I've had this in mind for a while so here is my Harry/Lucius slash. It starts in the Goblet of fire. So be warned about an adult having sex with an underage teenager. Also, there will be eventual Mpreg!

In a moment of stress Harry ends up having a one night stand with Lucius Malfoy. Then that one night lengthens. Follow their affair. Warnings: slash, mpreg, adult having sex with a minor!

Sex, Stress and Lies

Harry hated his life he had long since decided. Or maybe it was God who hated him. What had he done to deserve such a crappy life? Right from the start! Why had his name had to come out of that damn Goblet anyway? Whatever Dumbledore had said about being a champion bringing honour and glory to their schools and houses Harry felt it was nothing more than a headache. Harry hadn't wanted to be a champion before then. He attracted enough trouble without going hunting for trouble. But everyone seemed to think he was a fame junky or something. This included one of his best friends, Ron who currently wasn't talking to him because of this whole mess. The Hufflepuffs were angry with him for stealing their one chance of glory. The Ravenclaws had sided with the Hufflepuff over him. The Slytherins were being well Slytherins! Harry was so glad he had convinced the Sorting Hat not to place him in the House of Snakes where he so did not belong if their constant remarks were anything to go by. Snape was being more awful than usual. And that was saying something! Didn't anyone realise he hadn't asked for this! The Gryffindors were hero worshipping him he thought with a shudder. He personally preferred Snape's reaction than the constant hero worshipping. He had taken to hiding in the library from the Gryffindors and then going to bed early just avoid this. Only Ginny who barely spoke to Harry anyway, Neville who only ever spoke about Herbology and Hermione who always had her nose in a book were treating him decently.

Oh and now he had to fight a bloody fucking dragon; a huge, massive, fire breathing, scaly, horned, deadly dragon which would be trying to kill him. Harry's thought had taken a slightly hysterical tone. But come on did you really blame him. And it's not like anyone could hear his thoughts. Hagrid had just shown him the four monstrous beasts that he had to fight! Even Hagrid had admitted that the Hungarian Horntail was "a nasty piece of work". And coming from Hagrid who thought Cerebrus were cuddly creatures, a giant spider was his best friend, and a baby dragon was his baby then that was saying something. And knowing Harry's bad luck he would probably end up being pitted against the Horntail. Honestly hadn't the Wizarding World evolved from Roman times? What with the House Elf slaves that were treated legally as bad as the Dursleys treated him and this gladiatorial contest where three – four this time – children were pitted against each other. In days gone past people had died. Like he probably would; how could he a fourteen year old kid defeat a dragon? The Boy Who Lived who had survived Voldemort more times than Harry liked to think, survived Acromatula, a Cerebus, a Basilisk and Dementors. Never mind Harry's abusive childhood. But now when he was left to it he was going to die. After all his struggles and the Ministry was just going to stand back and watch him die in front of his peers. Harry couldn't think of any possible way he was going to get through the First Task. Hopefully Sirius would have some tips. He was pinning all his hopes on the convict.

That was when Harry literally ran into Lucius Malfoy. He briefly wondered what the Malfoy Lord was doing here considering that he was no longer a governor at Hogwarts. He looked at the tall, blonde aristocrat dressed head to toe in black robes holding his cane which concealed his wand. Usually when he and Malfoy Senior met they would have the battle of wits he just wasn't in the mood for it. He wanted to get back to the common room for one O'clock where he would have a talk with Sirius and considering he had about half an hour to go then he had no time for his usual battle of words with Lucius Malfoy. Harry was stressed, angry, alone, and very, very scared. But then again if things hadn't been this bad for Harry the scandal that was about to unfold between the fourteen year old boy and the blonde aristocrat would never have begun, never have continued, and never have blossomed. This was the night when everything changed at such an extent so that neither Harry nor Lucius could have ever predicted. And the rest of the world was just left in the wake of this unexpected dalliance.

'Mr Potter,' began Lucius silkily.

Lucius had long loved the battles with the young Gryffindor. Lucius had many enemies but most of these were with Gryffindors like the Weasleys who were too Gryffindor and blunt to have the subtlety to battle with a Slytherin like this. But ever since he had been tricked by the twelve year old Gryffindor into freeing his house elf he realised that Potter was not like most Gryffindors. He had a theory that this was why Harry had survived the Dark Lord so many times. After all most Gryffindors would have never been able to manipulate anyone never mind a Malfoy into doing something he didn't want to. And since that day he was sure that Harry's sense of humour was not Gryffindor; not blunt and crude enough for that. It was more subtle than that. How Potter had even got into Gryffindor when he had so many skills that were more attuned to Slytherin Lucius did not know. Then there was Potter's raw, untrained power that Lucius enjoyed just being in the presence in. He'd never admit it to anyone but he admired the Gryffindor Golden Boy. He wondered if his little Mudblood and blood traitor friends knew his more Slytherin side or if they thought he was the perfect little Gryffindor? Then he noticed something that he was afraid of something. Ah he must have found out about the dragons! That was another thing any other Gryffindor would be too noble to do anything like cheating. But Potter was more than happy to cheat.

'I'm not in the mood, Malfoy,' the boy growled.

Lucius could tell that Potter was being completely honest when he was saying that. For once he sounded like a normal Gryffindor; all brash and angry uncaring for the consequences of his actions to an older more powerful wizard. Lucius was almost disappointed in this. But Lucius was no way going to get him out of the way. Nobody spoke to Lord Malfoy like that! Not even the Boy Who Lived! Then Potter again acting very Gryffindor Lucius thought sadly attempted to push Lucius out of the way. But Lucius stood firm not willing to give into an angry teenager. Potter changed his tactics quickly. He soon found himself pushed into the wall. Then he didn't know who started it but he was kissing Harry Potter. Lucius was in no way a faithful husband. And Narcissa wasn't a faithful wife. They were at the end of the day a normal Pure-Blood arranged marriage where after they produce the Heir they will have no more contact. Every so often there will be a marriage where the couple really are in love. But those lucky few are few and far in between. Lucius didn't mind what gender he bedded. But never before had he been so attracted to someone so young. No wonder why he liked their battle of words so much it was basically flirting. Or maybe he was just attracted to the pure power of Harry Potter.

Harry couldn't believe he was kissing Lucius Malfoy. If somebody had told him this yesterday he'd have said they had too much Butterbeer. But Harry decided this was a good stress reliever. The kiss went on. Harry kicked open a broom cupboard just by them; glad that they had chosen this corridor to confront each other here. He pulled the blonde man in into the cupboard. Soon they were fumbling with robes. Their top halves remained clothed but trousers fell to the floor about them. Suddenly they were fighting for control. Harry had no wish to submit tonight. Harry won, not easily, but that was part of the fun. There was no preparation. Not tonight. Harry knew it would probably hurt the man in the morning but it wasn't like they cared for each other's comfort. Harry penetrated the ring of muscles and fucked Lucius. It wasn't gentle but unknown to him Lucius Malfoy had a kink for rough sex, although normally Lucius was usually the one doing the fucking not being taken. Lucius didn't normally like letting someone else have all the power. But tonight he allowed a fourteen year old virgin take control. All too soon it was over and grey eyes looked into green. There was a silence as the two men's' brains caught up with their cocks.

'Did we just…?' Potter's question trailed off.

'I believe we did Mr Potter,' Lucius replied.

The silken tones of Lucius Malfoy's voice as he said "Mr Potter" was enough to bring out wanton shivers in the young teenager. He couldn't believe what he had just done! He'd had sex with his year mate's father! He'd had sex with the man who had tried to kill his best friend's little sister and himself! His son was his schoolyard nemesis. The Weasleys would never speak to him again if this … what…? One night stand? If they ever found out ... Draco Malfoy would murder him. Rita Skeeter would have a field day! Harry Potter fucks an ex-Death Eater! Ron already wasn't speaking to him. Ginny, Neville and Hermione would probably switch sides. Oh Merlin what a mess! But now that it had happened he couldn't deny that he wanted the older man. The cat was really out of the bag now. But he was married to a beautiful civilised blonde who must have been the girl the whole male population dreamt about. Yet Lucius Malfoy had willingly shagged a small, weedy, four eyed boy. Harry was still in shock and embarrassed very embarrassed. He pulled out of the older man pulling up his trousers and pants. They hadn't even bothered to remove their tops or cloaks.

Lucius for his part was shocked at what he had just done. He was in no ways a faithful husband. No more than Narcissa was faithful to him. Just like all Pure-Bloods theirs was an arranged marriage which would undoubtedly result in affairs for both partners. Draco would probably be the same with Pansy Parkinson when they were eventually married. Lucius felt slightly guilty for condemning Draco to such a life but such were the way of things. But now he had just had sex with a teenager who was younger than his own son! If Draco ever found out about this... knowing Draco he probably would not talk to Lucius for months on end if ever. He'd be harsher on Potter as he was his enemy. Had in his relations with ex-Death Eaters who would never forgive him if they realised that he had betrayed their fallen Master in such away as having had relations such as these with the boy who felled the Dark Lord. The boy looked understandably embarrassed; losing your virginity to your enemy in a broom cupboard was not exactly the greatest thing in the world. He had a scared and confused look in those green eyes obviously having no idea what to do next.

'Let's never speak of this,' Harry and Lucius said together.

Harry all but ran from Lucius Malfoy still quite in shock from what had happened between them. Soon as he had got out of seeing distance he checked the time realising he had about five minutes to get to the fireplace. Harry gathered the invisibility cloak and ran jumping stairs and reached the fireplace with not a minute to spare. He ended up bending over double, wheezing and spluttering trying to catch his breath. That was when Sirius made his appearance … in the fireplace! Harry hoped that Sirius wouldn't be able to smell the sex on him. But he wasn't holding out much hope. Harry doubted his flushed face – both from what happened in the cupboard – and his run up the stairs – helped much. But hopefully as Sirius was only magically present it would be hard to smell if easy to see. But Harry hoped that his excuse about seeing the dragons would be enough to get him out. Harry somehow doubted his godfather would be thrilled with what had happened between him and Malfoy. Harry didn't think he could stand if another caregiver was disgusted in him! He'd had enough of that with the Dursleys what he craved so much was the love of a parent.

'Harry, are you okay?' asked Sirius concerned.

'Fine,' Harry said honestly.

'You look like you've just had sex,' Sirius commented.

Harry hoped against hope he wasn't blushing, 'what?'

'You're flushed and your hairs standing on end and covered in sweat,' Sirius said.

'That was from my run to get here,' Harry answered.

'Where were you?' asked Sirius.

'Hagrid showed me the Dragons… first task,' Harry said.

Then Harry couldn't help but speak about everything that had happened since his name had come out of the goblet. Well accept from the fact that he had fucked Lucius Malfoy. He decided not to mention that. Sirius was just about to offer advice when Ron interrupted. Harry who was feeling quite calm since his sexual experience – apparently sex was a great stress reliever – completely ignored the other fourteen year old and went for a shower. Glad that Ron wasn't talking to him so he didn't come close enough to smell that Harry smelt like sex. The next day was a weird experience for Harry. Harry avoided meeting Draco Malfoy's eyes feeling guilty about what he had done. It was so obvious in fact that Neville noted it. He was just glad that Hermione was too busy trying to figure out how to defeat the dragon that she hadn't noticed how oddly Harry was acting. Harry attempted to read as well but found he too distracted. His thoughts kept roaming back to the broom cupboard. His thoughts often ended up with him having to run to the nearest shower and relieve himself. Thank goodness for magical silencing spells. Harry had come to the conclusion that he unfortunately had the hots for Malfoy. But surely in time it would fade. Or so Harry hoped.

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