Loyal as a Dog?

That Friday a small brown owl came telling them to be at the stile at the end of Hogsmeade at two o'clock on Saturday afternoon. Harry closed his eyes and pretended to be worried about Sirius being caught. In actual fact he knew that he was going to have find out one and for all whose side Sirius really was on.

He'd have to bring the Weasel and the beaver along on Saturday. But there was nothing stopping him from sneaking out on Saturday evening. Severus could help him cover for that and provide Veritserum so that Harry could figure out exactly how much – or how little – Sirius knew about Dumbledore's plots.

Harry knew he needed an excuse to talk to Severus as he approached the Potions classroom. It turned out that Granger had been painted by Skeeter as a Scarlet woman. Harry found it hilarious and guessed that his people had been the one to spread the rumours. Hopefully it would turned people against Granger even if Dumbledore was still untouchable.

Weasley looked furious and Harry pretended to be angry throwing a scathing look at Pansy and Draco. However, Harry would be sure to thank the Slytherins for their article. It wasn't like it wasn't completely a lie. Okay Granger had been trying to drug him to fall for the Weaslette not with Granger but that was the only falsehood.

'How could Rita Skeeter have known…?' murmured Granger seemingly forgetting Harry's presence.

'Known what?' Weasley asked sharply. 'You haven't really been mixing up love potions?' he demanded giving Harry a pointed look.

'Of course not,' Granger lied. 'How did she know that Viktor asked me to stay over summer?'

Harry felt sorry for Krum. The young man seemed a good enough bloke. He didn't deserve to end up with a scheming bitch like Granger. The only one who deserved Granger was Weasley. They could spread their poison to each other. As long as they didn't have children it was fine.

Granger and Weasley began arguing. Harry knew that Weasley liked Granger. Before all this came out he had been waiting for them to go out. Now however he couldn't care less what happened to them as long as it hurt them.

Snape came up and took points of Granger and Weasley for arguing. He then confiscated the newspaper and placed Harry in detention on Saturday night for reading magazines in class. Harry was glad considering that he needed Snape to help him.

That was when Karkaroff entered. Lucius had told him Karkaroff's history. Harry felt that the man would be useful on the recruitment front. Also, if they were to upgrade their school system to that of the rest of the Wizarding World then they would have to have someone who knew the school system.

Harry "accidentally" dropped his ginger roots onto the floor ruining them. Granger hissed at him that they were ruined. Harry didn't understand Granger's problem – it wasn't even her potion. Harry offered to get more for Harry and Ron's potion. Ron didn't blink from where he was glaring jealously at Granger.

'We need to talk,' Karkaroff said abruptly.

Karkaroff was clearly attempting not be heard by the rest of the class who apart from Granger and Greengrass who were still focusing on their potions. Those two were the intelligent ones in the class although Greengrass wasn't obnoxious about it.

'I'll talk to you after my lesson,' muttered Snape.

Harry knew what this was about. Karkaroff was afraid. Harry, of course, couldn't offer the man protection. At the end of the day it would be up to Voldemort on what to do with Karkaroff. Harry could only try and convince Voldemort on Karkaroff's value although he wouldn't be trusted with anything important due to the fact that he would sell anyone out to save his own skin.

'I want to talk now, while you can't slip off, Severus. You've been avoiding me,' Karkaroff said.

Probably didn't want to incriminate himself in front of Karkaroff. If Karkaroff found the best advantage was to broadcast Snape's allegiances it wouldn't be best for Snape even if he wouldn't be sent to Azkaban thanks to Dumbledore's manipulations.

'After the lesson,' Snape said.

Harry took his time in finding the perfect ginger roots. Snape looked angry whilst Karkaroff looked terrified. Not that Harry blamed him. Harry's father was sure to be furious at Karkaroff's betrayal. Harry went back to his and Weasley's desk with a nice pair of ginger roots.

Karkaroff hovered behind the desk for the rest of the double period clearly wanting to stop Snape from slipping away. Harry told Weasley he wanted to see what Karkaroff had to say believing him to be responsible for his name turning up in the Goblet.

Harry ducked behind a desk. Harry didn't trust Karkaroff enough to reveal Harry's true allegiances. It turned out that Karkaroff like everyone else had noticed the Dark Mark growing stronger and stronger.

'So what did you think?' asked Harry.

'He's going to run,' Snape said.

'Do you think he's useful?' asked Harry.

'He brings nothing irreplaceable,' Snape said. 'We had others who worked for Durmstrang who with the right pressure can be easily replace Karkaroff.'

Harry noticed that Severus didn't mention what would happen to Karkaroff to make a new Headmaster of Durmstrang necessary. Really it didn't matter what happened to Karkaroff. So he let it go.

'Sirius has asked me to meet him Hogsmeade tomorrow,' Harry said.

'Black's back at Hogsmeade,' hissed Snape, 'doesn't he care what would happen if you were caught in his presence?'

'Not if Dumbledore has given him the okay,' Harry said darkly.

Severus nodded in agreement, 'do you know where in Hogsmeade he's staying?'

'Just outside by the sounds of it,' Harry replied. 'He asked to meet us at the style.'

'Probably in the mountains at the other side of Hogsmeade,' Severus said. 'There's plenty caves he could hide in.'

'So what do you suggest?' asked Harry.

'Tomorrow you have detention with me,' Snape said. 'We will go out gathering ingredients for potions. It's something I do every so often. In actual fact we will bring Veritserum to the cave that Black will have shown you to. He's a foolish trusting Gryffindor who wouldn't have the sense to keep his hideout for himself.'

'Dumbledore probably told him what cave to hide in,' Harry said.

Snape nodded, 'we should knock him out dose him with veritserum. Then wake him up and see how much he had to do with the circumstances surrounding your birth. If he was in on it we'll Obliviate him. Nobody will ever know that we were ever there.'

'Should we check his blood for potions?' asked Harry.

'I have the potion here,' Severus said. 'All I need is to soak a bit of parchment in it.'

'We should do that first,' Harry said, 'there's no reason to ask him questions if his loyalty and memories have been tampered with. Anyway why do you have the blood test potion?'

'After what happened to you I've been keeping an eye on anyone who may also have been drugged,' Snape said.

'Fair enough,' Harry said.

Weasley and Granger were waiting outside the classroom for him trying to look like they hadn't been listening at the key hole. Severus Snape was paranoid enough to keep a Silencing Ward on his class at all times.

'What were you waiting around for?' demanded Weasley.

'I wanted to see what Karkaroff wanted to speak to Snape about,' Harry half lied.

'What did he want?' asked Granger curiously.

'I'm not sure,' Harry admitted remembering he didn't know about the Dark Mark. 'He kept going on about something growing stronger and what would happen if the Voldemort,' he ignored the twos' flinches suppressing a smirk at their fear of his father, 'would return. I don't think Karkaroff entered my name in the Goblet. He's too frightened of Voldemort.'

'Maybe he's acting,' suggested Granger.

'I didn't think of that,' Harry said playing dumb.

He knew this wasn't true as Karkaroff was had thought he had been speaking to someone in the same position as himself; another ex-Death Eater who had betrayed the Dark Lord in order to stay out of Azkaban. However, he didn't realise that Snape was sworn to protect the Dark Lord's son and apart from matters concerning himself and Lily Evans had been completely loyal to the Dark Lord.

Of course neither Weasley nor Granger had any idea that he knew about Snape's allegiances. Due to Snape's position as a spy Snape had never got to a trial and to preserve his identity so if needed he could resume his position his story was never published. The only way he would know Snape's history was if one of the Order or a Death Eater told him. No Death Eater wanted their spy's identity uncovered. The Order even Sirius wouldn't tell Harry anything unless Dumbledore wanted it. And Dumbledore wanted Harry kept in the Dark so if he went back to his father – as he planned to – he would have to least amount of information to betray them with.

'Karkaroff was showing Snape something on his arm,' Harry said.

Weasley produced a hacking cough that Harry knew was the cover up a hacking laugh. Harry rolled his eyes knowing that Weasley's dirty mind was producing disturbing images between Snape and Karkaroff. Never mind that Snape was a hundred and ten percent straight.

'Ron!' screeched Hermione coming to same conclusion as Harry.

The next day Harry met up with Snape just after dinner at seven. The two of them walked in the direction of the forbidden forest. If anyone had seen them they would have seen them enter the Forbidden forest.

And so they did but took a path that Severus seemed to know off and ended up on the path down to Hogsmeade Station. Harry had slipped his Cloak on and Severus had glamoured his appearance to that of a young blonde man with blue eyes.

The two of them made their way up to the cave that Harry had visited with Weasley and Granger earlier on. Sirius was in the cave in his human form gnawing on the ham that Harry had given him before even if he was in human form he seemed to be acting more like a dog than a man.

'Stupefy,' Harry whispered.

Sirius collapsed between bites. Snape rolled him over onto his back clearing his airways of any food that had still been there when he had collapsed. Snape took out the small bottle of Veritserum pouring it between the Black Lord's parted lips.

'Ennerverate,' Snape said.

Sirius' grey eyes took on a vacant look not responding to the fact that his schoolyard rival and beloved godson had attacked and drugged him. Harry felt a little guilty at acting in much the same way that Dumbledore had acted regarding him. But it was impossible to do anything else given the situation.

'What is your name?' asked Snape.

'Sirius Orion Black,' Sirius said dully.

'What side of the War were you on?' asked Harry.

'Light,' Sirius said without pause.

'Who are my parents?' asked Harry.

'Lily and James Potter,' Sirius said in a monotone.

'Were you aware that Dumbledore had James Potter kidnapped from the Dark?' asked Snape.

'No,' Sirius said.

'Were you aware that Dumbledore had my father drugged to keep him on the Light side?' asked Harry.

'No,' Sirius said again.

'What side was James Potter on?' asked Snape.

'Dark then Light,' Sirius said.

'Why did James Potter switch sides?' asked Snape.

'Because he was in love with Lily Evans,' Sirius said.

'Did you honestly believe that?' Harry asked incredulously.

'Yes,' Sirius said.

'Didn't you know he was gay?' demanded Harry.

'He realised when he was twenty that he was Bi,' Sirius said.

'When Lily and James were expecting Harry did you notice anything strange about James Potter?' asked Snape.

'No,' Sirius said.

'Who killed James Potter?' asked Snape.

'Voldemort,' Sirius said.

'Did you tell Dumbledore about my scar?' asked Harry.

'Yes,' Sirius said.

'Who are you more loyal to Dumbledore or me?' asked Harry.

'Both,' Sirius said.

'What if he killed James Potter?' Snape asked.

'He wouldn't,' Sirius said fire in his eyes.

The Veritserum had obviously worn off. Sirius was looking at Harry in betrayal whilst glowering at Snape. At least Sirius had no idea about what had happened. He may have been an idiot and completely gullible but he was at least loyal.

'What the hell Harry?' demanded Sirius. 'What lies has Snivellus,' Sirius sneered, 'been filling your head with? He's a Death Eater! Dumbledore wouldn't murder James! He's the one who gave James a second chance due to love!'

'You have no idea what happened!' Harry said harshly. 'Snape didn't tell me anything. I remembered what happened that night all on my own! And I am aware he's a Death Eater that's why I can trust him. Better than the Light,' Harry sneered.

'Your Dark?' gaped Sirius.

'So were my parents,' Harry pointed out.

'Lily Evans wasn't Dark,' Sirius said.

'Good thing Evans isn't my mother,' Harry muttered darkly.

'You have her eyes,' Sirius said.

'Have you never heard of a glamour?' asked Snape dryly.

'Who told you Evans wasn't your mother?' demanded Sirius.

'Gringotts birth certificate,' Harry replied.

Sirius' eyes widened, 'oh.'

'Do you believe me now?' asked Harry coldly.

'Can I see it?' demanded Sirius.

'And you say us Slytherins are mistrusting,' muttered Snape.

'Harry's not a Slytherin,' Sirius defended.

'He's more of a Slytherin than I am,' Snape muttered.

'Here's my birth certificate,' Harry said.

Sirius eyes widened at it, 'Voldemort's you're….'

'Yep,' Harry said cheerfully.

'But he tried to kill you?' Sirius said aghast.

'He was under the impression that I was the bastard son of the whore who stole his husband,' Harry retorted. 'The only reason he was unable to kill me was because of Family Magic. The same Family Magic which allowed Dad to regain his true memories causing Dumbledore to kill him. I'll show you,' Harry said. 'Pensive.'

Harry pulled a pure silvery strand out of his head depositing it in Snape's pensive. Sirius dunked his head in. Harry and Snape waited and watched. They didn't want anyone discovering what they were watching.

Sirius came out pale faced looking between Harry and Snape. Sirius slumped down onto the earth. Harry recognised it as shock. Harry had done the same when he had been betrayed by his so called friends. But Sirius didn't have a fantastic lover to take his mind off it.

'Sirius,' Harry said softly. 'It's okay I understand.'

'How can you? Apart from the Potters Dumbledore was the only adult figure I had who gave a damn about me,' Sirius said softly. 'My parents disinherited me when I was sorted into Slytherin.'

'I felt the same about him,' Harry said softly.

'Harry came from an abusive household,' Snape said.

Harry scowled, 'of Dumbledore's making.'

'Dumbledore then sent Hagrid to tell him he was a wizard making him the first adult who cared what happened to Harry,' Snape said. 'Along with the numerous potions he was being drugged with.'

'Potions?' asked Sirius.

'Loyalty Potions to Dumbledore, Weasley and Granger,' Harry began.

'They weren't in on it too?' asked Sirius.

Harry nodded tiredly, 'Dumbledore, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Mrs Weasley.'

'They shouldn't have been talking about planning to murder you in the middle of Hogsmeade,' smirked Snape.

'That's how you found out?' asked Sirius softly.

Harry nodded, 'yeah.'

'I'm sorry,' Sirius said. 'I know how it feels to be betrayed by your best friend.'

'I wonder if Wormtail was working on Dumbledore's orders,' Harry said.

'I always wondered how he managed to come up with the plan of escaping as a rat,' Sirius said in disgust. 'He's too stupid to have thought of it by himself.'

'I'll suggest that to Voldemort when I meet him,' Harry said.

'You plan to meet him?' asked Sirius.

'He loved dad he can't be all bad. And I don't think that what he wants is what Dumbledore says he wants,' Harry said. 'Plus with Dumbledore's death sentence on my head I need help.'

'What does Dumbledore get out of your death?' asked Sirius.

'Since I'm the last of my family bar my father and that is unknown he as my self appointed Magical Guardian which has been revoked thanks to the fact that my father is alive could petition for my vaults and seats,' Harry said angrily. 'I've now made a Will making it impossible for any Weasley – even if they are married to me – or Dumbledore to inherit a single Knut,' Harry said satisfied.

'Why would you marry someone who betrayed you?' asked Sirius.

'They're planning to make Amortenita so that Ginny will get everything if something unfortunate should happen to me,' Harry said bitterly.

'The Weaslette "lost" the last batch,' smirked Harry.

Sirius raised his eyebrows, 'what really happened?'

'I pocketed it whilst spying on them from under the Cloak,' Harry grinned.

Sirius laughed, 'good one. Any what were you doing in Hogsmeade without Hermione and Ron?'

Harry blushed at this part. Not sure how Sirius would take the news that he was sleeping with Lucius Malfoy of all people. Harry doubted it was his godfather's idea of an appropriate lover even if Harry didn't expect it to last.

'Meeting up with Lucius,' suggested an amused Snape.

Sirius groaned, 'you're sleeping with Malfoy. Since when?'

'Remember in November when you fire called…' Harry trailed off. 'Do you remember what you said?'

'Something about how you looked quite sweaty frown your run here,' Sirius shrugged.

'Actually you told me I looked like I'd been having sex,' Harry said.

'Of course he did,' muttered Snape.

'You were right,' Harry said.

'Four months!' Sirius shouted. 'He's old enough to be your father! What do you have to say about this Snivellus?'

'Harry's personal life is not my business,' Snape said, 'but I will say that the Dark Lord is going to be less than pleased with Lucius.'

Sirius snorted thinking of all the things that he had heard from his family about the Dark Lord when he was angry. True enough Sirius had never once heard James speak about the Dark Lord's temper. It all made sense now that he thought of it; James' loyalty to the Dark Lord. Not like his little brother and cousins who were obsessively devoted to the Dark Lord – the Dark Lord's power and wisdom at least. But James had been different. It was clear that James was completely in love with the Voldemort and if Harry's memories were true then those feelings were reciprocated.

'How did I not know?' whispered Sirius. 'James was a brother to me. How could I not know the truth? How could I miss what Dumbledore and Lily had done? James was drugged and I didn't even know!'

'Because you trusted them,' Harry said softly.

'It is possible that like James and Harry you have been drugged,' Snape said quietly.

'Check me,' Sirius said.

Snape did so. It turned out that there were loyalty potions towards Dumbledore and disloyalty potions towards his mother, his father, his brother, his cousins and the Dark Lord. In the years that Harry was conceived and born with his father kidnapped and drugged there were Oblivates used constantly which Harry guessed was to make him forget about James' unusual behaviour.

Snape took out another potion that Harry recognised again as a purging potion. Sirius swallowed the potion after he was reassured to what it was. Immediately the man began to shudder. Harry grimaced knowing the pain that Sirius was experiencing.

'I'm not joining Voldemort,' Sirius said.

Harry tried to swallow the bitter disappointment flooding his system. Sirius nodded to Snape knowing that they would have to Obliviate his godfather. Otherwise Sirius would ruin all his plans. Snape began to pull out his wand.

'I will follow you to your father but it's you who my loyalty lies,' Sirius finished.