Chapter Thirty Five

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"Oh, okay. So you remember the bastard and not your gorgeous blond best friend. Okay, that's cool." Ino eyed the clueless girl laying in the hospital bed bitterly.

"...I'm sorry...?" The poor girl said as she pulled her knees up to her chest. Sakura sat there, staring at nothing in particular. Curling into a ball, her shoulders were locked in place as a blank expression settled on her face. Not only were her usually vibrant emerald eyes out of focus, they were lifeless. No amount of glue nor tape could possibly piece together her shattered heart.

A broken heart was the main course, while amnesia was the appetizer.

She didn't have a single clue about anything except, Sasuke and herself. Yes, she remembered her name - Haruno Sakura. Birthday? Of course, it was March 28th. Age? She was at the sweet age of 18. Anything else, it was like a blank whiteboard. The "gorgeous, blond best friend" as the blond referred herself as... Sakura didn't even have a clue on who the girl was. She would assume that the said girl was her best friend, unless it was like those scenarios where the main character would wake up from a coma and the girl who claimed that was her best friend was actually her enemy.

Parents? Did she even have parents? Siblings? She didn't know either.

Frustration and anger began to rise within her, shoving her broken heart into a box somewhere in the back of her mind. She wasn't mad that she was clueless about everything around her, although she was practically a newborn baby in her state. No, she was mad at a certain someone. And that certain someone went by the name of Uchiha Sasuke.

How dare he leave her in this state, clueless and so lost. He should have been here. He should have been here to pick her up off her feet, stabling her, telling her that everything was going to be alright and that he was going to be there for her. He was going to be the one to help her through this dark moment, saving her from her thoughts and caring for her, promising that they'll never separate, no matter the situation. Was that too much to ask? He wasn't supposed to do this to her.

"...hey, Forehead..." Ino wrapped her arms around the shaking girl, her fingers combing through Sakura's pink locks. "It's going to be alright."

"...No it's not..." Sakura muttered into her knees, her words barely audible. "How is it going to be alright when I don't even know who the hell you are?" She didn't bother to make her tone sound mad, she just left her words hanging in the air.

Ino didn't say anything. Hugging Sakura tightly, she leaned back. Smiling, she winked at her. "Why hello there gorgeous, I'm Yamanaka Ino! And who are you?"

Sakura stared at Ino's extended hand. Glancing up at the blond's dazzling smile for a moment, Ino urged her to shake her hand.

Slowly, but never less, Sakura withdrew her hand that was snuggled against her chest and grasped Ino's hand. Shaking it, she said, "This girl's name is Sakura Haruno."

If it was possible, Ino's smile widen. Laughing lightly, she said, "An odd way to introduce yourself but oh well, who cares!"

Four Years Later

"Hello, my name's Haruno Sakura and I'm here for the medical program internship."

"Haruno?" The receptionist asked, a smile adorning her features. "Oh, of course! Miss. Haruno, welcome, we've been expecting you."

Nodding politely at the receptionist, Sakura followed her lead. The smiling receptionist lead her to the elevators, where she proceeded to usher Sakura in, then she pushed the button. They began to exchange small talk as they rode up to the top floor.

These old men were making his head spin with all of their complaining. And then when he actually said that to their faces, they casually replied, "Uchiha-sama, I assure you that this is no complaining. We're just looking after for the well being of our business partners and customers." Now that was a load of bullshit. Wasn't it them who said to shut down the medical unit that the Uchiha Corp had? If Sasuke hadn't fought back on the case, his company would have been in debt all the way over their heads. After some time, he began to tune out their gibberish.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, he tugged at his tie. Shutting his eyes, he ran an exhausted hand over his face. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a flash of pink. Sasuke snapped his head up so fast that his neck cracked, startling the old men. Seeing his shocked expression, they began asking, "...Uchiha-sama... is everything all right?"

Sasuke paid no mind to them as his eyes wandered on, scanning the whole room. His mind was racing at a thousand miles per hour, the gears whirling crazily. His heart was no different. 'Sakura...?' Her name sent waves of nostalgia through his body. He was holding his breath the whole time as his eyes wandered on around the room.

... And then, he saw her...

Pink locks bounced around her as she nodded at something the receptionist said, the smile on her lips brightening the whole room. Her eyes were gleaming, like stars on a clear night. And then the proud, soft clicks of her shoes reached his ears as she came nearer. Whiffs of her fruity, floral perfume caught onto his senses, throwing his mind and heart into overdrive.

She didn't seem to notice him as she kept on walking straight ahead, her attention all focused onto what the receptionist was saying. Sasuke on the other hand noticed her all right.

Just as she was about to brush pass him, he reached out and grasped her elbow. Pulling her straight to his chest, he bent down close to her ear, shocking not only Sakura but everyone around him. The receptionist and the old men all stared at him with wide eyes and gaping mouths. But that didn't matter though.

The corners of his lips began to curl up into a smirk as he whispered, "Decided to wake up now, Sleeping Beauty?"

His onyx eyes caught Sakura's emerald eyes widening to the size of saucers, her lips parting slightly as she stared back at him. A slight flush reached her cheeks under his intense stare, but tears were slipping forming at the corners of her eyes, wetting her dark lashes. Her eyes began to dilate as they return back to normal size, her lips trembling so bad, she could barely say his name. "...S-Sasuke...?" It was nothing but a small breath.

His lips parted slightly as a sliver of a smile appeared. And then, her name came rolling off his tongue like honey. "Sakura."

Sakura took a glance around the office; it was plainly modern with it's grey and white color scheme. Grey walls with white shelves, glass tables with white leather. And then an all around city view. Pretty breath taking if you asked her. But that wasn't her primary focus.

Uchiha Sasuke.

His velvety voice pass through the glass doors as he conversed with the old men. Upon listening to his voice, she could detect a slightly agitated edge to his voice. "I have some important business to attend at the moment, I will contact you back once I'm done."

"Uchiha-sama, I don't believe interviewing some pink haired girl is that important compared to the situation." One of them countered.

"Pardon?" Sasuke's voice was menacing as he dared the older man to say another word. "That pink haired girl is far more important than any projects combined. She's the future for the medical corporation not to mention the future for the Uchiha Corps. Did you know who recommended her?"

When he got no reply back, he continued on. "My father. My father recommended her. So, are you gentlemen going against my father's decisions?" The men shook their heads and mumbled a quiet apology. Clearing his throat, "Well, if you gentlemen will excuse me. I have an important guest to greet."

At this comment, Sakura quickly hustled back to her seat. Smoothing out her outfit, she sat up straight in her seat just as Sasuke opened the door. In a few long strides, he took the seat across from her, mumbling a quiet apologize and something about "stupid, old nagging men."

And then... he just sat there. No words were spoken. Sakura didn't bother to start a conservation either as she sat there twirling her thumbs. But then, she decided to hell with it, she was going to be the bigger person and start this damn conversation.

Lifting her head up, she took in his appearance. Just like that, she sucked in a deep breath; the man in front of her was dangerously handsome. Dangerous because she finally knew the measure of how deep she had fallen for this man. This man was the reason for her painful heartbreak so many months ago.

He was tall, very tall. Judging from his height, he had to be at least six foot; he was practically towering over her five foot two figure. He had an aristocrat nose and high cheekbones that complimented his figure well.

In amidst of all seriousness, a single thought ran through her mind, 'Damn, I did a fine job of finding myself a man.' This train of thought caused a laugh to slip pass her lips. Turning her head to the side, Sakura tried to fight back on the smile on her face.

At the sound of her twinkling laugh, Sasuke's head snapped up. Sakura had her head turned to the left, facing the windows, her rosy lips curling up in a sunny smile. Rays of lights hit her face, highlighting it and showing off her beautiful, vibrant eyes.

She had felt his warm gaze on her for a while now, but she was to busy fighting off her silly smile to do anything about it. But once she felt his gaze deepen, she turned her head. As her eyes connected with his, she felt herself melting. His dark orbs locked with hers with a look of pure desire and love. Blood rushed up to her cheeks, warming them up as she stared back into his eyes.

"Sakura." Sasuke said her name in a such a way that it sent a shiver down her spine, turning her bones to mush. He pulled back and averted his gaze somewhere else. He ran a hand through his hair, tousling it up as he asked, "So... how have you been?"

"I've... been good...," Sakura replied hesitantly, also running her hand through her own hair. Sighing, she shook her head, "Actually no. I have not been good." Emerald eyes pierced back at him, "Do you know why? It's because some stupid bastard was too chicken to stay there and help his girlfriend out?! Would have it killed you to stay for a little while?"

"... Sakura..."

"Oh, don't you 'Sakura' me!" Sakura threw her hands up in the air. Her eyes stung with tears, "Did you know how I felt sitting there on that bed, alone? I felt fucking betrayed, Sasuke. I was freaking clueless! When I was in that stupid coma, I was hoping - praying that you would be there when I woke up. Where were you, Sasuke? Why weren't you there? Why?"

Groaning, Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose. "Sakura, did you ever even considered how I felt? I was fucking heartbroken too!" His voice rose higher and higher with every word. "Just imagine yourself sitting there doing absolutely nothing because you couldn't do anything. All you had was time, time that was pretty much useless."

"You were as close as dead, laying in there in that stupid hospital bed. And all that I could do was sit there and watch, Sakura."

"..." Sakura was ready to retort a reply but she pulled back. Bitterly, she said, "Man, my life is a hell of a hot mess." She slumped down in her seat, her hand angrily rubbing her eyes.

"Hey...," Sasuke whispered, but Sakura paid no notice to his call as she continued to fiercely rub her eyes. This went on until Sasuke was sure that she would have damaged her eyes if he hadn't interfered. "Sakura, stop. You're going to hurt yourself..." He reached for her hands and pulled them away from her face.

Sasuke held her hands in one hand as he reached up to whip away some stubborn tears on her cheeks. Then his finger trailed down her face, resting right under her chin. Catching her gaze, he said, "Hey, I know that's it hard but... I promise you that this will work out."

Shaking her head, Sakura said, "How is this going to work, Sasuke? I don't remember a single thing. The only things that I remember are useless things..."

"It's going to work. Don't you worry," Sasuke grasped her hand tighter. "I promise that I won't give up, I won't leave, and I won't stop loving you."

He slammed his coffee down hard onto the counter top, scorching hot liquid jumped out of his cup, splattering. "I can't do this anymore." Shaking his head fiercely, he shouted, "This is impossible! I'm done."

They had always feared that this day would come, but neither of them had thought it would come upon them that fast.

Sakura rounded the corner swiftly, her hand ready to grab a hold of his, but at the last second, Sasuke jerked his hand away. "Hey..."

"This isn't working, Sakura!" His voice was sharp and final. "I'm done holding onto this little glimmer of hope. I'm sick of hanging onto this limb. I thought this was going to work out but it's not. I give up."

"Sasuke... don't say that...," she whispered. Licking her lips, she gazed at him, "...what happen to that promise...?"

"Well, I'm sorry, Sakura. But sometimes, promises are broken! I clearly didn't think this through. I promised something that's more than I could handle." He retorted hotly, his onyx orbs narrowing. "I'm sorry that I can't handle you not remember anything that we had. I'm sorry that I can't handle the fact that the only thing you know about me is my name. I'm sorry that I can't handle this one sided love. Alright, I'm sorry! But this isn't working!"

"Every time I ask you, 'Remember when...,' all you give me is a blank look and that kills me. It kills me each and every time. To think of everything that we went through to just be together and then you not remember any of them. And then, whenever I lean in for a kiss or hug, you suddenly become all nervous and hesitated. It's like you have trust issues or something. We can't even hold hands without you becoming all jittery. It's ridiculous!" He threw his hands up, breathing heavily, he leaned against the counter top.

Against the thick silence, his heavy breathing was obnoxiously loud. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he glanced over at Sakura.

She had her arms wrapped around herself as if she was trying to shield herself from the words he was sprouting at her. Her emerald orbs were dangerously glassy, her lips set into a line. But with his keen eyes, he noticed that they were trembling.

Sighing deeply, he crossed his arms as he began to mentally debate with himself.

Honestly, it wasn't her fault that she doesn't remember anything. Sure, what he said was kind of harsh but he was done. Nothing was working. There wasn't even any signs that said things were going to improve. If anything, it was just going downhill. It was about time that he should let go and move on.

Looking at her out of the corner of his eye though... he really did want to reach out, wrap his arms around her and say that he was 'sorry.' She was barely holding herself together at the moment. The trembling that he barely detected earlier was awful now, Sakura was full out shaking.

Running a hand over his face, he made up his mind. What he said have already been said, he couldn't really take them back now. His enormous pride wasn't going to let him do that either. With his decision made, Sasuke straighten up and walked out of the kitchen. On the way out, he grabbed his jacket. And then, he left with a slam of the front door.

Sakura slid down to the floor, her arms wrapped around herself, her vision blurry with tears.

He... left... Sasuke actually gave up and left.

When she got herself to accept that fact, the dam broke and tears flowed.

Opening the door to the frozen yogurt shop, Sakura stepped inside. The shop was completely empty, but Aunt Makemi was clearly there since there was a loud ruckus in the back. Grabbing herself some frozen yogurt, she stood at the counter, waiting. It wasn't until ten minutes later, that Aunt Makemi came out from the back.

Aunt Makemi jumped at the sight of Sakura standing there, "Oh! I wasn't expecting you here, dear. Actually I wasn't expecting anyone today, the weather's just so gloomy." She motioned out the weather, where Sakura saw dark clouds tumbling in. "But I guess, you and Sasuke are just weirdos, hm?"

At the mentioning of his name, Sakura straighten up. "He's here?"

Aunt Makemi shook her head, "Was here."

Sakura's shoulders slumped, her mood turning sour. Putting her cup onto the weighing scale, she pulled out her wallet but Aunt Makemi stopped. "It's on the house." Handing her a spoon, "You need this."

Sakura nodded and muttered a quiet thanks. Before she turned around, Aunt Makemi called after her. "Sakura, come here..."

Turning her head, she faced the women. Aunt Makemi had her apron off and was sitting in one of the booths; patting the leather bound seat beside her, she motioned Sakura to come. Bowing her head down in defeat, Sakura walked back.

As Sakura slid into booth Aunt Makemi asked, "What's going on between you and Sasuke, hm?"


"You two were so in love." Tilting her head to the side, she added, "What happened?"

Staring down sadly at the table, Sakura muttered, "Yeah, were in love ... that's what happened." And that was when Sakura burst into a hysteric series of blabbering and tears. She told Aunt Makemi about everything. How her heart was served to her that day he left, her and Sasuke's first meeting in four years, his promise, how everything wasn't working, and then their fight.

Rubbing her back soothingly, Aunt Makemi said, "He's just upset, honey. Sasuke never breaks his promises."

"I think he ruined his streak this time then...," Sakura whispered.

"Oh, don't say that, honey. He'll come around." Aunt Makemi gave her a reassuring pat. "I know he will."

"I don't know..."

She found him later, sitting on a park bench with his elbows on his knees and his head hanging low. Quietly sliding onto to the bench, Sakura didn't said a word as she sat down. Hesitantly, she reached out for him, her fingers were an inch away from his shoulders when she decided not to. A sigh slipped pass her trembling lips as she curled her fingers into a ball on her lap.

Shakily, she muttered, "...Sasuke... I'm sorry." Mustering all of the courage that she had, she said it again, except this time is was stronger. "I'm sorry."

Sasuke didn't say anything but Sakura did catch the way his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed.

Laughing hollowly, she began fumbling with the hem of her shirt. "I'm sorry and I mean it. I'm sorry that I can't do anything. I'm sorry that I can't remember anything. Judging from all the stories that everyone has told me, we had a one of a kind of love, didn't we?" Glancing at him for a split second, she continued on. "I was the idiot that was totally loved struck and smiling like there's no tomorrow. And you on the other hand," she gave him a quick shove, "was probably that stupid bastard that kept on denying that you weren't falling hard in love, hm? But you knew that you were falling, and you were falling hard."

"I'm sorry... but I can't be sorry for loving you. I love you. I love you, Sasuke." Sakura shouted, but it was nothing but a whisper. Tears gathered up in her eyes but they didn't dare fall. "Whenever you look at me, touch me, kiss me, I always get this funny feeling in my chest. It makes me feel like mush, warming me up to the ends of my toes. It always leaves me breathless. When you're gone in the morning for those stupid business trips, I miss you like crazy. You're on my mind every second of every damn fucking day. It get's so bad that I even dream of you! Sometimes... when it gets too much, I crawl back up into your bed and sleep in it because it smells like you... It's pretty pathetic if you ask me. Like who the hell does that anymore? -"

Her words were chipped short at the end when she felt something sticky hit her cheek. Touching the sticky substance, she realized that it was frozen yogurt. Eyes widening, she whipped her head to the left, where she was met with a smirking Sasuke casually eating. Stunned, she stammered, "...D-did you just hit me with...frozen yogurt...?"

"Hn." Sasuke just merely shrugged as he flung another spoonful of frozen yogurt at her face.

Flabbergasted and tears forgotten, she began shouting profanities at him as she loaded her spoon up with ammo. Without a second thought, she pulled her spoon back and launched it at him. It landed against his neck with a "splat." Laughing uncontrollably, she bent over clutching her stomach. And the glare that Sasuke gave her just made her laugh even harder.

Eye twitching in annoyance, Sasuke flung a piece at her forehead. Following it, he dumped the whole container on her head.

Shrieking, Sakura wiped the sticky yogurt out of her eyes and pulled her sticky pink stands away. Mustering the iciest glare that she could, she shouted, "Oh, this is so on!"

Sakura ran around the park trying to avoid the flying yogurt while laughing like crazy and shrieking as the cold substance hit her in the face. Her battle cries were loud as she too had her fair share of fires. She loaded her spoon with yogurt ammo and flung it through the air, before tackling him and dumping the remaining yogurt all over his obnoxious chicken-ass hair. Her so called 'tackle' was more of a hug than anything.

Her slender arms were locked around Sasuke's torso as Sasuke's arms were wrapped tightly around her figure. Her weak attempt at tackling Sasuke caused him to chuckle. "Not so strong, are we?"

"Oh, shut up," Sakura retorted, her chin resting against his vibrating chest.


Emerald eyes slid up to lock with onyx ones. Sasuke looked down at her with a tender, loving gaze, his fingers brushing her pink locks out of her face. Tucking it behind her ear, he cradled her face in his hands. His thumb moved back and forth against her flushed cheek in a caressing motion. Gazing deeper into her emerald eyes, Sasuke slowly dipped his head. Their noses brushed against each other as Sakura rose onto her toes to meet him halfway.

With the skies darkening, small droplets of rain began showering down on the couple, but they didn't care.

And then, when their lips met, it felt like coming home.

It was then that it hit her. Her memories were laid out in front of her like a film strip of a movie. Everything in their relationship, from the littlest joke to the biggest "I love you" was there in her memory. She remembered all of it. It just took some time for them to resurfaced, but in the end she remembered. She remembered the way that he would thrill her with a simple kiss to the forehead, the way her name would sound like warm honey as he called her name, the way his eyes turned soft and tender when he would gaze at her; she remembered it all.

In all of it's cliche's glory, she remembered. So typical, so predictable. But who the hell cared, she remembered.

Sasuke seemed to know it too because she wasn't the only one smiling into the kiss. The rain kept falling all around them and their kiss intensified. Sakura kissed him back with such raw emotions and love that Sasuke had to tighten his grasp on her or else they would have fallen over.

He kissed her and she kissed him back. He loved her and she loved him just as much. They fell but they got back up together.

And that was all that matter because in that moment, nothing else mattered for the rest is history.

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