I really got to stop doing this, but stupid plot bunny decided to invade my brain again and smash itself as something that's more prioritized over my other stories. Damn it! I really need to update my other fan fictions too...

I don't own Digimon or it's franchise...period.

This is our world. Planet Earth.

...too vague? Ok let's try this.

This is our country. The United States of America.

...still too vague? Fine, let me try again.

This is California. One of the best damn states in America.

...what? You still think it's not enough? Fine!

This is San Francisco-

"Hiya cutie, whatcha doing?"

...ok let's go down south a little more.

This is Los Angeles-

"Oi Puta! Como te fuck!"

...right, a let's go up back north, a little bit to the east though.

This is Lake Tahoe. I think that's where we'll find - oh wait! There I am!

...no I'm not the fatass that's eating the four by four, nor am I the slut that's trying to get a little cock in the corner of the room. I'm not that angry bitch of a mom that's smacking the living piss out of her kid, or am I the guy that's flirting with that blond chick with the nice rack (though I won't lie, I probably would want to flirt with her).

So where the hell am I?

I'm the dude that's actually running under the sun, working up a sweat. Yup, that's me you guys. I'm the guy that actually gives a damn about his appearance and is trying his best to keep himself in shape.

Oh sorry, I still need to introduce myself right?

Well, my name is Joshua Chung, and let me start by saying this.

I am an asshole.

There I said it.

I'm not going to deny it. I am a complete asshole. Even right now I'm an asshole.

Every. Single. Second.

Usually people would start off being a modest guy. They would start off how their life is a minuscule and pathetic. How their life sucks and nothing too important happened in their life. Well guess what? So's mine, and you don't see me bitch about it.

Forgive me for the profanity. Even if it's in the first five seconds of the story, seeing the word 'bitch' is not very nice is it? I don't think so either, so I'll do my best to keep myself in check. However it'll be hard to, because it is me, and I can't help myself being, well, myself.

Oh god, I got off track didn't I? Where was I? Oh yeah, where everyone is being all humble and modest. I'll be up front with you all. I'm a senior in high school, and in first semester have two D's. There I said it, and I'm not ashamed of saying it. Well, I have to admit, it was embarrassing to see it, but after conflicting with my own inner thoughts, I just accepted the fact that I suck at that particular subject. I'm not going to deny it, I suck at English and Pre-Cal. Actually I don't suck at Pre-Calculus, I'm just really lazy.

English on the other hand can just kiss my ass. I can live without it.

Like I said earlier, English can kiss my ass.

So, you all must be wonder, what's there to know about me? Who am I? Did something interesting happened in my life that people would want to know?

More importantly, why the hell do you care?

If you guys skipped a bit around my rants, then let me introduce myself again just encase you forgot my name. I'm Joshua Chung. My birthday is-

Wait a minute, why the hell do you care?

I'm your 'ab'normal 18-year-old male. See what I did there? I added in 'ab' into normal to become abnormal! Pretty sneaky, right? You all must have thought that I would start off with those generic "I'm you average 18 year old dude" right?


I'm not normal at all! In fact, I detest it! I hate the word "normal"! Normal are for those that aren't adventurous, that aren't willing to step out of the box and do something new. Normal are for weak sauce, and pussies. They want to live out normal lives, be my guest.

Me and the other eighty-five percent of the US won't take that shit. We won't be normal, we'll do something completely different, completely estrange from our norm.

Let me tell you an example. Last year I was 215, now a normal person would bitch and whine about how they want to get skinny. Me? I did that for about a week before I decided to actually do something about it. So I got on some sweatpants and sweater and began to run, jump and sprint my fatass. I burned my quads and my abs. I poured blood and sweat, and no I don't mean metaphorically: I actually spat and vomit blood from overworking and I sweated a gallon of sweat every hour. I cut off all sodas, fat foods and sweets.

By the end of the summer and all the way up to April? Good bye rolls, hello eight-pacs.

Yeah, you read it right, eight-packs!

Bitches love the eight-packs.

I worked my ass off to get my body, and I am sure as hell not going to be discreet about it. I freaking love my new body. I'm very athletic after dropping that weight, and because of the diet that I made for myself I can cook my own meals now, and I'm pretty sure I can get into Davis by the end of my high school year. Sure I might not have the grades, I mean I have a weighted GPA of 3.04, but I got the SAT and my sports. Not only that, but I also have some things that people don't have, leverage. I exploit the hell out of my leverages, and it's damn well worth it.

...ok I didn't get into Davis, or any of the UCs...except for one.


Bitches praise me as yo kings! Procrastinated on the SAT and got a 2150, Lettered in Swim and Waterpolo, and wrote a kick ass essay prompt for the application process.

To be more of an asshole, guess what?

I copied off of this off of my own fanfic, because I can.

Ah crap, got off topic again didn't I?

Damn it.

Ok back to the story.

Now you all must be wondering, why the hell does this matter?

Remember how I hate the word "normal"? How I detest it? How I wanted to be abnormal?

I was not expecting an abnormality like this.


So lemme go back a few steps, and let me summarize how our world is right now: It's in complete chaos

It all began when our world's weather went completely out of whack. There were droughts in Thailand, floods in Africa, one hell of a winter in Chicago- oh wait that always happens there.

In conclusion, our world is kind of strange right now.

And right now most of us, as in our senior class, were all at Lake Tahoe just getting ready to snowboard and skiing up in the mountains.

Oh and before you guys ask me how and why I know this much? First off cut off your manga and anime supply and read something called the newspaper and then, if you have Direct TV, you go to channel 202 and watch CNN. Don't ask me about Dish, cause I really don't know.

All of the other kids were getting ready to go and have fun.


"Forty-four...forty-five...forty-six..." The news was blaring up on the corner of the ceiling while I was doing my last set of push ups for the day before I hit the shower. I was in the fitness room that the hotels usually have and did my usual cardio run, jumprope, and swim. Now I was focusing on my muscle structure, doing various of sit-ups, and now heavy numbers of pushups. While I was getting to my last fifty of the day, the news was going on about mysterious earthquakes in Japan and hailstorms in China. Damn, I knew those two country shouldn't have pissed of Mama nature.

"Fifty..." I counted as I pushed myself off the ground while turning off the TV. I'm doing the hotel a favor and not let their electric bill run so damn high. Wiping the remainder of my sweat off of my face I walked out of the room, sweat drenched on my t-shirt and a bit on my shorts as I passed by hotel workers who murmured at my directions, one of them was checking me out with an approval.

Yeah bitch, BTW I'm legal.

Joking. But seriously though I really am eighteen.

See, look at the mini bio below as they decrease my screen size to tell me a little bit about myself.

Joshua Chung
12th Grade
High School

And now I'm going to go and take a shower.

What I didn't know was that while I was taking a nice warm bath, a blizzard was nearly blowing everyone off of the mountains.


I dried off my hair as I looked at my little closet that I was sharing with my roommate. I picked out my jogging suit, cause it was a bit cold and chilly today I thought it was a good time to wear it. Besides I'm going to go out for a jog later this afternoon-

"We interrupt this program to bring you disturbing news. In most of California, there is a blizzard storming down most of-"

Wait what?

I rushed off to the nearest window, and sure enough.

A blizzard.

Being a very mature and calm-minded individual, I knew exactly how to handle the situation...


Author's Note

A rather short intro, but intro's aren't really my things as of late.

Well now that's out of the way...

I never thought I see the day...

...well actually I did, cause I did this in my Pokemon Story, but still...

In any case I need OC's. I'm going to take only about seven, so you guys need to really impress me with the OC's. If it's halfed-ass, it's rejected. If its vague, it's rejected. Meaning I want details, good details. If it's crap, it's crap and I won't touch crap. Period.

Can they be sues? I don't know, they're your OC's.

I'm too lazy to show you guys a separate example so I'm just going to give you guys both the skeleton and example, you guys can erase my name and shit from here.

Name: Joshua Chung
Age: 18
Nationality: American/Korean

[You can send a picture description, but make sure you give a brief summary of how they look as well. Remember, what you write is what will appear in the story. If you can't find a picture, well tough luck dudes, guess you'll have to write out the whole damn thing.]
Physical Description: Joshua has one hell of an athletic built due to his cardio workouts. A nice jaw that matches with his sharp lean form that fools most people until he takes off his clothes. One of the things that most people wonder is why the hell is this kid sporting a god damn perm? Well it does look good on him.

Clothing: Oh god why, why did he have to come in these clothes? Out of all the clothes he had to wear he chose this one. A black Ringside jogging suit, the colors mainly consisting of black with red and white trims, the top mainly a zip-up jacket, while the bottom is a wind pants. Great for working out, bad to go out with someone, oh say like a girl. The only thing he would keep are the running shoes that's he wearing. Say whatever the hell you guys want about them, these shoes are damn comfortable. Best of all, the colors matches pretty much with any sort of clothes he wears, because it's main color is white, with black trims and a green plastic bottom.

Personality: No he's not a sue. He's just extremely cocky that shows off his body because of bragging-rights. He was two-hundred and fifteen pounds before he started to do his cardio training. He can seem overconfident and brash, "but you're not brash if you can back it up." He is quick to anger, and always voices his opinion, even when it may have negative consequences. During his happier times, he enjoys joking around in battle, poking fun at his allies and enemies alike. However make no mistake, even with this kind of an asinine personality, there is a reason why he's chosen to become one of the many digidestined.
Likes: Cooking and Gymnastics
Dislikes: Disgustingly Fatty Foods

History (A history about your OC or yourself if your willing to put in yourself into the story): There is no way in hell I'm going to tell a bunch of strangers about my life.
Others: He's sometimes a dork whenever there are girls that he actually have his heart going "lub dub".

Crest: Wouldn't you like to know? (Reliability)
Partner Digimon: And spoil the fun? Hell no.
Partner Personality: Bah, you guys will figure it out.