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March 14th 3:00pm
Wright & Co. Law offices

"So, what do you think?" Nick asked, holding out the ring box for inspection by Maya; sitting on his work desk and grinning like all her dreams had come true.

It was a beautiful piece, Nick wasn't able to afford a lot, it was true, but when it came to the people he loved he was willing to make things stretch, besides when he'd seen the gold band he was holding out, complete with a single small diamond subtly embedded in the metal… well, he'd been able to see the answer in the sparkle. He'd seen the delighted smile, the light blush, he'd heard that voice murmur 'yes.'

"It's beautiful Nick." Maya cooed lovingly, taking the box from him. "The diamond's a good choice."

Nick nodded, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, "I know it's a little less showy than what he usually wears, but… I want it to be a reminder of me, not just an accessory."

Maya nodded, handing the pretty thing back to him, "That's a good attitude to have."

Nick didn't miss that little trace of sadness in her voice as she said this. He sighed and as she turned her head to avoid his eyes, he kneeled on the floor, forcing her brown eyes to meet his own intense blue ones. "Maya…"

The door crashed open and with a happy cry of "Hi!" Pearl Fey twirled into the room. "Mystic Maya, they're selling Samurai dogs down by-!"

Nick winced, he and Maya turned in tandem as the little girl's face turned into a mask of surprise and happiness, for there before her eyes was Mister Nick on his knees in front of her beloved Maya, holding a ring box. It was like a fairy-tale come true.

"Mystic Maya! Is Mister Nick-?" Pearl squeaked.

Nick flailed, what with one thing and another, when he and Miles had finally stopped hiding their relationship and told everyone concerned (though it turned out most of their friends had already guessed what was going on); Pearl had been the only one they left out of the confessions. She wouldn't have understood, too enamoured with the idea of Maya and Nick together and too naïve to see how happy the attorney became when around Mister Edgeworth.

"No, no, no!" Nick babbled, leaping on the first thing that came to mind, "I just uh, dropped this piece of evidence and Maya was telling me what she thought about it."

Equally nervous, Maya nodded and laughed, "That's right Pearly, sorry to get you excited." She turned back to Phoenix and winked, "It's an amazing piece of evidence Nick, the 'client' will be overjoyed."

Nick's nervous smile faded instantly, replaced with a more relaxed and real one. "Thanks Maya." He paused and turned back to Pearl, who was giving the whole scene a confused and suspicious look. Giving a little sigh he reached into his wallet and removed the last few of his notes, "Here ya go Pearly, go down to the stand and get us all some of those Samurai dogs, they sound good."

Pearl's suspicions melted like hot wax under the flame of temptation, "Ohh! Ok Mister Nick!" She jumped in delight, she so loved running errands for the law firm, it made her feel like a real adult, a proper member of the team.

As they watched the little pink shape skipping away, Nick commented; "Do you think she'll forgive me if we let her be a flower-girl?"

Maya smirked, "Oh come on Nicky, once she gets past the shock she'll be fine, you know she worships Mister Edgeworth."

Nick snorted, that much was true, whenever the prosecutor came over to the office he found himself cornered by the pink-clad little girl, who would demand he furnish her with obscure details of Steel Samurai episodes or information about all the countries he'd ever visited. Nick had a suspicion that the small girl had something of a childish crush on Miles, though he never mentioned it for fear of embarrassing her.

"I guess, I'm just afraid I'm gonna be pummelled by tiny fists." He confessed. That settled, he turned his thoughts back to Maya and that slightly sad note that had been in her voice. He cleared his throat, moving to sit next to Maya on his own desk.

"…Are you going to be ok with this, Maya?"

Maya nodded, keeping on her smile, but Nick recognised when she was faking it. Same as her older sister, she put on a brave face, though Mia's had been strict, Maya's was all smiles.

"Maya," he said quietly, a little uncertain of his words. "You do know, don't you; if I wasn't… that is, if girls were an option… I mean, I dated in college but it wasn't…" he sighed and reached to his forehead, brushing back his spiked bangs where they were beginning to droop after the day. "Maya, you're my girl, you know that, don't you?"

Despite her sadness, despite the little bit of her that was wondering if that ring shouldn't have been for her, despite the little sting that came from knowing that handsome, funny, sweet mister Wright would never really feel the same about her as she always had for him, Maya found she wasn't angry. She wasn't even all that sad, a little disappointed, but she never would have wanted to bring a man into one of those jealous, uneven marriages she was so familiar with from Kurain village.

Besides, she understood his sentiment, poorly-worded though it was. She'd always be his girl.

She grinned and elbowed him, "You bet your hedgehog-head I'm your girl, someone's gotta keep an eye on things around here, especially since you're gonna be busy planning a wedding soon!"

Nick blushed and smiled back, he could see she was being real in her happiness for him now, he put one arm around her shoulders and gave her a gentle squeeze before glancing out of the window at the warm afternoon sun, "Yeah… wow, Maya, in three hours I'm gonna be asking Miles Edgeworth to be my husband."

March 14th 3:00 pm
Prosecutor's Building,
High Prosecutor's Office

"That's a real nice ring Mister Edgeworth!" Gumshoe bellowed, saluting as he said it.

Miles winced, "Lower your tone, Detective, I'm trying to make it a surprise and if you continue at that volume everyone in the city will know."

Gumshoe visibly flinched and resumed admiring the ring in the box his boss was holding out.

It was a pretty thing, sure enough, just the sort of thing he could see Mister Edgeworth picking out as well, the band was gold with fine engravings on it, and at the top a diamond bigger than any Detective Gumshoe had ever seen was seated in a fancy-looking setting. There were even tiny rubies either side of it.

"Sorry sir!" He replied, lowering his voice considerably, "I gotta say, that's the biggest gem I've ever seen!"

Miles smiled a little smugly to himself, it certainly was a showy ring, he fully admitted that, but then again Nick often referred to his manner of dress as 'showy' or if he was feeling brave 'flamboyant'. He wanted Nick to wear that ring and every time he saw it, think of Miles himself.

Outloud, he voiced his well-rehearsed excuse for the showy stones, "Mmh, I abhor discussing money in the office but I must admit it was quite expensive. But then again I only intend on getting married once so I decided I might as well splash out a bit."

Detective Gumshoe's shoulders shuddered in mirth, "Heh, Marriage… I never thought I'd see the day…"

Miles' self-congratulatory smile faded a little, "Oh? Well I suppose I'm probably not what you'd call marriage material…"

Gumshoe's reaction was, as expected, hilarious, he flailed wildly as he fumbled to retract what he said, "No way pal! Sir! Sal! I mean, there's gotta be a hundred women in this city who'd jump at the chance to marry you, sir!" he saluted so fast Miles was slightly worried the big lug would knock himself out.

Ahh, yes, Gumshoe was probably right about that, if Miles did say so himself. He was aware of his apparent attractiveness to the fairer sex, he could hardly fail to notice the influx of 'anonymous' gifts he seemed to get every time he dealt with any case involving a young (or in one memorable and horrific case, old) woman. It was just that girls had never held much fascination for young Miles Edgeworth. Between trauma and study he'd never really found himself attracted to anyone, even when most boys his age had been out chasing girls.

If a label had to be put on him, he supposed 'homosexual' was the closest they'd get, but really, that wasn't right; a few vague stomach flutters in the presence of the infamous Godot and he couldn't deny that Detective Lang had a certain appeal at least in appearance. It was only Phoenix that made him… feel.

Phoenix, Nick, Wright. That wonderfully stubborn idiot who'd wormed his way back into Miles' life just when he didn't want him. Who'd changed his entire career path because he wanted Miles to have to speak to him, one way or the other. That complete dunce who ruined his perfect win record, made him feel unnecessary things, destroyed his mentor…

Miles smiled. When it came down to it, Nick had done an awful lot for him. In pursuit of him. It was strange because he usually abhorred the spotlight, but when it was Nick putting him up on a pedestal, it felt good. Like he wasn't standing on a pillar of glass, waiting to be knocked down and smashed, but on the winner's spot of a podium, like he was where he deserved to be and no-one was going to push him down.

"He's a wonderful man."


Miles blushed slightly, he hadn't realised he'd spoken the rare compliment aloud. He cleared his throat, "Nothing. What were you saying?"

Gumshoe hid his smirk very well, "I said it's not that you're not marriage material, I just never figured it would be Mister Wright you'd be marrying."

Miles allowed himself the luxury of a laugh, he seemed to be doing that a lot more since he and Nick… became him and Nick. "No-one is more surprised than me about that, I assure you." He took one more look at the ring and placed it on his desk, turning away to look out over the view his office afforded him. "Hopefully he'll say yes. He ought to, the amount I spent on that… silly really, I know he won't appreciate it beyond sentiment, I just… felt like spoiling him a bit."

Gumshoe nodded, gazing longingly at the diamond, he wondered how many packets of noodles he could buy for the money Mister Edgeworth had dropped on that ring. "Ah I getcha sir." He replied, then daringly picked the ring up to get a better look, "I'm the same about Maggey, although I'd never be able to afford this kinda thing for her!" the big man pouted a little at the thought, when and if he ever got up the nerve, it would have to be plain silver bands, if that.

He shook his head, that kind of thinking wouldn't do. Trying to distract himself, he chirped out, "So how're you gonna ask him, sir?"

Miles chuckled a bit, recalling how he'd puzzled over that for some time before coming to his ultimate decision. "We're going out to dinner tonight, I was thinking of asking our waiter to hide it under Nick's dessert, he always has the same thing, slice of chocolate cake, that way when he's finished pigging out he'll discover it and I can ask him." Miles flicked his fringe from his eyes, "A little cliché, but Nick's a sucker for that sort of trite romantic gesture. He's the only man I know who actually enjoys chick flicks for their plots."

Gumshoe nodded, only half-listening. Wow, hiding it in the cake? Wasn't that kind of risky? He lifted the diamond ring to his own mouth to check and his suspicion was correct, the diamond was big but it could easily be swallowed in a big lump of cake, and-

The intercom on Miles' desk buzzed loudly, causing three things to happen at once. Miles turned quickly in order to answer it, Gumshoe jumped at the unexpected sound, half-expecting it to be an alarm for the ring, and the ring itself slipped from the detective's big, clumsy fingers and down his throat with an audible 'gulp!'.

"Hello, Hannah?" Miles asked, pushing a button on the intercom.

"Good Afternoon Mister Edgeworth, you asked me to remind you to go get ready for your dinner date tonight with Mister Wright." There was a pause, and then a slight giggle in the voice as his secretary added, "I do wish you all the luck in the world, sir."

Miles smiled, "Thank you Hannah, I'll be off in a moment then. Take the rest of the day off yourself."

"Thank you sir."

Miles nodded, releasing the button and reaching to his chair, tugging on his suit jacket, "You can see yourself out, can't you Detective? Only I have one or two matters to attend to before this evening."

Gumshoe, sweating bullets, nodded weakly.

Miles, high on the thought that in a few hours he'd be asking the man he loved to be with him forever, hurried to the office door, then stopped and slapped his own forehead, "Stupid, forgot the most important thing!" he declared cheerfully, scurrying back to the desk and reaching for the ring box, containing…



Miles' eyes narrowed and he turned slowly to Gumshoe. He recalled the odd 'gulp' noise he'd heard when the buzzer went off.

"Detective, don't tell me you've done what I think?" he asked in a low, venom-filled tone.

Gumshoe whimpered, "Uhm… It was… an accident, sir?"

March 14th 5:00pm
Wright & Co. Law offices

Nick sighed down the phone, "Yeah, I know it was Mister Edgeworth who made the reservation but I'm the one he'll be dining with, so I should be allowed to change it a bit!" he grumbled a bit, "It's not as if you're going to be loosing anything, I just want us to have the corner table rather than the usual one!"

Maya watched her boss as he argued with the restaurant. It made her smile to see how much he'd changed since he and Mister Edgeworth got together. Her old Nick never would have dared argue with one of those posh restaurants, hell, he never would have been allowed in.

"You know the table I mean, Andre! The one that's a bit more private, always has candles on it."

It was only since dating... well, she supposed she could call him Miles, now he was going to be her boss-in-law, that Nick had… not exactly become classier, but he'd gained something. Miles had introduced him to a few of the finer things in life. While some men might have been offended at Miles flaunting his higher salary, Nick accepted it for what it was, his boyfriend spoiling him a little.

"Come on, just move the people who've reserved it onto our usual table, when Mister Edgeworth comes in you can just say there was a mix-up!"

Nick spoilt him right back, Maya noticed. Not with material things maybe, but she knew for a fact that Nick had spent a great deal of his free time watching Steel Samurai dvds with his boyfriend, if only because Miles enjoyed them so much. And he was always leaving little notes in Miles' coat pockets or his briefcase, little things like 'Remember everyone who counts thinks you're brilliant' or 'Always remember Miles; Pobody's Nerfect! ' once there was even the simplest and sweetest note Maya had ever heard about which apparently just read 'Love you Miles- Nick x'.

Loads of little things like that, done to restore Miles' shattered faith in himself. No wonder the two of them seemed so happy now, they were a great match.

"Well… ok, yes he will find it suspicious but I'm asking as a personal favour! … No I can't tell you why!" Nick whined, clearly on the loosing end of an argument with an overzealous maître d'.

Maya took pity on him and reached across the desk, taking the phone from his hand even as he protested, "Hello? Look, Mister Wright wants that corner table because he's gonna propose to Mister Edgeworth, I bet there'd be a nice tip in it for you if you make it happen."

"OH! Oui mademoiselle, tell monsieur Wright we will arrange the corner table for him and Mister Edgeworth! And offer our congratulations!"

Nick stared, baffled, as Maya hung up. "…Maybe you oughta be the one who goes to court and I'll stay here and eat burgers?" he suggested.

Maya snorted and gave him a playful shove, "Yeah yeah, now you hurry off home and put on something nice!" she sniffed the air around him comically, "and uh, something that doesn't smell of terror?"

Nick pouted, "I don't smell of-" he lifted one arm and sniffed, then pulled a face, "Point taken… it's nerves about tonight!"

Maya nodded understandingly, giving Nick a pointed push towards the office door, "I know, I know, but one thing guaranteed to make Mister Edgeworth say 'no!' will be you smelling like a farm, now go, get read to propose!"

Nick grinned, his heart soaring like his namesake as he hurried out of the office. By this time tomorrow, he was sure, he'd be engaged to the most wonderful man in the world.

March 14th 5:30pm
Prosecutor's building
High Prosecutor's office.

"It's coming out one way or the other!"

Gumshoe whimpered from within the private bathroom he'd been unceremoniously imprisoned in. He suspected it wouldn't help to tell Prosecutor Edgeworth that taking hostages was illeagal.

"I'm sorry sir!" he tried.

Outside there was a thump as Edgeworth banged his fist on the wall in frustration, "Sorry! SORRY! Sorry doesn't even begin to cover this! What kind of an idiot manages to swallow a ring by accident?"

"I was just-"

"I swear to Von Karma, Gumshoe, if that ring isn't in my hand in the next hour I'm coming in there with a letter-opener and getting it myself!"

Gumshoe paled; in this state he didn't doubt anything of Edgeworth. "But-"

"Where the devil is that girl with the ipecac?" he heard the prosecutor growl, and then the sound of the office door opening and the meek, if slightly amused voice of Hannah.

A second later and Edgeworth was snapping, "Open the door!"

Doing so resulted in a small brown bottle being thrust under his nose by an irate lawyer, "Drink this! And make damn sure you wash the ring- actually no, just put it on the side, you'll only flush it or something by mistake!" Miles snarled to himself, rubbing his forehead, "God it's like being in charge of an infant!"

As he took the bottle the door was once more slammed, leaving him trapped in the white marble room. Outside he overheard Mister Edgeworth demanding to know 'Why this insane stuff only happened to him?'

It hardly seemed fair, it wasn't as if he'd swallowed the ring on purpose. Still, Gumshoe didn't think that would stop the prosecutor from cutting his pay down to nearly nothing as punishment.

Besides, this kind of insanity didn't only happen to him, Mister Wright's law firm was rapidly gaining a reputation as the place you went when the case was too crazy for any other firm.

The detective sighed and uncapped the bottle, holding his nose as he chugged the lot, the least he could do was get Mister Edgeworth's ring back in time and-

He hiccupped twice, he always got them when he ate or drank too fast, which was almost all the time since he'd started eating nothing but noodles and-

The hiccups came again and Gumshoe coughed as he felt something catching in his throat. He ran for the toilet stall, realised it wasn't gonna be close enough and for lack of anything better, leant over the sink.

He coughed again, and then heard a 'Plink!' sound.

He dared to open one eye.

Huh. Well, there was the ring, lying in the bottom of the sink, sparkling away and looking none-the-worse for it's journey. It must have just got caught in his throat and with the sheer terror of the situation, he hadn't noticed it digging in.

Gumshoe grinned, "Mister Edgeworth! I got the ring back, I got the-!" he gasped as a wave of nausea overtook him and he pounded for the toilet stall, slamming it behind him as Miles opened the main door.

"You got it back?" he demanded, then heard the retching and winced. His eyes, sharp from years of crime scenes, spotted the sparkling item in the sink and Miles allowed himself a small smile. Picking the thing up between two fingers he felt the terror in his chest release slightly and planted a kiss to the diamond.

That was when his brain chose to make the connection of where it had just been and he pulled a face, and started hunting around for some mouthwash, or failing that, bleach. He happily ignored the sounds of digestive distress coming from the stall, he figured if pay cuts didn't work, perhaps an evening spent bent over vomiting would improve Gumshoe's work.

March 14th 5:45pm
Phoenix Wright's apartment

Nick turned and tried to get a decent view of himself from behind. He wasn't too sure about this suit, it was the one Miles had treated him to on their six-month anniversary. It was his usual blue colour but rather than being an off-the-rack affair it was tailored, fit like a glove, in fact. Miles always said it was a 'distinct improvement', which Phoenix took to mean 'you look hot in that'.

Only, he was never sure… every time they went out together it was like the world was conspiring to make Nick remember just how unpleasant and ugly he was in comparison to Miles, who never, ever looked anything less than catwalk gorgeous.

He sighed, conceding that the suit was fine, but he wasn't really filling it all that well, and turned to the more important problem of his hair.

Miles always said he hated Nick's spikes, and that he needed to use less gel on it, but on the other hand, Nick's hair had an unpleasant habit of turning into a bird nest when left to its own devices.

…actually, Hate was too strong a word, Miles may have claimed to hate the spikes, but there had been occasions where, if they'd had a rare hour or two off together, his hand would drift to those same hated spikes and play with them. Nick wasn't sure if Miles even noticed he did it himself.

Ten minutes later and Nick had to admit that he'd done everything he knew how to make himself look a bit better and… well, he didn't look too bad, if he did say so himself. Not on Miles' level of gorgeous, but certainly above average.

He paused a moment to look around his apartment and caught himself daydreaming that he probably wouldn't be living here much longer. The thought gave him a strange pang of sadness, small and badly-furnished the place might have been, but it had been a good fit for him. In need of a little TLC, he supposed, but nothing basically wrong with the old place.

Then again, the thought of a new home, with Miles in his penthouse with that dog of his maybe, or maybe in a place they could get together, somewhere they could make their own as a couple rather than two lonesome guys. Hell, they'd talked about moving in together before but ultimately never got around to it, they spent every spare moment together anyway, why complicate it with a move until they were 100% committed?

Nick grinned at that idea. Burying his hands in his pockets as he walked down the street towards Miles' favourite restaurant, he couldn't stop the thought 'After tonight it'll be 100% at last.'

He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice the huge puddle by the pavement, not until a car sped past and splattered him with muddy water and brought him back to earth with a mighty crash.

Nick stood still for a moment or two, blinking as if he was waiting for this nightmare to end and for him to wake up. When this didn't work he let out a low whine of self-pity and looked down to survey the damage.

March 14th 6:00pm
La Pomme D'amour restaurant

Fifteen minutes and the quickest change of clothes Nick had ever done and he was hugely late. He jogged most of the way down the street to the restaurant, skidding to a halt outside the doors only to realise that he was about to attempt to propose to the handsomest man in the world, while wearing a cheap suit and with his hair doing something odd and he was late for their date. He didn't stand a snowball in hell's chance.

The attorney let out a low sigh and pushed open the door.

"Ahh, bonjour Monsiour Wright! Monsiour Edgeworth is waiting at the ah… corner table." The maître d' greeted with a wink that wasn't going to win any awards for subtlety. Nick didn't bother to play along, simply handing the man his coat and preparing himself for the wrath of an angry Miles.

He was rather surprised to see the man himself still in his work clothes, usually on their dates he'd at least throw on a fresh suit, sometimes with the addition of a tie-pin or something, but that one was bearing all the crumple-marks of a day at work. He didn't look annoyed at being made to wait either, on the contrary, he was leaning back in his chair, suit jacket off and slung over the back of it, cravat loosened and smiling like Nick was the best thing he'd ever seen.

"Uhm…" Nick mumbled, "Sorry I'm late."

Miles shook his head, nothing could have spoilt his mood, not now he'd got the ring back and safely sterilised it, before sending it off to the chef with strict instructions that should anything untoward happen to it, Miles knew where to find all the best hired killers. "Don't be, I wasn't on time myself… something… came up at the office." He smiled privately. "I ordered us some wine."

Nick raised his eyebrows, taking a seat, and noting the fancy label on the bottle in the middle of their private and yes, candle-lit table. He didn't pretend to understand wine but he knew enough from Miles' hints that this was an expensive one. "Mmh, what's the occasion?" he asked, lowering his eyelids.

"None in particular, just thought… well, it's a lovely night and owing to a lovely mix-up we have the candle-lit table, may as well make an occasion of it."

Nick blushed, at least Miles was still under the impression that none of this was planned, that was good. "That's uh… really nice of you." He picked up his glass, "Here's to… here's to…" he paused, "Do we have anything to toast?"

Miles laughed softly, warmly. Nick made a note to make sure he laughed like that again sometime, he sounded so naturally happy. "How about we just toast us, eh?"

Nick's blush intensified, but he cleared his throat, he'd have to be a lot bolder than this if he was going to ask Edgeworth to marry him at the end of the night. "Here's to Miles Edgeworth, the best and brightest man I've ever known."

Miles smirked, raising his own glass, not bothering to correct Phoenix on the way he held his own wineglass like a beer bottle, he'd long since given up on teaching the man etiquette. "Here's to Phoenix Wright, the most charming person in my life."

Any waiter serving the two lawyers that night would have observed the quiet happiness between them, the way they behaved as if there'd never been a time when they weren't together, how the little nuances of their behaviours complimented each other perfectly. They chatted quietly about their day's work, shared laughs over one another's co-workers and their funny ways, reminisced about cases past.

It was only when the waiter approached to ask if they wanted dessert that a sudden nervous edginess came over the pair again.

"Mind if I have a slice of that cake?" Nick asked, trying to sound relaxed. One hand went to the ring box in his pocket, checking it was still there. God, he needed the sugar just to calm his nerves.

Miles smiled uneasily, "Not at all. You and your chocolate."

Nick laughed, it came out at a slightly-too-high pitch. "What can I say? I like indulgent things. Why do you think I'm dating you?"

If he noticed that the slice of his favourite cake arrived at an oddly fast speed (almost as if it was prearranged) he made no comment on it. Of course Nick didn't notice, too busy trying to recall how he ever got up the guts to speak to Miles.

What the hell was he thinking, he had no business in the world trying to marry Miles, he was too beautiful, too amazing, too…

Miles wondered if he hadn't been slipped some of that ipecac himself, he felt nauseous enough. Any second now…

Nick gripped the ring box, he'd have to do it now, before he lost his nerve.

Miles spotted the gem, right there in the middle of the plate as the last crumb of chocolate vanished.

Nick swallowed the last bite hard, eyes fixed on Miles as he tugged the ring box from his pocket in what he imagined was a subtle manner, keeping it hidden in his fist for a second.



In perfect sync, the two lawyers moved. Nick thrust the ring box out in front of him just as Miles reached across to take Nick's hands, the result of which was he got a handful of box.

"Will you marry me?" they both blurted at once.

There was a beat of silence.

"What?" they both asked at the same time.

"I said-"

"I asked-"

Miles winced and raised his hand, "Nick, shush, we need to take this in turns. What did you just say?"

Nick, blushing violently and more than a little mixed up, nodded down to the ring box. "I uh… Miles, will you marry me?" he paused, then noticed the glittering item on his plate. "What the heck…?"

Miles blushed in turn, "Um… what a coincidence."

March 14th 7:00pm
Outside Palace Apartment Building

"Wow… that's a huge diamond…" Nick commented, holding his hand up to the streetlight to observe the sparkles again. "I've never had something his shiny on my hand before."

Miles smirked, glancing down at his own gold band, he kept having to check it was still there, afraid of any number of insane mishaps. "I'm glad you like it. I thought you might think it gaudy."

"Miles, I'm dating a man who wears cravats, nothing is too gaudy."

"Engaged to, not dating." Miles corrected smugly. "… I love my ring too, by the way."

Nick stopped his admiring of the glittery stone and turned back to Miles, "Oh… heh, it's not too… plain?"

Miles rolled his eyes, though for once it didn't appear to be in contempt. He sighed and lowered one hand to link with Nick's as they walked together towards his apartment building. "Strange we both decided to… on the same day and everything."

"I know." Nick agreed, "Shame really, I had this whole speech worked out."

Miles smirked, "You wrote a speech and you actually remember it?"

Nick stuck his tongue out, "Hey! I studied acting, memorising scripts is easy."

Miles stopped as they passed under a streetlight, bathing them in an orange glow as he withdrew his hand and folded his arms, "All right then, go on Mister Acting attorney, tell me your speech."

Nick blinked, "Huh? But you already said yes."

"I want to hear it anyway." Miles replied evenly, tilting his head.

Nick sighed and shook his head to himself at the sheer impossibleness of this man. "All right, one sec, need to get into the character of an un-engaged man." He explained, then dropped onto one knee in front of Miles, who promptly turned pink and glanced around to see if there was anyone watching them on this deserted street, despite his insistence at hearing the speech.

"Miles Edgeworth… I don't know how to begin. We've had our ups and downs together and apart, there's been days when I've thought I hated you and days I've known I couldn't love you more. I'm not going to promise the downs will stop, because they won't, and I'm not going to promise there won't still be days when we drive each other crazy; but that's ok. Weathering the storm is what makes a strong man and a good couple, you're the former despite what you think, and I know together we're the latter. You're the only person who can make me feel special and insignificant all in one sentence and I know that if I can be with you for the good days I'm more than willing to endure the bad ones with you. I love you Miles, will you marry me?"

Miles's cheeks burned harder than ever, but his smile wouldn't fade. "…That would have been… impossible to say no to." He mumbled, offering a hand and tugging Wright back to his feet.

Wright grinned, "What were you going to say to me?"

Miles shook his head, trying to start walking again, "Oh, nothing, no speech, rubbish really…"

"Don't do that Miles, I hate when you put yourself down." Nick protested, seizing his fiancé's hand before he could escape. "Come on, tell me."

"Oh…" Miles grumbled, before speaking once more in a low, embarrassed tone, "I was just going to say… Phoenix, I love you more than I thought I could ever love someone, you're the most wonderful man alive and if you agree to be my husband, I'll be the luckiest, will you marry me?"

Nick's smile threatened to split his face, curling his arms around the man's waist he nuzzled against his shoulder, "You know I will Miles."

Miles blushed despite himself, hugging Nick back and taking just a brief moment to enjoy the warmth and comfort of the other man, everything he'd been longing for since his childhood was finally falling into place.

Slowly he drew back and glanced up at the building they were outside of, slightly surprised to see it was his own apartment building, but then again with the wine and the food and the romance, he supposed they'd both lost track of how fast they were walking. He sighed, "Let's go in, you've got to explain to Pess why he's got two daddies now." He joked as he held up his card-key to the door's sensor and lead Phoenix into the polished lobby.

Phoenix pulled a face, "hah, don't be silly Miles. You're his mom."

The two tumbled into the elevator laughing together; normally Edgeworth refused to go near the thing, preferring the self-induced torture of the stairs, but they were both just too happy tonight, laughing and teasing which quickly turned to kisses as the elevator rose. Nick noticed the slight tensing and the way the laughter became a little nervous the higher they went and instantly took Miles' hand. "It's ok, after the wedding we'll buy a house somewhere, no elevators."

In contradiction to his nagging phobic reaction, Miles smiled. "Oh, we are, are we?"

Nick nodded confidently, maybe it had been the wine with dinner or just the fact that Miles had said 'Yes' to the proposal, but he felt so comfortable talking about all this now. "Yeah, nice big place for you to tart up with lace and things and a garden for Pess to play in. I'm thinking something with loads of rooms."

Miles raised his eyebrows, choosing to ignore the remark about his personal taste, he inquired, "Why so many rooms?"

Nick tapped his nose, unconsciously imitating his fiancé, "Simple, we'll both need a study or something, we'd drive each other mad trying to share workspace, you'll need a whole separate room for all your clothes…"

Miles pouted, "I'm not that bad."

"You've got ten identicle pink suits. Anyway, two studies, a dressing room for Princess Edgeworth, a guest room for whenever Maya and Pearly come to stay, or in case Gumshoe or Franziska shows up, I guess…"

"if Gumshoe shows up he can sleep in Pess' dog basket." Miles muttered under his breath.

"And finally," Nick declared, in a voice of great importance, "We're gonna need somewhere for the kids to sleep."

There was a slight pause.

"Kids?" Miles asked.

Nick nodded, still smiling away, "Yeah! Well, not right away of course, I wanna keep you to myself for a while and adoption or insemination are long processes anyway, but wouldn't it be cool to have a little girl or guy running around? Shouting objection and watching kids shows with you?"

Miles hated how this man in front of him could make any idea, no matter how initially repulsive, sound totally appealing with less than a few sentences, quite a little turnabout. He curled his arms around Nick's thin waist. "Mmh, let's get through the wedding first."

They were just leaning into a heated kiss when the elevator door opened up into the Penthouse Miles called home.


The two lawyers spun like tops, confronted with a crowd of people, all their old friends and relatives, gathered under a sign which had been draped across the room reading 'Congratulations'. Nick suspected Maya had written it, the g was backwards and she'd managed to get a y in there somehow.

There was Franziska, holding a glass of something red in one hand and her whip in the other, there was Gumshoe, looking pale and a little green around the gills from his earlier adventure, there was Hannah and Maya, grinning girlishly, and Larry somewhere near the back, probably trying to claim credit for the couple, Pess and Missile happily playing together (Miles made a note to put a stop to that, no mongrel went near his pet) and any number of other faces, all staring at the pair as if waiting for a response.

For a moment Nick wondered if Miles was going to get cross at whoever had arranged this (Nick was pretty sure it would be their assistants working together, Hannah had a spare key and Maya was just daft enough to encourage something like this), or if he himself would have to get annoyed at the intrusion into their private night.

He caught Miles' eyes, saw that while there was a touch of annoyance in there, it was being overwhelmed with love and frankly, happiness at seeing how many people wanted to celebrate with them.

"Well?" Maya squeaked impatiently.

Nick and Miles, both blushing a bit, raised their hands simultaneously. Nick, sensing that Miles wasn't going to be the one to break the silence, chirped out, "We're engaged!" over the loud cheer that arose at the sight of their rings.

The party went on long into the night, and (apart from Larry getting his face slapped by every single female in attendance and the discovery that contrary to what Gumshoe believed, 'Missile' was apparently a girl dog, judging by Pess' reactions) there was no more insanity that night.