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Harry graduated with outstanding results, along with Hermione, and they were the top two students in their year. Harry got to be a prefect and was fair in his dealings with the younger students, and they liked him as a leader. He didn't get to be Head Boy, however, because that went to Draco Malfoy. The professors saw how Draco changed and wanted to give him a chance for which he was grateful. Harry was glad for his once arch-enemy, and Draco did redeem himself and surprised the whole school. Hermione Granger became Head Girl and while she and Draco were not friends, they were at least on speaking terms and had peace between them. Alicia and Angelina had graduated two years before, and Katie one year before. They too were the top students in their years. Alicia and Angelina went back to Hogwarts to help coach the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

During the summer after Harry graduated, Harry and his lovers visited their parents for a nice meal and conversations. He asked the parents if he can marry them, and they gave him their blessings because they liked him a lot. They heard how he protected them and how the girls loved him, and how he took them on holidays to different places.

So with the parents' blessings, Harry took his lovers out for a romantic dinner and a nice evening. During the evening, he took them to the local park, and first held Katie Bell's hand, got on his knee and said, "Katie, from the first time we met and had a nice conversation, I loved you. You were my first love and for that I am so grateful. I would be more than honoured if you will be my wife and Lady Potter. Will you marry me?"

Katie had tears in her eyes and hugged him fiercely, kissing him passionately. "YES Harry, YES a thousand times I will marry you!" With that, Katie felt the Potter ring on her hand and became Lady Potter.

He repeated the process with Angelina and Alicia, and they cried and hugged him and kissed him passionately. Angelina became Harry's wife and Lady Peverell, while Alicia also became his wife and Lady Emrys. They shared a group hug and the final act was that the three girls proposed to each other and accepted each other as wives.

There was a small ceremony at Hogwarts during the summer which Madam Bones was happy to conduct. As a good gesture, Harry invited the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge and his new Undersecretary, Rufus Scrimgeour. The girls' parents were there along with Sirius Black, Narcissa and Draco, and the students at Hogwarts. The formal ceremony recognised Katie Bell as Lady Potter, Angelina Johnson as Lady Peverell and Alicia Spinnet as Lady Emrys. There were congratulations all around and the night was fantastic, where it all ended well for the quartet. The girls were also married to each other as sister-wives and were glad that they had their future together without any dark lord or dangerous minion out there.

Harry became an Auror at the Ministry, and a top Auror as well. He worked for about six years, resigned and was offered the defence post at Hogwarts and agreed to take it. He would now be with his wives every day and they would all enjoy rounds of lovemaking. Harry was very competent in defence and the students loved him, and he was fair and just with everyone. He even helped the younger students with their spells and patronus charms. The professors loved him as well, and there was peace between him and Snape.

Severus Snape passed away from a severe stroke, and not even magic could repair that. He did go to Gringotts and the goblins were happy to remove the cursed mark from his arm after explaining to them the situation. Harry paid his respects at his funeral.

Dumbledore also passed away, but his hand was cursed from the ring of Merope Gaunt, and he didn't have long to live anyway. He received greater respect and tributes at his funeral, and professor McGonagall became the headmistress at Hogwarts.

Hermione became a healer and worked with Madam Pomphrey at Hogwarts, and later she married Neville Longbottom. Harry was glad for both of them, and Neville was offered the Herbology post at Hogwarts and took it. He was also the head of Gryffindor house.

Ron Weasley took his dad's position at the Ministry and he married Lavender Brown after they both settled down a bit. Ron became a well-mannered person, but things between him and Harry were never fully repaired and they were no longer best friends, but greeted each other when the opportunity arose.

Ginny also settled and married Dean Thomas. She played Quidditch for the Harpies and was an excellent chaser and helped win the English league. Dean became a reporter for the Daily Prophet and did a very good and honest job.

Fred and George opened a joke shop and Harry contributed his tri-wizard winnings to help them. The shop became a great success and even Katie, Alicia and Angelina offered to help during the summer periods. Katie was with her wives helping coach the Gryffindor team shortly after graduating. She then played for Puddlemere United for a few seasons and won the league cup, but then returned to Hogwarts. She, along with her wives, took the Flying post from Madam Hooch who retired a happy woman.

Sirius Black got together with Amelia Bones and later married, while Remus Lupin got with Narcissa Black and they too got married. Sirius and Remus both retired but had so much money to live off, but they helped out at times at the Ministry. Speaking of the Ministry, Cornelius Fudge resigned because of old age, and heavily backed Amelia Bones to take over, and she got the position and was very, very good in her role.

Draco improved as time went by and he married Pansy Parkinson. They both took positions at the Ministry and did a good job.

Over time, Harry's wives bore him children. Katie bore him James Sirius Potter and Neville Charles Potter, and a girl who they called Lily Luna Potter. Alicia bore him Sirius Merlin Emrys and Charles Benjamin Emrys. Angelina bore him Katie Alicia Peverell and John Harry Peverell. They were a big happy family and all enjoyed the presence of each other. Harry and his wives continued their lovemaking and sex sessions whenever they could and enjoyed their times together, thinking back on the memories of when they first met Harry and spoke with him. Harry is now very happy with three beautiful wives and lovely children.


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