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Valentine's Day Part 2

Katie was waking up, finally, and found herself being carried by none other than a reluctant Travis Stoll. She blinked in her confusion. "Travis?"

"Um...yeah?" Travis found this situation extremely awkward and hard to deal with.

A tentative hand reached up as Katie's eyes acquired a dreamy look, "Your hair is so soft...I love you."

Travis nearly dropped her to the ground.

"Guys! We have a more urgent matter!" Piper called, half-panicking and half-laughing.

Meanwhile, Jason, who was holding Reyna tightly and frantically trying to get her to wake up, found that his efforts finally succeeded when she blinked open her eyes blearily and snuggled closer to him?!

"Reyna?" He asked in disbelief as her hold on his neck tightened.

"Jason...your eyes." Reyna was suddenly struck by a moment of breathless delight.

"Um, yes?" Jason was not completely sure what was happening, but the fact that Reyna's fingers were moving across his cheek was definitely unable to miss.

"They're so blue." She murmured warmly with a shy smile.

"Huh?" He turned to find that Travis was trying to pry a love-struck Katie off his arm with Leo and Piper laughing aside and Frank and Hazel with a little kid in a diaper with wings caught in a net. "Can someone explain what's happening here?"

As everyone gathered into a small circle, Frank turned to face the little Cupid they caught. "What have you done to my friends?!" He demanded with a slight poke.

"Ow, hey! Watch it, man!" The cherub huffed indignantly.

"Are you Eros?" Leo asked with an insistent poke of his own. "You'd be awfully small for a god."

"No, no! He's my boss! My name's Bernard." Bernard huffed slightly, slapping away Leo's finger.

"Well, then, Bernard, let's talk about what you did." Piper said charmingly.

"Yeah, explain 'this'." Travis gestured to the girl clinging to his arm with adoring eyes and looks like Katie Gardner.

"And 'this'." Jason mumbled with a slight blush, looking at Reyna, whose head was rested on his shoulder, as if he didn't know what to do.

"Look, I was just doing my job and then these two lunatics," Bernard glared pointedly at a very indignant Hazel and Frank, "came waving their nets and chasing me! But when I saw that girl in the red dress, I knew it was too good of a chance to pass by so I took a shot and got attacked. So, the arrow hit the wrong person and I can't have that. Then next thing I know, I got landed in this stupid net." Bernard finished, crossing his arms and glaring at everyone but his targets with his big baby blue eyes.

"Thank you, Bernard," Hazel said as politely as she could. She looked at the rest, "Now what?"

"Well, get us out of this situation, of course!" Travis spluttered hurriedly, taking a disturbed glance at Katie, who was snuggling up against him with her head tucked under his chin perfectly.

"But you and Katie look so comfy together! Are you sure you don't like this the slightest bit?" Leo snickered teasingly.

"I'm very sure." Travis answered tersely.

"He does like it, actually." Bernard countered helpfully.

"Excuse me, mister, but that is not the least bit true and how would you even accuse me of that without evidence or anything?!" Travis retorted immediately.

"Well, it says so on the Mortal Status Sensor app!" Bernard indicated to the brand new, pink iPhone 5 in his chubby hand.

"Ugh, I can't believe that little midget has a better phone than mine." Jason muttered under his breath, slightly mortified by the fact that it's true.

"But we have each other." Reyna reminded him, giving his hand a slight squeeze with an affectionate smile.

Jason looked away pointedly. He wasn't used to this Reyna. It wasn't like Reyna at all. He honestly didn't like that.

"Let me see that!" Leo strained to peer at the screen, making Piper roll her eyes when he bumped her accidentally.

"It says that these two," Bernard pointed at Hazel and Frank, "are happily in love and that they're pretty much sure their future lies with each other."

"That's completely accurate." Piper confirmed with a grin. "What else does it say?"

"There are six other miserable single people whose respective soulmate is within the groups," Travis's face was the best definition of incredulity, "The three pairs' statices used to be in denial," Jason's face reddened a bit more when Leo pointedly glared at him with a teasing sort of accusation, "Now, two of the pairs have been altered due to mythological influence, that would be me, and it seems that all three will be united at last within three years," Bernard reported smugly.

"In denial? In denial of what?!" Piper scoffed, avoiding Leo's somewhat suggestive grin.

"Well, we all know you're madly in love with me. It just takes an arrow to show it." Leo teased with a gentle nudge of his elbow.

"Don't you dare!" Piper threatened with wide eyes when Leo faked a movement to reach for the arrow.

"Look, we just want to know what you did to our friends." Travis reminded determinedly.

"I didn't do anything!" Bernard defended himself.

"Yes, you did!" Travis and Jason shouted, looking very agitated.

Reyna and Katie not-so-quietly swooned over their respective objects of affection.

"Geez, touchy!" Bernard sighed. Mortals. "Okay, these arrows," he gestured to the golden arrows, "make whomever they pierce fall madly in love with the first person they see. Call it an irresistible attraction, if you will. Affects last for a month. But the real things, the ones Boss uses, can last for at least a year."

"Wow! That is so cool!" Leo's eyes were as bright as the flames he produces. "Can I borrow that?"

"No!" Piper and Bernard gasped in unison.

"We just want to find a way to undo the spell," Frank said patiently. Clearly, he didn't feel any more comfortable than Jason, seeing the usually made-of-marble praetor act like a stereotypical teenage girl with a celebrity crush.

"Even though it is incredibly entertaining to watch," Leo earned himself a glare from both Jason and Travis.

"Please," Hazel added sincerely.

"Well, no can do! I can't undo it." Bernard held up his hands. "Now can you let me go and do my job?"

"NO! You're not going anywhere until they're back to normal!" Travis said menacingly.

"Honey, be nice." Katie cautioned sweetly.

Travis choked on air, "Honey?!"

"Well, if you really want them to go back to normal...only Boss can help you." Bernard scratched his head angelically.

"Where can we find him, Bernie?" Hazel asked urgently.

"Bernie, indeed." Bernard wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Just tell us, for Jupiter's sake." Frank pleaded impatiently.

"Will you let me go if I tell you how to find him?" Bernard asked helpfully.


"Actually, we have a change of plans," Leo smirked as he tied a long string to the cherub, like a leash, if you will, "You are going to lead us there."

"A heart full of love

A heart full of song"

This elevator was occupied by solely demigods. (And a grumpy cherub on a leash.) It had hearts decoration with pretty roses and was playing 'A Heart Full of Love' from Les Misérables. There was a happy couple, two lovesick girls with their respective beloved, an impish Latino hitting on a Cherokee beauty. Not to mention Bernard, who was fluttering his wings frantically about how he was going to lose his job,

"Oh, Zeus, Boss is going to fire me for sure if he knew that I've been sighted, captured, and hit the wrong target!"

"Shush! Doesn't hyperventilating ever get old?" Travis didn't look very happy. He was suffering the advances of his ex-nemesis and the hyperventilation of a mad, arrow-shooting cherub.

"But- but-"

"Where's the duct tape?" Travis asked no one in particular.

We ain't got no duct tape, sir." Leo sniggered. Katie had an iron-grip on Travis's arm and was drawing hearts on the misted mirror.

"Do you want one?" Reyna held a piece of chocolate temptingly in front of Jason's mouth.

Jason shook his head with a forced smile.

"Come on, open up." Reyna pressed herself closer to him with pleading eyes.

Jason said nothing, just turned his head away.

The elevator was silent except for Bernard's blabbering.

"I get it. You don't feel that way about me." Reyna's eyes started to water as she continued heartbrokenly, "Why? Am I not pretty enough? Is there another girl? Or what?"

"Don't- don't cry." Jason was startled. He didn't really know how to deal with a crying Reyna so he awkwardly put an arm around her. He sent an SOS look at his friends, who weren't much help.

"Go away!" Reyna pushed against his firm chest with her fists, sobbing uncontrollably.

"This looks as if it just came out of a soap opera," Leo whispered excitedly, taking the liberty to eat Reyna's abandoned chocolate.

"Hush, you." Piper gave him a disapprovingly, reaching for a piece of chocolate herself as she watched the scene calmly.

"You don't love me anymore." Reyna glared at Jason with tears in her reddened eyes.

"Just go with it!" Frank mouthed at his distressed friend.

"Um, no! No! I do, I mean." Jason said immediately, stroking her hair comfortingly.

Travis snickered loudly, causing Jason to glare at him.

"You will love me forever, too, right?" Katie asked with wide eyes.

It was Jason's turn to snicker loudly.

"Um, yeah, whatever," Travis muttered under his breath.

Suddenly, their trip to the 85th floor was interrupted on the 37th floor.

"Argh!" Someone averted her eyes when she stepped into the elevator as the doors closed, causing everyone to jump.

"Thalia? What are you doing here?" Jason asked incredulously.

"I can ask you the same thing! And what's with the Cupid thing?" Thalia retorted, pointing at whom we know as Bernard.

"I'm not a thing, Missy. The name's Agent Bernard of the AS, Amor Service, division 16!" Bernard snapped quickly.

"Yeah, whatever," Thalia frowned at lovesick Reyna and Katie as well as everyone else, "Um, can someone tell me what happened to them?"

"Long story," Hazel said with a slightly apologetic grin.

"What brings you here, Thalia?" Frank asked.

"Well, Nico called saying he needed help. I don't know where he is. BUT PINK IS EVERYWHERE." Thalia wailed the last part.

"You mean, the color?"

Thalia nodded with a hunted expression.

"We're going to the 85th floor." Piper informed her.


"To see Eros."

"Why do-"

"I dare you to kiss the next person to come in the elevator," Reyna suddenly said, momentarily stopping her admiring at Jason's features.

"Wait, what?" Thalia's eyes widened immediately.

"You remembered we were playing Truth or Dare?" Piper looked appalled.

"Of course." Reyna nodded smugly.

"We're still playing Truth or Dare?" Travis raised an eyebrow.

"Of course we are!" Leo exclaimed with his signature grin. "What makes you think we aren-"

The doors opened on the 64th floor.

"CLOSE THE DOOR! CLOSE THE DOOR!" Nico flung himself at the nearest person to shield himself. His clothes were torn and ragged. He had a haunted look about his eyes.

A rumbling sound was heard from the distance of urgent, wild steps and fanatic screaming.

"QUICK, THEY'RE COMING." Nico was gripping Thalia tightly without even realizing it as Jason gulped and punched the button wildly.

"THERE HE IS!" A teenage girl wearing a tank top with a skull and the bright words 'I Love Nico Di Angelo' across it screamed.


His prayers were heard since the elevators closed just seconds before the fangirl army arrived.

"Were those your fangirls?" Piper asked tentatively, trying not to squeal at the sight of Thalia and Nico in a tight embrace.

"Yes," Nico gulped with a shudder.

Thalia seemed to have realized that Nico was still holding on for dear life so she pushed him away quickly.

"Thalia, dear, your dare." Leo reminded her in a sing-song voice.

"FML." Thalia muttered with a deadly glare.

"What dare?" Nico asked. "And what's up with them?" He pointed at the lovelorn girls. "And what's that?"

"I'm Bernard!"

"Long story."

Thalia grabbed Nico by his torn shirt's collar and gave him a light peck on the mouth. Then she did what you'd expect her to do: push him away immediately and wipe her mouth with her hand in disgust.

"What the?" Nico frowned at Thalia in his confusion. Last time he checked, Thalia was still mad about the drunken engagement incident, though it had been months ago.

"It was a dare." Thalia explained shortly.

"No, it wasn't." Travis had a grin on his face that would make you double check if your seat doesn't have stink bombs hidden beneath it.

"It was."

"Nope. We have no idea why you randomly kissed Nico on the mouth."

Nico was getting more confused by the minute.


"Actually, Reyna never specified that you had to kiss him on the mouth. Right, Reyna?"

"Hmm?" Reyna managed to tear her eyes off Jason.

With a loud ding!, the doors opened.

"Um, so...what do we do now?" Nico looked around nervously as they stood a few feet from the classy black automatic doors that Bernard was sure would lead them straight to Eros.

"So, can I go now?" The annoying little cherub was bloody annoyed with the annoying demigods. Don't they know how hard his job actually is and that he has lost a good deal of his income by wasting his precious time with them?

"Nope. You'll be explaining why we are in this mess." Jason said gleefully. Gods, he could barely breathe with the limited space this Reyna gave him. It was suffocating.

"No! I led you here already!" Bernard turned tomato red in his fury. "Let me go!"

"We don't really care about you losing your job, you know." Travis told him bluntly with a satisfied smirk at Bernard's trinkets in his hand.

"But, honey, shouldn't you consider-" Katie tried reasoning with round green eyes.

"No." Travis replied firmly with thinly disgust and discomfort.

Hazel pursed her lips with a pitying look at the tantrum-throwing cherub, "Maybe we should show some mercy. After all, he wouldn't have shot the wrong person if we hadn't been trying to catch him."

"Exactly!" Bernard puffed crossly. "So it's your fault!"

"But you were still planning to shoot Rey-Rey!" Leo pointed an accusing finger.

"Only my Jasey can call me that!" Reyna snapped fiercely.

Piper tried hard not to smirk.

"Actually," Frank said slowly with a hint of a grin, "you were the one who dared us to catch a winged toddler randomly shooting arrows to make people fall in love. So technically, it's your fault."

"Aw, man, I thought we were over that. Seriously?" Leo protested with a disapproving shake of his head.

"I agree with Frank!" Piper said immediately.

"Can we just get this over and done with?" Jason asked with a tired expression.

"No, we're forever stuck arguing at the front door of Eros's office." Thalia rolled her eyes sarcastically.

"Well, maybe I should just go off with Piper and start our date." Leo smirked with a sly glance at Piper.

"I did not agree to that." Piper raised her head defiantly.

"Wait, since when did you two start dating?" Nico looked between his two friends incredulously.

"We're not!" Piper protested vigorously.

"Sure, you aren't." Katie teased lightly.

"We are." Leo said seriously. "She got amnesia and forgot we were dating."

Jason grimaced as if in pain, "Can we avoid amnesia jokes, like, forever?" The last thing he needed to be reminded of was how he forgot all about Camp Jupiter and his Roman friends.

"Whoops, my bad," Leo said half-heartedly.

"Are we ever going to go in?!" Nico asked impatiently, taking a step closer to the heart-shaped welcome mat already.

"No!" Frank pulled Nico back, "Are you crazy? Maybe we should plan out the best way to approach him."

"Well, I actually agree with Nico, why should we waste time?" Thalia protested, freeing Nico from Frank's clutches.

Jason couldn't help but glance at a very nervous Bernard, who was fluttering in circles.

"I think Frank's right," he voiced hesitantly, "What if we offend him and things get worse?" He gestured to his 'adoring fan' subtly.

"Don't really care," Thalia marched towards the door.

"We all should." Jason stepped forward to grab his sister.

"Let me go, you traitorous brother!" Thalia tried to pry her brother off her. If they were going to have the audience with the god of love, they might as well get it over and done with as soon as they can.


"She's right, we should just go and-"

"No, but-"

"Guys, stop-"

For some reason, this argument had just been promoted to a tussle.





"…you just pulled a Gandalf on us."


"I CAN'T-"


And that was how the demigods tumbled into the grand office of Eros/Cupid in a heap of disgruntled grunts.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

Eros, or Cupid, as he preferred to be called, crossed his arms with a faintly amused expressions he watched his unexpected visitors, leaning on his desk.

"Boss!" Bernard squeaked agitatedly, "I swear I didn't want to bother you with these-"

Cupid held up a hand a said charismatically, "Explanations later, please, Agent Bernard."

Bernard bent his head in an abashed fashion with adorably red cheeks, "Y- yes, sir."

Hazel scrambled up along with everyone else. She blushed a little. Cupid was even better-looking than Thantos. After all, he wasn't the son of Venus for nothing. He had dirty blonde hair in a neat cut. He had the purest blue eyes that shone with mischief. He was tall and had a gentlemanly stance about him.

Reyna felt confused for once when she saw the handsome winged man in a smart black suit. He was definitely older for her tastes, but even though she is madly in love with Jason, she still retained the ability to recognize an insanely attractive person. But she got up nonetheless and linked her fingers with her beloved's.

"Um, uh, Lord Cupid! We, uh, didn't plan to, uh, meet you, like this," Jason spoke nervously glancing (or rather, glaring) at his companions from the corner of his eye and trying not to acknowledge the fact Reyna's hand seemed glued to his in a weirdly nice, comforting way.

"Well, I can tell that, thanks." Cupid's smirk further widened. "So, what brings you here?"

Leo pointed at Bernard without a second thought.

Bernard grabbed a decoration heart and hit the offensive demigod with an unnatural ferocity for his size.

"Um, I'm here because of a problem." Jason replied uneasily, glancing at his longtime best friend, who has fallen head over heels in love with him –against her will.

"Same problem here," Travis nodded grimly.

"We're here because we're slightly responsible for this." Hazel indicated to herself and Frank albeit guiltily.

"Um, hiding from fangirls!" Nico said when everyone looked at him.

"Hiding from pink and trying to find him so I can save his sorry little butt and get free cheeseburgers for the entire month." Thalia shrugged and looked at Leo and Piper.

"We're here for, uh…" Piper searched for a suitable excuse.

"…moral support!" Leo finished brightly.

"Yeah, some moral support you are," Jason snorted.

Cupid chuckled slightly, "So, what seems to be the problem?"

"Well, sir, I was attacked by these maniacs and-"

"Agent Bernard, please." Cupid held up a hand with a sigh and Bernard obeyed immediately, looking as if he was close to crying. He was going to lose his precious job because of these idiot demigods.

"Now, who has the complete, unbiased version of the story?"

Frank, surprisingly volunteered, "Um, so it started because Leo wanted us to play Truth or Dare, but Hazel and I planned to have a private date. So, he would only let us go if we, uh, caught a winged toddler with magical arrows. We sort of caught sight of Bernard by accident and hunted him all the way until he was about to shoot Reyna. We didn't know he was already aiming so he missed and the arrow accidentally hit Katie. Bernard fired again, and he got Reyna. Then Katie woke up and 'fell in love' with Travis, and Reyna currently loves Jason."

"So the conclusion is: it's all Leo's fault in the first place." Travis said decisively and gave a pointed and peeved look at Katie, who was busying herself by playing with his hair.

Leo protested, "Hey!"

"We just want things to go back to- normal," Jason explained determinedly with lack of better words.

"And I don't want a date with him," Piper pointed an accusing finger at Leo.

"Are you sure?" Cupid was very much amused.

"Yeah," Piper replied.

"No. She can't resist me. No one can." Leo said proudly.

Thalia coughed pointedly.

"Almost no one."

"Well, date-cancelling isn't really part of my job unless it's to get an MTB couple together." Cupid held up his hands apologetically to his half-sister.

"An MTB couple?" Nico raised an eyebrow quizzically.

"Meant-to-be, you idiot." Bernard couldn't help roll his eyes.

"Shut it, you little winged midget." Nico snapped back.

Travis coughed meaningfully, "Um, aren't we supposed to be dealing with my issue?"

"Our issue." Jason added with an indicative nod at Reyna.

"No, Reyna is your issue, and Katie is mine!" Travis argued.

Katie giggled dreamily. Her Travis admitted it at last! She happily tightened her hold on his arm.

"Katie is yours, definitely." Thalia chortled merrily.

Travis realized only then that he used the wrong words. "No, I meant-"

"I know what you meant. I'm a god. But not a stupid one," Cupid interrupted just because he can. He looked at the two magically altered couples and resisted the urge to smirk. The second he saw them, he knew that group of demigods were respective MTB's. He just didn't expect two of them to be altered by his own employee. "I take it that you want those girls back to normal?"

"Yes, please!" Jason and Travis pleaded in unison.

"Lord Cupid, I think I can almost vouch for the fact Jason secretly likes having Reyna love him back," Leo smirked devilishly, telling the truth as it is.

If it weren't for Reyna's distracting arms wrapped around him, Jason would've strangled Leo to death in front of Cupid, no regrets.

Cupid chuckled at the demigods' antics. As an immortal, sure he was literally forever young. And if he had to be completely honest, immortals weren't always, well, mature. "But, wait, what happened to your deAmourtox?"

"Um…I ran out of mine!" Bernard said hurriedly.

"You- OH." Cupid resisted the urge to grin successfully. "How dare you make this many mistakes?! Those are for emergencies! And you know very well that three errors are allowed here," he added sternly.

Bernard landed on a shelf and half-covered his face in shame.

Meanwhile, Thalia was goading Nico on to poke a ("Eugh..") pink blob of something, causing Bernard to shoot them a disapproving frown.

"Don't touch that!" Cupid noticed and snapped frantically. "It's a failed experiment!"

Thalia took an automatic step away and whistled innocently as Nico glared at her.

Jason coughed politely, "Sir…"

"Oh, right, right. You two," he pointed a long finger at Travis and Jason, "follow me and make sure the girls do, too."

"What about us?!" Leo protested indignantly as Cupid led the four to another secluded room.

"We'll be quick!" The god of love called back, closing the door with a thud. He turned around to the four demigods with an unnaturally bright grin.

"So, let's begin, shall we?"

Cupid observed the awkwardness of the male demigods discreetly. He used to do the job alone, full-time. But then again, the human population has grown quite a bit over the past few millennia.

Katie finally noticed something other than her Travis. But she can't help it. She has a very bad experience with needles…

"Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit."" Cupid noticed Katie's horrified expression and smiled serenely.

"Wait, what are you going to do to me?!" Reyna shrieked with alarm ringing in her voice.

"Oh, it's not what it seems, believe me! We're just going to, uh, get you ready for it." Cupid used his eyes to signal Jason to think of something to distract Reyna and keep her still.

"For what?" Reyna snapped suspiciously.

For a moment, Jason was glad Reyna seemed, well, almost normal, but he had to answer her question, "Oh, you know…our wedding!" Jason wanted to kill himself for blurting that out. Not to mention, Travis as well for sniggering so much in the background.

"Our- our wedding? You're proposing to me?" Reyna was too happy to look at anything but Jason's blue eyes.

Impulsively, Jason grabbed a random rose and a gaudy decorative ring on a random table and knelt down on one knee, "Err…Reyna Gilmore, will you…err," Cupid mouthed fiercely 'Not yet!', "I mean, I loved you since I first met you all those years ago. You were young, I was young, but I knew at once we were meant to be…"

Cupid crept up silently behind Reyna. Travis had trouble not bursting out laughing but Katie was sobbing out of happiness, resulting in a wet shirt that was coincidentally his own.

"…you are amazing and beautiful, and terrifying.. But I will love you, forever and ever! Because you've always been there for me, I want to be there for you too. So," Jason stopped to take a breath from his long declaration of love. He had no idea how he managed to come up with that flowery long speech, but he was pretty sure he stole some lines from various cliché chick-flicks Gwen used to force them watch. He gulped and looked deep into Reyna's brimming eyes of dark obsidian and pretended this was for real, "Will you, Reyna Gilmore, be my bride?"

But just before Reyna could answer, she once more, collapsed into Jason's arms.

"Nicely done, boy," Cupid nodded approvingly before turning to the other couple.

"Travis, protect me!" Katie hid behind the boy.

Travis contemplated his choices. "Um, there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm here," he replied absent-mindedly, making a quick decision.

Cupid looked on expectantly. "Ready yet?"

Travis gave a barely visible nod as he turned to Katie and kissed her, whirling her around in the process.

Having the same sneaking mind of Hermes, Cupid had no problem sneaking in the shot and Katie went unconscious immediately, like Reyna.

Travis detached his lips from Katie's with a peeved wipe from his hand. He had the expression of total disgust. Despite whatever Katie Gardner had ever said, Travis Stoll had standards. It didn't feel right that he kissed Katie just to get her out of love with him. "So, how long will she stay unconscious?"

"Oh, she'll wake up in twenty minutes or so… But, I should be off." Cupid grinned as he opened the door, gesturing them to carry the girls.

Travis grimaced a little but, heavens no, it wasn't because Katie was heavy or anything. He dragged unconscious people to places before, but carrying a girl? Nuh-uh. Not at all.

Jason had no such problem with Reyna, as he had experience from a party gone wrong years ago. (No, really. The Kool Aid was spiked and Reyna passed out. He had been told, or threatened with a knife, that he is not allowed to mention that. EVER.)

Once they stepped into the room, they were greeted by smirks of all sorts and sizes.

"We heard your proposal," Thalia smirked at her brother. "I must say, I'm at least a little bit proud."

Leo was the first to react to Jason's scowl by howling his uncontrolled laughter.

"I can't believe I actually have to go on a date with him," Piper muttered with a resigned glare.

"I think the correct term would be eavesdropping." Bernard sniffed disdainfully. "I did warn them it was terribly rude."

"Party-pooper Bernard." Nico rolled his eyes at the cherub.

"He meant thank you so much, Lord Cupid," Hazel explained quickly.

Cupid made a face at his watch, "Thank me some time else because I'm afraid I've got to fly or-"

"-you're afraid your wife would come and hunt you down?" A beautiful, dark-haired woman smirked at the office doorway. She had a pair of indigo butterfly wings and wore an elegant dress that matched.

Piper's eyes widened at the goddess whom rivaled even her mother's beauty. This goddess was beautiful in a way that was real, not illusory.

"Psyche! My love," Cupid held out his arms and walked over to his one and only with a wink at the watching demigods. He kissed her hand flirtatiously. "I didn't expect to see you here."

"And I expected you to pick me up already," Psyche replied with a laugh and glanced curiously at the demigods, "Entertaining guests, I see?"

Frantically, Frank hinted everyone to bow. You can never be sure whether immortals are picky with proper etiquette or not.

Psyche smiled at them and the room seemed to shine brighter with the last remnants of sunlight.

"Forgive me, but it was only a tiny problem that could be easily fixed," Cupid glanced at the blonde demigod tending to the unconscious Puerto Rican girl on the sofa.

"I see," Psyche nodded, trying not to grin.

"We should be going. We don't mean to intrude on your time," Piper managed to say charmingly.

"Oh, it's not a problem at all." Psyche said magnanimously.

"But we're leaving." Cupid's clothes adjusted themselves into a proper tuxedo as he took his wife's hand impatiently.

"You sure are impatient for someone who didn't pick me up on time," Psyche shot back teasingly.

"Sorry?" Cupid offered weakly. "Oh, and feel free to stay until they get better."

Psyche bid the demigods goodbye with a slight nod as they made their way out, but Cupid popped his head inside his office again,

"Bernard, you're in charge. Show them the way out when they're done."

"I'm not…fired?" Bernard's eyes widened.

Travis looked more shocked than Bernard himself.

Cupid rolled his eyes and grabbed his employee by the ear outside, "Okay, between you and me, you're promoted. There's hope for you yet."

"THANK YOU, SIR!" Bernard attacked his boss with a hug.

"Shh!" Cupid pushed him back into his office, eager to celebrate his own Valentine's Day at long last.

Percy and Annabeth were walking hand in hand. It was a strangely peaceful day for them, but one of the best, in any cases. Spending time with each other could never get boring.

Percy had planned a very special event today. It was going to be such a surprise!

Annabeth smiled at her boyfriend for a moment as they neared the Empire State Building. She honestly had no idea how he managed to reserve them a window seat for two at the restaurant on the top floor.

The electronic doors opened.

Surprisingly, they faced eight disgruntled demigods.

"Wait, wha- what are you doing here?" Percy frowned at his friends with incredulous, questioning eyes. Then he saw their expressions. "Okay, what did we miss?"

Reyna looked positively defeated when she said tiredly,

"You tell me."

~A few weeks later~

"Guys! I just got Hermes mail!" Percy waved an envelope wildly at his friends. No one could miss the shining ring on his ring finger, though. Yes, it's an engagement ring and none of your business.

Dear Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Reyna, Leo, Piper, Thalia, and Nico,

You are cordially invited to a P.I.E for a day. Please show this invite to the guard dog(s) (aka Cerebus) when you reach the entrance. Your appointed date is April 3rd, 2013, 0:00~23:59. Please bring nothing more than a cheerful heart and readiness for complete, total awesomeness.


Bianca di Angelo

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