Chapter Six

Surprise Parentage

The next weekend found Lucius Malfoy in the Leaky Cauldron glowering around. He didn't know why they kept it in this dingy state. If it was all to keep unwanted Muggles from staying why didn't they just put up Muggle wards?

The foolish landlord who was completely in Dumbledore's pocket was watching him suspiciously and had sent his Muggle wife away. Honestly did people really think he'd risk Azkaban, Lucius shuddered at the idea of being sentenced to the Dementors, just to start cursing random Muggles. Lucius didn't like Muggles or Mudbloods, he felt they corrupted their society but he wasn't a psychopath.

That was when a young man with light red hair that covered his fringe and bright green eyes approached him. Lucius would recognise those eyes anywhere. However, nobody else did as they knew the Boy Who Lived from his mop of black hair and scar.

'Lucius,' Harry mouthed.

Lucius smirked to let the boy know that he was aware of who he was. They set off up Diagon Alley making sure to keep their distance from each other. It wouldn't be the first time that the Lord Malfoy had been photographed with a conquest. Bloody tabloids! And this wasn't something that could be risked. Just because the Wizarding sheep were idiots didn't mean that Dumbledore wasn't. The meddler would be sure to recognise Harry Potter immediately.

It wasn't until they were in the safety of Gringotts did they pull together. The goblins were a suspicious people and refused to allow photography on their premises. Lucius knew that they had recording devices monitoring who came and went to prevent break-ins and catch thieves but they wouldn't let wizards record the way.

'I've set up a meeting with the Head of Gringotts,' Lucius told Harry. 'Considering this is a matter of thievery something that the take very seriously.'

Harry nodded, 'I've read the entrance sign,' Harry said dryly. 'And with Binns going on and on about Goblin Rebellions well I wouldn't want to be on a goblin's bad side.'

'Just be respectful,' Lucius advised.

'Aren't I always?' asked Harry cheekily.

'I'll choose not to answer that,' replied Lucius with a smirk.

'I'm here for a meeting with King Ragnok the Second,' Lucius told the teller.

The teller looked slightly surprised but summoned a lower employee who nodded. The goblin motioned for them to follow them. Unlike the rough, hewn cave like structures that led to the vaults this side of things was all done in marble and gold. Harry who had lived in a cupboard for the first ten years of his life couldn't help but gape.

'You're gaping,' Lucius told him.

Harry quickly shut his mouth where he scowled at his older lover who was smirking at him. They were lead through a beautiful mahogany door which made Harry wonder why goblins of such small stature needed a door that was the size of Hagrid. But he felt that to voice that thought would be rude. On the door in gold said Ragnok.

Behind a desk of mahogany was a relatively young goblin Harry thought considering his hair was still rich black that fell in raves down the plum coloured velvet he wore. His black eyes were sharp though. He dismissed their guide and turned to the two wizards before him.

'Lord Malfoy,' Ragnok intoned respectfully.

'King Ragnok,' Lucius bowed his head respectfully.

Harry copied his lover not knowing anything about goblin customs so following the Pure-Blood's example. The goblin king didn't look offended so Harry guessed he must have done something right. He didn't ask who Harry was and Harry guessed he must have somehow known.

'Heir Potter,' the goblin intoned. 'Now to what do I owe a visit from two wizards such as yourselves?'

'I have recently found out that I own more than just my trust vault,' Harry began.

'And you were not made aware of it before now?' asked Ragnok sharply leaning forward. 'We shall, of course, hope to correct this oversight.'

'I'm not sure how much of an oversight it was,' Lucius said delicately.

'Are you implying that Gringotts deliberately kept Heir Potter in the dark Lord Malfoy?' asked the goblin dangerously.

It was only now that Harry noticed the silver sword encrusted in rubies on the hilt and scabbard. Harry remembered that the goblins were a warrior race by nature. Harry tensed up but Lucius looked calm.

'It has come to my attention that wizards have been receiving income from Heir Potter's private vaults without his permission,' Lucius said darkly.

'This is a very serious charge,' the goblin king said darkly. 'We shall of course see if there is any truth in the matter. Who is the Manager of your vaults?' he demanded of Harry.

'I don't know,' Harry said nervously.

'You have never met anyone?' the goblin demanded.

'Just the tellers and Griphook who lead me to my vault,' Harry said nervously.

Ragnok did not look please but Harry didn't think his anger was directed towards Harry. Ragnok must have summoned a goblin because suddenly a goblin appeared at the door. Harry waited with baited breath.

'I would like the records of all the vaults that Heir Harry Potter has access to,' Ragnok told the goblin.

The goblin bowed low and their silence in the office until the goblin made his way back with a large file which Ragnok dropped a bit of his blood onto. Ragnok began reading through the files a scowl on his face getting angrier by the second.

'Apprehend Manager Godbod,' ordered Ragnok. 'There will be an immediate investigation into those vaults he manages.'

'It seems you were right Lord Malfoy,' Ragnok didn't seem happy about this. 'There has been serious embezzlement from the vaults that are solely Heir Potter's to several parties including Lord Dumbledore, Mrs Molly Weasley, Mister Ronald Weasley, Miss Ginevra Weasley and Miss Hermione Granger and a bird watchers club.'

'Wait Dumbledore's a lord?' asked Harry. 'Why does he need money? And what's the bird watchers club?'

'I imagine that's the Order of the Phoenix,' Lucius snorted, 'Dumbledore's band of loyal followers that fought against the Dark Lord. Your mother was part of it right from school and your father betrayed us to them around the time you were conceived.'

'Wait dad was a Death Eater?' asked Harry in shock.

'He was,' agreed Lucius. 'The Dark Lord was furious at his betrayal more than any other betrayal.'

'Is that why Voldemort came after us?' asked Harry softly.

'I believe so,' agreed Lucius.

'So what about the Dumbledore money?' Harry asked again once recovering from his shock.

'I cannot answer questions on other clients' accounts,' Ragnok told him sternly answering Harry's question.

Lucius was used to reading between the lines, 'I take it the Dumbledore fortune isn't prospering.'

'Now what is your plan of action?' asked Ragnok ignoring Lucius' question.

Harry had been thinking of this for a while. As much as Harry wanted the whole world to know what had happened Harry had a feeling that right now Dumbledore would be able to weasel his way out by stating "For the Greater Good".

'If we were to make this public would Dumbledore use his popularity to get out of trouble?' asked Harry.

Ragnok was mildly impressed with the young wizard's reasoning. Before now he had felt that the Potter heir was leaning on Lord Malfoy's knowledge but apparently the boy was smarter than Ragnok had given him credit for.

'I believe so,' agreed Ragnok.

'Then I want you to demand Dumbledore, the Weasleys and Granger to pay back what they owe with interest. That will seriously damage them financially until such a time comes when Dumbledore does something that damages his reputation so we can move in on that. Until then I plan to be gathering evidence on Dumbledore which will only work if Dumbledore still believes I am completely loyal to him meaning you have to make it look like you found out about the embezzlement on your own and I still have no idea about it,' Harry said.

Lucius was impressed with his lover. Lucius had always known that the young man was intelligent and a real snake despite the colours he wore but his plan would cripple the Light side, the Weasleys and Dumbledore. Dumbledore would no longer be able to pay people to vote for his acts or have access to the Potter seats.

'That would be easier enough to do,' Ragnok agreed, 'especially as Dumbledore's claimed Magical Guardianship over you despite that your sire is still alive.'

'Wait dad's still alive?' asked Harry in shock. 'Where is he? Why did he leave me?' Harry said in betrayal.

Lucius heard this too but he knew that there was a difference between sire and father. The father was in heterosexual couples whilst the sire was in homosexual couples. Lucius himself had two fathers.

'You said sire, not father,' Lucius said. 'I take it Lily Evans isn't Harry's mother?'

'Indeed,' agreed Ragnok. 'The Ministry is where births are registered by the parents but every time a child is born of a titled family a true birth certificate will appear which the family manager will keep until the child turns seventeen or the Head of House orders the certificate to be destroyed. Unless of course the child dies before they come of age.'

The goblin king slid a roll of parchment that despite being sixteen and a half years old looked in pristine condition. Harry could only assume that it was magic that kept it that way. Harry stared at it for a while not taking in what the parchment said.

Beside Harry Lucius Malfoy paled more than his usual pale skin was. The Dark Lord was going to destroy him. It suddenly explained to the Lucius why the Dark Lord took James' betrayal so much worse than any of the other betrayals like Regulus Black's.

Name: Hadrian Salazar Slytherin

Sire: Lord Thomas Marvolo Slytherin previously Tom Marvolo Riddle

Bearer: Lord James Charlus Potter

D.O.B.: 31.07.1980

Time of Birth: 23:57

'That's impossible,' Harry whispered. 'They're both males.'

'Powerful wizards are able to get pregnant,' Lucius informed the Muggle raised boy.

Harry paled, 'but we've-'

'I've been using a contraceptive charm,' Lucius informed the boy.

Harry relaxed, 'but Voldemort killed my dad. He can't be my father, he just can't be!'

'The records do not lie,' Ragnok told them.

Harry seemed to be struggling with this new information. Harry wasn't the only one there. He'd been worried about the Dark Lord finding out before but he had been planning to spin the seducing Harry Potter to the dark side but now…. The Dark Lord would kill him. He'd taken the Dark Lord's only son and heir's virginity!

'The Dark Lord wasn't planning on killing your father,' Lucius sighed. 'Any other traitor would have been dead within days but your father lasted two years. From what I heard the Dark Lord was planning to enact revenge by killing the traitor's Mudblood whore and bastard.'

'Then why did he?' asked Harry.

'I don't know,' sighed Lucius.

'Would me being Voldemort's son contribute any to my survival?' asked Harry.

Ragnok nodded, 'it is impossible for a parent to harm a child using magic. It would have backfired on him.'

'Why didn't he die?' asked Harry quietly.

'The Dark Lord took measures to keep himself alive until his task was done,' Lucius explained. 'He didn't tell us what these measures were only that they weren't worth the price and the burden of doing so.'

'What vaults does Harry own or have access to?' asked Lucius.

'Through James Potter's side he is Heir Apparent to Ambrosius, Gryffindor and Potter Houses,' Ragnok told them. 'And through the Lord Slytherin he is the Heir to the Le Fay, Slytherin and Peverell houses. Also, through his godfather he is Heir to the Black House.'

'Seven houses,' Lucius shook his head. 'No wonder Dumbledore wants you on his side.'

'Do you think he knows?' asked Harry.

'Most likely,' Lucius agreed. 'But it does mean you're not the prophecy child.'

'The prophecy child?' asked Harry.

'In 1979 about a month before James betrayed us a prophecy was made saying that the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord would be born to those who have thrice defied him at the end of July,' explained Lucius. 'I hadn't realised that James had thrice defied the Dark Lord but I'm guessing that the Dark Lord must have tried to get James back.'

'Why did James suddenly leave after the prophecy was made?' asked Harry.

Lucius frowned, 'can you check for mind altering potions and spells?'

'All is needed is a bit of your blood,' Ragnok told them.

Harry held out his hand which the goblin pricked. He added the blood to a potion which he poured over a piece of blank parchment. Harry watched as words began to form on the parchment meaning that he had spells and/or potions on him.

Glamour Charm Administered on 1st August 1980

'Probably to give you some of Evans' looks,' Lucius noted.

Amicitia Potion to Ronald Weasley Administered on 1st September 1991

Amicitia Potion to Albus Dumbledore Administered on 1st September 1991

Inimictia Potion to Draco Malfoy Administered on 1st September 1991

Inimictia Potion to Severus Snape Administered on 1st September 1991

Lucius told him that the Amicitia potion was a potion that initiated feelings of friendship in the drinker and the Inimictia initiated feelings of hated in the drinker which explained why he always felt that Snape was up to no good and was willing to die for Hermione or Ron.

The same potions were administered in November which Lucius informed him was because they only stayed in the blood stream for 28 days. Harry wondered if they were still in his blood stream now which wasn't a happy thought. November was the same but with one addition.

Amicitia Potion to Hermione Granger Administered on 1st November 1991

Again December had him with the same potions. The only change was that he also had an Obliviate charm performed on him on the days he visited the Mirror of Erised which he couldn't understand why.

'What happened on those days?' asked Lucius.

'I found the Mirror of Erised,' Harry admitted.

'The Mirror of Erised is in Hogwarts?' asked Lucius surprised. 'What did you see?'

'My family,' admitted Harry with a blush.

Who did you see?' asked Lucius.

'My mother – err Lily – and father waving at me,' Harry admitted. 'And so many relatives waving back at me.'

'You must have seen the Dark Lord in the mirror,' Lucius said.

'But I didn't know that he was my father?' frowned Harry.

'But your magic would have recognised him as your sire that night,' Lucius said. 'Thus, it would have shown you the Dark Lord. After all you didn't know what your ancestors looked like either.'

'I didn't know what my parents looked like,' Harry muttered loud enough for Lucius to hear him. 'And I would have told Ron what I'd seen,' groaned Harry. 'No wonder Dumbledore found me the next night. We even had a talk about what I saw in the mirror. I'm such an idiot.'

'You were thirteen and you had potions to make you trust him,' Lucius reminded Harry.

Harry nodded but didn't seem to believe Lucius. Things continued in the same vein with the Amicitia and Inimictia potions until May where an Inimictia was added for making him hate Voldemort. The same was in June except there was also an obliviate on the day he met Voldemort and a spell to encourage bravery.

'Something else happened in the dungeons,' Harry said bitterly. 'I met Voldemort on that day,' Harry explained. 'And as for the bravery spell. I'm not surprised before I came to Hogwarts I was more focused on my survival than anything else but soon as I came to Hogwarts I became reckless. I'm just glad that nobody thought to give me Inimictia against you.'

'Dumbledore probably thought that having one against Draco and the Dark Lord were enough,' Lucius suggested. 'And that my own hatred for the boy who destroyed the Dark Lord would do the rest.'

There was an obedience spell at the end of term. That didn't surprise Harry considering he would never willingly go back to the Dursleys. An Amicitia potion was added for Molly Weasley in the August.

'Is there any way to get rid of the potions?' asked Harry.

'A purging potion,' Ragnok said.

'I'll have Severus make one,' Lucius told him.

'Is he on Dumbledore's side?' asked Harry.

'That is a good question,' admitted Lucius. 'But I'll make him swear an unbreakable vow before he knows the truth.'

'Do you think dad was on potions?' asked Harry.

'It would make a lot of sense,' Lucius said darkly.

'I just can't believe it,' Harry said. 'I thought they were my friends but all the time they've been drugging, stealing and using me!'

'Can I take a copy of the potions and the embezzlement?' asked Harry. 'For when it is possible to destroy Dumbledore,' then he frowned. 'If this got to court would Dumbledore use his name against me as the son of Lord Voldemort?'

'Definitely,' Lucius agreed.

'How the hell am I going to speak to Voldemort about this?' asked Harry.

'You'll figure something out,' Lucius told him.

'Is it possible for me to emancipated?' asked Harry.

Ragnok shook his head, 'there is no way to become emancipated as your magic reaches maturity on your seventeenth birthday. It is only then that you are an adult in the eyes of the Wizarding World.'

They continued speaking employing a new goblin as Harry's bank manager. Blackclaw who was Lucius' manager and Lucius recommended him. Harry who knew very little about the workings of Gringotts or the names of any goblins was very happy to agree.

Once they were outside in Diagon Alley Harry thanked Lucius as they made their way to the Apparation Spot where they would return to Malfoy Manor whilst Lucius summoned Snape and explained the situation.