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"I have a plan!" Alex said.

"Really? What is it?" Kami asked. "Ok, let me see…. Here goes!"

"When Soul gets all depressed and lonely, he leaves the house. He goes to a place that we never knew. I'm assuming Maka knows that place…." Alex paused.

"Ok…" Kami waited for her next reply.

"Since we're leaving you should tell her that we left for a new city with Soul and BlackStar tomorrow… I won't tell Soul anything but I'll talk to BlackStar for it…."

"What do you think this plan will achieve? I already get that I'm supposed to tell Maka that you left but…" Kami asked nearly confusing her.

"I know your daughter feels something about Soul. I've seen them and proved it when Maka came to our house… She'll think we left the city with the two boys and will never see us again. I know she'll go to the place where Soul comes so eventually they will meet there…"

"Oh, I get it… But what about BlackStar?"

"As I have said, I will talk to him regarding the plan. He's a good, obedient boy. I think he'll manage…"

"Ok, then… I don't like lying to my daughter but I think this is the only way that she could pour out her feelings…" Kami said.

"Ok, bye!" they both put the phone down.


"Soul? Are you there?" Maka shouted as she pushed her curtains. BlackStar heard her and immediately dropped on the floor hoping that she didn't see him. BlackStar knew what he had to do. He had to ignore her so that she would think no one is in the house. He sighed as he covered his mouth.

"This is all Soul's mother's plan…." He thought.

"BlackStar?" Maka called out for him this time. BlackStar sweated. She heard Maka sigh through the rain and pulled her curtains back. "Phew!" he wiped his face and went downstairs. The he heard the phone ringing. BlackStar peeked through their window and saw Maka calling from the window of her house. BlackStar covered their window with their curtains and covered his ears.

"Sorry, Maka…." He thought.

"I see no evil, I hear no evil!" he went to the kitchen and got some food to eat.


A familiar deep voice called out her name. Maka's eyes widened as she slowly turned around to see who it was.

"Soul? Is… Is that you?" Maka stood up and sniffed.

"Maka… What you said earlier… Is that tr-!" he was cut off when Maka ran towards hugged him. She buried her face in his chest and cried.

"Whoa!" Soul was surprised. "W-why are you crying?" he asked.

"You're stupid! Of course I love you…." Maka didn't know what she was saying but she didn't care anymore. Soul smiled and sighed in relief. He hugged her back. He hugged Maka tightly like he didn't want to let go.

"Jerk… Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?" Maka asked while she broke the hug and wiped of her tears. "Huh?" Soul looked at her confused.

"Why are you here? I thought you and BlackStar already left for a new city?" Maka asked.

"We didn't leave, my parents were leaving for a vac –" he stopped when he realized something.

"Tsk! Mother…." Soul mumbled as he looked at his right. "Huh?"

"My parents changed their minds and only left for a vacation. Me and BlackStar decided to be left behind so…" Soul carefully thought of what her mother's plan would be. He knew that this was planned by her. "Oh…" Maka twirled her hands as she looked at her side. She was embarrassed. All of that crying for nothing. Well, at least it achieved something. Soul smiled as she blushed.

"Well, that's not the case anymore, right?" Soul took her hands and grabbed them tight. Maka looked at his soft eyes.

"What's important now is… we're here together…" he smiled at her sweetly. Maka smiled as she looked at their hands.

"Yeah…" she then looked at his face.

"But I think our first priority for now is to get out of this rain" Maka chuckled.

"I think we can bear with that" Soul chuckled as well.

"My name is Maka Albarn. 15 years old. 3rd year high school. Everything was so hard back then. I thought the life that I lost was so perfect and hated everything in the world that took it away from me. I hated. Anger always fueled me to fight back. But now, I realize that everything was replaced for something better. I'm now the top of my class and have many friends. All the people that I once hated… I already forgave them"

Maka got a few things from her locker and closed it. She saw Kim and Ox walking together at the hallway. Ox was the only one talking but you can see Kim was trying to listen.

"Kim and Ox are starting to get along each other quite well despite their failed relationship as a couple…"

Maka went into the library and returned the books she borrowed to the librarian. Her eyes laid on Harvar and Jackie, sitting by the table laughing.

"Harvar and Jackie…. I guess Jackie's love letter paid off… They are getting along well too, like their best friends, Kim and Ox…"

She smiled and went to the cafeteria. She brought out her cellphone and saw new text messages. She opened them one by one and saw that it was from her friends from her old school.

"Me, Liz and Patty are fine now. We're friends! After all the times we fought verbally, physically and in every other way you could think of, we we're already fine now. The other three are still distant from me, though…. I got a text message from Liz saying someone reported their foster parents' abusive nature and they got a new family to live in. She said they were already old to be adopted but the family was so nice and insisted. Kid was at the top of his class too. He said he may take the place of his father once he graduated from college. Tsubaki came in second. She was still the bestest friend in the whole world! They come visit here sometime. And guess what? Tsubaki's starting to think about saying yes to BlackStar….. Well, I trust him. But when he hurts her, he'll have a taste of my fist"

Maka sighed and ate the sandwich her mother packed for her.

"Professor Stein, Professor Sid, Ms. Azusa and Ms. Marie have been visiting our house lately. And dad's been really paranoid ever since. He suddenly locked all the doors after they left… He was really creepy that time…"

Maka sighed again and took one bite.

"The three girls who imprisoned and tied me up in my own locker, they apologized to me. They apologize to me too much…

How about me? You know what happened… And my father's still crying about it…"

Something touched Maka's free hand. She turned to see who it was. It was Soul gently smiling at her.

"Hey there, princess" Soul grinned.

"What are you doing here?" Maka eyed him.

"Is there something wrong about sitting next to my girlfriend?" he asked.

"Pretty self-assuring, huh?"

"You said it yourself"

"Yeah, I know…. And I didn't forget it this time" Maka locked her eyes on Soul's. They looked at each other sweetly.

"Hey! C'mon, you guys! Don't solo the table yourself! Skooch over!" Kim and the others interrupted them. Kim pushed Soul aside and took his seat. The others sat and laughed as they talked to each other. Maka just rolled her eyes as Kim began talking. Soul coughed up and looked at Maka behind Kim's back. Maka looked at him too and smiled.

"After all these times, who knew the boy I hated when I first saw him would become my boyfriend all this time? I'm not afraid to love anymore..."


I wish you didn't think this ending sucks. But I cried when I was acting this part (that is what I normally do when I'm writing a story, don't think of me as weird and all :P). This ending wasn't the one I planned. This was the back-up plan. I thought the first ending I wrote sucked so I changed it to this to keep the drama. The first ending I thought about is they instantly hooked up with each other without the drama and stuff.

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