Kakashi's Request.

NOTE: This was meant to take place a few days after Pein's attack. They're rebuilding the Hidden Leaf Village and some members of the village have to stay in tents.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto, or any of the characters.

Part one.

Kakashi Hatake yawned and stretched his arms over his head, knowing full well the work that had to be done the next day. He really should get to sleep but it was hard to calm his mind down long enough to contemplate resting. He was always thinking about something, whether it was his team or his books, he always had his mind wrapped around something. Today was no different. The damage done by the Akatsuki was immense, but Kakashi had hardly any time to acknowledge it. Everyone, including himself, was hailing Naruto as a hero in the village, as he should be. The boy had taken on Pein alone, and never faltered once in the Akatsuki's tall shadow.

He has balls, I'll always give him that. Kakashi laughed to himself, remembering quite vividly the many times Naruto Uzumaki had declared his goal to become Hokage. At first, everyone had no interest in what he had to say, but now, after proving himself to the villagers, he was a hero, just like that. Kakashi always had some kind of faith in his student, even when Naruto and Sasuke found ways to fight and endanger their lives. Naruto was maturing, and quickly. How long ago had their first mission been? It felt like a few weeks, when in reality, it had been years. Kakashi himself was growing old. He closed his eyes, and knew the Will of Fire had been passed on successfully to the Fourth Hokage's son.

It was time to go rest, and Kakashi knew it. He was just procrasinating further. He slowly made his way to the tent he shared with Captain Yamato and flung the flap open with his right arm. The tent was empty. Of course, Yamato was probably out, exhausting his last bit of chakra to help the village. Kakashi respected the man, and so did Naruto and Sakura. Yamato was a part of Team 7 as much as he or any of the other two were, in his eyes. It was easy to share a tent with Yamato because they were both ANBU Black Ops, or rather, they used to share that in common. Kakashi closed his eyes for a moment and hovered over his make-shift bed. He felt a strange longing for his old ANBU days.

Oh well, Kakashi thought. It couldn't be helped. He stooped to rearrange his bed, making it so he could be more comfortable tonight. He was used to sleeping close to Yamato, since they had to be pressed together in many missions, so it never made either of them awkward. There was hardly enough room for them to sleep apart and have room for their personal belongings so they just slept side by side, as most people living in the tents had to currently. It wasn't a bother though. At least Kakashi was tented with Yamato, and not some of the other Shinobi that were a little less... clean. Yamato showered every day, making sleeping together an easy task. Basic hygiene was a must if you wanted to tent with Kakashi Hatake.

Finally making the bed to his approval, Kakashi plopped himself down and crossed his legs, not nearly ready to go to sleep. He lazily watched the flap of the tent sway gently in the wind as he pondered the future of the Hidden Leaf Village. With Tsunade in a coma, who would become the new, temporary Hokage until Tsunade wakes? Kakashi felt himself shudder with the anticipation. He knew many people looked up to him and he also knew that those people would most definitely throw his name up in the air when the council with the Feudal Lord commenced, and he ground his teeth. He didn't want to become Hokage, but if that was the only way to see the Village through these hard times, then so be it. Kakashi Hatake would become the sixth Hokage.

Still, he was way ahead of times. The Village would be quick to appoint a new leader, but they had to chew over the thought first. Kakashi had a while to enjoy his freedom as just a member of the Hidden Leaf Village and not the leader. The son of the White Fang laid his head back and closed his eyes, relishing the silence of the night. Soon, Yamato would come in and slip into bed next to Kakashi and they would ignore each other until the night wore thin and they evenually fell asleep. No matter how late Kakashi fell asleep the night before, he would always be up before the younger ninja, and he would await his rising with a nice platter of scrambled eggs with that crinkle-eyed smile of his. Every morning...