Chapter One

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Abundant chattering among the students were heard the moment Sakura stepped onto the campus of Konoha High.

People of all sorts came into sight, from nerds all the way to sluts. Name it, they were there. It seems they way this school ran was by cliques. The snobby rich boys who have their noses way too high in the air. Your typical sluts and players. Nerds, Geeks, and the unknown. The boys with the looks but bratty attitude. Girls together to prove that girls rules. Wannabes. Gangs. And then you have your club that ran the school, and could shut it down with a flick of their wrists.

She sighed but nevertheless began walking across campus. Heads turned as they spotted the pink beauty on campus, a sight that they've never seen before. Immediately, you could sense a fanboy club forming in thin air.

A spring breeze passed by, blowing her bangs in front of her face and unknowing that it wasn't something she should've done—she flipped her hair. Boys swooned over it and began running towards her, showering her with love affections, flowers and chocolate.

"Marry me!"

"I love you!"

"Go out with me!"

"Don't go out with him, go out with me!"

"No, me!"


Suddenly, a fight between the fanboys brew to determine which one was worthy enough for her affection. Punches were thrown as arms flailed, while upper students were hyping it.

Ever so slowly, Sakura began backing away from the chaos step by step. After about fifteen steps or so, she turned around and broke into a sprint; but instead slammed into a brick hard wall. Feeling herself falling backwards, she reached out and grasped onto the nearest thing, apparently it was Sasuke's tie. Sasuke was surprised at the action, and before you knew it, the duo began falling.

Sakura hit the ground first as Sasuke followed right after. He placed a hand on the ground near to Sakura's head to prevent himself from crushing his full body weight onto the fragile rosette. His hot breath fanned against her face as their nose was a centimeter away from touching. Emerald clashed with onyx. Just like that, everything disappeared.

The morning bell rang in the distance causing Sasuke to snap out of the daze and helped the rosette up.



With his signature response, he fixed his tie so that it was loosely tied in a rebellious way and made his way into the school. Halfway, his group of friends approached him with smirks and grins, knowing that it was quite a rare sight for the Uchiha to be in contact with a girl. Sasuke gave the loud blonde a glare as the group exploded into chuckles while a blush crept up his neck, going unnoticeable by his friends but it was noticed by Sakura.

She too began walking into the building, steering herself towards the main office. Upon entering the office, she spotted her fanboys, all in critical conditions. Black eyes, bloody lips, purple bruises, probably a broken bone or two. They moaned in pain and to Sakura's relief, they didn't notice her pass the pain.

At the counter she found a short brown haired lady, her name tag said 'Shizune.'

"Um…I'm the new student."

"Oh, Sakura I assume?" Shizune began flipping through the students' body files looking for Sakura's.


Shizune stopped looking for Sakura's file for a split second then resume back to her job with a small smile.

'Well, well. It seems Sasuke might find a girl this year.'

"Ah ha, Sakura…uh do you have a last name? Because it seems that there's not one written here."

"I don't have a last name, well not that I know of." Sakura replied, averting her eyes somewhere else besides Shizune's eyes.

An uncomfortable, awkward silence came over the two.

Shizune let out a forced laugh and smiled, "Here's your schedule. Hope you'll find a good time at Konoha High, Sakura."

Sakura nodded and began walking out the door. At the top of the paper, her homeroom was level D9 Room# 101. She began making her way towards the stairs considering she didn't want to wait in that massive line for the elevator. After thirty-nine flights of stairs she finally made it to level D9.

'How fucking big is this school?' Sakura inwardly cursed the school.

Making a turn, she found room 101. Knocking on the door, she waited for a signal to come in.

Shuffling of feet was heard as any chattering was ceased.

"Come in."

She placed her delicate hands onto the metal doorknob and grasped it tightly in a semi nervous manner before turning it.

The doorknob turned slowly as it swung open, in came the pink beauty.

"Hey Sasuke, isn't that the girl from before?" Naruto acknowledged.

Sasuke turned his head and indeed it was the rosette from earlier.

The whole senior class stared intently upon the new student, calculating her every move, trying to determine if she was yet another annoying fangirl to be or your typical girl. She stopped at Kakashi's desk and turned to face the class. Her bright emerald eyes seemed to bore into everyone's soul in a terrifying but sweet and innocent manner.

They've decided, the new girl was sweet and caring but turn her the wrong way then you've just gotten a death wish.

"Why don't you introduce yourself?" Kakashi-sensei suggested while he had his orange book in front of his face.

Sakura nodded and in a quite tone she spoke, "Sakura."

Some sweat dropped at her plain reply while some swooned over the sound of her voice.

A smirked made its way to Kakashi's lips as a result of Sakura's blunt reply.

'Hm, this little rosette seems to have a quite similar resembles to a certain Uchiha.'

Kakashi let a cough, catching the attention of the class. "Let's move on with today's lesson shall we."

He turned around and began writing an equation on the board.

A girl with long, silky midnight blue hair interjected shyly, "K-Kakashi-sensei? Sakura-c-chan needs an s-seat."

He turned around,"Oh, that's right. Thank you Hinata."

Hinata nodded slightly, and suddenly her face turned bright tomato red as she realized that the attention of the whole class was no longer on the lesson but at her.

"Sakura, why don't you sit next to Hinata?"

Sakura walked to the desk that the Hyuuga heiress had occupied and sat down. Taking out a notebook and pen she began copying down the equation up front.

y - f (a) = f ' (a) (x - a)

"Can someone please explain this?"

Sakura's hand lazily rose up.


"That's the equation of the tangent line to the curve y=f(x) at x= a."

"Correct. And what's the equation of the line normal to the curve y= f(x) at x= a?"

"y- f (a) = - 1/f ' (a) (x-a)." Sakura replied with a second of hesitation.


That was how the class ran for the rest of the bell, Kakashi asking and Sakura answering.

Sakura gathered all of her beginnings and was about to leave her desk when Hinata spoke up.

"S-Sakura-chan, w-what class do you have n-next?"

She turned to face Hinata and took out her schedule, looking for bell 2, "I have gym next with Anko-sensei."

"M-Me too, h-how about we w-walk there t-together?"

"Okay, sounds good, plus I don't really know my way there either." Sakura smiled.

Sakura and Hinata walked out of the girl's locker room dressed in gym attire.

A lady with violet hair done in a short, spiky ponytail blew her whistle loudly.

"DROP AND GIVE ME FIFTY PUSH-UPS!" Anko's loud voice echoed throughout the gym.

Out of the class only Sasuke and his group of friends, a group of girls, Hinata, and Sakura followed Anko's orders. Meanwhile the rest suffered a tortuous lecture from Anko and was sent to Jiraiya-sensei's health class. Now those who did it were thankful for the fifty push-ups.

If you didn't know, Jiraiya-sensei's health class is terrible, you'll be sure to vomit 'til your internal organs come out. He goes deep into detail when you're in the Sex Ed unit and shows pictures that should be rated R.

After doing the fifty push-ups, Anko made them take a seat on the bleachers.

"As most of you know, basketball tryouts are just around the corner, as well as soccer tryouts. So to get you maggots ready, we're going to do some extensive drills and exercise. Boys are up first, when I blow my whistle, start your suicides."

The boys lined themselves up.


When Anko blew her whistle, the boys ran from the end line to the free throw line extended, and back to the end line. Then they ran to half-court and back, to the other free throw line extended and back, then to the far end line and back. One word described suicides: gruesome.

They ran again and again…and again. By the end, they were covered in sweat.

"Girls up."


Sakura gave it her all and ran, not caring a bit that she was going to die halfway. In the end, only Sakura and two other girls made it, Tenten and Temari.

"Alright nice job maggots, but," Anko smirked. "It's time for the suicide showdown."

Everyone groaned, while Sakura stood there confused.

Seeing her confusion, Tenten whispered, "It's a competition between two students, usually a boy and girl. They do suicides 'til the end of the class, whoever is the last one standing is the winner; and the prize? Nothing, nada, zip, zero. It's just something to entertain Anko.

"So who are this class's victims?" Anko grinned ever so evilly.

A blonde kid clasped his hands together and prayed for Kami's sake that it wouldn't be him. Anime tears began streaming like rivers down his cheeks, "Not me, not me, not me, not me..."

He continued his rant on, Anko's left eye began to twitch.'Damn idiot.'

"Naruto, get up!"

"Me? B-But I don't want to do it!" He shouted back with tears streaming down his face.

"Be quite idiot, I already have my victims but it's not you." Anko rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Uchiha, Sakura, you're up."

Looking at each other, the duo took their place at the line.

"Get Ready. Get set. Go!"


Sasuke and Sakura headed out at top speed and were neck and neck.

Their friends were cheering them on.

"Go Teme!" Naruto shouted.

"Beat the Uchiha's ass!" Tenten shouted. "Show him that girls rule!"

Meanwhile, a conversation brews between the competitors.

"Thanks for this morning."

Sasuke could barely hear what she said with that quite voice of hers.



In another universe, Sasuke would have tripped over his own feet at the same use of words but he didn't.

"Hn, you don't talk much do you?"

"I could say the same to you too."


Sakura let out a twinkling laugh, "Alright I get it, you don't like to talk. No need to grunt for every reply."

"Hn," Sasuke smirked as his grunt caused the rosette to become slightly irritated.

Sakura stuck out her tongue and found some inner speed and sped ahead. Seeing this, he too increased his speed.

Ding ding ding,the bell rang, announcing the end of class.

"Nice job Uchiha, Sakura." Anko patted them each on the backs and then held them in a head lock. "But first, Sakura, have you thought about joining any of our sports' teams?"

Sakura shook her head, "I don't really know of any sports here."

"Well then, "Anko looked at Sasuke, "it's going to be your job to introduce her to all of the sports we have here at Konoha High. Got it Uchiha?"


"Sounds good. Why don't you two lovebirds get dress?"

Out of nowhere, Anko slammed the two into each other. Sakura was close to falling down but Sasuke helped steady her.

'Now isn't that cute.'Anko smirked as she ate her dango.

As if it burned him, Sasuke pulled his hand away and made his way to the boy's locker room. Sakura did the same the same thing.

She walked out of the gym and found the male half of her 'new friends'.


"The girls take longer to change than boys." A brunette stated and began to introduced himself and the rest. "The name's Hyuuga Neji. The annoying blonde is Uzumaki Naruto, the lazy bum is Nara Shikamaru, and you already know Sasuke."

"Nice to meet you Sakura-chan!" Naruto came up to her enthusiastically and shook her hand.

Sakura put on a smile but slowly it became a forced one as the blonde's hyper attitude got to her last nerve as her hand was about to fall off from the extensive shaking.

"Dobe, let go of her hand before it detach itself from her body."

"Who are you calling dobe, teme?"







"Are they always like this?" Sakura inquired with a sweat drop.

"Yeah, hard to believe they're best friends isn't it?" Neji commented.


The girls came out and Tenten spoke, "Hey, we never fully introduced ourselves. I'm Tenten. Temari's the one with the blonde hair and you already know Hinata-chan. Anyway, you can seriously run, first time seeing anyone tying with Uchiha at anything."

Sakura just smiled, "Like you said, girls rule."

Tenten grinned from ear to ear. "That's the spirit! Man, do I like you already."

She put her arms around Sakura's and Hinata's neck and began dragging them to AP World History with Asuma-sensei.

Sasuke looked at Neji, "Hn, you got yourself a crazy girl."

He smirked, "I know but at least I can get one."

"Ohhh," Naruto broke down laughing as he gave Neji a fist bump. "So true, teme is going to have a hell of a time finding a girl."

The conversation ended with Sasuke chasing the blonde down the hallway and the guys laughing.

"Ah, don't you feel great now that school is half over and that it's lunchtime?" Tenten sighed with glee.

"In a way…yeah." Sakura replied.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go to lu—" Tenten was interrupted by Sasuke grabbing Sakura's arm and dragging her away. "Hey!"

"Hn, run." Sasuke's voice held a commanding tone, however, there was a hint of worry and concern underneath.

Sakura raised an eyebrow as did the others, "Why?"

"Fangirls and fanboys."

Their eyes widen as a herd of fangirls came and soon followed after were the fanboys.

"Yeah…you should probably run Sakura-chan," Naruto suggested.

"No shit Sherlock," Tenten commented like it was the obvious thing in the world was to run in their dire situation.

With a tug, Sasuke dragged Sakura, who began picking up her speed and made a mad dash for the exit.

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