Decisions to be Made

Severus was brewing hyperthermia solutions for Madam Pomfrey because when the matron couldn't get the Headmaster to change his mind about the second task she had decided to prepare for the worst. Or in other words make Severus prepare for the worst.

That was when Lucius fire called him telling him that something urgent had occurred. Severus sighed he knew he would have to answer the Malfoy Lord's call. Severus put his cauldrons in stasis and left for Malfoy Manor through the Floo network.

Severus knew he would have to answer the Headmaster's questions about what Lucius wanted at a later date. At this point Severus didn't know if he would tell the Headmaster about what Lucius wanted. He would have to decide whether or not it was about the brat.

Severus although the Headmaster's spy still believed in the Dark ideals so he didn't tell the headmaster most things. However, he wanted Lily's son to survive even if he was the traitor's whelp so he informed the headmaster when events would affect the boy.

Severus and James had actually made up in their few years in service to the Dark Lord. James had been higher up than Severus but that didn't surprise Severus considering James was a Pure-Blood and a high ranking member of the Auror Corps.

Things were going well on the Dark side. There were battles and skirmishes and murders but all in all it was mainly political manoeuvring especially by people like him who were titled. But then James Potter betrayed them to the Light and all hell broke loose.

The Dark Lord wanted revenge. He assassinated whole families of those who were loyal to the Light. He began torturing those who had once been his closest friends and allies. This was the year that most of the Order died in cold blood.

There had been Order and Ministry deaths before but only in battle situations. Severus still didn't know what had changed about one traitor. Then the Dark Lord went to kill Harry Potter and Lily Evans and drag the traitor back to explain why exactly he betrayed them once and for all.

Severus couldn't allow Lily to die despite the fact that she had joined Dumbledore. Severus wasn't surprised considering that she had been indoctrinated by Dumbledore from stepping foot into Hogwarts. And unlike the Slytherins she never saw how biased Dumbledore was. Nor how stuck in the past and unwilling to embrace change he was but he didn't want her die so he signed himself over to Dumbledore.

Severus didn't know what had happened. All he knew that both Lily and Potter were dead and Voldemort had fallen leaving Harry Potter orphaned. Severus was forced to swear to protect the traitor's whelp and he wanted to for his dead best friend.

He never blamed the Dark Lord. Not really; she had married a traitor and had been fighting with the Light and caused a lot of damage to their side. He blamed Potter for dragging her down with him and Dumbledore for coercing her to the Light.

'Lucius,' Severus greeted coolly.

'I would ask you what side you are really on but I know that it won't work,' Lucius told him, 'once a spy always a spy. So what I ask you to do is to swear the Unbreakable Vow to never reveal what I am about to tell you without my, the Dark Lord or the Dark Lord's heir permission.'

That stopped Severus in his tracks. The Dark Lord had an heir? Where had he been since his father's fall? But he knew he wouldn't get any where without swearing the vow. And he needed the information to sate his own curiosity.

'Do you Severus Tobias Snape, Lord of the Prince House, swear to never reveal the information about to be revealed to you through mouth, writing or any actions you might take without the explicate permission of myself Lucius Abraxas Malfoy Lord of the Malfoy House, the Dark Lord Thomas Marvolo Slytherin, or the Dark Lord's Heir Hadrian Salazar Slytherin.'

'I Severus Tobias Snape, Lord of the Prince House swear on my life and my magic not to reveal this information the information that is about to be revealed to me through mouth, writing or any actions you might take without the explicate permission of Lucius Abraxas Malfoy Lord of the Malfoy House, the Dark Lord Thomas Marvolo Slytherin, or the Dark Lord's Heir Hadrian Salazar Slytherin.'

'I need you to make a Purging Potion,' Lucius said.

Severus raised his eyebrows, 'may I inquire as to whom for?'

'For me,' a familiar voice said.

Snape turned around to see the slender form of Harry James Potter lounging against the door frame. Severus could feel nervousness come from his thanks to his powerful Legimency abilities but if it hadn't been for that he would have never have guessed that the boy was nervous.

'Potter,' snarled Severus.

'Severus,' Lucius said warningly. 'There are things you don't understand.'

'Don't tell me you're fucking,' Snape sniped.

He had been joking so it shocked him when Potter flushed slightly and suddenly found his feet very interesting. Lucius' expression didn't change much but Severus had known the man for almost twenty four years. Lucius Malfoy was scared! Lucius Malfoy didn't get scared unless he had done something to displease the Dark Lord. True enough sleeping with the bloody Boy Who Lived wasn't the wisest move but Lucius was slippery as an eel. It would be only too easy for Lucius to convince the Dark Lord that he had been attempting to sway the boy from the Light.

'Oh great,' muttered Severus. 'Just the image I needed. I still don't get why you need a Purging Potion. Have your fans,' Severus sneered, 'been slipping you love potions.'

'No,' Potter said harshly, 'though they probably would have if I'd waited much longer,' Potter muttered darkly.

Here Lucius handed him a piece of parchment with the Gringotts crest on it. His eyes widened as he saw what the piece of parchment contained. He watched as the boy glowered at the parchment in a way very reminiscent of the Dark Lord.

'It will take a week for the potion to be ready,' Severus said nervously. 'Are you going to go to the Ministry about Dumbledore?' asked Severus.

'I'd like to,' sighed Potter looking old. 'But they'd never choose me over Dumbledore. Not with Dumbledore's nifty ace up his sleeve.'

'The public love The Boy Who Lived,' sneered Severus.

'They love Albus Dumbledore too,' reminded Potter.

'It would be a close contest,' agreed Severus.

Potter shook his head and slid a smaller piece of parchment that Severus recognised as a birth certificate of a child of a titled family. Severus guessed it was the boy's. Then he realised what he meant by Dumbledore's ace and why a glamourie had been placed over the boy.

Name:Hadrian Salazar Slytherin

Sire:Lord Thomas Marvolo Slytherin previously Tom Marvolo Riddle

Bearer:Lord James Charlus Potter


Time of Birth:23:57

'Do you see why the Wizagamonot would find Dumbledore not guilty,' Potter or was is Slytherin now said bitterly. 'Dumbledore would claim what he did was for the greater good,' Pot-Slytherin sneered. 'He'd make them think that he was doing all this to control me and influence me away from the Dark so that I didn't follow in my father's footsteps.'

'What are you going to do?' ask Severus.

'Bide my time,' the boy replied. 'Wait till Dumbledore cock's up so that is reputation is shot. Then I'll inform the Ministry of the embezzlement of the Potter fortunes and the illegal spells and potions use.'

'How very Slytherin,' commented Severus drily.

'The Sorting Hat wanted me in Slytherin,' the boy said brightly. 'If hadn't met Weasley,' Harry said bitterly. 'Dumbledore set this all up,' the Heir of Voldemort told him, 'had my first contacts in the Wizarding World to be Hagrid and Weasley,' apparently the sound of his once best friend left a sour taste in his mouth, 'who took no time in telling me that all Slytherins are evil and killed my brave Gryffindor parents. Add that to the numerous loyalty potions that were already in my system by the Sorting ceremony is it any wonder that I ended up in Gryffindor. And now I'm stuck pretending I have no idea what they're up to until the opportune moment comes. Is there any way to get my memories back?'

'No,' Lucius told him. 'The obliviate will completely wipe the memory from your mind. Unless you can get the memory from somewhere else then it will stay gone. What memory do you want?'

'The Memory charms from third year,' the boy replied with a confused scowl.

'There were a lot of them,' commented Lucius frowning wondering what he had found out.

'They coincided with every time I came into contact with Dementors,' the boy explained. 'They make me relive my par – dad and Lily's deaths. Lucius said he wasn't planning to kill dad. What if he didn't? I just want to know what happened.'

'He wiped your mind every time you came into contact with a Dementor,' Severus frowned.

'Yeah, so,' the said non comprehending.

'That means that he wiped you remembering rather than the memory itself,' explained Severus.

'Why?' asked the boy.

'The memory of Potter's and Lily's death is in subconscious breaching the subconscious is dangerous for the victim. Dumbledore didn't want you to end up like Lockhart so kept removing that memory rather than removing the actual memory,' Severus theorised.

'Does that mean it would be possible to find the original memory?' asked Slytherin.

'Learning Occlumency will allow you to access your subconscious so that you should be able to find memories in the subconscious,' Severus said.

'Occlumency?' asked Potter's son.

'The guarding one's mind from external penetration,' Severus said.

Severus was forced to stop and glower at the teenaged son of Lord Voldemort who had begun snickering. This was the reason why Severus hated teenagers. They had a one track mind. And this was Voldemort's son! Severus supposed he was Potter's son too.

'What kind of external penetration are we talking about?' asked the boy trying to keep a straight face.

'Legimency,' Severus said. 'Muggles would refer to it as mind reading but the mind is far too complex to be described as a book. It is more like stepping through into a foreign land without a map.'

'So Occlumency will help me find out how dad died,' Potter's son said eagerly.

'I was planning to teach you anyway,' Lucius admitted.

'It would be prudent,' Severus agreed.

'Let me guess Dumbledore knows Legimency,' the boy scowled.

'Indeed,' Severus agreed. 'I think it would be prudent for me to teach you as we wouldn't want the two of you to get distracted.'

At this point Hadrian Slytherin known as Harry Potter flushed once again. Lucius looked away. Severus didn't blame him. Severus would hate to be in Lucius Malfoy's shoes when the Dark Lord found out that he had been fooling around the Dark Lord's long lost son. And the Dark Lord would find out. It would be better to find out from Lucius than from another source.

'We could do that in detention,' the boy once again shocking Severus with his knowledge. 'Dumbledore wouldn't be surprised that you were giving me a detention for nothing. It wouldn't be the first time,' he also muttered under his breath.

'Indeed,' agreed Severus.

'Shouldn't you be getting back?' asked Lucius. 'Your friends won't believe Severus won't believe you were in detention all day.'

'You'd be surprised,' Slytherin muttered darkly.

He apparently agreed with Lucius as he gave the blonde man a passionate kiss before taking out a necklace with the Malfoy crest on it that Harry was right to keep hidden as it would lead to awkward questions. Severus raised an eyebrow at Lucius who just shrugged.

'Portus,' the boy left.

The boy vanished back to Hogwarts. Severus would keep an eye on him for the Dark Lord's sake if nothing else. He knew that if Dumbledore was ever to discover that Voldemort's son had found out the truth about his heritage Dumbledore would never let him leave alive.

Lucius meanwhile had retrieved O'Keaffles Irish Whiskey. Severus knew that Lucius only drank it when he was stressed about something. The first time was when he was eighteen, newly graduated from Hogwarts and about to married off to Narcissa Black. The other time was after they had been pardoned for being Death Eaters.

'Severus I took the Dark Lord's son's virginity,' Lucius said desperately.

'Drinking isn't going to solve anything,' Severus remarked as he had all the other times Lucius was in this state.

'What am I going to do?' demanded Lucius. 'You saw how he got when James left. How he began treating the Light side. What is he going to do to me?'

'You were ignorant of who the boy was,' Severus reminded Lucius.

'That's going to help,' snorted Lucius.

'You got him away from the Light,' Severus reminded him.

Severus was disgusted at what the Light was doing; pitting a father against a son, making them hate each other, go to war with each other and all for the greater good. What would have happened to the boy after he defeated Voldemort? They'd never allow the son of the Dark Lord any place in their Light society. Thank Merlin Lucius had found out.

'How did you realise that Dumbledore was stealing from the boy?' asked Severus.

'Harry,' Lucius said simply. 'He overheard Weasley and the Mudblood talking.'

'Lucius,' Severus reprimanded sharply.

Lucius nodded wearily at his old friend still trying to figure out what to do. He could divorce Narcissa. Narcissa wouldn't mind as she was sleeping with a Greek wizard that Lucius forgot the name of. That's where she was at the moment. The only time that Narcissa was home was in the holidays and that was for Draco. Lucius and Narcissa got on well enough but as friends not lovers. Draco's conception had been the biggest relief in their lives when they could finally stop having awkward sex.

He could then start courting Harry. In Death Eater ranks courting the son of the Dark Lord would give him great respect. If he could only convince Harry and the Dark Lord that he wanted Harry for Harry and not for any benefits then that would be the best plan. Voldemort wasn't back yet so he had time to decide the best plan of action.

'What are your feelings towards the boy?' Severus asked breaking into Lucius' reverie. 'Aside from lust of course,' Severus sneered. 'If they are just based on lust you should end it before the Dark Lord returns.'

'I don't like his numerous scars nor the fact his so called friends betrayed him,' Lucius remembered the distraught boy he had held.

'So you care for him?' asked Severus. 'And what scars?'

'He didn't tell me where they came from,' Lucius replied. 'But I've been the one to heal you enough to know where they came from.'

Severus gritted his teeth, 'are you saying that the Dark Lord's only son is being abused?' demanded Severus.

'Apparently,' Lucius agreed.

'This just keeps getting better and better. You seduced the Dark Lord's long lost fourteen year old son who has been physically abused so will be pining for any sort of affection,' Severus groaned.

'He seduced me,' muttered Lucius.

'How do you think the Dark Lord will see it?' demanded Severus. 'And I thought Harry Potter had a knack for trouble.'

'How much of that do you think was manipulated by Dumbledore?' asked Lucius.

'Too much,' Severus said grimly. 'A good deal of the memory charms and obedience spells were used around the time around when the boy and the Dark Lord met.'

'What do you think really went down?' asked Lucius.

'Not what Dumbledore said,' replied Severus.

'Keep an eye on him,' Lucius requested.

'The Dark Lord would have my head if I didn't,' replied Severus.

'That would make two of us,' Lucius said darkly.

'I'm not the one having an affair with the Dark Lord's son,' Severus shook his head.

'What are you going to tell Dumbledore?' asked Lucius.

'That you're worrying about the Dark Mark getting stronger,' Severus replied. 'Dumbledore won't be surprised as Karkaroff has already spoken to me about it.'

Severus turned and left Lucius to his drinking. Arriving back in his quarters he was unsurprised to see Dumbledore sitting on his favourite armchair reading a magazine on knitting patterns. Dumbledore folded it away as soon as he saw the potions' master.

'Ah Severus,' smiled Dumbledore. 'What did Lucius want?'

'His mark is getting stronger,' Severus said. 'He's worried about what the Dark Lord will do when he returns as Lucius hasn't been looking for the Dark Lord. I fear he might start looking for the Dark Lord?'

'Keep an eye on him,' Dumbledore instructed.

'Of course, Headmaster,' Severus said coolly.

'That's all he wanted?' asked Dumbledore.

'We also spoke about Draco, Narcissa, his lover and how much he would like to see you brought down a peg or two,' Severus said drily. 'But I felt no need to go into Lucius Malfoy's personal life.'

'Any idea what the Dark Lord is planning?' asked Severus.

'Aside from it involving Harry none,' Dumbledore sighed. 'I do worry about him.'

Severus felt disgusted with the old manipulative bastard. Worry? When was that when he separated his two fathers and sent the Dark Lord down a path of insanity? Or maybe when he sent Voldemort after his own son? Or maybe it was when he sent him to live with abusive relatives. Or maybe it was when he began drugging and controlling the boy? Or maybe it was when he forced him to fight to the death against his own father!

Severus didn't trust himself to say anything so just sneered at the old man. Dumbledore just assumed that he was sneering at his arch nemesis' son. Not realising that when he found out that Potter was actually Slytherin and James hadn't actually betrayed them all to the Light he'd stopped hating him.

The time would come when the world would see Albus Dumbledore as he truly was but that was not today. Today as the young Slytherin Heir had said they would have to bide their time. He wouldn't let anyone know the truth at the moment.

'Harry's a strong lad I'm sure he'll be fine,' Dumbledore said.

But you won't Severus thought. He just hoped that they could teach the boy Occlumency and fast. He suspected he could. After all he was the Dark Lord's son and the Dark Lord was the best Occlumens in the world.

'I'll leave you to your brewing,' Dumbledore said leaving Severus to it.

That night Severus watched the boy and his "friends" at dinner. There didn't seem to be anything amiss with the three of them. Granger scolded the boys. Weasley ate with his mouth hanging open. Granger looked disgusted and began scolding him. Hadrian Slytherin kept the peace between the two of them. The Weasley girl flirted with him not realising that she was the wrong gender for him. Severus could see what Slytherin meant when he said that if they'd waited much longer he'd have been fed love potions.

He and Lucius needed to get into contact with the Dark Lord before the Dark Lord attempted to murder his son again. If that even was what had happened in the first place considering Dumbledore was not to be trusted and the Potter heir's memory had been seriously tampered with.

Severus couldn't help but wonder who else was aware of this apart from Dumbledore. The Weasleys? Did they know who the boy they were thieving from was? Because if they did then they were blood suicidal when the Dark Lord found out who was responsible for keeping both his lover and his son from him they were dead.

Plus the Weasleys were exceptionally biased when it came to all things Dark so he doubted that they'd have let the Slytherin boy into their shack if they had known who his father was! He knew they wanted his money but not at the price of their children.

He caught side of Moody drinking from his hip flask. He wouldn't put it past Moody to pull a stunt like this. And the man was good at masking his emotions so it could have been him. Hell it could have been the whole Order for all he knew.

They wouldn't have told him knowing that the one thing that kept him on their side was Lily Evans' son. They would know if he knew that the boy he had sworn to protect wasn't Lily's then he wouldn't be on their side which was why this had be kept a secret from all.

Then a horrifying thought occurred. Did Lily know? Severus had always thought Lily was the kindest, most compassionate girl and then woman he could have ever met. If it came out that Lily knew all along Severus didn't know what he would do.

Severus didn't trust as a rule but this had made things so much more complicated than they were before and that was saying something when he was working for a side who hated him, who he hated and disagreed with their ideals.

There had to be a way to usurp Dumbledore and discredit his Order without him letting the world know that the Boy Who Lived was You Know Who's Son which would only alienate the boy further than when it had been revealed he was a Parselmouth. The boy's ability certainly made a lot more sense now. Maybe he'd be a natural at Occlumency and Legimency as his father was.

He saw the so called Golden Trio get up to leave and positioned himself in front of the door so that Slytherin had no choice but to walk into him. The boy glared at him angrily but Severus could tell he was acting.

'Didn't anyone ever tell you to look where you were going,' Severus said dangerously. 'Detention Tuesday seven O'clock.'

'Yes, sir,' the boy said scowling.

Severus watched as Granger nudged the Weasley boy. The Weasley boy looked confused for a second but then responded much to Severus' disgust. How could children be corrupted like this so that they were willing to befriend an abused child for fame and fortune?

'That's not fair-'began Weasley.

'Mister Weasley,' Severus said coolly. 'Hold your tongue unless you want to join Mister Potter on detention!'

'Ronald,' hissed the scolding voice of Hermione Granger.

Weasley shut up and Voldemort's son left but not before Severus could see the pain on the boy's face. He had obviously seen the manipulations of Granger and the actions of Weasley. Severus shook his head hopefully the boy would find true friends at some point.