Part six.

Kakashi was busying himself with Yamato's arousal, licking his lips in his ancipation for the game the two were going to play. Kakashi's own boner was pressing unforgivingly against Yamato's rear, hardening at the mere thought of what the pair was doing in the tent. The thought of others discovering them excited Kakashi to no end, making him pant heavily, saliva dripping from his bottom lip onto Yamato's slick back.

"Are you ready, Kakashi, for our game?" Yamato's words rang out softly, laced with a slight lust that was hard to determine. Kakashi whispered a soft yes, one that was nearly cut off by Yamato's quick movement around to Kakashi's had switched positions again, so quickly that Kakashi was left in Yamato's dust, wondering what the hell was actually going on. Before the silver-haired ninja had any time to question his partner, he felt something enter his puckered hole.

"Ah, Yamato-sama! What'r-" Yamato growled a response, shoving another digit into Kakashi's tight hole, making the older nin shudder in mostly pain, but some slight pleasure. Fuck me, Yamato, uhn... Fuck me! His lips pursed as he closed his eyes tightly, bucking against Yamato's long fingers, forcing them further into his ass. He could feel Yamato smirking behind him, feel his amusement as another long digit pushed its way in, alongside the other two fingers.

"Kakashi, this will be so much easier if you relax," Yamato had leaned forward and whispered words into Kakashi's right ear, words that he had made easy to believe but hard to do. He concentrated on relaxing the muscles around his hold, but failed miserably and his attention turned back to his throbbing arousal. I can't rela- Yamato had begun thrusting his fingers in and out of Kakashi, stretching him, making him whimper in desperation. He couldn't be loud - no, people were sleeping around them. Kakashi bit down roughly on his lip, writhing with the feeling of being filled.

With a sudden feeling of ecstasy, Kakashi screeched a little. Yamato's middle finger had brushed a spot inside of him that crazed him to no end. The spot was only touched briefly before Yamato withdrew his fingers, using them to spread Kakashi open. Something warm and wet brushed the edge of his hole, and began to circle him. Kakashi's head was thrown back, a moan erupting his mouth, heating the air around him.

"Ya.. Yama... fuck me..." Kakashi panted heavily, barely able to get the few words out. "I need you inside me, now. Please." His eyes were squeezed shut, rolling up into his skull as he enjoyed the feeling of his lover's tongue probing his asshole. Yamato seemed to ignore his request, his pleads. He continued to circle around the edges of the hole, teasing the entrance for a moment before plunging in. Kakashi moaned erratically, his cock harder than diamond. He couldn't take much more before he blew his load, and he knew that Yamato sensed this.

Hastily, with a certain amount of urgency, Yamato pulled away from Kakashi's sweet spot and gripped his prick, setting it against his lover's asshole. He gripped Kakashi's hips gently and sighed, breathing out all of his tension. Without warning, he bucked forward, penetrating Kakashi and making his scream. The scream was cut short as Yamato slapped his hand against the silver-haired nin's mouth, silencing him. Chestnut eyes narrowed, glaring at Kakashi.

"Do you want us to get caught, Senpai? I'll let loose if you don't mind being caught..." Kakashi whimpered and shook his head no. He was known as the copy-cat ninja, not the ninja that got fucked up the ass. He didn't want his reputation to be shattered by the change in Yamato's emotions, his lust that thirsted for his cock inside the older ninja.

"Ah, you're so tight though, Kakashi-sensei. I'd love to moan at the top of my lungs while I fuck you inside out..." Yamato's strokes inside of Kakashi were slow and painful at first, but soon Kakashi could feel the pressure, his release coming close. He gripped at the bottom folds of the tent, his hands grasping at anything that he could grab hold of while his lover fucked him.

The gentle love-making was over, if it was ever there, and Yamato was crazily pulling his prick out of Kakashi and pushing back inside of him. His eyes rolled back into his skull as his mouth opened wide.

"Uhn, uhhn.. Kaka.. you're so.. tight!.." His moans were getting louder, making Kakashi nervous, but his climax was so close, and Yamato's arousal was making him even more turned on. He didn't want Yamato to be quiet. He wanted this to get crazy, he wanted Yamato to get crazy. He wanted to feel this a week later. And from the feel of it, he was definitely going to feel this at least days later.

With a grunt, Kakashi felt a flow of release fall upon him as his cock spurted his seed over the floor of the tent. It kept coming, as did Kakashi's orgasm, making both of the lovers moan in ecstasy. It wasn't long before Yamato had his release, pumping his seed into the older nin, whom was writhing beneath his lover's body. Similarly to Kakashi's release, Yamato wondered when his orgasm would end, as his semen continued to spurt into Kakashi's rectum.

Once the last drop of cum was pulled from Yamato's cock, he pulled his quickly softening dick from his lover's ass, pulling his around by his shoulder to kiss him passionately. Kakashi twitched against Yamato's touch.

"I thought I was requesting you... you turned this whole thing over on top of me." Kakashi watched his partner, slowly assessing his expression.

"That tends to happen... you're just so cute, I couldn't stand to accept your invitation and wait for you to react. I wanted you then. Now that it's over, can I accept your request?" Yamato grinned wolfishly at his lover, his eyes sparkling in the dim light of the candle.

"Yeah, just... Accept it before you take me, next time."


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