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Chapter I: The Color Green

Orihime allowed a few more tears to quietly escape her eyes as she gazed down at the young man sleeping soundly in the comfort of his bed with his loving sisters near him, unaware of his friend's presence which only seemed to make her feel relieved and disappointed. She knew well the terms of agreement that were given to her earlier and was aware of the consequences, but even so she couldn't help but hope that maybe he would notice her and help her get out of it. Unfortunately, that would be asking too much and he was in no state to even protect himself at the moment and right now what mattered most was protecting her friends, by doing this she would do just that no matter how painful it was for her to leave and possibly never come back.

'If only I could say good-bye to Tatsuki-chan too...' It was really hard choosing whom to say farewell to considering that the girl has been her friend since forever and Ichigo has always helped her whenever she was in danger; at the very least with him she could silently speak what she has always held inside. Her smile softened as she turned away, stopping for just a moment to get one last look of the scene and save it to memory. Whatever images she holds now may help her for what was to come in the near future.

Standing next to an old tree with its shadow hiding half his body was Ulquiorra waiting patiently and silently for the girl as she made her way towards him with sorrow dimming over her eyes that were currently glued to the floor. He could tell just by her expression and the way her posture was that she had followed through with his orders and made sure she that no one had noticed her sudden disappearance. Now all that remained was one more task to take care of.

"Follow me, we have one more job to complete." He turned swiftly to head down the street into more neighborhoods. The light from the moon was enough to make it seem like the road was no different than a lit hallway. Orihime followed, but she couldn't contain her curiosity as to what other 'job' he had to take care of.

"Is there something else that Aizen needs from the human world?" She asked quietly thinking that her voice, though hidden thanks to the bracelet around her wrist, might disturb those sleeping within the safety of their homes.

"Aizen-sama requires the use of just one more individual that has the ability to see hollows and shinigami alike."

Orihime froze at the mention of someone else, fear enveloped her as she dreadfully began to worry for her friends; she wouldn't be surprised if that person could be Tatsuki, she was strong in all ways and the possibilty of her noticing odd beings prowling around town being chased by people dressed in black slashing their swords around was very high. Sweat began to form at the back of her neck as she ran to catch up to the arrancar that continued down the street with indifference, completely turning a blind eye from her distress.

"But what could Aizen possibly want with someone who can only see you?" She asked hoping she could convince him that no one else was needed.

Ulquiorra only glanced at her, silently wondering why she would bother to try to help the other; should she not be glad that at the very least Aizen has permitted her to have a bit of company with her own kind?

"She has no powers that could even be considered useful for his plans, in fact she's no different than a human who cannot see us. Her place among Aizen-sama's army is to be a trainer to a Vasto Lorde that refuses to surrender itself as a soldier."

"A Vasto Lorde? What is that?"

"It is the top stage at which a hollow can achieve in Hueco Mundo; they are even above the level of a captain and by becoming an arrancar they can be among the ranks of an espada." He suddenly stopped making Orihime almost collide against his back. Before she could ask him anything, she found that they were standing in front of a large building that was most likely an apartment complex. All the lights from each windows were off except for one that was located at the far left. This was definately not Tatsuki's home, or any of her friends' home in general. This was someone that she had probably never met before in her life. Wordlessly Ulquiorra took out another bracelet that was similar to Orihime's only it bore a single small triangle shaped object that connected the ends of the bracelet together and the bracelet itself was purple instead of silver. The center of the triangular bead was black while the lining was a bright yellow. It reminded her of those little beads used by children to make little cute necklaces and bracelets, but now was not the time to think of such things as her escort silently went forth to meet with the new person.


Quietly, so as not to wake her sleeping mother in the next room a young girl with short blonde hair that had a hairclip similar to a toothy grin, gazed at the photo of what looked like a family photo that was positioned at the center of a desk as she rummaged through other things stuffed under her bed all the while minding a fairly large bell that sat near the edge. The hour was late and she knew well that she should have been asleep long ago, but her mind has been restless for the past month.

"Where did you run off to?" She whispered to no one; in her hands was an empty pink lunch box that looked as though something had taken a huge bite at the edge. She glanced out the window, searching the sky to see if she could find her unknown friend that would sometimes hang around and look for something to eat, well to her it looked like it was searching for food.

She could easily remember the first day, or to be precise, the first night she first met that being and she remembered the terrible fright it gave her as well when she had just been laying in her bed wide awake and staring at the moon.

At the time, it was just quiet with a few sounds echoing outside caused by all things normal, such as the stray cats that would roam the streets and the few people that would still be up minding their own business. Only at the time, the outside activities were silent and all that could be heard was the quiet howls of the passing wind. She had thought nothing of it and had tried to force her mind to fall asleep, but there was something that kept her from just doing that. She could feel a pair of unseen eyes staring at her through some part of the night. Had it not been for that strange feeling she would have never wandered from her room to go in the kitchen for a snack.

Quietly she slipped away from her covers to walk over through the dark hall into the kitchen, she had not bothered to flip on the light switch since she knew the kitchen quite well. Her snack was simple although most would prepare a lunch before school in the morning, she was one to have a lunch box every so often whenever something occurred; something bad, something special or sometimes nothing at all and she would just feel hungry. She grabbed the box and went back into her romm to eat and hopefully fall asleep. Never did she think that she would have a visitor drop by at this very hour in the dead of the night.

Her mother and father had long since told her that monsters lurking in the closet or under the bed don't exist and that it was just her imagination, but now when she had just shut the door and turned to her bed, she could think of no other term to give the creature that now sat on her bed with a very big mask hiding it's face. Though it's physic resembled that of a human's it's features were not. Violet feathers adorned its arms with five razor sharp claw over the size of a bears', at the end. From beyond the hollow holes at the sides of its skull, a bright green illuminated through creating a mysterious atmosphere; really, the sight was like that of a sci fi movie.

The being with a bird's skull only cocked its head in slight curiosity of the girl's fear rolling off her in waves and it intrigued him that she could see him.

"Who are you?" She choked out, her hands holding the lunch box trembled making them loosen their hold of the object almost making it fall. The being on her bed spoke nothing as it slowly neared her, the hollow beak opening slightly and she could have sworn if her eyes had not been locked with the green ones, she would have seen a toothy grin beyond the shadows. All that could be heard was the sound of her breathing and the soft ruffling of feathers brushing against her furniture. As the creature inched closer and closer, her fear only increased with each step and it was then that she took notice of the small details like the fangs peeking through the shadow of the mask and the clawed feet that surprisingly made no sound against the floor, but the eyes were what caught most of her attention and before she knew it, the odd being was gone with a single soundless flap of it's wings.

That was the first time she saw something that truely made her wonder if such things as monsters existed, but all she had to proove such a thing was the luch box she was supposed to eat that night only to have it empty with a single giant bite mark. From time to time she would see it outside her window looking at her and she would be certain it would have a grin whenever their eyes met only to have it disappear the next moment. But now, her feathered friend had stopped showing up around town for more than a month; she tried to brush it off as something that was nothing but the bite mark on the lunch box never failed to remind her of that night.

She sighed as she placed the object back where she had grabbed it and made a move to turn off the light. Just as her finger brushed against the switch, a shadow loomed over her and for a moment she was filled with sudden excitement. She thought she would see the bird of the night and swiftly turned to see green eyes stare at her. Her eyes lit with hope dimmed and that smile that was just starting to form fell into a frown of fear and confusion. The eyes she came to know lit up a small part of the dark and were able to put anyone in a trance, but these that bore into her very soul were cold and halting, there was no movement within them and most importantly they were slit like a cat.

Dread came over her again and though it was similar back then with the feathered one, she was fairly certain that this time the owner of these eyes were nothing like the one she knew. This one did not have a large mask but a helmet at the left side of his head and it didn't look like he was interested in any snacks; unlike the other this one meant business.

"You must be Katsuragi Yako, am I correct?"

The one known as Yako could only nod stiffly as the strange man held out the purple bracelet for her to wear.

"Aizen-sama has required a use for you in Hueco Mundo. Put this on and follow me, we are to leave as quickly as possible."

Yako didn't know if she should really listen to his words and do as she was told, but if he was anything like the last one she supposed he wouldn't hesitate to do something similar except he had a sword strapped to his hip and if the fangs didn't scare her as much than the weapon in front of her did. She was actually hoping that he was joking in some way, but since his hand was still holding the accessory to her, she supposed he wasn't. Confused and halfway near insane, she wondered just who the hell the Aizen fellow was and where exactly was Hueaco Mundo located just to keep her mind somewhat sane. From the sound of the name she wanted to think it was somewhere across the sea since it was similar to the spanish language; oh how she hoped that wasn't the case otherwise she would have no clue how to explain this to her mother.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" She could think of no other question to ask as fear now sank ever deeper within her. She was certain now that this was no game or a result of a prank, this person or monster whatever he was, made it clear with just a single step that what he spoke was no lie.

"You are not allowed to speak until we have arrived at the meeting that will be held soon. There, he will give you and Orihime Inoue your roles in which he has specifically designated for the both of you."

"There's someone else?" She was given no answer as the pale man simply moved to the side to reveal another teenaged girl with saddened eyes and what looked to be shock. She knew this Orihime from the school where they both attended, but it was only through passing hallways and nothing more.

"I have explained what was to happen soon and unless you want to face any consequences I suggest you make haste and slip that bracelet on and follow me." Without any other words, Ulquiorra turned and from where he stood, he opened up the garganta and patiently stood by to allow the girls to slip through first.

Orihime placed a kind hand onto Yako's shoulder and gently urged her forward alongside her, there was nothing she could do to make Ulquiorra or Aizen change thier minds since she did not even know the purpose of the girl that was also a fellow student as well. She could only hope to protect her from what she wasn't prepared to see at all and possibly keep her away from a battle that would be too much to simply take in.


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