Ok so this is my first song fic and my first serious one shot. It is a tag to Requiem my favorite NCIS episode please read the lyrics they are important the song is called In Rememberance which is a song based off of Requiem (the song) Ok so here is my story!

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In Rememberance

Tony stared at the rain covered windshield. Tears fell down his face faster than the rain outside of his car. He tightened his jacket around himself and popped open the car door, making sure to grab the boquet of lillies before he hopped into the dreary day. The rain poured down on his suit, but he didn't care, his eyes were fixed on the gravestone ahead of him. The mourners had long since left it to be with itself, but Tony believed that it deserved another visitor.

Do not stand

at my grave

and weep

I am not there

I do not sleep

Tony's mind flashed back to the image of Leroy Jethro Gibbs' still form trapped in the sunken car. His lungs could not find air because he was crying so hard. He sat the lillies down and dropped to his knees with his head in his hands.

"I'm sorry," He sobbed.

I am a thousand winds

That blow

I am the diamonds glint

On the snow

Tony looked up at the sky that cried with him and let his mind fill with questions that plagued his every thought. Why do people have to die? Why do accidents happen? Why are loved ones ripped away?

I am the sun

On ripened grain

I am the gentle

Autumn rain

Gibbs dead eyes were forever burned into his memory. No amount of crying or praying to God would erase the image. His Boss had died and he had tried to save him.

When you wake in the mornings hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds circling flight

Tony wiped his tears and arranged the flowers nicely. A small carved boat charm was tied to the stem. He contemplated on leaving, but decided that he would stay at the grave for it seldom got visitors.

I am the star shine at night

Tony shivered at the cold rain soaked him through. Finally he decided it was time to leave. He ran his hands over the engraved letters on the stone and held back a sob.

Do not stand at my grave and cry

I am not there I did not die

Tony felt a warm hand on his shoulder and looked back to see Gibbs giving him a teary smile. Tony stood and hugged his boss, a thing only appropriate for that time. He sent one last glance at the grave stone and smiled saying,

"I'm sorry I didn't let him stay with you"

And somehow he knew Shannon and Kelly accepted his apology.

The end

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