Loki who?

A/N: Hi guys, this is my very first fan fiction for Loki and the Avengers so please go easy on me. I'm really sorry if you guys don't like it and if you don't please don't take my head off. Also please forgive any missed grammar and spelling.

Rating: T (Blood, Cursing, M/M pairing)

WARNING: This is a slash, so….ya

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Well….enjoy….I hope


Steve, Tony, Hawkeye, and Thor all looked at the shattered body of Loki, their eyes lacking a certain happiness and joy at seeing the Demi-god broken on the ground. Instead there was only weary relief mixed with a wasteful expression. Blood was splattered all over the pavement, both Loki's and the Avengers, and the crater they were standing in stretched at least a mile in every direction. Many buildings were burning and the ground sparkled and glittered from all of the metal and glass that blanketed the ground. Smoke filled the air around them, making breathing uncomfortable. The others watched as Thor walked over to his brother, his step sounding out as sharp crunches and breaks as he walked over the glass. Unlike the others Thor's eyes only showed an unbearable sorrow and pain. Dropping Mjolnir to the ground Thor slowly settled to his knees and picked up his bothers limp body, not caring at the warm sticky liquid that was quickly spreading over his hands and seeping into his clothes. Cradling Loki to him like one would a small child Thor gingerly picked him up and walked past the others to the awaiting S.H.I.E.L.D aircraft at the top of the crater.

Slowly the others followed; even Tony was lacking his usual sarcasm. As much as he hated to admit it to himself, he'd liked Loki on a certain level, the tricks and pranks he pulled had made many of the team laugh, and in battle he was honorable….most of the time. He fought with a fierce passion of something…for something, what Tony didn't know and he wasn't really sure he wanted to. But it was obvious that Loki wasn't here to just cause mass chaos, but still, on certain occasions, the Trickster did just that. Tony sighed, both in relief that their battle was finally over but also in an awkward sadness at the cost. Thor was holding his dying brother in his arms and Tony wouldn't be surprised if Loki died. He was worried about what impact the loss would have on Thor and what that would mean for humanity. And if Loki didn't die, S.H.I.E.L.D would probably just kill the man anyway, figuring Loki to be too much of a threat to be kept alive. Not only for that reason though, S.H.I.E.L.D couldn't keep Loki in a cell, the Trickster would hang around in one that was supposed to hold him, but then when he got bored he'd just blow it up or simply disappear. Tony's mouth twitched in a half smile, Fury' reactions to Loki always breaking out were utterly and completely priceless every time, it kind of made Fury live up to his name.

Tony was ripped from his thoughts when he heard hushed voices up ahead, his steps having slowed while he had been thinking. Running up to see what was going on he stalled in both shock and instinct. His body tensed and ready for battle again as he watched Loki stir in Thor's arms. His bloodied face twisted with pain and his brows drew together sharply. With a final painful expression Loki's bright green eyes opened, an immediate weariness engulfing them. The others watched, standing perfectly still and ready to strike should Loki try anything. The Demi-god looked around, his brows now drawing together in confusion as he looked to each of the people around him. His brow drew up in a tired question as he finally looked up to Thor. Thor looked to Loki sternly, his face set and cold.

"Do not try anything Loki, you have been badly injured." Thor said, his voice completely betraying his expression.

Loki's brows drew together in serious thought and he blinked slowly, looking away from Thor and at everyone else again.

Thor looked at Loki with question. "Loki?" He asked, just the barest hint of worry in his voice but a large amount of suspicion.

Loki looked back up to Thor a moment later, his voice rough but terribly weak.

"Loki who?" He rasped.