I always wanted to write an InuYasha fic. And now I finally got a good story plot. Enjoy:)

"But miss-" the elderly woman tried." You are not well, you need someone here to...to..."

"enough." I said lightly, as i stared out the window of my new room."I'm tired of all tests, all the disappointments. This so called legendary hot springs is my last hope. And if that doesn't even work then at least I'll die in peace."

"But miss." she repeated." You shouldn't be here alone."

"You and the other workers wont have to worry." I said still keeping my composure." as long as m. Company stands, you'll be paid."

"That's not what Im concerned about."

"Please." I said in a pleading tone, my voice almost cracking." I want to be alone."

"How long do you plan to stay up here before you realise what a mistake you making?"

"For as long as this takes."

She sighed and replied." So be it."

I didn't look back as she walked out the door and closed it behind her. I could here we talking with the cook.

"She wants to stay." she said." but we are to leave."

I walked across the room and gently placed my ear to the door.

"I don't blame her." The cook replied as he and she walked down the hall." If my father was caught stealing money from clients, I'd want to hide myself from the world as well. Damn fool could have destroyed her only chance of survival of she didn't already have her own company."

I closed my eyes and walked back to the window. It was true, what the man said. My father was caught after lieng and stealing from one too many people. I was dying, and the fall through would have demolished my chances of paying off the medical bills. All the money I had couldn't help me diagnose my situation. The only thing they said was I was a tiking time-bomb just waiting to go off. It would start by attacking my heart. That's all they could figure out. I wish I could cry at the moment to release some frustration but I'm all dried up.

My phone went off, of course it always did. The unusual caller was my father.

"How dare you call me!" I shouted into the reciever.

"Please Kimi." He begged." Iam your father."

"I have no father." I said more harsher than I intended." He died along with my mother years ago."

I hung up and slung the phone across the room.

It didn't take long before everyone was cleared out. Just me alone in this big place. There is a legand about this palace. It belonged to an Inu-Yokai in the feudal era. His name was Lord Sesshomaru. He sounded powerful, respected. I only heard good things about him. But then again he was just that, a legend. Demons didn't exist.

I walked down the long empty halls till I arrived at the back entrance. Immediately, steam hit my face. I kept further as the exhaustion got to me more and more. It was right there but so far away. Right when I got close to the steaming water I collapsed only my hand had made it into the water.

"Damn you!"

And everything went black as I gave in to the darkness.

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