One mornding mr and mirs simpson woked up in the bed and look out of window. It was sunningly and then they said "we will go to zoo" so they got the car and driven to zoo and it had the animals in it. At the zoo was a zoo keper and he said "oh no you cannot in go there is a bad esxcape and it was a lion and a tigre and they did climb out of cages!" "nevermind" said homer sampson "we will go in we are not scare" so they wented insde the zoo. They sawed an elefant and a girraffe and also a bear and some snake but not a lion or tiegr anyplace. Then liza who is smart sayed "look I can see the liron" and then it was jump in the air and land nearby. "Roar" roaredd the liron and then homer was scared and he run at the tree to hide but there was a tigere in the tree! "oh no wat will happen to the children" said homer but them the zoo keper came and he rided on a gazelle and he carged the lroin and he hit it with keepers broom. horrah cheers bart and homer and then the tirger attack the keeper but he manached to win in brutal striggle. thank you zookeper said margh what is your name please but the zoo keper did not answer he said "call me zoo ekeper I am here to save the wrodl from the bad animals" "hoaarh" cheer everysampson and then they went home.