A/N: Hey! I wrote this earlier on today, but my big brother interrupted me, so I had to delete it without saving. D': Tragic. I suck at Dramione fics but oh well. Draco hears that Hermione hasn't had her first kiss, so he decides to enlighten her.
ATTENTION: Romione (Ron and Hermione)
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My First Kiss Went A Little Like This:

The Golden Trio were sitting on a bench, exhausted by the Potions lesson that they'd just had, in which the top of Ron's ginger mop had been slightly singed. They were sitting in silence, mulling over their earlier events, until Harry interrupted the silence.
"Guys, I know this is a bit of a weird topic," Harry started uncomfortable, "but have you all had your first kiss?" Hermione glanced at Ron, and then they both turned on Harry with an incredulous look.
"Whaaaaat?" They both dragged out in unison.
"Well..." Harry said, rubbing his neck, "We haven't really talked about it so... I got... Curious."
"Bloody hell Harry, why do you choose the most embarrassing topic to discuss with your dear friends? Our first kisses?" Ron replied.
They were both unaware of Hermione playing with her hands uncomfortably.
"Well just say what yours was, and then it'll be over and done with!" Harry retorted, but then faltered. "Mine was with Cho, you know that. Yours?"
"Okay... Well one day, when I was seriously young, Mum brought these annoying family friends over, and one of them was this little girl who had a gigantic crush on me for some reason. So while I've just finished eating, she leans over and kisses me full on. It was the worst day of my life." Ron murmured a faraway look in his eyes, mixed with a horrified expression.
Still, they were both unaware that Hermione had started to nervously twiddle her hair.
"So 'Mione what was yours like?" Harry asked.
Hermione giggled nervously, but trailed off when she realized her friends were still looking at her expectantly. She looked down, and said in a tiny voice, "Well, I actually haven't had mine yet..."
She looked up to see Harry and Ron staring at her, speechless.
"Are. You. SERIOUS?" Ron screeched. People looked at them curiously. Hermione smacked Ron around the head, while Harry was still gaping at her.
"Shut up!" Hermione hissed, while Harry's mouth was still gaping. "And close your mouth Harry!" He obediently did so.
"But 'Mione, are you actually serious?" Ron whispered reverently.
"Yes! God, what's so weird about that anyway?" Hermione replied.
"Well... It's because you're not unattractive, that's why." Harry said shrugging. Hermione and Ron both turned on him again, and looked at him like he was mad. "What?"
"Harry, are you hormonal or something?" Hermione asked.
"No! It's just, you're not unattractive, so it's a bit weird no guy has given you your first kiss, that's all." Harry replied. Ron agreed.
"I mean, it has to happen sometime. It's like, destiny or something." Ron said, sounding very unintelligent.

It's just a shame that they never noticed a certain Draco Malfoy, listening into the whole conversation.