'They saw me, Paul they saw me' sobbed Matthew, 'I tried running I really did'.

'Mathew, Matthew shhhhhhh it will be okay baby I promise I won't let them get you, you are safe' Paul rubs Matthews bare, bruised and bloody back, kissing his cheek softly. 'Matthew you know I would never let anyone hurt you' whispers Paul.

'But, but the cameras they had cameras, they saw me being beaten and and... .' chocked Matthew

'Come on, let's get you cleaned up' whispers Paul. Paul leaves Matthew as he whimpers to himself to run a bath for the both of them. Paul helps Matthew from the hotel bedroom into the clean bathroom, blood drips onto the cream coloured carpet as Matthew limps from room to room, holding onto Paul for support.

Paul washes Matthew's cuts on his back as his moans in pain; Paul being as careful as he can slowly leans in to kiss Matthews soft but bloody neck. 'I want to treat you well, I want to treat you like you are the king and I am the servant' whispers Paul.

'I want to fuck you' Paul raps his fingers around Matthews shoulder length black hair, strong enough to fell it but soft enough to enjoy it.

As Paul helps Matthew climb out the now red coloured water, he tells him how lucky he is to have such special boyfriend.

'knees or back' Matthew smile

'whatever is easier for you baby'

Pauls lips touch the top of Matthews temple, softly kissing him. ' think you should stand, I can see that erection getting bigger' smiles Paul cheekily. Paul slides down Matthews naked body softly kissing him on the way down to his cock.

Matthews body was tight with fear, he had never been sexually touched by a boy before, he was scared, but excited at the same time, he felt alive when he was near boys, he felt as if he could just be himself and not have to wear a mask just for the person to like him. Paul made him so happy in life, and he never wanted him to see him leave him.

Paul, whenever he got down to waist leave carefully touched Matthews cock, slowly but surely rubbing it back and forward, it time to his heartbeat. 'Matthew, baby tell when you are close'

'Close to what' Matthew chocked in a confused tone

'to cuming baby boy'

' Oh sorry Paul I..I' chocked Matthew

'Its okay Matty, its perfectly okay'. Paul starts rubbing Matthews cock a little hard and faster, Matthew lets out a high pitched grown every time Paul goes out of time.

Paul spits on Matthews cock slowly starting to suck on it, leading into a faster, harder rhythm.

'Do u want to try on me' says Paul gasping for a breath

'I..I don't know what to do' cries Matthew, ' I'm sorry…'

'It's okay, I know what you have been through and I still love you not matter what' whispers Paul reassuring Matthew and wiping away his tears.

'I love you too' cries Matthew, resting his head on Pauls shoulder.