New Friends

On Friday Harry knocked the jar of newts' eyes they were using off the front desk as he had gone up to the front to collect the ingredients that Harry and Weasley would need for their potion. It wasn't like Weasley ever did any of the work Harry thought sourly. Why hadn't Harry seen what Weasley was like before? Then he remembered he was so shot up on potions that made him like Weasley that he would never be able to see clearly who Weasley really was.

'Potter!' snarled Snape. 'Do you delight in causing a scene everywhere you go or is it just in my classroom?' he demanded as the Slytherins sniggered.

Harry glared, 'it was an accident.'

'Regardless detention five o'clock my office,' Snape snapped.

They both knew that Harry wasn't in any trouble but they both had to keep up appearances until such a time when Dumbledore was gone and they were free to live and be who they were really. Both Harry Slytherin and Severus Snape were dark wizards who were believed to be Light.

Five o'clock came and Harry was only too glad to be free of Weasley and Granger. You knew it was bad when you began to look forward to detentions simply to get away from those who pretended to be your friends.

Snape opened the door and let Harry in without a word. Harry sat down on the chair provided for him. The two were silent for a minute until Snape suddenly went for a surprise attack on his defences. Harry was easily able to throw the man out of his mind.

'I take it you haven't sorted through all of your memories,' Snape said drily.

'Only up to seventeen months,' Harry replied.

Snape's eyes gave nothing away, 'I take it you know who killed Lily and James.'

'Godric's Hollow,' Severus said his black eyes not giving anything away.

'I'm sorry,' Harry said. 'I know you loved her.'

'She knew?' asked Severus.

'She and Dumbledore set it all up,' Harry replied, 'but he betrayed her in the end.'

'You can see it if you want,' Harry said.

'Legimens,' Snape said.

Harry felt Snape enter his mind. He brought the memory he wanted outside the protections so that both he and Severus Snape were back in the memory that had haunted him for so long. Harry sighed knowing it was going to be hard for both of them. Harry would see his dad's death again and Snape would see what a bitch the only girl he had ever loved had become.

By the end of the memory Snape was scowling. This was the girl he had loved for twenty seven years. He would never have guessed that she would become so heartless and cruel. But Severus had seen how Lily had treated baby Harry. The way Lily with Dumbledore had planned for James to die at his husband's hands and the Dark Lord's downfall due to attempting to take the life of his own son. What she had said to James was sickening. Severus hadn't known that the Dark Lord and Potter were together but now it made shocking sense soon as he had found out. The Dark Lord had loved James which was why he had no plans to kill the apparent traitor. He would never be able to bring himself to do so.

'Voldemort really loved Dad,' Harry said quietly. 'You could hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes. I want to meet him, properly this time without spells and potions making me instinctively hate him.'

Snape nodded, 'I thought you might say that.'

'I need allies,' Harry said quietly. 'Are there any Slytherins that are able to Occlude Dumbledore?'

'Plenty most wizard families teach their children how to occlude as children especially those who will inherit seats or monetary assets and all Death Eaters teach their children Occlumency knowing Dumbledore's knack for looking into the minds' of students.,' Snape said quietly. 'I'll let them know that the Heir of the Dark Lord has been found and wishes for an alliance.'

'Can't you just tell me who they are so that I can approach them?' asked Harry. 'It would look better if I recruited them on my own and not through you. They're not going to trust me as it is so I want to show them I can stand on my own two feet.'

Snape nodded, 'I can do that. Just be careful.'

'That's why I'm asking you for who is safe to tell,' Harry replied quietly.

'Not all of them are Slytherins,' Snape said. 'People believe it is only Slytherins that the Dark Lord recruits but in reality he will recruit anyone willing.'

'I didn't think so,' Harry said quietly. 'After all Dad was as Gryffindor as they come and he was a Death Eater.'

Snape smiled slightly, 'Stefan, May and Tabitha Hoghedge-'began Snape.

'Stefan he's the blonde Ravenclaw friends with Terry Boot right?' Harry asked.

Snape nodded, 'and his sister and niece. May, his sister, is in second year whilst Tabitha, his niece, is in first year. Their fathers were some of the earlier the Death Eaters until Voldemort's fall. A lot of the Hoghedges were. They are non-titled but have a reputation for being brilliant fighters. I think they married into the Potters several generations ago,' Snape added as an afterthought.

'Stefan's often in the library,' Harry mused. 'I don't think we'll need the younger ones but the more of Hogwarts population that are in on this the better so I'll leave the decision whether or not to bring them along to Stefan. I'm not going to manipulate them for my own gain. I'm not Dumbledore.'

'I know,' Snape said softly. 'Just be careful he'll be wary of you as Dumbledore's golden boy as will the rest of them,' warned Snape.

Harry nodded, 'I'll be careful.'

'There's Draco, of course,' Snape added.

'That's going to be awkward,' muttered Harry.

'He doesn't know your sleeping with his father,' pointed out Snape face emotionless.

'But I do,' Harry protested.

'You've faced him before this,' pointed out Snape.

'But I didn't have to talk to him,' Harry protested, 'why do you think there have been no arguments between us?'

Snape snorted, 'Draco knows his father has affairs.'

'With someone younger than himself?' asked Harry.

'Fair enough,' Snape conceded the point.

By the end of the detention Harry had a list in his head which thanks to his Occlumency training he had a much improved memory so that he had no problem remembering the names of the potentials for taking down Dumbledore.

The next day Harry woke up early glad to see that Weasley was still asleep. Harry placed a monitoring charm on Ron that would alert Harry to when he woke up so he could rush to the Great Hall from wherever he was and make it look like he had just got up for breakfast and didn't want to wake Weasley up knowing how much the red head hated being woken up on the weekend. Then he quickly got dressed and went down to the Common Room where he was glad to see neither girls' were awake yet.

In the common room Harry saw one of the people he had hoped to speak to. Abagail Nicola a girl the year above him whose mother, a Slytherin, had been one of the Inner Circle before Voldemort's fall and father had been killed in one of the earlier battles between the Light and the Dark. Harry just hoped that Nicola would be the same as her parents.

The sixteen year old girl was sitting on her own looking slightly depressed while eating her way through a massive Honeydukes chocolate bar. Harry pretending to not notice who she was sat down beside her with a book on Care of Magical Creatures.

Harry noticed the girl glower angrily at him before attempting to hide her feelings but she was no Slytherin. This actually made Harry pleased considering this meant she blamed Harry for his father's defeat so would likely join up.

'I heard your parents were Death Eaters,' Harry murmured so only she could hear.

The girl tensed up, 'd-d-don't be silly. My parents would never do anything like that. They are good people. Do you really want to test that theory?' asked Harry darkly. 'I'm sure Veritserum would work wonders on your mother.'

'How do you know?' hissed the girl. 'What do you want for your silence?'

'Meet me up at the Room of Requirement at eleven,' Harry told her. 'It's on the seventh floor opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy teaching trolls to tap dance. You have to walk passed it three times thinking on what you want. Make sure you aren't followed! We'll talk then.'

The meeting wouldn't actually start until twelve but Harry planned to space arrival times out eleven and midnight with small groups of people arriving every five minutes so as not to alert people to what they were doing. Harry hoped that meeting up would become easier as time went by.

Already he had given a slow acting sleep potion to Dobby with specific orders to give to the Weasleys and Granger at dinner time. It would begin to activate about two hours after dinner. If they ate at around seven that would mean they'd get sleepy at nine. Becoming more tired as the hour went on until falling into unconsciousness at ten leaving Harry an hour to get to room of requirement and set it up. The potion would last six hours so that they wouldn't even notice anything amiss unless they were planning to wake up at four in the morning.

He had to recruit the Hogwarts students who would be part of his group. He also had to go to Gringotts where Blackclaw would draw up a magical contract. It would make anyone who signed it incapable of speaking, writing or otherwise showing anything related to what Harry would tell them before Harry explained who he was and what he was doing. He knew that the goblins would make sure there were no loopholes in the contract.

He had told Lucius after the tournament that they couldn't meet up on Saturday and explained the reason. Lucius seemed very impressed and nodded understanding some things were more important than their sex lives.

Snape was once again providing Harry's alibi for leaving Hogwarts as Harry had been rude at the detention last night. As punishment for his rudeness he was getting another detention at half one which allowed him to take the Knight Bus to his two o'clock appointment with Blackclaw.

Harry even had a contingency plan for if Dumbledore found out he was speaking to the children of Death Eaters. He could feel Voldemort's growing stronger and with Trelawney's prophecy about his return Harry wanted a spy his ranks so was going around asking those who would be susceptible. Harry would give the names of only those who had betrayed him to Dumbledore as his spies. And the spy wouldn't be able to speak the truth thanks to the contract.

Harry spoke to the other Gryffindors who had parents as Death Eaters. By that time it was only eight and none of his so called friends were up yet. Harry was for once glad that the Dursleys had beaten waking with the birds into him.

Harry had no problem tracing down most of those that had Death Eaters as parents the next day and doing the same as he had done to Abagail Nicola. He had been careful to not advocate being a Death Eater until tonight at least. Then he would explain who his real parents.

The only differences were the Slytherins in his year. He knew that they'd never willingly go with him so decided to reveal some if not all of the information to them. Plus he knew them better than the others and knew they'd never willingly go to Dumbledore.

They were near the dungeons. Harry knew that going into Slytherin territory when he was known to be Dumbledore's man through and through was dangerous but it had to be done. They were chatting and laughing with each other but soon as they saw him they pulled out their wands.

Harry refused to be intimidated by these children. He was the son of the Dark Lord the children of his father's followers didn't scare him. Harry just smirked at the three girls and four boys in a way that could only be described as Slytherin which was enough to throw them.

'What are you doing here Potter?' snapped Malfoy. 'Lost your pet weasel and beaver?'

Harry smirked again, 'actually I wanted to set up a meeting at midnight with like minded people.'

'What are you talking about?' demanded Malfoy.

'Let's just say I'm not very happy with the Light,' Harry replied.

'You?' asked Parkinson turning up her nose.

'Me,' agreed Harry.

'Why should we trust you?' demanded Crabbe.

'You turned my offer of friendship down,' Malfoy said coldly. 'That is a great insult.'

'I know,' Harry said softly. 'I can only offer my humblest apologies and explain why I turned you down.'

'You chose the weasel,' Malfoy complained.

'No Dumbledore chose the weasel,' Harry replied coolly.

'Since when did you call Weasley the weasel?' demanded Parkinson angrily.

Harry sighed taking a piece of parchment out of his pocket that he had charmed to make it look like it was a half completed Transfiguration essay that was due next week. Of course it wasn't really a transfiguration essay at all.

'Reveal,' hissed Harry.

The Slytherins jumped at his casual use of Parseltongue as a password. Harry then handed them the sheet of paper that showed them his blood test. Their eyes scanned over the parchment widening as they did so.

'Shit,' Zabini swore.

'Quite,' Harry agreed.

'Are you planning on joining the Dark?' demanded Romsey.

'Lina,' Zabini spoke sharply.

'Of course,' Harry said.

'For revenge?' asked Malfoy sharply.

'Partly,' admitted Harry, 'there are other reasons that I will speak to you tonight. Meet me at the Room of Requirement, midnight; make sure you're not followed.'

'We're Slytherins,' Zabini's only response was.

As they hadn't asked him where the Room of Requirement was Harry was correct in assuming that they knew where it was. They were the last on his list so he went down to Hagrid for an hour so he could use him as an alibi when the weasel and the beaver asked him.

It worked a treat and Harry spent the time until half one with Weasley and Granger to make sure they wouldn't get suspicious and then slipped out and got the Knight Bus to Diagon Alley under the red haired disguise instead of going to detention.

Blackclaw was very helpful in the drawing up of the contract and the supplying of a blood quill which would make the contract legally binding. Harry put his signature on the bottom of the terms and conditions. Blackclaw then put a spell on it meaning that only someone who had signed the contract could see the contract.

'Thank you Blackclaw,' Harry said politely. 'May your gold flow and your business be plentiful,' Harry said the traditional goblin farewell.

'May your gold flow and your business be plentiful,' Blackclaw repeated.

Their business had been completed in under an hour which was quicker than Harry had thought it would take. This meant much to Harry's misfortune that he would have to stomach his traitors for the rest of the afternoon and the evening.

At half six Harry accompanied Weasley and Granger to dinner. Harry was pleased to see that by half eight they had begun to feel sleepy. Hermione headed up to bed with Ginevra at about nine whilst Ronald endured for another fifteen minutes before heading up to bed.

Harry pretended to do the same at quarter to ten. Really Harry went slipped on his Invisibility Cloak and snuck out of the Common Room at the same time as some of the older students were returning from curfew.

He arrived at the Room of Requirement at just after ten meaning he had an hour to kill before the first students arrived. Harry set up as a meeting area around a long table with leather backed chairs enough for each of them. He would take the top end of the table whilst Snape would take the bottom end whilst the others could take any seats around the place.

Harry found that for some reason the room didn't provide refreshments so he decided that the best way around that would be to summon Dobby. He didn't tell Dobby who it was for fearing his past relations with Dark wizards would turn Dobby against him. Lucius' abuse of Dobby wasn't something they ever spoke about. He just told him he and some friends were meeting up about what to do with Dumbledore.

Dobby was more than happy to bring up a pot of tea, a pot of coffee, a jug of pumpkin juice, a tray of assorted biscuits and cakes, and a tray of cheese and crackers. Harry felt everything was ready with the fire crackling making the room feel comfortably warm.

Snape was the first to arrive as he had said he would be after Harry had told him how he had got the majority of students to come. Snape had understood his reasoning and agreed that it was the safest way even though it would take a while to earn their trust after this.

'You should sit at the other end,' Harry said.

'I wasn't about to sit with teenagers,' sneered Snape.

Harry just smiled, 'would you like an éclair?' asked Harry politely.

Snape just sneered at him pouring himself a black coffee. Snape and Harry discussed how they were going to plan out the meeting. Harry knew he couldn't demand them signing the contract without giving a little.

Harry was actually very pleased that none of the people he had asked had gone to Dumbledore. He was sure if they had Harry would have been summoned to Dumbledore's office. Harry was sure he could bluff it out but he didn't want to risk.

When eleven o'clock came first year Tabitha Hoghedge and fifth year Abigail Nicola were the first to enter. Hoghedge looked nervously at him obviously expecting Dumbledore to be there. Nicola gave him an angry look refusing any of the refreshments.

'It's not poisoned,' Harry said amused.

'As you are already blackmailing us then how am I going trust that?' demanded Nicola.

'It is true that I blackmailed you to you here,' agreed Harry. 'But I have no wish for Dumbledore to know that I'm recruiting the children of Death Eaters.'

Nicola frowned, 'Dumbledore doesn't know?' the girl asked.

'No,' agreed Harry. 'And it will remain that way. Wait until the rest have arrived before we speak.'

By this time the three Gryffindor sixth years had arrived. They reacted in almost the same manner as Nicola. It lead to Harry explaining that the rest were arriving in five minute intervals to avoid suspicion of Dumbledore.

Finally at twelve o'clock the last of the twenty-five students had arrived with the seven Slytherins who were more in on Harry's agenda than the rest. He hoped that they would help him as there was a lot of glaring students.

'First I'd like to say I am no longer on the Light,' Harry sneered the name, 'and the only reason I was Light in the first place was due to mind altering potions.'

'I've seen the results of Potter's blood tests,' Snape added, 'and brewed the Purging Potion.'

There were looks of surprise and the Slytherins who weren't aware of Harry's decision became less hostile. Harry pulled out the contract that he had made tapped it once with his wand so that it because visible to all in the room when usually it was only visible to those who had signed it unless Harry decreed otherwise.

'Is that a contract?' asked Draco warily.

'Yes,' Harry agreed. 'The things I am going to discuss I do not want to be found by Dumbledore. I am sure you all understand,' there were reluctant nods. 'It won't kill you just make it physically impossible to tell, write or show anyone what I have told you. If you do not wish to sign then I will have Professor Snape obliviate you.'

Harry didn't like the idea of messing with their minds. After all Harry's mind had been obliviated enough. But in this case he was willing to make an exception. Under no circumstances could Dumbledore be allowed to find out about this.

'Can I see it?' asked Zabini.

Harry passed over the contract where Zabini began to read it through carefully. After he had read it carefully through four times before he took the blood quill Harry was offering. Naturally nothing happened and there were sighs of relief.

This seemed to be what people were waiting for as soon everyone had signed the parchment and were sitting waiting for Harry to begin. Harry tapped his wand to the parchment once which made it impossible for anyone but those who had signed there names in blood to read.

'I suppose this starts with me overhearing my so called best friends,' Harry said his voice tinged in anger, 'talking about the money they were stealing from my vaults thanks to Dumbledore in return for being my friends and plotting my death.'

'Those bastards,' Travers one of the only Hufflepuffs spoke angrily.

'Quite,' agreed Harry. 'My first instinct was to go to Gringotts and get the matter sorted out where I found out more that I had bargained for.'

Harry brought his birth certificate out which currently looked like an old potions essay that had a D marked in red at the top. Snape would never allow Harry Potter pass if he had anything to do with it. Harry tapped it once with his wand which earned gasps from the girl beside him as she read what was on it.

'You're the Dark Lord's son?' asked a very pale Draco Malfoy.

'Trust me I know,' Harry agreed. 'I also found that I've been dosed with so many compulsion charms and Memory charms.'

'So what are you going to do now?' asked May Hoghedge.

'Bring down Dumbledore,' was Harry's only response.

Draco smirked, 'if I'd heard you say that yesterday I would have thought you'd gone mad.'

'The Ministry won't help,' Harry said, 'all he's got to do is say Voldemort's son and lets just say my popularity would take a dive.'

'To put it mildly,' snorted Millicent Bulstrode who was looking at him like a meal ticket.

'We have to wait until Dumbledore's popularity takes a hit like it did in the fifties when he originally declared Voldemort as the enemy,' Harry said.

'If only one of Dumbledore's puppets hadn't been elected as the new Minister in 1959,' Draco muttered darkly.

Harry nodded, 'then I'll show them the evidence that I have gathered both from my memories.'

'Its got the Gringotts crest on it meaning the evidence is irrefutable as the Gringotts crest can't be copied,' Tabitha Hoghedge said.

'Hopefully we'll be able to discredit him so much that when he claims I'm Voldemort's son nobody will believe him just because he's Albus Dumbledore,' Harry said. 'The only way to prove it would be to ask the goblins-'

'The goblins will never help the Ministry who classify them as barely better than animals,' snorted Patrick Bagby.

'Indeed,' Harry agreed, 'or admitting that he kidnapped the Lord of an old pure-blood house. Now he'd still be able pretend that it was his omniscience knowledge he pretends to have.'

'He clearly isn't omniscient as he believes that you're still under his control,' laughed Sally Birchgrove.

Harry nodded, 'I want those whose parents weren't under the suspicion by Dumbledore to keep a watch on the known allies of Dumbledore. Don't approach me unless I initiate it! I don't want Dumbledore questioning my loyalties! At the moment he believes I'm his perfect little weapon. The second he realises that I'm a threat he will kill me. I want him to only know that I know when he has no defence! This room exists out of magic. The wards make the room unplottable and it is impossible to tell what magic is used in the room.'

'Does this mean that we can practice Dark magic?' asked Cho Chang.

'Obviously,' drawled Snape.

Harry had been surprised to have Cho on the list of names that Snape had given him. He thought that with her dating Cedric – Amos was nothing if not opinionated against the Dark – she would be on Dumbledore's side.

'I had no idea your family were Dark,' Harry admitted.

True enough could be said for the Potters who were a traditionally Light family. At least until Harry's grandfather had married Dorea Black passing her family's affinity for Dark magic onto her only son. And Harry Potter was known to be epitome of Light magic.

'In China both Light and Dark magic is taught. We believe that it is Ying and Yang. Light can't and shouldn't be forced to exist without the Dark. It's expected that a Dark witch should marry a Light wizard of vice versa and the children will inherit the stronger parents' power. I'm still too young to be clear what my leaning is so until I turn seventeen I'm trained in both. My parents came over in the 1960s when the Communist government found out about the Chinese Magicians. Both of sets of my grandparents decided it was safer to get out of the country but raised my parents in the traditional Chinese fashion. They didn't approve of the anti-Dark nature of the British Ministry so joined the Dark Lord – your father – hoping for equality. They did speak about becoming Neutral when the Dark Lord became extreme.'

Harry nodded this way of thinking made sense. He did wonder what had happened when the Chinese Muggle government had found out. But if they were anything like the Dursleys who were able to harm a child placed in their care then Harry shuddered what they would do if they had the power to execute anyone possessing magic.

'I suppose it had something to do with James Potter's kidnapping,' Cho mused.

'And I believe that is none of your business,' Harry replied coolly.

Harry didn't know Voldemort personally but given the fact that none of his Inner Circle knew that he was married to James Potter meant that it was likely that he didn't like sharing things with his followers. To gain their loyalty and reason for him being their leader he had to reveal but that didn't mean he was going to explain about their personal relations. Cho seemed to realise she had gone too far and backed down with a muttered apology.

'How are we going to stay in contact with each other?' asked Burrow. 'I mean we can't approach you.'

Harry smiled, 'I'm glad you asked that.'

From behind where he was sitting Harry picked up a large box containing twenty seven plain black diaries. It was actually his father's diary that had given him the idea. If you could make a diary retain a fifty year old spirit couldn't you charm a group of diaries so that whatever was written in one was written in the other?

Harry had gone into Flourish and Blotts claiming to be a young Healer student who wanted to stay in contact with his course mates and teacher. The girl had been only too eager to help him. Harry had been sure she had been flirting with him and quickly squashed that notion. The store manager too had been happy when she realised that he wanted twenty seven of the journals.

The journals were enchanted so they could link to any of the journals that were linked to it. To link journals was easy enough so if he ever recruited more people all Harry had to do to link the journals was to tap both journals with the word "Colloquium". There was a space on the front of the diary where you could write your name. Your name would appear before whatever it was you had written in the rest of the diaries. There was a list on the inside of the cover that showed all the other diaries that were connected to it meaning you could choose who to talk to instead of writing to everyone. If there was no name on the diary it would just say Untitled Diary 1 to whatever the final diary was. In this case he had Untitled Diary 1-26.

Harry handed them out getting thanks or nods from everyone as he explained what they were. Harry was more than happy when people pulled quills out of their pockets and wrote their names on the diaries.

'I will write when we next meet up as there's no Quidditch it should be easier than next year,' Harry said. 'If for whatever reason you can't make it just let me know and we'll try and arrange a more suitable time unless there's an emergency. If anyone knows anyone who have given hints that they may be Dark please let me know and we'll try to get them to join without knowing it's me or my secrets.'

'I could do that,' Malfoy added. 'Everyone knows my father was a Death Eater.'

Harry nodded getting a twinge of guilt when he looked at Draco whose colouring was so like his father's even though his eyes were grey and his bone structure seemed to be softer. He always hated to be reminded that his lover was a father and married.

Harry nodded agreeing Draco would be an ideal candidate for a face when recruiting people. It would certainly give them a shock when they realised it was Harry who was the leader. Harry didn't know how his father ran things but he took things with the "I'm a friend" approach. Harry felt it would encourage more loyalty that way but he could be authoritative if the occasion called for it.