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Survival Tip #3
If your looking for a place to rest, and away from danger, you can always go to "The Usual Places"!

For example:

1. A Scary Looking Cave
2. A Suspicious Looking Train Cart In The Middle of Nowhere
3. Active Volcano

Go into beautiful and safe looking houses!
(They always lead into trouble...Amityville Horror, and any other horror movies, taught us that)

After our lunch the seven of us decided to take a break. So here we were, dressed in our bathing suits/swim wear, as both human and digimon just relaxed for the day. From the corner of my eye I could see Kat and Ryder playing with a soccer ball as Agumon and Gabumon acted as goal keeper. So far from what I counted off, it was 20-18, Kat's favor.

Kyler wasn't doing much. From the broken phone booth that Shellmon left behind, he used that as his little shade for sleep. Both him and Veemon were snoozing away, obviously tired from the whole ordeal that just went down earlier. Not that I blame them, I mean Veemon did get his ass kicked out there badly.

Yui was sun-tanning outside with her bikini...or if if it can be called that. I can never tell with swim suits. She was chilling out there with Lunamon, who tried to copy Yu, but obviously was confused why Yui found this relaxing.

Anya? Well she was...huh, I can't seem to find her. Where did she go? Maybe doing something to train for swim or something. Either that or writing a new sets of lyrics for her song. I forgot to mention that. She loves to sing. Who the hell knew?

So what the hell was I doing?

"Ok Lopmon, this here is called a Vaporizer." I showed my little Digimon a little dark pen-structured like device, on the tip however was a lip that is used to smoke whatever content was holding it. "You take big hits with this and get ridiculously high."


"It makes you feel really happy," I lifted a finger to pause. "But you got to be careful, or else you can trip pretty damn hard."

"How can you trip?" My smile couldn't have been more evil.

"Oh you'll find out lil' dude."

Of course, we hit our little joint where no one was looking. Lopmon looked terrified as she watched with wide eyes while I pressed on the button to activate the device and began to suck. Thirty seconds passed by as I took a long drag, before exhaling out the smoke. "Oh shit...I know I'm going to be feeling this."

"H-Have you done this before?"

"Hell no!" I snapped back, "My friend gave me this! He told me that it's better than smoking out a bong! Told me that in five minutes, everything will go slow!" She looked very reluctant to smoke it. In fact, Lopmon was already on her feet, backing away from me rather slowly.

"U-Um...I think I'm going to play with Lena and Coronamon. I think she's teaching him how to play that one game on that little thing she calls DS-"

"Share da love, sista!" I shoved the vaporizer into Lopmon's mouth. She instantly went pale. How pale? Ever seen a white chocolate? Or how about a white rabbit?

"...spiders..." She passed out on the floor. Man, I really need to talk to Grassy Jack.

Cause this shit is awesome!

Hit the Intro dudes...

"Lopmon..." I began as I watched the scene play in front of me. "I think I'm feeling it dude."

"I-I'm...I'm...I'm..." Lopmon couldn't even finish her sentence as the two of us watched two grey-colored Triceratops just duking it out with one another. Or that's what I think it is. I don't know, maybe it's because of the Vaporizer had 99% pure T8C in it or something, or maybe it's because we didn't eat anything before hand.

All I know right now, is that I'm tripping so much ball watching these two dinosaurs fight.

Watching those two dinosaurs fight with one another gave me a Einstein-like idea.

"Dude. Dude. Dude." I waved at Lopmon. "We need to build a freaking rocket. Fly over this damn island, into space, and crash back to Harrahs man." Lopmon simply nodded her head slowly. Yup, she's feeling it.

"But it can't be any ordinary rocket! Hell no!" I screamed as I point at the dinosaurs. "It has to be shaped like those dinosaur's dick! A big hairy dino dick!" Lopmon gasped, did she not like my idea?

"...i-it needs m-my ears as wings..."

I stared at Lopmon and imagined what she was implying.

"A hairy dinosaur dick with Lopmon ears as wings?" My grin was threatening to rip my face off. "That is brilliant! Lopmon, you are a god-damn genius!" Lopmon copied my earlier actions and paused me with a finger. I slowly quieted down as I waited for my wise partner in crime to express her opinion on our super-awesome plan to leave this island.

"...with lasers...we need...defense mechanism-"

"-to fight the aliens and Frieza! My god Lopmon, your a fucking genius! Forget UCLA! Lopmon, with you by my side, we can go to Harvard!" Suddenly the digimon erupted with laughter, as the chocolate bunny rolled on the ground holding her stomach. "I-I don't know why, b-but I have this urge to laugh!"

I joined in with the laughter, "I don't know what the hell you just said there, but it's sure as hell funny!"

Of course, our laughter brought attention to the two dinosaur Digimon as they growled dangerously, slowly trekking their way towards us. Their horns positioned to gore us any time. Lopmon and I looked at the Digimon and each other.

"...Josh..." Lopmon looked back at the two grey-colored Digimon. "...I see ghost bunnies..."

"You see bunnies?" I looked over at the two Digimon, and back at Lopmon. "That's strange. All I see is Keira Knightley and Olivia Wilde having hot lesbian sex with one another, licking whip-cream off of each other."

"What's a lesbian?"

"God if I know..." My face clenched with disgust as the dinosaur breathed right in front of our faces. "Dude..."

A pause.

" need mouthwash." The digimon rumbled ferociously, not enjoying the fact that I just insulted it. In fact, it looked down right murderous as it slowly lowered it's horn down to gore. My last few minutes to live before I get gored by a grey-digimon with attitude, and what did I do?

"...want some brownies?" I showed them the bag of dark delicious goodness in my hand, "I made them myself."

Everyone was packing their things, ready to find some people that were living on this island to help them get back home. Anya and Yui were changing back to their clothes while everyone else were planning out on what dinner would be.

"Well, Anya nearly searched the whole beach," Kat chewed on her jerky, "but it looks like theres nobody here except for us and Digimons with nasty attitudes." The Icelandic and the big-breasted Japanese waitress walked back to the group as Kyler and Veemon yawned loudly.

"Luckily for us, we have some major butt kicking digimons that are really strong!" their leader replied happily as she lifted Agumon's arm up in the air. "Like when Agumon digivolved into GeoGreymon, and dragon-punched Shellmon into outer space! He was so cool!"

"Ah shucks, Kat you make me blush." The digimon sheepishly replied, hiding his embarrassment with a laugh.

"Yo, Agumon." Kyler called out, "I think we all like you as GeoGreymon. No offense, but why don't you stay that way?" The mini T-Rex hummed.

"I can..."

"Then why don't you-"

"But even super-heroes need rest!" The dark haired teen facefaulted, squishing Veemon underneath him, causing everyone, including the stoic and cool Anya to laugh-


At that moment, there was a roar behind them. A roar that belonged to a digimon that looked sort of like a mixture of a rhino and a triceratops horn and all. "Who's that digimon?" Yui hesitantly asked, her curious nature coming through.

"It's a Monochromon," Kudomon's English accent voiced out through Anya's shirt as he explained this time. "But don't worry about him, he's a rather relaxed and, how you American say it 'a laid back' Digimon."

The 'laid-back' Digimon's eyes gazed over at the teens and the Digimon. It's red eyes ferociously lingering at them. The Monochromon roared at them, and very slowly Anya twisted her hand into her shirt, signaling to Kudomon that something was very wrong. Several of the teen looked between Kudomon and Monochromon uncertainly, and the ferret cleared his throat nervously. "Although it is wise to be a bit cautious," Kudomon continued "With a Monochromon, they do tend to get a bit miffed when they're hungry,"

"Zen ee' must ve starving," Lena's Russian accent was more prevalent as Coronamon quickly stood in between her and the large digimon. "Because he looks really mad!"

"Oh no, I think he wants to eat us!" Ryder wailed. There was another roar behind them and a second Monochromon joined the party. "There're two of them!" Anya gasped. "We're caught between a roar and two sets of teeth!"

"Come on, it's not safe here!" Kat ordered, louder than normal, getting more and more comfortable with the role as a leader. Of course, the group listened to her and they all went running to hide behind a boulder-


Only to screech to a halt when another Monochromon burst through the boulder, with another one right behind it. Kudomon was the first to break out of his stupor as his English accent voiced out in absolute terror. "A pack? But how!? Monochromon are too tenacious to work with one another!"

"H-How many of them are there?!"

"Like hell I know!" Kyler screamed as the slowly backed away, only to be surrounded by the four Monochromon. "There's no way it can get worse."

Another rumble and more roars in the distance as the team heard more Monochromon come their way. "Oh come on!"

They all turned and saw three more Monochromon appear from behind a rocky outcropping. The Digimon's quickly held their ground, making a circle around their partners as the smaller rookie Digimons did their best to protect them. However, no matter how valiant their efforts was, they knew that they won't be able to take on all of them.

"Agumon!" Kat rose her Digivice. "You gotta Digivolve!"

The smaller dinosaur nodded his head as he felt the code change inside him. He was going to change into GeoGreymon and try to buy them time to escape. He could probably take down at least two or three of them, but the dino-digimon knew that he'll be overwhelmed in the end by the mass number of Champion-leveled Digimon in front of him.

If he'll be De-Digitalized, then he'll do it by protecting Kat and the others!

"Agumon! Digivolves to-"

"Wait!" A deep voice rumbled as another rumble echoed from the distance. The Monochromon stopped whatever they were doing and slowly made room for whatever was coming. Everyone's eyes bucked when a red color Monochromon emerged. Or what appears to be a red-version of the said Digimon. The only difference was the size and the scars on the Digimon. There was a large claw scar on it's left eye while various of cut scars all over it's body and legs.

"Kudomon?" Ryder called out as she stare at the monster in front of them, absolutely terrified at the sight. "Just what the heck is that?"

"T-That's a Vermilimon!" Anya's Digimon answered in shock, "The alpha of the Monochomon. Unbelievable, this is the first time I've ever seen one alive!"

"Your first time?"

"Vermilimon were written in history to be extinct," Lunamon further explained. "To see a Monochrmon in a pack is a sight to see, to even witness one with a Vermilion as the pack leader right now is something of a miracle!"

"Then what is he doing here?" Yui wondered as the Vermilimon trotted over and glanced over at the humans...

...before bowing at them. "Forgive us, my clan had no information that you were allies with Dai-Lopmon."

Everyone blinked.

"Dai...Lopmon?" Coronamon voiced out everyone's opinion. Kat gasped when she saw the chocolatey bunny ontop of the Vermilimon's head, cross-legged, with an unusual headdress around it's head. "Um...Lopmon?"

"That's Dai-Lopmon to you mortals!" One of the Monochromon roared as Josh's partner appeased the Monochromons with a simple wave of hand.

"Please. They're my Namekian, it means friends in Waponese."

"Doesn't she meant Nakama and Japanese?" Yui whispered to herself as the Monochromon silently calmed down.

The Vermilimon looked at his pack, "Our mighty leader, Dai-Lopmon, wishes to tell us all something important now. So my fellow Monochromon you better dig the wax out of those huge ears of yours, and listen!" The Digimon roared, as the Lopmon slowly stood. "The reputation of the Monochromon that goes far and wide… When they talk about our wisdom and knowledge, the Digimon of indomitable spirit and masculinity, they're talking about our leader! The Mighty Lopmon!"


The Monochromon pack cheered as they stomp their feet onto the ground, creating massive tremors around while everyone else in the vicinity stared at Josh's Digimon in disbelief. How did the normally timid Digimon gather such rough and stubborn Digimons like the Monochromons together like this?

"Thank you, oh great and mighty Dai-Vermilimon. May your children be as awesome as you!" Lopmon gratefully told the larger digimon, patting Vermilimon on the head as the Ultimate level Digimon began to cry. "Dai-Lopmon, I am unworthy of your praise!"

"THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAISES DAI-LOPMON! HAIL DAI-LOPMON!" The Monochromon bowed as Lopmon hopped off of Vermilimon.

"Well, let me tell you guys about the world we live in." The adorable chocolate bunny declared, squatting down as she looked up at the humans. "The world that we live in, it's controlled by these so called gods that everyone expects to bow down to." She explained, lifting his head to the sky while taking in a deep breath. "Not that there's anything wrong with that of course…"

Lopmon jumped to her feet dramatically. "LIKE HELL THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!" She screamed. "WHAT THE HELL'S NOT WRONG WITH IT!?"

"EVERYTHING!" The Monochromon and Dai-Vermilimon answered back with the same energy as Lopmon was expressing. Taking deep breaths, the rookie digimon calmed down.

"We're living in fear, trying to appease these gods by living in the life of being naive and stupid…" Lopmon turned away from the team to face the sky. "Even the most powerful Digimons who are Mega-Level, they live like a coward and will die like one."

She then span around and points over at Kat and the others. "NOT ME!" She announced. "A true man, or woman, thinks with his or her courage! Break through reason and kick tradition to the curb! We demand for change and for us to be free!" She roared. "Break through the impossible with your awesome soul! That is how we, the Dai-Digimon, rolls!"

"I know this is a little to late to ask, but how did you get the name Dai-Lopmon?" Ryder asked hesitantly.

"Lopmon is too small a name to hold such awesomeness as I!" Dai-Lopmon declared. "Dai-Lopmon and my fellow Dai-Digimon will transform this broken world into one filled with manly souls! Their pride burning with passion! OURS SHALL BE A CANNON! THAT PIERCES THROUGH HEAVEN! AND EARTH! AND THROUGH TO TOMORROW!

"HAIL THE DAI-DIGIMON!" The group of Dai-Monochromons and Dai-Vermilimon chants once again.

"THAT IS THE WAY THE DAI-DIGIMON BRIGADE ROLLS!" Dai-Lopmon roared, the air behind him roaring into flames. "SO LET ME ASK YOU GOD, WHO HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?"


Alright, it's official. There is something freaking wrong with Lopmon…

"Coronamon, Veemon, Gabumon, Agumon why are you guy's kneeling?" Lena asked as she witnessed four of their rookie team bowing to Lopmon, along with the Dai-Monochromons and Dai-Vermilimon.

"The true man knows a manly soul when he sees one." Coronamon simply explains while Veemon reverently sang prayers of the awesomeness of the Dai-Digimon, Gabumon tried to resist the urge to cry only to fail as the manliness was too strong to bare. Agumon stood to attention with tears in his eyes. "Dai-Lopmon! I'll follow you to the day I die!"

Thank you, my Dai-Brothers!" Dai-Lopmon tearfully declared, turning to her fellow Dai-Digimons behind her. "My brethren! Let us welcome four more Digimon to our Dai-Digimon clan! Three cheers for Dai-Coronamon, Dai-Veemon, Dai-Gabumon and Dai-Agumon!"


"You've got to be kidding me." Kyler muttered under his breath while Lena and nearly half of the crew had sweat drop on their head. The only one that didn't have one was Lunamon, who was cheering along with the Dai-Digimon, not really having a clue why they were doing it in the first place.

"Now our first plan!" Dai-Lopmon points at a group of Dai-Monochromons and Dai-Veemon. "You guys, find a communication device that can broadcast my message all over the Digital world! Spread the word that the Dai-Digimon will rise!" She then points at another group of Dai-Monochromons then to Dai-Gabumon and Dai-Coronamon. "We need you guys to find a suitable base that will show our Dai-Brethren that Dai-Digimon is nothing small of a group. And finally..." She points at Da-Vermillimon and Dai-Agumon. "You guys will come with me! We need to find this place call NASA, and tell them to build us a Jurassic genital rocket with and a shitload of more Funyuns!"

"An excellent plan Dai-Lopmon!"


"Oh for the love of...Yui what are you doing?" Anya asks as Yui bent down to look at Lopmon right in the face. It was five seconds before she stood up and turned to the Vermilimon and then to the Monochromon. Her eyes twitched as she turned to them and explained what was going on. The most logical answer to why they were acting like this.

"They're all freaking high out of their minds."

I don't think there was a single jaw that didn't drop at her statement. "I-I can't believe that...who would..." Suddenly everyone had a flashback of the pervious chapter, there one only one person with a whole consumption of weed to do all this.

"...JOSHUA CHUNG!" Kat screamed as Kyler smacked his face, in utter disbelief.

"Huh, so that's how people act when they're high." Ryder murmured in awe as Lena and Anya looked on a the Digimon with embarrassment.

"Speaking of Josh, where is he?" Yui pondered as Kat screamed in frustration.

"I don't care where he is! When I find him I'm going to- OH MY GOD MY EYES!" The little Mexican screeched with terror. Instinctively, Yui and Anya covered Lena and Ryders eyes as Kyler and the others looked on with abhorrer and shock. Even the Dai-Digimon were rendered speechless at the spectacle in front of them.

What happened?

It's me. Running out of the forest butt-naked.

"We're dead!" I screamed my male genitalia censored with an Agumon head, " 'I fucking knew it! We're all in hell!"

I was feeling my face for anything. Nothing.

"I can't feel my face! I can't feel anything! I can't feel if it's cold or not! I think we're all dead!" I paused and looked at my arms, before screaming like a little girl. "SPYDAHS! THEY'RE ALL OVER ME! AH!" Ignoring my friends and the Dai-Digimon around, I dove into the salty beach, and began to swim like hell. Everyone was just...shocked.

"Oh wow," Anya was the first to snap out of her daze. "A quick transition to a Butterfly from a Breaststroke without pause or a wall to assist; and to do all that smoothly? Impressive."

What I didn't know was that there was never any spiders on me in the first place. It was all the T8C's fault for making me see things.

When we get back to our world, I seriously need to talk to Grassy Jack about this.

After getting my clothes back on, thankfully, Dai-Vermilimon offered us to ride on the Dai-Monochromon to take us to shelter. Never had anyone thanked me for getting anyone high at that day. Of course, Kat kicked me in the balls for flashing at her.

It wasn't my fault that the T8C made me delusional...well technically it is, but still!

"What a weird ass sunset," Kyler commented as the Dai-Monochromon continued to carry us to our so called shelter.

"I think it's pretty," Ryder said. It was different but different wasn't always a bad thing.

"This whole island is weird," Lena said.

"And who knows what will be coming out at night." Anya agreed.

"So Vermili- I mean, Dai-Vermilimon" Yui quickly corrected herself as she felt the glare from the other Dai-Monochromons behind her. "Just what exactly is this shelter you're talking about?" The alpha pack hummed, trying to figure a way to explain this paradise that him and his Dai-Monochromon would usually go to "In a very simplistic manner of explanation, it's a lake with fresh, clean water and a variety of tasty fish. It's a perfect campsite and shelter for you human-mons" Ryder and Yui instantly lightened up. If there's anything that the two loved, it's to camp outside.

A sick moan broke everyone out of their bliss as they looked over to both Lopmon and me.

"Dai-Lopmon, are you alright?!" Dai-Vermilimon asked, rather worried about their leader's condition.

"I-I just feel sick..."

"That's why you should never had smoke weed in the first place." Kat admonished as both Digimon and Stoner-partner groaned weakly.

"Please be patient Dai-Lopmon," Dai-Vermilimon appeased, "We are almost there, once we get there you can rest peacefully and recover your strength."

Arriving at the lake was a relief for everyone. With the setting sun the lake had taken on a pink tinge, but in the centre of the lake were power poles of all shapes and sizes, some with their cables training in the water. Kat looked at the structure with weary. She hoped that there was no current going through them; though if Dai-Vermilimon said there were fish in the water, she assumed that there wasn't an electrical current.

We got off of the Dai-Monochromon, well the girls and Kyler were on them - Lopmon and I were on Dai-Vermillimon's back- , as the pack stood in respect to their leader. "Dai-Lopmon, you have opened our eyes, and for that we a forever thankful for your teachings." Dai-Vermilimon explained. "If you are around this vicinity, please, call us if you are in need of assistance!" The alpha leader looked down at his fellow Dai-brethren. "Dai-Coronamon, Dai-Veemon, Dai-Gabumon and Dai-Agumon please protect our leader Dai-Lopmon, I wish to come with you, but my family..."

"No worries! We'll keep her safe!" Coronamon gave him a thumbs up.

"Yeah, just keep your kid safe!" Gabumon supported as the pack tearfully nodded back.

"THANK YOU DAI-CORONAMON! THANK YOU DAI-VEEMON! THANK YOU DAI-GABUMON! THANK YOU DAI-AGUMON! THANK YOU DAI-LOPMON! HAIL THE DAI-DIGIMON!" with that Dai-Vermilimon led his pack out of the shelter. Leaving Kat and the others with their respectful Digimons.

"Well," Kudomon voiced from Anya's shirt, "That went well."

"Alright gang!" Kat began as she and Agumon gathered up firewoods for the campfire, "Now all we've been doing while we were here was running away with our lives, and being attacked by very hostile monsters with little to no mercy!"

"Personally," I began as I reeled in another fish, while Lopmon bit into the gills to quickly kill it. "I see no reason to stop at this point, I think we're on a roll."

"Yeah, we're all doing good," Yui sarcastically murmured as she caught some of the berries that were dropped from the trees with the help of Lunamon's Tear Shot. "Trying to keep our skins in tact so far. There's no way we're doing terrible, except for the time when Kawagamon and Shellmon attacked us."

"I think it's great that Vermilimon took us here!" Ryder called out from another side as she gathered up some mushrooms and herbs from the garden, while stabbing some mushroom onto Gabumon's horn as an extra arm. "I mean, not only are there foods here, but there's also a trolly car that we could use as shelter!"

"I can't believe that all of this happened in one day- Coronamon, stop that!" Lena ordered in frustration as she had to reel back the line. "It's bad enough that my laptop isn't working, and now I'm trying to do something slightly more productive only for you to scare the fishes away-"

"CANON BALL!" Coronamon ignored her pleas and jumped into the lake.

"Where's Anya?" Kyler asked as he brought a handful more of fruits to the camp, Veemon chewing on some of the berries that they gathered. "Haven't seen her for a while."

"She fell asleep," I explained as I brought in a line of fishes. "She was exhausted, and right now snoozing away in the trolly."

"Can you blame her?" Ryder asked as she brought in the herbs and mushrooms. "She's been the scout for almost the whole day, of course she'd collapse in exhaustion."

"We all are," Yui stated with a nod, placing down the oranges and grapefruits onto the ground. "Once the fire's going, we'll call her over. She'll need to warm up."

"Leave that to us! Agumon!" The mini T-Rex nodded. He blew on the kindling and before long a large fire took its place. "Alright tell Lena to get Anya over here."

By the time the sun had set completely the fish were cooked and the fruit was cut. Of course there was one hilarious scene where I tried to cook the fish over the fire and almost burned my fingers for it. Anya, exasperated with what I was doing showed me the 'proper way' of cooking a fish.

"How did you come up with that?" I asked as Anya stuck a fish with a stick before placing it next to the fire to cook it.

"Common sense, something you lack Josh." Unlike Kyler, Anya is someone I can tolerate. She's that sister that you kind of want to have. So when she leaned on my shoulder, I really didn't think of it too much. Oh and for those who were wondering if I had a crush on her, lemme put it this way. Anya is like a hoodie: who'd want to fuck their hoodie?

The conversation was kept light, but after dinner the group separated a little. Ryder wanted to study the now visible stars, looking for familiar constellations. We let her, but the digimon all started to drift off to sleep. The remains of their cooking were thrown onto the fire, and once they were turned to charcoal they put out the fire.

Before Anya retreated back to sleep, she suggested that one of us keep watch throughout the night. Of course she forbid Ryder from doing it because of her autophobia, and Lena because of her gaming addition. "Nu-uh! I can definitely guard this place!"

"Alright fine." Anya shrugs, "I guess you'll have to stay up all night, all alone with Gabumon. In the cold, spooky night where anything can happen. You can do that while we're all together in a group, in a nice warm comfy cushion-"

"Actually, I take it back! I rather want to sleep for today with my friends and forever!" Ryder was already halfway to the trolly when she said this. Anya didn't want to use Ryder's phobia as a leverage, but there was no chance in hell she was going to allow someone like Ryder guard for the night. Lena looked over at Anya and back, "You sure you'll be alright?"

"Don't you worry about me Lena, I got this." The Russian looked rather reluctant to go, but with a smile from the Icelandic teen Lena yawned before rubbing her eyes. " least wake someone up to take you shift afterwards..." With that, our second favorite chibi walked into the trolly cart. Anya watched her go when something warm wrapped around her shoulders. She blinked. A blanket?

"If your going to stay out here, you might as well be warm and do it." I told her nonchalantly. She looked at me gratefully as I pulled Kat to the cart. "Come on Kat, Anya's a big girl, she can stand watch for just a few hours."

"B-But she scouted today and-"

"Goodnight Anya!" Pushing Kat into the trolly I shut the door, leaving her and Kudomon for the first hour watch.

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