 29, 1822. My mother wishes to hear all about our adventure and wants to meet you! It will be quite the amazing party, since Lucien is coming too, and maybe we can go off and adventure some more after dinner. Also Eugene, my parent's friend's daughter will be there, I'll warn you now to not make her upset. She's really mean. But even if you do, it's ok 'cause I'll be there to protect you! Because that's what I do! I really am the hero!

Sincerely the captain,
Albert de'Morcef

It was signed by the boy, and Franz could tell since his handwriting hardly legible. The note was perfectly written the young Viscount had hired someone to write it for him, it didn't bother Franz in the least though. He hugged the letter happily, and stowed it away in his bedside table drawer. As soon as his Aunt let him out, he'd have a very adult conversation on the matter, and afterwards write the Viscount back, himself.

Albert sat in his room with his young servant, chatting happily to the boy about his new friend, as he listened. It was his job to listen, so he did.

"He's kind of funny looking too! I mean, his hair is absolutely ridiculous! It's really curly and black as night, but it's everywhere…!" He waved is hands around his head in extravagance to show just HOW big his hair had been. "Haha! I think he's probably a scardy cat, because he can't handle a few bugs on him... but that's where I came in! Lucien an' I saved him from the spiders, and he was sooooo scared…! But that's ok, 'cause we hugged him and he seemed to like that. Hehe! Also he has waaaay green eyes. Like that one picture of that swampy lake in that one book downstairs…. You know that one?"

"I think so…" The young boy said full of uncertainty at his young master's extravagant mood.

Albert jumped forwards in his chair in enthusiasm. "YEAH, so his eyes are so green. They're big and hehe, kind of girly…"

"Girly? With long black eyelashes?" He attempted to help along with the conversation.

"Yeah, like some princess…. He WAS my damsel in distress, so maybe he's not really a he! Maybe he, or SHE'S undercover as a boy to uncover a secret plot against her family who in reality isn't part of the French high class at all, but some strange family far away in Russia!" He grew more excited as his eyes sparkled and he put his hand to his mouth. "Maybe, she even has secret weapons hiding in those unfitting boy clothes of hers in case the pirates who are after her find her! And she has to defend herself or die in honor!" Albert exploded, throwing his hands up into the air suddenly.

"… Um…. Excellency? I do believe that's quite highly unlikely…" His servant replied smiling awkwardly.

"I'll just have to come up with a plan to find out the truth! I need Lucien's help with this..!" The ginger continued.

"Are you even listening?"

"Somehow I need to figure out whether Franz is really who he says he is!"

"I guess not…"

"Wait…" Albert paused and stood up from his chair. "I wonder… what is the difference between a boy an' a girl anyways?"


Albert watched him silently. "Well?"

"I... think it's how they sound..." the equally young boy said thoughtfully.

"How they sound..?"

"Yes, have you ever known a woman to sound like a man? She would have a lighter more agreeable voice... a man is gruff and strong... right?"

"I guess you're right... but when we're young we sound girly..."

"Yeah, until the voice changes... my big bro had that, I thought he was sick... but it turns out, it changes in all boys."

"Interesting..." Albert muttered to himself. "So, Franz could still be a girl... because his or... her voice is soft and gentle..."

He nodded. "Maybe... I would ask the Countess to be sure..."

Albert nodded jumping up. "Yeah! I'll ask mother!"

The other rose. "Is that all you require at the moment?"

"Yup!" He quickly ran out of the room.

He moved down the hallway and ran into the butler.

"Oh, Clauze! Where is my mother?"

"In the garden young sir..."

"Kay, thank you!" He smiled at him and ran off to the garden.

Mercedes was sitting in the pavilion leaning quietly back in a chair, her eyes closed as she absorbed the surrounding good air, and the light aroma of the flowers, natural perfume of mother nature, into her senses.

"Mother, mother!"

Mercedes started, and opened her eyes, looking in the direction of her young son, who was running towards her excitedly.


"Albert... please..." she smiled kindly, as she always did. "Calm yourself... for I can hear you clearly."

Albert stopped in front of her looking ashamed as he cast his eyes downward. "O-oh, forgive me, mother... I thought you had been sleeping." He clasped his hands behind him, his foot fidgeting slightly next to the other.

She nodded. "Understandable my son, here... take a seat next to your mother, and tell me what has excited you so..." her voice was soft and gentle like a bird fluttering by.

He obeyed hastily and leaned close putting both hands upon her leg to lean up at her.

"Mother, pray tell me... what's the difference between a boy an a girl?" He asked curiously. "Cause, Cambry told me it was the voice... what other differences are there mother?"

She chuckled. "The difference? Well, another is the fact that... I am a mother... and... You are a son. To your grandfather, I am a daughter, and you are a grandson. You become big, and strong and grow a handsome mustache. A woman, if you look closely, has little to no hair on her face." She took his hand putting it to her cheek. "You see? If you were to touch your fathers face, you would feel the prickle of his facial hair. Correct?"

Albert moved his small hand gently on his mother's cheek and nodded, his innocent eyes inspecting her skin.

"Yes mother... I understand." He nodded.

"Does that satisfy your curiosity for the moment?"

Albert paused and seemed to ponder the question. "Mn... yeah..." he nodded slowly before letting a smile that would light up the night cross his face. "Thank you mother!" He gave her a hug and a quick peck on the cheek before jumping off the seat. "I'll quit you now mother, for I have much work to do!"

"Alright dear, just please stay out of trouble..."

"Yes mother!" With those words he ran off, back across the garden and into the house.

Mercedes smiled, watching her only son disappear through the door of the house, he was still so innocent she felt she should preserve that the best she could. She let a hand move up and brush across her brow, wiping a strand of her long silky black hair out of her face as she sighed, again leaning back in her seat, to relax and enjoy the pleasant warmth of the summer sun.

Franz was sitting at his desk copying some things down in English to practice the new language when there was a knock on the door.

"Excuse me young master..."

He looked back at the door. "Come in..."

The door opened and his personal servant came through.

"Pardon me, young Baron... but your Aunt would like to see you."

He took a deep breath and nodded, slowly standing. "Alright... where is she?"

"Her study." He replied curtly.

"Thank you Darwin... you may go."

"Of course young master." He bowed once and turned, leaving.

Franz then turned, looking in a mirror, making sure his hair was as nice as it could be, and his clothes were perfectly aligned and wrinkle free, for the Madam was a very particular strict person. She taught manners, and how to present yourself in an upstanding way that both shows curtiousy, yet superiority. He fixed his tie and then turned around making sure everything was perfect before turning and leaving the room to seek his aunt.

He found her where he was told and she looked up over her half moon spectacles at him. She was a fair, beautiful young woman, with curly ginger hair, that when un-kept it resembled a wild fire blown out of control in a forest. She most usually had it tied back in a tight bun to try to keep it in check. Yet always there seemed to be two or three sticking out making themselves noticed. Her form was tall and thin, her eyes a brilliant green, not unlike the young baron, though her's were more labored and dark. Her eyebrows were the same as her hair and usually bent in a stern manor, leaving small permanent wrinkles in her brow.

"Welcome, Franz. Have a seat..." she invited, setting away her quill.
He did as he was told quietly, and looked up at her, straightening his back.

"Now, you have been in your room for three days... I hope you made proper use of your time."

"Yes Aunt." He said.

"Studying all subjects...?"

"Yes Aunt."

"Math, science, English, French, Italian, history...?"

"Yes Aunt."

"Very good." She praised him.

He smiled. "Thank you."

"Is there anything you wish to say?" She implored.

"Yes, I'm very sorry for what I did. I shouldn't be so irresponsible, and reckless."

She nodded. "Thank you... you may go."

"Aunt." He said quickly, leaning forward. "I have a permission to ask of you, please?"

She looked back up at him. "What is it...?"

"Um... I-I have been... invited! To a dinner party... at the Morcef estate! A personalized letter was sent specifically to me... it said my name... Franz de'Epinay! It was from the young Viscount, Albert de'Morcef..."

"And... when is this party?"

"The... 29th... of May." He said slowly.

"I see... so Friday." She mused to herself. "Tell me, where did you meet this young Viscount?"

"By coincidence... I fell into a pit full of broken timber and such, it looked like there had been water there at one point... but now was full of spider webs and bugs... he rescued me fearlessly and helped get all of them off."

"Oh so he's the heroic type... I see. Well... I'll have to think about it. You may leave."

He grinned and got up. "Oh thank you!" He then turned and left the room.

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