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"Let's play truth or dare."

What a way to start a conversation. Then again, this is a party so…you shouldn't be too surprised. And ,of course, that would be Leo's genius idea. Let's see who's here: Reyna, Jason, Piper, Leo, Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia. Frank and Hazel are apparently out on a date. Truth and Dare the Demigod ways…

"I'll go first!" Leo, being the craziest offered.

"Sure…" Nico said albeit uncertainly as if he thinks Leo will blow up the whole building any minute.

"Percy! You first. Truth or dare?" Leo smiled triumphantly.

"Uh…," Percy looked at Leo's expression and is having a bit of a problem to decide. "Truth…no, dare…actually, truth. Yeah, truth."

"Chicken," Thalia muttered to Reyna, who was sitting next to her. "Hey, I heard that!"

"Never mind, here's your question: What's your guilty pleasure Disney movie?"

Percy shifted uncomfortably. Piper snickered a bit. "Well…it's um…I, uh…..oh, WHAT'S THE POINT OF THIS STUPID QUESTION?"

"Come on, Percy, a game's a game." Annabeth reasoned with a smirk.

"No fair! My own girlfriend ganging up on me? That's just messed up." Percy pouted at Annabeth, who gave him a nudge. "Fine, it's actually The Lady and the Tramp."

Everyone burst out laughing.

"Awww, that's just cute. " Annabeth smiled sweetly. Percy mentally reminded himself to thank the gods for letting him have the best girlfriend in the whole world. He didn't catch the subtle hint of sarcasm.

Leo, on the other hand was cracking up and near tears. "Oh, Zeus…oh, gods…Lady and the Tramp…Percy's favorite Disney movie."

"Shut up, Repair Boy." Piper said, impatient to get on with the game.

"Yeah, you heard her. Shut up, Repair Boy." Percy stuck out his tongue at Leo being the mature, seasoned veteran he is. "Anyway, Thalia! Your turn, Truth or Dare?"

Thalia looked thoughtful for a few seconds and grinned, "Dare, of course."

"Mix different types of sauces and eat the result."


"You heard him." Annabeth smiled smugly.

"This sounds like a REALLY bad idea. Oh, and Percy, remind me to stab you later with rusty dagger until you die." Thalia glared at Percy.

"You could just zap him with lightning, you know." Jason said with an amused look in his eyes. Piper swooned a little at his cute half-smile.

"Yes, I do know." Thalia concentrated as she mixed different sauces together. Funnily, they found multiple different sauces that shouldn't have fitted into the refrigerator.

We are proud present 'The Evil Mixture of Various Sauces that will Be Eaten by Thalia Grace', consisting of: mustard, ketchup, salsa, gravy, apple sauce (Where did you get that?), pesto, Caesar salad dressing, olive oil (Is that even a sauce?), custard, Tabasco sauce, and, well, we'd better not dwell too long on the list but you get the idea.

"Down it goes, Thalia!"

"Bottoms up!"

"Where's your courage, Pinecone Face?"

"Shut the _ up before I fry all of you!" Thalia nearly exploded.

"Just get it over and done with. I've had worse." Reyna urged with a shadow lingering in her eyes.

"What's worse?"

Jason was guffawing like a drunken moron (a drunken moron=Dakota). "Oh, gods…That was the best Truth or Dare I've ever had…your expression."

Everyone exchanged confused looks except for Reyna, who was trying to melt Jason down with her glare.

"What happened?" Annabeth asked curiously.

"Apparently, this idiot here had given me a horrible dare once and I'm very un-thankful that he's starting to remember it. He dared me to…uh, eat a spoonful of some Venus kid's hair gel." Reyna replied grimly while Jason laughed harder.

Thalia gaped at her and said in an admiring tone, "You are officially the bravest person I have ever met. Care to join the Hunters?"

"I can't leave New Rome…"

"That was the best dare ever…I can't believe…"

"Shut up before I tell them about YOUR dare." Reyna grinned wickedly at Jason.

That seemed to do the job and everyone holds their breath as Thalia slowly lifts up a spoonful of the sauce mixture with an all-out disgusted expression on her face. And she ate it. Quickly. Then her face went a shade of green as she rushed to the restroom.

"You are so going to die, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth sighed as she leaned onto her boyfriend.

"It was worth it." Percy shrugged with a smile.

Leo can't seem to stop laughing and was practically choking for the next ten minutes until Piper punched his arm. Hard.

"Watch it, woman!" Leo said, rubbing his new bruise gingerly.

"Serves you right, Repair Boy." Piper replied.

"Where IS Thalia? Has Percy killed her with horrible mix?" Annabeth frowned worriedly.

"Nah, she's alive." Nico replied calmly.

"Extreme diarrhea?" Jason suggested helpfully.

"Imagine dying on a toilet…" Reyna said with a faraway look in her dark eyes.

Everyone just had to try imagining the scene before bursting into laughter .

"Who died on the toilet?" asked a frowning Thalia at the doorway.

"Well, apparently, you went to the restroom for ages and the only conclusion we came up with was that Percy killed you with the mixture and you probably died on a toilet." Reyna told her at top-speed with a completely straight face.

Then everyone was laughing again.

"Um…okay?" Thalia has never been more confused.

"Never mind that. Your turn to truth or dare someone." Reyna answered with an unnaturally bright smile.

"Right," she turned to Annabeth evilly. "Annabeth, Truth or Dare?"

Annabeth studied Thalia's expression for a few moments before saying, "Um, dare…I think."

"Good." Thalia said, satisfied. She thought about some dares for a few minutes and was trying to decide which one would be most fun. "I dare you to start every sentence with 'ooh la la' for the rest of the game."

Everyone started to laugh hysterically at the thought. Even Percy, though he laughed a bit guiltily and kept sneaking glances at Annabeth in case he might get murdered any minute.


"Hey! You forgot to add 'ooh la la'!" Leo shouted.

Annabeth glared at him with her hand inching to her knife and said grudgingly, "…Ooh la la, I'm so going to kill you."

"On the bright side, you get to Truth or Dare someone next!" Percy said nervously. Who knows what Annabeth would do next?

"Ooh la la, just great. Ooh la la, Nico, Truth or Dare?"

"Eh, truth."

"Ooh la la, what food would you eat for the rest of your life?"

"That's a lame question!" Piper burst out.

"Ooh la la, fine! Ooh la la, here's your real question, Nico: who's hottest girl here in this room and why?" Annabeth grinned deviously.

Nico paled into the shade of a white bed sheet. "Erm, pass?"

"No such thing!" Jason grinned widely.

"Can I not say that girl's name?" Nico asked nervously.

"Sure, whatever. So…Piper!" Thalia shouted first.

"No. But she IS pretty…"

"Annabeth!" Leo screamed.

"Not my girlfriend!" Percy whined like a 3 year old.

"'Course not. Besides, Percy here would probably kill me even though he'd agree…"

"Reyna!" Annabeth yelled with a grin.

"You forgot to add 'ooh la la'." Percy remindd her gently.

She replied with a withering glare. "Ooh la la, Reyna!"

"Nah, she'd use me for a punching bag. She almost did, by the way."

"Then, Thalia!" Reyna hollered.


"Seriously?" Jason asked with a dumbfounded look.

"Yeah, I guess…" Nico couldn't look at anyone straight in the face.

"Why?" Percy asked curiously with a look at a very red Thalia.

"Because…uh…she's got nice…eyes? And she's gorgeous in a…uh…goth/punk kind of way I suppose…" Nico stuttered with his normally pale face redder than Thalia's.

"Aw, that's just soooooooo cute." Piper crooned with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Aphrodite side acting up, eh?" Leo asked with a smirk. Which, by the way, earned him another punch on his shoulder.

"My turn to truth or dare someone. Uh, Jason?" Nico asked, desperately trying to draw the attention away from him.

"Sure, man. But first, WHY MY SISTER?"

"Please don't let me explain again!" Nico pleaded.


"So…...truth or dare, Sparky?" Nico smirked. Piper glared at him for using her nickname for Jason.

Jason frowned confusedly at the two of them as Annabeth mouthed 'Oblivious' to Thalia and Reyna who both agreed with a nod.

Jason shrugged and said, "Dare. Reyna and Lupa would gang up on me if I said anything different."

"I'd probably yell at you in front of the Legion about how you should man up and be more Roman or get kicked in the podex. Lupa would probably like to kill you if the giants don't first." Reyna shrugged nonchalantly.


"Okay... Anyway, Jason, I dare you to…kiss Reyna for 5 seconds." Nico smirked evilly. Like father, like son.

Reyna's jaws dropped open and Jason was left stuttering, "But…I…Reyna would…"

"What, Grace? You admitting you like Piper?" Percy teased.

"I told you I only like Piper as a friend!" Jason said through gritted teeth. He didn't notice the flash of pain across Piper's eyes.

"Gods, Piper, I'm so sorry….." Reyna suddenly slapped her forehead with an apologetic look at Piper.

"Nah, I'm fine. It's…it's cool, I mean." Piper forced out a smile. Any intelligent being (that means only girls) would be able to tell.

Leo wolf-whistled and grinned happily, "Get on with the kiss!"

"Jason! Jason! Jason! Jason!" The boys started to chant. Jason was getting redder by the minute. The girls were like: What the heck? Might as well join in. And they did.

"Okay, okay, okay! If any of you tell, I will personally hunt you down." Jason glared at all of them.

"Meh, if Aurum and Agentum don't get to them first." Reyna shrugged, still looking very embarrassed.

Jason carefully approached her and kneeled in front of her, putting a gentle hand on her shoulder. He leaned forward slowly and whispered, "You don't have to do this, you know?"

"It's just a dare, Jason. It's not like they expect us to start dating or something." Reyna whispered back with her occasional smile.

Jason replied with an uncertain smile and closed the space between them.

Reyna didn't dare to breathe during their kiss. She's never been so close to a boy before.

5 seconds. Just 5 seconds of paradise was enough for them.

"Time up! But you guys can keep on kissing if you'd like." Leo said as they pulled away from each other. They both glared at Leo. Which signaled that Leo's time may be up in this world…

"Leo, truth or dare?" Jason said with a glint in his eyes. That's right, Valdez. You should be scared.

"Dare."Leo aid cockily. He didn't notice the danger he was in.

"I dare you to go outside with a CD player and dance to the song 'I'm sexy and I know it' shirtless with the sound volume on maximum." Jason demanded smugly.

"Okay!" Leo jumped up enthusiastically and went to get the stuff he needs.

"Is there something wrong with his brain?" Thalia asked Annabeth.

"Always has, always will." Everyone else answered simultaneously. (Annabeth had to add 'ooh la la')

"Sometimes, I really don't get why I'm friends with such a weirdo." Jason shook his head worriedly as if he was afraid for his sanity.

"You might as well ask yourself why you're friends with Dakota." Reyna replied with an amused expression on her face.

"Argh, don't get me started on his continuous drunkenness." Jason groaned comically.

"Never mind that. We should go outside and tape Leo! Let's see how many views this will get." Piper interrupted with a grin.

"C'mon! I've got a camera already!" Thalia waved a camera in front of them.

"Since when did that pop out of thin air?" Nico frowned.

"Because it's a super ninja, dummy!" Thalia yelled.

"Uh, okay." Nico looked at Thalia weirdly. Everyone except for Thalia did too.

"What, got a problem?" Thalia said in her more normal state.

"Ooh la la, that's the old Thalia we all know and love." Annabeth sighed contentedly as she entwined her fingers with Percy's.

Meanwhile, a crowd was gathering around Leo, who was doing exactly as Jason asked: dancing shirtless to 'I'm sexy and I know it' in front of everyone.

Thalia taped it all. Every single second was on a tape now. That can't be good now, can it?

Piper, on the other hand, was a bit distracted. She never knew Leo had abs. And she found them just a teensy bit distracting. Just a teensy bit, mind you.

"Thank gods that was over! It was much mortifying than I thought it would be." Leo sighed as he finally got away from the crowd.

Jason snickered, "We taped it all, you know?"

"You did not!" Leo gasped as if he just found out his favorite teddy bear was murdered by Octavian. Wait, he doesn't have a teddy bear…Well maybe he does. Maybe not.

"Ooh la la, it's uploaded on Youtube!" Annabeth called up from her laptop.

"When did that get here?" Nico asked.

"Because it's also a super ninja!" Thalia hollered randomly.

"I'm really worried about your sanity…" Nico muttered darkly.

"Isn't that just cute?" Piper sighed dreamily.

"Beauty Queen, your Aphrodite side showing again!" Leo said helpfully. His arm was definitely going to be black and blue by the end of the day.

"I get to truth or dare someone! Piper! I choose you!" Leo shouted gleefully.

"Eh, last I checked Piper was definitely not a Pokemon." Reyna raised her eyebrows at Leo.

"…Anyway, truth or dare?" Leo finished without hearing any word Reyna had said.

"Why do I even bother?" Reyna sighed to herself.

"And I thought you were used to it after dealing with Dakota." Jason joked.

"I'll choose…truth." Piper said confidently.

"Do you think I'm hot?"

"I think you're- wait, no!" Piper started to charmspeak, "You will ask me a less embarrassing question."

"I will ask Piper" Leo slaps himself a few times. "Hey! No fair!"

Piper stuck out her tongue at him, "That is my kind of fair."

"Just answer the question." Percy urged.

"Fine, okay. Yeah, I guess you're kinda hot. But mostly because you're Flame Boy."


"Beats Repair Boy any day." Leo muttered to himself. Unfortunately Piper heard too.

"Sadly, I think I'll call you Repair Boy though. I like that much better." Piper smirked, "Reyna, you haven't been truth or dared yet. So?"

"Dare of course! I'm only Roman." Reyna scoffed.

"Good. Here's your dare: Go to the Venus kids and wear whatever they give you."

"WHAT?" Reyna screeched loudly.

"No. no, no, no, no, no, no." Reyna muttered as Piper herded her to her 'doom'.

"What do you think they'll force her to where?" Nico asked, "I don't want anyone dead."

"Ooh la la, a tank top and super short shorts at least." Annabeth suggested.

"Maybe a strapless short dress?"

"A mini-skirt!"

"No, Reyna'd die before she get's forced into a mini-skirt!"

"Then a spaghetti strap top!"

"Off shoulder dress above her knees?"

"I think it will be something at least mid-thigh."

"Gods, I just can't imagine Reyna in anything girly."

"We're ba-ack~" announced an extremely pleased looking Piper.

"Holy Jupiter, did anyone see me?" Reyna's voice sounded grumpy beyond measure.

"C'mon Rey-Rey, don't be shy." Jason teased her.

"Eh." Reyna stepped out nervously. She had a simple purple tank top that complimented her curves and ultra-short denim shorts on. She. Was. GORGEOUS. But extremely furious about it.

Jason's jaws dropped open. He must've lost it. Reyna, ice queen, praetor, dressed like…like this? She looked beyond hot. And he really shouldn't be thinking that…

"How do I look? They didn't put any make up on me, did they?" Reyna asked fretfully.

"No, you look gorgeous. And Jason here is probably going to pass out from 'hotness overload'." Percy patted Jason on the back.

Jason didn't stop staring at Reyna. It's like he was froze by Medusa. He didn't snap out of it until Reyna let out a scream of fury and kicked him in the ribs.

"OW! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow." Jason clutched his ribs in pain.

"Sorry. Anger management issues." Reyna didn't exactly sound sorry.

"Welcome to the club." Thalia patted Reyna on the back.

"Ooh la la, it's only been ten minutes and Leo's video already has 10 thousand views!" Annabeth said gleefully from her laptop.

"Let's do something else. This is getting boring." Leo complained.

Reyna suddenly cursed in Latin, "I forgot! I was going to tell Octavian about-"

"Nah, he's better off without the information." Jason cut in quickly with a grin.

Reyna was already halfway through the door. "Maybe you're right… I think I should go and get some work done before a certain blond teddy bear serial killer starts to complain. Then, I'll probably stab him."

"I'll come with you in case you do stab him and get in trouble." Jason said quickly.

"Trouble?" Reyna scoffed. "That's your specialty." They left as they bickered on.

Piper, to her own surprise, didn't feel hollow or bitter. She needs to sort out if she really has feelings for Jason. So, she left for a hopefully quiet coffee shop to think. But that wasn't possible if Leo followed her to annoy the Hades out of her.

Percy looked at Annabeth and said, "C'mon, I found a place and I think you'd like to see it." He gave a pleading look at Nico that clearly said, 'Hey, man. Annabeth and I need some alone time.'

"Fine by me." Nico shrugged.

"Yeah, I'm cool too." Thalia added hastily.

"Sure, why not." Annabeth shrugged with a pointed look at Thalia. Was there something going on between Thalia and Nico? She left with Percy hand in hand leaving Nico and Thalia alone.

"So…I guess we should, uh, get going." Nico said awkwardly.

"Yeah. We, uh, should." Thalia replied uncomfortably. She has never been alone with a guy since…him.

They then went their separate ways without looking back.

~A Week Later~

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Leo screamed despairingly as Jason showed him the video of last week's dare.

'Crazy Shirtless Latino Santa's Elf Kid Dances to "I'm Sexy and I Know It"!' is now the current number 1 Youtube sensation of all times.

~The End~

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