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A/N: The characters will age like humans, have full names and will be anthros.

Simba and Nala were sitting in their bedroom looking down at their daughter Kiara sleeping in her bassinet. The young parents thought she is such a beautiful baby.

"Kiara will definitely grow up to be beautiful like you Nala," Simba said.

"Maybe we should call your mom and sister over here to see Kiara, they'll just love her," Nala said.

"While I'm on that, I'll call your mother over here to see Kiara," Simba said.

Simba walked out in to the hall to make phone calls to his sister, mom and mother-in-law. Nala was still sitting on the king sized bed admiring Kiara.

Mother always did tell me that any daughter of mine would become as beautiful as me. Nala thought.

After a while, Simba was done making his phone calls. He walked back in to the room and sat down on the bed. They wrapped their arms around each other and sighed happily.

"Mom, Sarafina and Shani will be here in a couple of hours," Simba said.

"You're such a great guy, I'm glad that I married you," Nala said.

"You're such a great woman, we were always great together even as children," Simba said.

A couple of hours later, Simba opened the door to a tall lioness that was about 6' tall with shoulder length red hair and green eyes. She is about 24 years old like Simba is. The lioness next to her looked about 46 years old and about 5' 7 with short brown hair and orange eyes.

"Mom and Shani, you made it," Simba said.

Sarabi and Shani walked in to the house and greeted Nala.

"Where is Sarafina?" Simba asked.

A few seconds later, another lioness that looked to be about 44 years old and about 5' 9 with shoulder length light brown hair and blue eyes. Simba told Sarafina that she can come in. Sarafina did so and ran over to Nala. Simba closed and locked the door.

"Now that we're all here, lets go see Kiara," Simba said.

"How old is Kiara?" Sarabi asked.

"She is a month old and looks a lot like Nala," Simba said.

Simba and Nala walked their three guests in to their bedroom. Nala wheeled over the bassinet so they could see Kiara.

"She is so beautiful, just like I thought Nala," Sarafina said.

"Thanks Mom," Nala said.

Shani saw Kiara open her eyes.

"Look Simba, she has your eyes," Shani said.

"I know that Kiara will grow up to be successful," Sarabi said.

"I just hope she doesn't lose me or Nala like Shani and I did when Dad died," Simba said.

"Nothing will happen to you or Nala," Shani said.

The small family continued to admire Kiara as she giggled.