Who woulda thought my life couletd get so boring? Kayla thought trying to take her mind off things by racing through the halls of the ship, Sometimes being Eggman's niece isn't worth it. She turned around another corner and saw some robots walking through the halls.

"Kayla! What are you doing out of your room?" Eggman demanded.

"Oh...um...just runnin'," she laughed nervously.

"Well hurry back there. It's not safe right now," Eggman instructed.

"Okay," she replied and ran into her room.
She threw herself onto her bed and groaned. It was bare, excepting the gray bed, and desk. She stared at the ceiling, tried to sleep, stretched, and tried to keep herself from going insane with boredom, when there was a light tap at the door.

"Dr. Eggman instructed us to give this to you," Decoe said pushing something into her hands.

"Thanks guys," she closed the door and sat down at the desk.

Her whole face lit up when she saw what it was: a new laptop! She hugged it happily and then set to work setting it up. A few minutes later the keys were thrumming under her fingers as she wrote a new story.

"I'm assuming you like your gift?" Eggman asked slyly.

She hugged him, "Thank you Uncle Eggman!"

He smiled, "You're welcome! My genius brain told me you'd like it!"

She held back a snort, "Thanks!"

He stepped back, "I need you to stay here the rest of the night."


Just stay here. I'll explain later."

Like you said you were going to explain why you came to my house in the middle of the night, she thought, "Okay."

"Alright and I'm locking the floor down, so you can't really go anywhere anyways! Hahahahaha!"

He left and she went back to the laptop. She continued to type until eleven, then put on her silk p.j's. They were long and a dark maroon like the streaks on her quills. Her eyes were a soft yellow and she wore two matching bracelets. She yawned and climbed into the bed.
She was just about to fall asleep when the door busted down and she felt herself swooped into the arms of a stranger.

"Wha-" she was cut off as the stranger began to run incredibly fast.

Lasers flew by her head and she tucked her head into her chest. Where is he taking me? she thought worriedly.
She heard thee stranger chuckle, then there was a flash of light, and she felt herself falling.

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