Clato oneshot yay!

I love Clato so much, I wrote 2 chapters and a oneshot all in 1 day.

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Clove hated Glimmer. She really did.

Clove hated Cato even more.

The way that they were always clinging to each other – or more specifically, the way Glimmer held on to Cato and him not doing absolutely anything about it. He was enjoying it, even.

Stupid blond bimbos, she thought as she clenched her fist around the tufts of grass growing in the Arena.

She was so frustrated, her hand was shaking, making her aim go all wobbly. There's no use getting worked up over it, she thought, so she just did what she usually does – target practice.

Clove walked a couple paces away from her previous spot where she could see Glimmer and Cato flirting. She took a deep breath and picked five trees 8 to 10 meters away from her to be her targets. She casually walked to the trees and slashed them right in the middle just enough to leave a mark visible from where she was going to throw the knives. She then jogged back to her spot.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she cleared her mind of anything else but the targets. And maybe, just maybe, she imagined that the marks were Glimmer's face. She opened her eyes and threw the knives. Not even a second later, Glimmer's faces – er, the marks were deeply imbedded by her weapons. Now that is satisfying, she thought and she felt great about herself.

Tired from all the running they've been doing in the Arena, Clove dropped to the ground and lied down on her back. She thought she should have a well-deserved rest. So she did. It's actually a nice day today, she thought. But then Glimmer giggled at something Cato said. To kill someone, she finished her thoughts.

She stood up and went back to the trees to retrieve her knives. But when she got to her fifth one, it had been so deeply wedged in the tree that she had a hard time taking it out. When she did, it had been unexpected and she had dropped it. The knife skidded down a few inches to where someone's feet were.

Her first impulse, of course, was to grab a hold of the knives she had already hidden in her pockets. But it was just Marvel. Still, it didn't hurt to be careful.

So as he crouched down to pick up her knife, she stepped on it and glared at him, "What exactly do you think you're doing?"

"Nothing, I swear," he said coolly. "Just picking up your knife."

"To what?" she was still her on her guard.

"Uh, give it back to you?" He looked at her as if this was so painfully obvious. "Besides, I'm not any good with them." He handed it to her.

Their hands brushed for a second as she took it. "What's the real reason why you're here?"

"Glimmer and Cato," he said simply.

She scoffed.

He shrugged.

"Understood," she said and walked away.

Marvel thought he saw the ghost of a smile – even if it was a sad one – on her lips before she turned around. But then again, maybe it was just his imagination.

Clove woke up the next day to see Marvel with a black eye, a bloody nose, a dislocated jaw and a lot of bruises showing on his body.

Also, from that day on, he always kept himself at least a good five meters away from her.

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