I remembered my life like it started today. I remembered my first day of life as a child. I went to an island known as Mafune Island. From there, I met a delinquent named Garai as he takes me hostage to a cave and molested me. As we left, we saw the inhabitants of the island are dead. It must have the gas known as MW being released there. We became the only survivors there. However, I got affected by that gas, destroying my conscience and driving me insane. As we go on with our lives, our paths are different. Garai has become a priest while I become a charismatic, yet amoral criminal. I learned it was his mission to find me redemption; however, I'm not interested so I just torment him of our homosexual relationship.

As of now, he's dead. He died sacrificing himself to foil my plan of gassing the entire world with MW, the same gas that turned me into the way I am. Despite that, I escaped justice by impersonating my older brother who looks just like me.

Now that they're dead, what should I do? The answer? Go on with my life until the day I died.

First, I'm going to kill Mr. Nakata. Yeah, that's what I'll do. However, now that I revealed myself to him that I killed his daughter, my own wife, I have to enter the building in a disguise. That disguise I'm going to wear is obviously a woman. As I know of, I used to wear woman's clothes when my brother and I acted in Kabuki films. I hid behind an alley as I kidnap some woman and kill her. With a knife, I cut off her hair for a wig. Her clothes consist of a white t-shirt, skinny pants, and sneakers. Before I put on the shirt, I stick two rocks to my chest, just for her breast size. As I put on the shirt, my disguise is complete. However, I need a weapon so I have to buy a gun. I went to a nearby gun store and used the wallet of the woman I killed to buy one. I'm ready for my mission.

I went to Nakata's apartment in that disguise. I knocked on the door, and he answered it.

"Yes?" he said, not recognizing me.

"Can we have a talk, Mr. Nakata?" I said in a girly voice. I'm sure he can be easily fooled by this. As he made a gesture of letting me in, I guess that's a yes. I went to look at a window, ready for my gun.

"What is it you want to talk about, miss?"

I replied pointing a gun to him. "It's murder."

I shot him two times in the chest as he fell off the ground. What an old man that he is. Look at him, he's struggling for life. Too bad that death will come for him.

"Why?" he said looking at me with those dull looking eyes. I decided to make a reply for him. Maybe I should show him it's me before he dies. So I took off the wig, finally revealing myself to him. He sure is shock by this. "Michio?"

"Yes, my father-in-law. It's me. You should have read my letter by now that I killed your daughter. If you really love her, then die," I said in my normal voice, pointing my gun to his head.

"You monster!" those are the last words he'll said as I shot him in the head. He's dead. It looks like I killed all the corrupt politicians involved with the MW. I decided to make his death a suicide so I find a notepad on his table and started to write a suicide note. Once finish, I placed it on his hand. Now it's time for me to get into men's clothes. However, the clothes Nakata has is too big for me so I hid to the elevator, waiting for a man with a business suit to come to me. A man comes to the elevator. As the door closes, I killed him and took his clothes for me to wear. I got rid of the body by putting it on the top of the elevator.

As the door opens, I was happy that I killed all those corrupt politicians involved with the MW. I guess it's time for me to go on with my life until I die.