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Harry Potter and the Twin Who Lived

The month of October passed quickly for Harry and Hermione, as Harry had predicted Hermione had quickly caught up with the students who came from magical homes, and had even surpassed most of them. The only reason she had yet to beat Harry in any of their classes was that Harry had been trained by his mother for years to push himself academically. Even though Hermione had yet to beat him in any class Harry told her on a regular basis that it was only a matter of time before she was beating him in at least a few of their classes.

Daniel and Ron had been very angry at Harry and Hermione following their late night escapade the second week of school, and even more than a month later they still took every opportunity to express their displeasure. At first it had been 'the silent treatment', until they realized that Harry and Hermione apparently preferred their silence. Then it had been angry glares, but even those didn't bother them. Eventually it had come to rude comments and insults every time they were within earshot.

It all eventually came to a head on Halloween. All of the first years had been looking forward to Halloween ever since Professor Flitwick had informed them that they would be learning the levitation spell in Charms. After Flitwick had explained how the spell was done he paired them off and gave each pair a feather to practice the spell on. Harry was paired with Seamus Finnegan, an excitable Irish boy with a penchant for causing explosions, while Hermione was paired with Ron. Seamus had just caused their third feather to explode when Hermione finally grew tired o Ron's foolish and dangerous attempts to cause the feather to float.

"You're saying it wrong," Hermione snapped at the redhead, her patience finally giving out. "It's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the 'gar' nice and long."

Ron did not appreciate Hermione's suggestion and he snarled at her "You do it then, if you're so clever."

Without a second glance at Ron Hermione took out her wand gave the proper swish and flick motion and said "Wingardium Leviosa" and the feather floated off of the desk.

Ron probably would have just stuck to grumbling to himself if Professor Flitwick hadn't drawn everyone's attention to Hermione's success. Instead Ron waited until everyone was making their way out of the classroom before he took his revenge. "I really don't understand what your brother sees in her." he said loudly to Daniel.

"He's just taking pity on her because no one else would want to be her friend. Probably hoping he can get her to do his homework for him." Daniel replied catching on to what Ron was attempting.

Before Harry could say anything to Daniel about how much of an insufferable ass he was being Hermione ran from the classroom with tears running down her face. Harry tried to run after her, but he lost sight of her in the crowded hallway before he made it thirty feet from the classroom. Harry spent all of lunch looking for Hermione and only gave up on his search when he had to go to Transfiguration. On his way out of the Transfiguration classroom he heard Parvati Patil telling Lavender Brown that Hermione had been crying in the girl's bathroom on the third floor. Harry immediately ran to the third floor hoping to find Hermione there so he could talk to her.

"Hermione, are you in there?" Harry asked through the door, even though he knew she was as he could hear her crying.

"Go away Harry." Hermione called out her voice rough from crying.

"No. I'm not going to leave you here to wallow in your own misery. Come out so we can talk." Harry told her, his tone clearly stating he wouldn't be leaving without her.

"I don't want to talk."

"Then I'll just sit here and wait until you do." Harry said sitting down next to the bathroom door.

Thirty minutes later Hermione called out "Are you still there?" her voice full of hope.

"Yes, I'm still here." Harry told her, and a couple minutes later Hermione opened the door and sat down next to Harry. "I took notes for you in Transfiguration." Harry said pulling his notes out of his bag. "Don't listen to my brother and Ron, I'm not with you because I pity you and we both know I don't need someone else to do my homework for me." Hermione made a small noise of acknowledgment but didn't sound at all convinced. "Hermione you listen to me, I would not ask just anyone to marry me."

Hermione snorted at Harry's last declaration "Harry you asked me to marry you as a joke, and the only reason you did it was because I said your brother was annoying." Hermione said with a frown

"That's not the point. I may have asked as a joke, but I still haven't changed my mind, have I?" Hermione didn't respond to Harry's question so he continued on "Hermione the more time I spend with you the more I come to the conclusion that I made the right decision when I asked you."

"But why would you want to be with me? My hair is horrible, my teeth are to big, I'm not pretty like Lavender or Parvati, or Susan, or Daphne." Hermione rambled.

"Hermione, what you look like doesn't change what I think of you, you are a wonderful intelligent person. If your teeth or your hair matter that much to you I'll let you in on a little secret, with the possible exception of Susan, none of those girls you mentioned has their natural looks anymore. They've all had their mothers use magic to change anything they saw as imperfections. By the time we graduate with few exceptions none of the girls in our year will have their natural looks, they'll use magic to change their eyes, their nose, their chin, they'll straighten their teeth with spells and fix their hair with potions."

"Thanks Harry." Hermione said before leaning into Harry and laying her head on his shoulder. They sat there in silence for some time until they both heard a low rumbling sound "Did you hear that Harry?"

"Yeah. Come on we should get down to the feast anyways." Harry stood up and offered his hand to Hermione to pull her up. As they headed toward the stairs they finally saw the source of the sound. There walking down the corridor was a twelve foot tall mountain troll. Harry immediately pulled Hermione into a side corridor and gestured for her to remain quiet. Luckily the troll hadn't noticed them and it lumbered past their hiding place. "We need to find a teacher." Harry said once he was sure the troll was past.

"Was that a troll?" Hermione asked with a touch of fear in here voice as they made their way to the stairs. Harry just nodded and increased his pace. Just as they reached the stairs leading down to the second floor Professor McGonagall was coming up the stairs.

"Mr. Potter Miss Granger what are you doing here? All students were supposed to go to their common rooms until the troll was dealt with." McGonagall looked at both of them with her trademark stare.

"We didn't know about the troll until we saw it just now, it went that way." Hermione told McGonagall pointing to where they had seen the troll.

"Very well, you two head up to the common room. I will be speaking to you after this is dealt with." Without another word Harry and Hermione took off up the stairs and toward Gryfindor Tower. When they arrived in the common room they were bombarded by question, everyone wanted to know why they hadn't been at the feast. After giving a brief explanation of what had happened, leaving out why they had been sitting next to the girl's bathroom for two hours after classes let out, they sat down to wait for McGonagall to come speak with them.

While they were waiting Neville came over and told them how Professor Quirrel had come charging into the Great Hall moments after the feast had begun yelling about a troll.

"Well there was definitely a troll, but it moved pretty damn fast to get up to the third floor from the dungeons." Harry said as he leaned back into the couch after listening to Neville's story.

Twenty minutes after Harry and Hermione had arrived in the common room Professor McGonagall came in and asked them to follow her outside so she could ask them a few questions. Once they were out in the corridor she asked them to tell her exactly what had occurred. Hermione started, but when Harry realized that she was trying to take all the blame for what happened he cut her off and told McGonagall the whole story.

"Well, as you didn't break any rules, and you were not aware that all students were to have returned to their common rooms you will not receive any punishment for being out in the corridors. Also since you kept a cool head and went to inform a teacher when you saw the troll, I will award each of you five points for excellent judgment in a crisis." McGonagall told them after they had told her the entire story.

By the time they had returned to the common room it was nearly empty, so they sat down on an empty couch. As soon as they had sat down Hermione turned to look at Harry "Harry did you really mean all those things you said before the troll showed up?"

"Yes Hermione I meant every word." Harry told her pulling her into a hug.

After just sitting there for a few minutes Hermione looked at Harry again "Harry, you remember how your mum and dad invited me to come stay for Christmas?" Harry nodded "Can I borrow Hedwig so I can write to my parents to tell them I'm spending the holidays with you."

"Sure, but don't you mean ask them if you can spend the holidays with me?"

"No, as far as I know they don't have Christmas plans yet, and I know I won't enjoy whatever they come up with, so I'm just going to tell them I won't be coming home for Christmas."

November came and went with only a few events of note, Hermione exchanged a series of letters with her parents becoming more and more upset every time they responded. Harry realized that there was something going on between Hermione and her family, but he could also tell that Hermione wasn't ready to talk about it. In the end Hermione won out and by the last week of November her parents had apparently relented and agreed that she didn't need to come home for the holidays. Harry was never entirely sure whether she had told them where she was going for Christmas as every time he asked her she would evade the question.

The first Quidditch match of the year, Gryfindor vs. Slytherin, was only a few days after Halloween. Harry and Hermione didn't attend the match as Harry never really enjoyed watching the sport and Hermione thought that the entire game sounded completely insane. She thought it was foolish that you spent an indeterminate amount of time flying around roughing up the other team scoring goals that, unless one team was insurmountably better than the other, didn't matter when the game ended. After listening to her thoughts on the game Harry had to agree that the entire thing was pretty stupid, though he did feel she went a bit far comparing it to the gladiatorial combat of ancient Rome. Apparently at some point in the match someone had jinxed Daniel's broom and caused him to be bucked off his brand new Nimbus 2000. Luckily one of the Weasley Twins had caught him before he fell to his death. Despite a full investigation into what occurred during the game all that could be determined was that someone had used an extremely powerful curse to take control of Daniels broom.

One day in late November as the Gryfindors were heading back to the castle from Herbology Daniel and Ron were whispering to each other and shooting glances at Harry and Hermione before laughing to each other. Harry waited until the rest of the class was far enough away before he and Hermione went over to confront them.

"What are you, like seven? Seriously what is your problem? If anyone has a right to hold a grudge it's us." Harry demanded of his brother.

"What are you talking about?" Daniel snapped back at Harry.

"Well your stupidity did almost get us eaten by a three headed dog." Hermione pointed out.

None of them had noticed Hagrid coming up behind them, but they definitely noticed when spoke "How did you lot find out about Fluffy?" Hagrid asked in his booming voice.

"Fluffy?" Hermione asked incredulously.

"Well he's gotta have a name don't he." Hagrid pointed out.

"I'd have gone with Fido," Harry said "much better name for a guard dog, don't you think."

"What makes you think he's a guard dog?" Hagrid asked nervously.

"Well I can't really think of any other reason to keep him locked up in a castle." Harry shrugged "I just wonder what he's guarding."

"What he's guardin' is none of yer concern, that's between Professor Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel." Hagrid said a little to loudly.

"Alright, well we'll see you later Hagrid." said Hermione, grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him in the direction of the library, leaving Daniel and Ron to try and pester Hagrid for more information. When they got to the library, without saying a word, they set about looking for any book that might tell them who Flamel was. After an hour of searching with no luck Harry was surprised to see Daniel and Ron searching through the shelves.

"What are you doing here?" Daniel barked at Harry as soon as he noticed him.

"I'm pretty sure that's my line, after all I can count on one hand the number of times. To answer your question though I would imagine I'm here for the same reason you are." Harry said.

"Yeah, well just stay out of our way." Daniel muttered.

"Please, you and Ron will be blundering around for months before you find anything even remotely related to what you're looking for. Hermione and I will have found him long before you get through a handful of books." Harry sneered at his brother as he threw down the metaphorical gauntlet before turning to walk over to where Hermione was sitting. "Hermione we need to pick up the pace so we can find Flamel before Daniel and Ron do."

"Harry we could probably wait until after exams to start researching and get done before them." Hermione said with a smirk.

"True but I don't want to just beat them, I want to destroy them."

"Alright, if we want to get this done we need to do it right. The first thing we should do is narrow down how Dumbledore might have met Flamel." Hermione said. They spent the next hour discussing how best to narrow down their search.

December passed without incident and little success in their search. Even though Harry and Hermione were both spending most of their free time in the library they had not found a single mention of Nicholas Flamel. During the last week of term Professor McGonagall had all of the Gryfindors who planned to stay sign on a list. Hermione was already looking forward to spending the holidays with Harry and his parents, and was even happier when Daniel decided that he would rather stay at Hogwarts for the holidays. Harry and Hermione both had huge smiles on their faces the day they walked past Daniel on their way down to catch the Hogwarts express back to London.

A/N: Sorry this one took so long, originally the scene with the troll was going to play out in a very similar fashion to the book, but when I stopped to think about how this Harry would handle the troll I realized that this Harry wouldn't have left Hermione crying in the bathroom while he went to the feast. As far as the questions about Hermione's parents go, the only time they are shown in canon they are at Diagon Alley and come off as being intimidated by what they see, then in OotP she makes a comment about how her being made prefect is something they can finally understand about her life before she finally erases all their memories of her and sends them to Australia.