So according to is the two year anniversary of Matt Smith becoming the Doctor or I wrote a little Eleventh Doctor tribute! Dedicated to Matt Smith and my wonderful regular readers for being so freaking amazingly awesome.


p.s. Please note that I wrote this rather quickly in the midst of my busy life, so cut me some slack if it's not perfect. :)

He is a child in the body of an adult. He's silly and ridiculous and is more likely to find mystery in a something like a balloon than in a darkened cave or suspicious place. He will swear that bowties are cool until the very end of the universe itself, and no matter how many times his hats are shot off of his head, he will always continue to wear them. Such is his confidence in himself and his beliefs, and his hope that one day a certain archaeologist will take mercy on him.

He is an ancient being that walks in eternity and is trapped in the sentient young body. The death of a thousand worlds sits behind his eyes and the deafening silence in his head reminds him of the fact that no matter how many stray humans he picks up, he will always be alone in the universe. Having lost everyone he has ever loved, he sometimes wonders why he lets himself get attached to them in the first place. He runs away from his past, because he can't bear to look back at the humans he cares for so deeply wither and die, or at the Time Lords who understood him and yet died because of his actions.

He is the kind of person who can't help but cling to the tiniest glimmer of hope that he might find someone in the universe who won't leave him. Yet he has also lived too long to ever expect it.

He is the Oncoming Storm…a mad man with a box…the Destroyer of Worlds…killer of his own kind…the Last of the Time Lords.

I hope you liked it! The Eleventh Doctor is my favourite for some I hope I did his character justice here. Drop me a review and let me know!

-MayFairy :)