Adam Copeland stared in the mirror, he was just a shell of the man he once was. His life had changed in a heartbeat, everything he loved was ripped away from him.

Two months ago he was on top of his game, 11 time world champion, 5 time intercontinental champion and 12 time world tag team championship. Wrestlemania had always been his favourite event of the year, it wasn't only the fact he had been in most Wrestlemania shows since he had started in the WWE but it was the fact that the crowd was always electric, not that they wasn't always electric, but this one night of the year was special. The crowd would erupt, no matter who was entering the arena. Love or hate you, the crowd would go wild. He had always been amazed at the support he got from the crowd; they always loved him even when he was supposed to be hated. Wrestlemania 27 was his all-time favourite Wrestlemania he had been in, but it was also his last. Due to past injuries, he had been in a lot of pain and loosing feeling in his arms, in the end he had no choice but to leave the WWE. He had never been so heartbroken than at the moment the doctors said if he didn't retire now he was going to end up in a wheelchair. Time just stopped at that very moment, and it still didn't feel like it had kick started again. He felt like a let down, he was a let down. He had let down all the guys in the locker room and most of all, he had let all of the fans down.
Now, he was a lazy, depressed shell of a man. All he did all day was sit around, eat, ignore peoples phone calls and play the occasional video game. He very rarely went out because when he did fans recognised him and he hated that. They always called him Edge and that wasn't his name, not anymore. He was Adam Copeland, Edge didn't exist anymore. He was gone.
The phone ringing broke Adam out of his daydream, he grumbled as he lazily walked to the phone He hadn't spoken in the WWE since he had left, he got angry just thinking about anyone who was able to wrestle. Even his best friend William Reso, better known as Christian. He picked up the phone and looked at the number, he recognised it straight away. It was Glen Jacobs, Kane. He had been one of his closest friends in the WWE, but now he just didn't want to talk him, or anyone. He wanted to be left alone.
Adam chucked the phone onto the sofa and shuffled lazily to the kitchen to get some toast and a coffee. A cold breeze blew through the house and Adam pulled his dressing gown tight around him. The white tile floors of the kitchen were cold on his bare feet as he walked around getting the bread and putting it in the toaster. He poured the coffee from the coffee maker into a cup, He picked up the cup to take a sip but the handle slipped slightly in his hand and poured most of the hot liquid onto the floor and his feet.

"SHIT!" He shouted throwing the cup on the floor in frustration. He wasn't in the mood to clean it up so he went upstairs for a shower, leaving the toast he had made on the side and the broken cup on the floor.

He walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and towel drying his long blonde hair. He liked showers, they helped him think about everything. In a way they cleared his head. They didn't stop the anger and self-pity that he was full of though. He slowly walked over to his wardrobe and had a look for something wear. He eventually decided on an olive green t-shirt with half a black skull on it, he matched it with a pair of grey jeans and some Nike trainers. He didn't want to be recognised so he put on a black hoodie and his sunglasses. He grabbed his keys and his phone and walked out the door, leaving the mess behind. He got in his car and started driving, he had no idea of where he was heading, just that he wanted to be away from everything. After 10 minutes of driving he parked up beside a small coffee shop, his favourite coffee shop. They sold the best coffee in America it always slipped down a treat, especially when he was in a bad mood, and that was a lot lately. He got out of the car and locked it behind him, the lock clicked as he pushed the door and walked into the shop. The smell of coffee, bagels, pastries and freshly baked cookies, was like a punch in the face, and Adam knew what a punch in the face felt like. The scent engulfed him and drew him over to the counter where a young boy stood serving people. Adam walked over to the counter and looked at the menu.

"A large decaf coffee and blueberry bagel please" He mumbled getting his wallet out of his back pocket. The boy pressed a few buttons on the till and walked over to the machine to make the coffee. The coffee started pouring out of the machine into the cup. The boy left the machine to do its thing and got a blueberry bagel out of the display. He put the bagel on a plate and took it over to where Adam was standing and placing it infront of him. He turned and got the coffee and placed it next to the bagel.

"Would you like cream cheese or peanut butter with your bagel?"

"Cream cheese please" The boy nodded and smiled. He grabbed a small dish from under the counter, put some cream cheese in it and placed it next to the bagel.

"That'll be $5.65" The boy said. Adam looked down into his wallet and got out 10 dollars. He got his change and took his coffee and bagel over to a table right at the back of the shop next to a window that looked out onto the street.
Adam sat down and leaned back against the chair. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, he was supposed to be in the ring doing what he loved instead he was sitting in a coffee shop watching everyone get on with their lives. Granted, it was his favourite coffee shop. He sighed and took a sip of his coffee, that was exactly what he needed. He missed wrestling more than anything, he just wanted to be back in the squared circle holding the world heavyweight championship, whilst the crowd cheered.

"Uhhh Hi" His thoughts were interrupted by the most innocent of voices. Adam looked up, a girl was standing infront of the table he was sat at, she was a small girl, barely 5 foot 4 with long berry red hair. She had huge blue eyes that seemed full of admiration for the man she was standing infront of. She was wearing a pair of dark denim blue shorts, a bright green belt, a black top that said awesome across it and it went up to reveal an evenly tanned stomach with two outline of star tattoos, one on each hip. She also has a belly button piercing that was a fairy holding a glass ball. She was also wearing a grey zip up jumper on that had white unreadable writing across it. She had the hood up over her head, but it was balanced so that he could see her face and some of her hair. She had bright red lipstick on which only highlighted her eyes more, which were outlined with black eyeliner and mascara. To make it better she had white eye shadow on with tiny specks of silver glitter. She had a smoothie in her left hand, he could see she had false nails on, the tips of the nails were all different colours and they had a stripe of glitter where the colour started. She also had rings on her left hand, one on her finger next to her thumb that was a heart with wings, and another on her thumb that spiralled around. She had an assortment of bracelets on, all different kinds, red beads and different coloured Turkish bracelets with the eyes that keep away evil on them. She was a very pretty girl, but obviously young.

"Hello" He replied coldly, just because she was pretty it didn't mean he appreciated being disturbed by her.

"I'm sorry to disturb you…but you're Adam Copeland right?" She asked unsure of herself. Adam was taken aback by the fact she used his real name. No one ever did that.

"Yes. I am" Again it didn't make him like her anymore.

"I was just wondering, if I could get an autograph…or something" Her voice trailed off.

"No" He replied looking out of the window. Her face suddenly hardened.

"Fine" She replied, clearly angry and disappointed. Adam felt a sudden pang of guilt, he had always been so gracious towards his fans because without them he would have never got as far in the WWE as he did. He still just watched her walk away and out of the shop.